( 15) Animal fun gets better

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The last meeting at Les’s place went extremly well, with some 20 guys or so taking care of us all, plus his 2 dogs and horses, so as soon as we had a spare weekend , Grant rung him and told him to set up another group fuck, for the next weekend, he was more than happy to.

We rung the guys we know as well as Liz, Andy and Rick, and looked forward to another great night.Saturday night couldn’t come around quick enough, as we drove to Les’s place around 6pm. A few cars were there already, as we stripped of and walked in naked. Andy and Rick were already fucking, with Les and a couple of guys joining in too, so as soon as they saw me the guys, began to head my way, within seconds I was on my knees and 2 cocks were buried inside me.

Grant found a spare cock and got busy too, as more guys turned up, things went along well, after I had taken a couple of loads of cum, I found Dfor and got him to mount me, it was so nice feeling his huge cock fuck my butt, I prefer him in my arse now more than my pussy as his cock seems to give me more orgasms this way, and tonight was no differnt, as I screamed though 3 or 4 good ones. I saw Grant with Jake in hs butt, we were both knotted and going well, I swollowed a couple of loads then Dfor flooded my bowels with his cum, I love the feeling, as his knot swells even more sending me into a contant orgasm.

Les was under me waiting for Dfor to pull out, flicking my clit with his tongue, then with one loud plop, Dfor pulled back, Les covered in dog cum, ate what he could, I turned and helped him by licking the cum from his body and face. When he got up, he gave me a cuddle and said any time now you should be getting another visitor to fuck you. but wouldnt tell me more.

Several other guys used me, fucking me in any way they wanted, then while I was on my knees being taking by two guys, I saw my surprise. a afro american guy with a huge dog walked in,

I was hoping this was what Les meant, I watched as he stripped of, bugger, he had his back to me, but from what I saw, this could be fun, then he turned, oh yer its going to be good. his cock hung down, soft it was bigger than any others here, I have had a dark guy before and he was big, but this guy beat him easy.

Les went over and shook his hand, and lead him my way, my heart started to pound hard as he moved close, I tried not to drool as his 10 inch plus cock hung in front of me, and it was still softish.

I hate being a spoil sport, but bugger, I pulled forward of the guy’s fucking me and said hello. trying not to look to keen, Lewis said hello and kissed me, my legs went weak, he held me tight, working his lips on mine, then he lowered his body, sucking my hard cum covered nipples, then his fingers found my pussy, one then two slid in, I came hard thinking of him fucking me,

I couldn’t wait, dropping down I sucked the head of his cock, canlı bahis my mouth just getting 3 or 4 inchs in, what a cock.

Soon I just had to feel him in me, turning I left no doubt as to what I wanted, his hands gripped my waist, then I felt his cock jerking behind me, one hand went behind, aiming him into my cum soaked hole, he began to push softly in. My mind raced, as inch by inch he entered me, I know it’s not as big as the horse cocks, but it felt great, then he hit bottom his cock not fully home let him know to begin fucking hard, as he pulled just about all the way out and then rammed in hard, sending me into a great orgasm. The tip of his cock had gone past my cervix, and was going into my uterus now, sending me into one long orgasm.

His dog was laying near me, licking his cock, I let Lewis fuck me for some time before telling him to fuck my arse. I didn’t need to tell him twice, his cock was in my butt in seconds, and ramming as deep as ever. As he did I moved forward, my mouth found his dogs cock, and I began to lick it, soon it was sticking out proud, wow he was also a big bigger than the other dogs, I turned asking Lewis if he was up for some kink, a
smile said yes.

I lay Lewis down and slid his cock in my pussy, his dog now restless, as I began to ride Lewis, I slid a finger into my cum soaked butt and stuck it under the dogs nose, he sniffed it and licked my finger, I repeated it again, this time he sniffed harder, I asked Lewis if he was ready, He asked what I had in mind, I said a dp with him and you.

Lewis had a huge smile, so I got up, moved us both over to the bench, Lewis back under me and a cum finger back in the dogs nose. he knew what to do, he jumped up, front legs on the bench, I asked a guy to aim his cock into my arse, it took a few trys but then it went in, the feeling of my pussy full of Lewis huge cock and now his dog growing bigger each thrust was to much, I screamed out in bliss, my body on fire, the orgasm now a blurr as one leed to another, Lewis was holding me up, his cock still inside me went into my uterus, his dog was fucking me fast, his long cock, forcing it’s way right up inside my well fucked butt, he now started to knot with me, with each thrust his knot going in, but not yet locking tight,

Then with one harder push his knot held, swelling to the size of a foot ball, or that’s what it felt like, it was much tighter than the others, the dog growled, his cock now fucking me hard, Lewis was smiling like a man in bliss too, I knew he would be getting the feelings though his cock too, as dog cum flooded my bowels, this set Lewis off, and he blasted his man seed deep inside my body.

I lay there in total exchaustion, as they both slowed and stayed in place, the knot held all the cum inside me, for what seemed like ages, then with a hard jerk the knot pulled out, both loads of cum raced out, with shakey bahis siteleri legs I moved up, over Lewis, cum covered his chest and face, no sooner had I moved back a bit, then my butt was filled by a hard cock and more cum added to it.

I slid around on Lewis, the cum became a lube as we played, another guy fucked me and blew his load over us both, we kissed and held one another for awhile before getting up. I then said want to see more, and walked towards the frame, I’m not sure if he knew what it was for, but the other guys did, straping me in, I heard one of the horses being lead up,

Lewis looked shocked, but his cock had already grown back to full size by the time Flame’s cock went in my butt. I let out a loud scream as he trust deep, his huge cock felt great, as my orgasms began, I got one of the guys to give me a good sniff of the poppers, and oh boy, I was away.

Flame now pushed harder, each thrust hurt but went in deeper, and deeper, Les was now giving Flame sniff’s of the mares scent to really get him going too, Grant was being fucked by one of the dogs now and Andy was too, guys taking turns face fucking us all,

Lewis looked on, now he knew why I could take all his cock, as Flame bottomed out in me, I haven’t measured his cock, but I know when my 18 inch dildo goes all the way in, its not as far as he goes in, but it might be because the head on his cock is so big, it feels better too. But I do love the orgasm he gives me now.

Lewis was now fucking my mouth, as Flame reared up, shoting his cum deep inside me, then as he reared up, his cock shot cum over ever one around, Lewis too, as I continued sucking his cock.

When Flame walked off, I told Lewis to fuck my butt again, this time to fuck harder, he did, his cock going in a bit further now, I was opened up fully, he lasted about 15 minutes before he too filled me with cum, much to the plessure of a guy under me who took the full load on his face, when he pulled out.

Grant was now in the frame Patch fucking him hard, was a good sight, Lewis looked a bit surprised, but I said he takes Flame’s cock fully too, as I walked over to sit firmly down on two cock, sucking Lewis back to life as I did. Grant had fun, Patch gave him a good fucking, filling his arse with cum, before walking of to rest, I told Lewis to fuck his butt, at first he looked a bit concerned, but I said dont worry it feels just like a woman’s arse.

Calling grant over, I inroduced him to Lewis, and told him to bend down ready for him to fuck his cummy arse, Grant never slow, was on his knees and pulling Lewis in, after Patch, Lewis went in easy, and quickly built up speed, fucking him hard and fast, Grant enjoyed his attention and had several good orgasms, I kept my guys busy as I rode them, before telling them to dp me kneeling up, my face inchs away from Grants butt.

Lewis seemed to relax, bahis şirketleri and his face soon told me he was enjoying fucking Grant, as guys took turns fucking me. A couple of times I moved over Grant’s face dropping hot cum on him, after awhile I saw Lewis lick some up too, then Grant rolled him over and rode his cock, the full length going in as he sat down on it, Lewis now seemed to be fully into fucking Grants butt. He kept fucking him for some time, before he took a break, and Grant took on several other guys,

Both Grant and I took on the horse’s and dogs again, each time sharing the cum with some one esle, either by sitting over them or them eating us out, but we loved it all.

Whilst I took a few minutes break, I asked Lewis how he felt about tonight, a big smile, told me had had fun. I then said did he enjoy Grant, he looked a bit sheepish and said yes, it was then I knew, saying “He was your first male fuck”.

Lewis replied he had never thought about fucking a guy before, but being so horny and with me telling him to, he’s glad he did, I told him he was going to finish tonight by blowing in Grants butt.

I sucked Lewis back to full size then took his hand, as we got near Grant, Lewis knew what I was up too, so kneeling down I got Lewis to fuck my arse for awhile as I waited for Grant to finnish with the guys in him.No sooner had they cum in him, then I stood up, moving Lewis over to fuck Grants butt again, then lay under Grant licking his balls and cock, as well as Lewis cock, it was so good watching the huge cock fucking Grant, cum ran out onto my face, I slid one finger into Lewis’s butt too, he jumped but didn’t move away, so after he got used to that, the second finger went in to, this time he looked down at me, I smiled back and wriggled my fingers in her butt, his cock now so deep in Grants arse I thought Lewis was going to knot with him.

We kept this up for some time, then I saw Lewis ball’s swell, and pulse, Grant let out a loud moan as he took Lewis first male anal cum, I love getting guys to try new things, Grant bite my clit and made me orgasm too.

Then as Lewis backed out, I waited, mouth under Grants butt, tongue ready, first I took Lewis cock and sucked him, then went back, licking his cum out of Grant’s butt, it was sweet and lots of it too. Then my fist went in, just about to my elbow, cum driping out as I pulled back, then I held Lewis hand, with one firm push his fist went in Grants butt, he looked shocked but with me holding his hand and kissing him, he was now game to try any thing. I let his fist Grant for awhile, then moved around, his other hand went in my arse, as he worked us both, sending us into a nice long orgasm, we let him off some 10 minutes or so.

When I stood up, Lewis kissed me and thanked me for the fun, saying he was keen to meet again, and that he now had more reasons to go to bi orgies.

Les let us sleep over again, as we lay taking, Les asked what time we needed to go home tomorrow,

Not till weve had some fun was our reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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