2037: A SPH Cuckold Journey Pt. 03

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The Training Facility, Tuesday June 30th, 2037, 7:30 AM

Adam woke to the blaring sound emitting from the alarm clock on the table. He tried to stretch as the loud sound sharply awoke him from his slumber, but he was constricted by the cage that he had slept in. As he resisted the urge to stretch, he rubbed his weary eyes with the palms of his hands, and slowly adjusted to the light that was coming through the window. The morning was cloudy, and Adam read that the alarm clock; it read 7:30am.

Adam slowly rose but stooped his head and drank some water from the bowl in the cage before he sat up. As he did this, mistress Grace walked into the room, reminding Adam of the stark reality of his choices.

Yesterday he had been ready to celebrate his 25th birthday with some of his closest friends. And yet today he woke up on a rough carpet in a locked cage, completely naked apart from a chastity cage encasing his penis and a glass butt plug snugly nestled in his ass.

“Rise and shine bitch!” shouted mistress Grace, pulling Adam away from his thoughts.

She turned off the alarm clock which provided Adam some relief. She moved over to where Adam was laying and opened the door to the cage. Adam looked up at her from his position on the ground.

“Kiss my boots and then crawl out.” She commanded.

Adam obliged, gently kissing each of her boots multiple times before crawling out of the cage. His body was aching to stand up and stretch, but he knew better than to get on the bad side of mistress Grace. As if sensing his desire to stand and stretch mistress Grace gave him permission before giving him instructions.

“You may stand. I want you showered and ready to start preparing breakfast at 8. You will be at the reception desk at 7:55 or you will be punished” she said. She then reached into her leather trousers pocket and pulled out a pair of black lacy panties. She threw them on the ground.

“You will wear these today, we have a special guest, and they wouldn’t want to see your clitty. You’re going to love this surprise worm! See you downstairs in 20 minutes.” She laughed as she left the room.

Adam’s heart started beating faster and his mind began racing. Who was the mystery guest? How humiliating with this about to be? He carried his thoughts into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth first, before stepping into the shower. The hot water was comforting and softened his skin. Adam snapped himself out of his thoughts about the mystery guest, as he knew he didn’t want to be late downstairs. He quickly dried off with the towel that he had left to dry on the small rail. He brushed his hair before returning to his bedroom. He made to leave the room but remembered his instructions to wear the black lace panties that were now lying on the floor. He picked them up and inspected them. The material was comfortable and stretchable, and they felt very soft to the touch. He placed each foot into the panties before lifting them up to his crotch. They were slightly tight, but still comfortable, and they showed the small bulge coming from his chastity cage. He leaned backwards and saw that his ass was completely exposed, bar a thin string which barely covered his crack. His plugged ass and panties were fairly comfortable, and Adam wondered why he was getting turned on by women’s panties. He ignored these thoughts and left the room, closing the door behind him. As he descended the stairs he began worrying about the guest. He arrived at the reception desk still wondering who the mystery guest was. He stood at the reception desk in his new black panties. He waited a couple of minutes and as the clock struck 7:55, mistress Grace appeared from the corridor behind the receptionists desk.

“Follow me dog, we don’t have time to waste.” She commanded him to follow and he quickly rounded the desk and followed her. They turned right at the crossroad in the corridor. Adam figured that they were heading for the dining room, as this is where he had eaten off the boots of the stunning woman that was walking ahead of him yesterday. They entered the room and Adam closed the door behind him. The table wasn’t laid out and Adam assumed that this would be his role. Adam turned back to mistress Grace, who was entering a door on the left of the room. Adam hadn’t noticed this door yesterday and assumed it had been because of the shock and surprise at being forced to eat off of a woman’s boots. Adam followed suit and entered what he quickly realised was the kitchen. The kitchen was quite small with a narrow path in the middle. On the right hand side were a series of wooden cupboards and drawers as well as a fridge. On the left hand side was a whole stainless steel unit, containing a sink, a cooker with oven underneath as well as some space to work on. Alex spotted a small piece of paper on the workspace but waited for instructions before doing anything.

“You will be making breakfast for mistress Alice, our guest and myself. Oh and I suppose you’ll need to eat as well” mistress Grace said escort ankara sarcastically. “Our order is on that piece of paper. Make everything as specified and make yourself a two egg omelette, a slice of buttered toast and two sausages. These must be ready by 8:30 on the dot. Chop chop.” She gave Adam his instructions before leaving the room. Adam moved over to the piece of paper and scanned the request, it read:

Mistress Grace: scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toast with strawberry jam, 3 sausages and 2 hash browns

Mistress Alice: a two egg omelette, 1 slice of toast buttered, 2 sausages and 4 strips of bacon

Guest: scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of toast with Nutella, 3 sausages, 3 hash browns and 4 strips of bacon

Adam scanned the list and realised he had a lot to prepare in the half hour that he had. His eyes roamed the room, and he found the clock. He would use this as his reference point throughout making breakfast. He set about quickly, beginning with the scrambled eggs, and putting the has browns in the oven. The time flew by and it was 8:27 when he checked the clock for the fourth time. He had completed his mistresses meals as well as the meal for the guest. He had also managed to make his omelette as well as his sausages. He scrambled to put his bread in the toaster. He quickly finished up and began plating the meals. As if waiting for the exact moment that the meals were complete, mistress Grace walked into the kitchen.

“Bring through the plates one at a time. The guests one will go at the head of the table, and then mine and mistress Alice’s at either side of our guests.” She instructed Adam.

Adam began with the guests plate, carrying it through to the dining room and placing it at the head of the table. He was getting nervous now, as he knew the guest would be here any minute. He went back and ferried the other 2 dishes into the room before returning to the kitchen for his own meal. Mistress Grace closed the door behind him.

“Now get a dog bowl from the cupboard and put your food in it.” She commanded.

He moved to the cupboard where all of the utensils were kept and extracted a dog bowl from it. He quickly transferred his food into the bowl. As he was doing this, he heard movement in the dining room.

“Pick up your bowl and bring it through slave. You will stand until we tell you otherwise. The guest is going to be quite shocking for you, but do not deviate from what you have learnt so far. We’re going to chuck you in the deep end now bitch.” And with those final words, she opened the door and entered the dining room. As he followed her, he could see a tall figure sat in the seat at the head of the table, with his back towards Adam, as well as mistress Alice to the man’s right. Mistress Grace sat down at the guests left, before all three of them turned to face Adam. He nearly dropped his bowl of food right there and then. Sat at the head of the table was one of his close friends; James. Adam stood motionless, not knowing how to respond. James sat tall in the seat, and Adam knew he reached 6″2 when standing. James had olive skin with brown hair. His eyes were black and at this moment his eyes pierced Adam’s. James was wearing a formal black suit and Adam recalled that James worked in a corporate office as the head manager of a large organisation. Adam immediately knew that James was an alpha male, he had known this from the day that they had met in college. James being a year older than Adam had left and completed the mandatory testing when he turned 25 last year. They had stayed in touch and often met up in New York. And now Adam stood in front of his friend in a black pair of panties, a cock cage on his tiny penis, a glass butt plug nestled in his ass and a bowl of food in his hands. James began laughing, a deep roaring laugh coming from his chest, as he took in the sight of Adam in front of him.

“What the fuck have you become?” James roared while trying to contain his laughter. Adam stood silent, not wanting to anger either of his mistresses.

“Sit next to your friend Adam, on the floor of course.” Came the voice of mistress Alice. She beckoned him towards her. He placed his food on the floor between James and mistress Alice. He then knelt on the floor, looking up at the two of the either side above him.

“This is fucking hilarious Adam, I got a text yesterday saying I should come for breakfast and to see an old friend humiliated but I was not expecting this. Are you wearing women’s panties?” James was struggling to contain his laughter.

“Yes sir.” Adam mumbled.

“You can call him bitch boy or slave” mistress Grace interjected. “His test showed that he was a complete, 100% beta male so he’s worthless really” mistress Grace giggled, and her eyes lit up while she humiliated Adam further.

“Eat in silence now piggy, this alpha doesn’t want to hear your bitching while we eat.” Commanded mistress Grace as she grabbed James’ bicep through his suit jacket before tucking into her breakfast.

The escort mersin four of them ate in silence for around fifteen minutes before mistress Grace spoke.

“Tell me James, you’ve known Adam for a while, but did you think that he would be a beta male?” She asked.

“To be honest I always knew that he was a bit of a beta male, he’d always change in private in the locker rooms and just did whatever we told him, a real submissive.” James chuckled as his words stung Adam.

“Well it’s no surprise that he changed in private just look at that clitty between his legs!” laughed mistress Grace.

James glanced down at Adam who was kneeling on the floor. He turned back to mistress Grace before speaking.

“His dick is so tiny that you can’t even make it out in the panties! You’d think he was a woman with a vagina! I wonder if his penis even grows?” he laughed as he spoke asked mistress Grace.

“Funny you should say that James,” she cooed, “When he went to the testing centre, he only measured 1.8″ soft and the hardest he could get was easily under 4!” all three of the people above him burst into laughter as mistress Grace told the tale of Adam’s premature ejaculation at the testing centre.

“To make things worse, he literally came in under 2 minutes!” mistress Alice chimed in, revelling at the humiliation. The three of them laughed again while Adam bowed his head and continued eating. He was confused and extremely turned on by this and wondered if they had been right all along; that he enjoyed being humiliated. The four of them all continued to eat in silence until they were all finished.

“Take all of the plates into the kitchen slave and leave them in the sink to be washed and then come back bitch.” Commanded mistress Grace.

Adam complied, starting by collecting the three plates that his mistresses and friend had eaten from. He made sure to avert his gaze from them, already feeling humiliated enough. He piled the plates on top of each other before placing his own dog bowl on top. He lifted the pile which had become heavy as his mistresses had added on their glasses and he struggled to lift the pile.

“Don’t you fucking drop those plates you fucking worm.” Mistress Grace said venomously, as Adam lifted the pile.

Adam turned and moved towards the kitchen. He pushed the door open with his shoulder and it shut on its own behind him. He gently lowered the pile near the sink, before placing some of the plates into the sink and quickly rinsing them. He dried his hands before going back into the dining room. What met him was a very unexpected site. Mistress Alice’s face was merged with James’ as they kissed passionately. James’ suit jacket was being removed by mistress Grace as this happened.

“Get over here bitch and undo this alpha’s shirt and tie.” She instructed him as she saw him enter the room.

With a small amount of anxiousness and excitement kicking in, Adam moved to the table where James was still sitting and undid his tie, placing it on the table. He then began unbuttoning James’ shirt slowly, starting at the top and working his way down. During all of this, James’ lips stayed intertwined with mistress Alice’s. Adam untucked James’ shirt from his suit trousers and undid the final button. He peeled the shirt off of James’ body, revealing his toned abs and enormous biceps. Adam immediately knew why James was an alpha male. Mistress Grace, who had been observing behind Adam, grabbed his hand and guided it onto James’ chest, smoothing over his abs as well, ensuring that Adam understood what it felt like to be an alpha male. Adam’s penis had already sprung to life at the removal of James’ shirt, and feeling up his friends body was causing him discomfort as his penis strained in the confines of the chastity cage.

“You want to see what a real man’s cock looks like don’t you bitch?” asked mistress Grace.

“Yes mistress.” Adam replied, curious to see how big his friends dick was hard. He had seen James’ cock limp in the locker rooms and knew he was around 4 or 5 inches soft.

“Then ask the alpha male if you can. Actually no, beg him to let you see his cock.” Mistress Grace commanded. As Adam was about to speak, she interjected again.

“Get on your fucking knees slave, you have to beg an alpha while on the floor where you belong worm.” She instructed.

James parted lips with mistress Alice and pushed his chair back, away from the table. This created space for Adam to kneel, and he lowered himself to the ground, kneeling in front of James who sat topless in front of him. Their eyes met.

“Sir, you are a complete alpha male, a truly powerful man. It would be an honour if I was allowed to see your penis, please let me see your cock so that I can learn my place as a pathetic beta worm.” Adam pleaded with James.

James chuckled, “you’re pathetic.”

He stood up and made to undo his belt but stopped himself.

“Undo my belt then if you want to see my cock that badly!” he demanded.

Adam izle complied, quickly reaching up to the belt which was just above his eye level. He quickly undid the belt and awaited further instructions.

“Take off my trousers now worm.” He demanded.

Adam was seriously turned on. He had only had one gay experience in the past, kissing one of his friends in school, but something about submitting to James was driving him wild. He undid the buckle in James’ trousers before undoing the zip. As he did this he could feel the outline of his friends cock and he knew it was big. He slowly slid James’ trousers down, and James stepped out of them. James stood in front of Adam in his grey Calvin Klein boxer briefs, which hugged his hips and showed the outline of his big cock. Adam thought his cock was going to explode at this sight and was desperate to see how big James’ cock was. Mistress Alice rounded the table and spoke in her sweet endearing voice.

“Slave, this is a real alpha cock, it drives any girl wild. For you to even see it is an honour to be honest.” she said as she grabbed the outline of his penis. “This cock can bring any girl hours and hours of pleasure that you will never ever be able to replicate. Do you understand how important his cock is slave?” she asked.

“Yes mistress!” Adam replied, “it’s an honour for me to be in the presence of a complete alpha male.”

“Good boy” she replied before stepping aside again.

“Your mistresses tell me that you’ll do anything that I say bitch. Is that correct?” James asked.

Adam hesitated. “Yes sir”.

“Even if it was the most humiliating thing ever? Like sucking my cock?” he asked, probing to see if Adam would comply.

In this moment, Adam came to the realisation that he was more than a beta male, but someone who would gladly worship a superior man in ways that they deemed fit for him.

“Yes sir, it would be a great honour for me to suck your cock.” He replied.

“Good. Take my underwear off with your mouth bitch.” He commanded.

Adam eagerly complied, moving his mouth towards James’ crotch. He was met with a musky smell and as he grabbed the bottom of the boxer briefs with his teeth, he was ready to do anything that the women or men in the room instructed him to do. He bit hard, making sure to grip the fabric between his teeth, before slowly tugging downwards. The underwear began to part ways with James’ body, but Adam struggled to pull the underwear past James’ large cock, which was obstructing the pathway. Eventually Adam managed to tug the underwear past his cock, and he quickly lowered his head to James’ feet. James stepped out of his boxer briefs and Adam knelt up again. In front of him was a dick that he thought was fake, that only male pornstars had. James’ cock was just under 5 inches in length and had a girth of at least 4 inches. The part that shocked Adam was that the penis that was in front of him was limp. Adam was struggling to wrap his head around the fact that James’ penis was 5 inches soft. He couldn’t believe what was in front of him and began to wonder how long it would be when it was hard. As if reading his mind, mistress Grace rounded the table and stood next to James. She gently lifted his limp cock before speaking.

“Look at how big this cock is. An average guy is this big when he’s hard and this alpha male is soft at 5 inches bitch. Slave, when your clitty is fully hard, you are half the man that this alpha is when he is soft!” she said. They all laughed in unison as Adam took in the words which further cemented his place as a beta male.

Mistress Alice spoke up next, “any girl would go wild for a cock like this, I myself would do anything this man asked from me. I’d let him fuck my throat or use my body in any way he wanted! You’d probably cum immediately if I touched your pathetic dicklet!” they all laughed again.

“Kiss his cock bitch!” commanded mistress Grace excitedly.

Adam hesitated before moving his head forward and placing his lips on the head of James’ penis. He initially thought that he would be repulsed by this, but he was entranced by the penis in front of him.

“You want to suck it don’t you bitch?” James asked from above.

“Yes sir, please let me suck you cock sir!” Adam begged.

Without saying anything, James large hands parted Adam’s lips and he gently pushed his penis into Adam’s mouth. Adam could feel that James was still soft, and he began drooling as his mouth was left with little space as James’ cock slid in and out of his mouth. Adam could sense that James’ cock was growing and very quickly the cock in his mouth became hard, pushing at the back of Adam’s throat. Adam sucked on James’ cock for a few minutes before mistress Grace rounded the table and pushed Adam’s head back, away from his friend’s cock. Adam could now see that James’ penis had grown to just under 8 inches, and it’s girth was around 5 inches now. The cock in front of him was huge. Adam wiped the drool from his mouth.

“Holy shit!” mistress Alice squealed.

“Lie down on the floor slave.” Commanded mistress Grace. “We’re going to push your limits. If you pass this element of training, there won’t be anything that gets in your way of servitude!”

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