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Before you EVEN close this, I have one thing to say. This is not about smoking pot. This is about something a tad more personal. No matter how much I try, I can only last seven minutes. So why the title? Do the math: seven minutes, each with sixty seconds. 420.

At first I thought I was normal. I mean… seven minutes of sex is nothing to sneeze at. It wasn’t like I shot off the instant I got hard. I got the idea to time myself from listening to my friends talk about how long they banged this chic or that broad. Seven minutes and I was proud of every second. At first.

For those of you in the medical profession, I know you’re wondering if that was only on the first blast of cum. No such luck; no matter how many times I jacked off, got blown, or fucked someone in whichever hole they liked, I lasted exactly seven minutes. No more; no less. I’ve tried everything to increase the time. This includes hypnosis. Nothing helps.

Now I will say this; seven minutes is a long time to wait for an orgasm. Especially when you want a quickie. When the only thing you want to do is get in, get yours and get out, seven minutes is an eternity. Other than that, there’s nothing good about seven minutes of hot sex, other than the sex itself. I try to make those seven minutes the best any woman can get from a guy. From what I’ve been told, I do a good job on that front. Let me tell you about the first woman to know about my situation. Hold on to your hats, people. This one will be a ride you won’t forget.

* * * *

I was fifteen when it happened. My father had gotten shot while at work. Seems he was fucking his secretary and her husband, an alcoholic, found out. One blast from a sawed-off shotgun later and I was without a father figure. Just as well; from what my mother said he was always cheating on her.

Three years later, I had just come home from school on a Friday and was looking forward to spending the night downloading some porn and mp3’s. I walked into an empty kitchen, slinging my bookbag down into what I call my Ready Room. The small closet served to hold our cleaning supplies and my schoolbooks. Also made a good hiding place for my mom’s stash of weed.

I never said a word, as usual. I made my way up the stairs and was heading for my bedroom when I heard the familiar gasp of sexual release from my mother’s room. I smiled; Shelby was over again. Since the incident, my mother, Lily, had found comfort, and sexual release, in the arms and cunt of her best friend Shelby Hill. As I quietly opened my door, I heard my mother’s voice.

“Joey? Joey? Is that you, hon?”


“Come here for a moment.”

I froze. If what I suspected was true, my mother and her lover would be nude. I Was going to see a woman… TWO women… totally nude and in living color. For a second, I wondered if I should go. One of the women WAS my mother. But a teenager’s dick, once awakened, does all of the thinking. And none of it makes any sense to a logical mind.

“Just a moment, mom. I want to check my email.”

“Hurry up dear. It’s important.”

Thanking God for ethernet, I logged on and began downloading from my favorite newsgroup. Normally very selective, I just selected the most files I could and quickly headed out of my room. I knocked softly on my mother’s door, noticing that it was slightly open.

“Come in, Hon.” She sounded funny. Like she had not cum yet. I knew the sound well because Shelby and she had been interrupted several times by the phone ringing.

I walked in and laid eyes on a sight I will never forget. My mother was on her bed, alone, and her legs were spread wide open. She had a thick silver vibrator ramming into her bald cunt. Talk about a sight to remember!!

“Uh… what is it, mom?” My eyes canlı bahis refused to leave the sight of her spread cunt… and the small ring in her clit.

“I just wanted to know how my only son was doing. And ask him a few questions about his sex life.”


“I know about you and Miko. I know she teased my poor boy all night long and left him with blue balls. Come on. Sit down next to me and talk about it.” I sat next to her, swallowing hard.

There was nothing really to tell. Miko, head cheerleader and known cocktease, had asked me out on a date. I knew what she was going to do, but I thought like most of her other victims, that I was the one who was going to get inside those pants. I wasn’t; she spent the entire night doing everything possible to make me shoot my load in my pants. Too bad she didn’t know about my problem.

See… I need seven minutes of actual contact. Ten seconds of teasing here or there simply wouldn’t do it. So I guess I actually won. Didn’t feel that way to me then.

While I told my mom about Miko, she was sliding that vibrator in and out of her cunt. She was dripping wet; I could see her juices literally squish out of her cunt. The sound was more erotic than any of the porn movies in my growing collection.

“My poor baby. Did it hurt?”

“Yeah. I played with myself as soon as I got home.”

“I know. I heard you. Take it out, Joey.”

That’s when I tore my gaze away from her cunt and locked eyes with my mother. She was staring at me with nothing short of pure lust. She saw my hesitation, and her gaze quickly took on that “Don’t give me shit” look. So I rose and began to drop my pants. My dick was harder than it had ever been. I was about to show my dick to a woman… MY OWN MOTHER!! I dropped my pants and underwear and let my dick hang. It was seven inches long, and close to two inches thick. A real monster by teenager standards. Or so I was lead to believe.

“My God,” she whispered. Her eyes fixed on my throbbing member and never moved. She licked her lips, and it jumped again. My mind raced. Would she? That’s when I blurted out my problem.

“Mom. I can’t last more than seven minutes. I’ve tried everything, but only manage seven minutes. Is something wrong with me?” I held my breath as I waited for her to speak.

“Seven minutes? Well… Let’s see.” With that. She crawled over to me, lying prone on her bed, and inhaled my dick. All seven inches.

If I didn’t know about my special problem, I would have known I would shoot off that instant. She started sucking me off like a woman possessed. I guess she was possessed… by lust. Up and down the length of my dick her head went. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. It was the most wonderful thing I’d ever experienced. Still is.

When I felt myself about to blow, I tried to pull away. She wouldn’t have it; she slid one hand around my ass… and slid a finger up my asshole. Holy burning dog shit on an upside down cross that felt good!! But it didn’t set me off early. I had been mentally keeping time and knew I had a full fifteen seconds to go. Right on schedule I lost it. Moaning and groaning as blast after blast of cum shot down my mother’s throat.

I should have felt ashamed for letting my mother seduce and blow me, but I was too spent. I’d just been blown… by my mother!!! To hell with taboo; that felt awesome! My mother cleaned me off with her mouth, gently sucking my cock as it shrank.

“Seven minutes exactly. Are you finished for the night?” She sounded disappointed. But her question kicked something in my head.

See… I’d never jacked off right after having shot my load. I always waited an hour or so. So I had no idea how long it took me to recover. I’d also never had a blowjob bahis siteleri before. So I was in uncharted territory here.

“No, but I don’t know how long it will take me to recover. Mom… that was…”

“Our little secret. And Shelby’s if you’ll let me tell her.”

“Only if I can share her,” I said with a chuckle.


My mind shut down. Was she serious? Shelby was a stunning black woman with HUGE tits! If my mother were willing to share her lover with her son… would she share me with her? So many thoughts. I nodded quickly. Then my mother rolled over and turned around, sliding over the satin sheets of her bed.

“Eat me. When you’re up, fuck me. We’ll see how long it takes.” She was serious! I’d had sex before, sans a blowjob, so I knew what could happen.

“But you might get pregnant.”

“Not unless Doctor Madison fucked up when he tied my tubes. Now get to work, young man.” I dropped down to my knees and plastered my face between her legs.

The only woman I’d ever eaten out was my best friend Monica. She was interested in learning about sex, but she wanted her first to be someone she trusted. Not loved; she knew that would probably be too high to reach for. So she chose me. It was a night of discovery for both of us. She has a low boiling point. She came easily and often. All I had to do was concentrate on not hurting her and my own pleasure. Monica was the first cunt I’d ever seen up close. It was just beginning to show signs of a bush, and smelled freshly washed.

My mother thrashed on the bed, obviously enjoying my tongue-lashing. I split my attention between sucking her gushing cunt and my dick. Nothing yet. Mom soared from one orgasm to the next, even commanding me to tongue her asshole. It bothered me… for all of three seconds. Once I did it, I vowed to try it on Monica the first chance I got. Which would be the next day.

My mind, trained to respond to a seven-minute episode, kicked over. I checked my dick; it was hard. Seven down and seven up. I chuckled, yanking yet another orgasm from my mom.

“Oh GOD! Joey! You’re killing me! Don’t stop!”

“But mom… you said…” Apparently she remembered. She grabbed my head and Pulled me on top of her sweat-drenched body. I felt my dick twitch. She wrapped her hands around my dick, now fully hard, and guided me into her soaked sex.

Christ of a three-legged crutch she was tight! I wondered about that, but chalked it up to her lesbian lover using fingers and small, relatively speaking, dildos. I started off slowly, easing my dick in and out of her clutching chasm.

She must have like it. She wrapped her legs around my back and matched my rhythm. My mind was fogged over. I was fucking my own mother. I still couldn’t believe it, but my dick damn sure did. She shook as another orgasm tore her apart. I figure she was done for the day. I was dead wrong. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the cordless phone. My heart skipped. Was she going to call Shelby?

“Shelby? It’s Lily. You’ve got…” She looked at me and I mouthed ‘five.’ “less than five minutes to get over here.” She disconnected, and asked me to pull out.


“And press pause. I want to see if you last seven minutes total or just in one stretch.” She got off the bed and staggered to her personal bathroom. I sat still and focused one staying hard. Not that I had a tough time doing that. A little while later, she came out of her bathroom, a royal blue robe wrapped around her beautiful body.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang. I remained in the bedroom while she went to let Shelby in. My first interracial experience. My first incestuous experience. What next: anal sex? My dick jumped at that thought, and I agreed. It WAS something to think about, bahis şirketleri and a good thought at that.

Shelby walked into the room, throwing her tee shirt and bra into a corner. She looked like some African princess, complete with a bald bush. I only now that because she let the short black skirt fall to the floor before making her way over to me.

“Your mother tells me you have a problem. I hope I can help.” Her hand felt like velvet as it wrapped around my dick and began stroking it.

“Lily? May I?”

“Go ahead. I’ll go and fix us something to eat and drink. Joey?” I grunted. I Heard her chuckle, then silence.

“You’ve fucked her well, young man. Now let’s see how you handle a thirty-three year old asshole.”

My eyes snapped open. Ask and ye shall receive! I mentally checked the time: three minutes and thirteen seconds until showtime. She’d let go of my dick, so the clock paused. Crawling onto the bed, Shelby reached into a drawer of the nightstand and produced a half-empty tube of Anal Lube. Guess they did this QUITE often. She handed me the tube. I wondered if this would count, so I decided to squeeze a huge dollop onto her asshole. The brown orifice looked well used, but not sloppy. I didn’t touch her, however. I didn’t want to set the clock going again. I crawled up behind her… and grabbed my cock. The clock started again.

I slid into her asshole, but it was not easy. It took twenty seconds, and she was moaning like a dying man pleased to die. Once fully embedded, I began a slow in and out motion. Ten seconds later, spurred on by her rising voice, I was fucking her like a madman. My body felt more alive than it ever had did. I was banging my mother’s lover and… I turned around and saw my mother fingering her slit slowly. A small silver tray sat on her dresser. That’s when I noticed her hooka.

I knew my mom smoked pot. She always had a stash somewhere around the house. I never suspected she would actually offer me some. She didn’t but still the implication was there. Later on she told me that I wasn’t to smoke until I turned sixteen. Three months to wait. Easy as cake for a teenager who knew he was going to be getting more sex than most full-grown men are. What better substitute for a joint that a pair of ripe and willing tits to suck on!!

Ten seconds before blast off I warned Shelby. I didn’t say something cheesy; I grunted and snorted once. She got the message and kicked into high gear, slamming her ass back in time with my thrusts. I tried to hold out for one more second. Just one more tick on the clock. Didn’t work; right on schedule I lost it, sending my sperm flying into her asshole. This set her off. Shelby started snarling and snorting and groaning. I honestly thought something was wrong and tried to pull free. Her asshole refused to let me, choosing to milk me dry.

I vibrated through the aftermath of that orgasm, totally spent. Even if I did get another boner I lacked the strength to use it. I flopped on top of Shelby’s back and inhaled deeply, forcing air into my lungs. I lay there for more than seven minutes, which really did catch me off guard, before finally pulling free of her. I felt someone stroke my head as sleep finally fell over my eyes.

* * * *

Well… there you have it. I’m twenty-five now and still have the same problem. I have managed to become quite good during those seven minutes of sex, and added more repetitions in the process. I won’t say it’s been a total success. I once ate a woman out for seven minutes while she blew me and… you guessed it… blew my load right on time. Wound up marrying her too. Monica and I are expecting our first child in less than a month. A bouncing baby boy.

I hope he grows up to me more normal than his old man does. But if not, I’m fairly sure I’ll understand.

Oh… I bought one of those tee shirts. Added my own touch to it. So if you see someone walking down a street with a shirt that says:

419: Got A Second?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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