5 Tests Pt. 03

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Hello lovelies. Thank you for being so kind as to have read the last two parts of this story or just this part if you’re that kind of free spirit. It makes me quite happy to have this creative outlet and to let my imagination be useful as it runs wild. Hopefully you keep commenting and rating and doing whatever it is you like to do while reading my stories (knitting?).



Test 4:

“Test four! Test four!” I chanted.

“Not yet.” Kim and I had started to go down this stretch of conversation a lot.

“Well when’s it going to be? It’s been a few weeks now! I get that the last one was about patience, but dammit I want some test-passing sex. It’s like…the best kind of sex, you know?”

I was being childish, but why would I give up a winning streak? I’d nailed three out of the five tests, and I was eager to get a perfect score on the last two. I liked the idea of being bona-fide boyfriend material.

“I promise I’m working on it. It’s just that this one takes a little more organizing. Though, I do think we can get it done this weekend.” Kim assured me.

We quieted as our boss passed behind us. The news had not broken in our office that we were dating and we were happy to keep it that way. A few of our co-workers were definitely suspicious that something was going on between us, however. Open conversation about mysterious tests probably weren’t helping to prevent that.

“This weekend?” I whispered excitedly. “Alright, what can I do to prepare?” I asked Kim, hoping for some sort of hint.

“Pray, Nate. Maybe get your affairs in order.” There was no hint of sarcasm in that warning.

“What…is it that bad?”

“You own nicer clothes than what you wear to work, right?”


A doorbell chimed. We stood in front of the green door of a large suburban house. There were cherubs in the garden and the driveway was meticulously shoveled. The porch was covered in a mat that said “Welcome” and a sign that said “Dog? Beware of Owners!” was hanging on the mailbox. My hand tightly gripped Kim’s.

“I’m sorry, Nate, but if you thought that none of my tests would have you meeting my family then you’ve either never met Irish girls or you’re hopelessly optimistic.”

I stared at this woman trying her hardest to bundle up in her puffy winter coat. Underneath, she was wearing a red dress that modestly sparkled, and had a black leather belt around the waist. For once, her stunning looks and style was not making me feel any better. My eyes were beginning to twitch.

“Come on, focus, bring your “‘A” game tonight and I promise I’ll make it up to you. Over and over again.” She smirked but the gleam in those eyes that I adored felt like the shine from a pair of devious, deceitful opals. Yet I was still staring into them, looking for some respite from my anxiety.

“I can do this. I can totally do this. I’m fine. I’m better than fine, I’m super. This is fine.” I lied to myself.

I had no idea what I was in for. I grew up in a house of mixed European descent where there was no pure lineages to be found. I kind of liked Guinness but that was about all the Irish-based research I’d ever done. This wasn’t my style at all, going in completely blind. How could meeting her parents like this be fine? What if they hate me on sight when they see Kim’s obviously too good for me?

The door swung open and an aroma of roasting chicken and rosemary seasoned potatoes hit my nose so hard I might actually have lifted up into the air for a second. I was brought back down by the sight of what my brain registered as an older Kim. Same flowing hair and same pretty face, albeit a few more wrinkles. A key difference was that she wearing an apron with the words “Oh Crêpe!” sprawled on the front.

“Oh my dear, come give your mum a kiss” she wrapped herself around Kim looking to get all the air out of her.

Kim kissed her mom on the cheek and said “This is¦”

“The new boy!” her mother’s face lit up.

“New boy.” I repeated.

“Mum! His name is Nate.” Kim blushed.

From behind Kim’s mom came a redhead in a red wool sweater and jeans. “Let them in mum it’s freezing out there and we wouldn’t want the new boy to get sick.”

“Not the “new boy”! He’s Nate, Mary, N-A-T-E, Nate!” Kim barreled into the house indignantly.

This girl was clearly the younger sibling but I would be doing her a disservice if I didn’t admit that she held a certain maturity about her. She was every bit as pretty as her older sister. Her face had a similar cuteness as well, but her green eyes reminded me I was looking at someone quite different.

I was dumbstruck. Before me were three lovely women and I hadn’t even thought to introduce myself. Kim elbowed me in the side to rectify that.

“Hi! Hey I’m Nate… but you already know that” I stuck out my hand “it’s so nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard so mu¦”

“I’ll stop you right there ma boy.” A thickly accented, bass-heavy older man’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “You’re doing one of Kim’s isveçbahis tests, which means you don’t know shite, no sense pretending.” he said as he began to laugh.

“Can we walk five steps into this place before you attack him, please?” Kim begged breathlessly.

“My dear! Calm down, your father is just being honest.” A warm hand took the one I’d offered what now felt like an eternity ago. “Though you’re right, where are my manners? I’m Lianne, this is Maria and that’s Matthew sitting in the kitchen. You’ll have to excuse us, it’s just so much fun to tease anyone Kimberly brings home.” Her smile was wide and everyone seemed to be waiting to see how I’d react.

I took a breath and straightened up. Glancing at Kim, I smiled and said “I have no idea what I’m doing here, but I have a feeling we’ll have a lovely evening all the same. I think I smell Rosemary?”

Maria offered to take my coat, and then walked us to the kitchen. The man sitting there was writing on what looked like government forms.

“Have a seat, Nate. I’m just finishing up the bulk of it.” Lianne gestured to the kitchen table where Kim had already taken a seat by her father.

I had initially entered the kitchen with as much reservation as I had felt at the front door, but thankfully Kim began a conversation with her dad that afforded me some time to just sit quietly and observe. Her mom was busy attending to a few pots and an oven, while Maria had gone into the adjacent living room to read.

Their quiet conversation got quite loud and lively when they transitioned into debating her career choices. Based on the pre-emptive argumentative tones, this obviously wasn’t a new topic. The salt in the room increased tremendously when Lianne asked her daughters to help set the table in an almost threateningly high-pitched chime. Suddenly I was alone at the table with her father and it took everything in my power to not stare down at my shoes. I had to be quick and come up with something to talk about.

“Do ya drink whiskey, lad?” He interrupted my frantic mental search for conversation pieces.

“I…guess so?”

“Well if you can guess all the way to the other room, we have a bottle that I’ve been looking for an opportunity to break into.”

“Like you need a bloody excuse!” a chiding voice came from behind him.

He laughed heartily and stood, motioning for me to join him. He poured the amber liquid he’d found in one of the cabinets into a couple of glasses. Handing me my share, I swirled the drink a couple of times and decided to take a whiff. It smelled enticing and it made me wonder how long I could bluff without revealing I don’t know a thing about what I was investigating.

“You looked terrified, boy. Drink, you’ll feel better. Cheers!”

We clinked and I took a sip. Like fire in my throat I was hard pressed not to cough it back up.

“Ha! You’ve been drinking with my little girl for too long, ya pansy.”

It would seem he knew a lot more about me than I knew about him, so I decided to just roll with it.

“Sir, you mentioned the test when I came in, you know about all that?”

“Know about it? I came up with the whole idea, lad. Ma girls deserve the best, I would hope you’d agree.”

I nodded and decided to take another sip. He came up with it? Even the one about…

“Mind ya I don’t know which tests they’ve picked but I told ’em family had to show up on the list. You’re here so I can make sure you’re good enough. No use acting like this isn’t an interview as much as it’s a dinner.”

“That’s fine.” I looked him dead in the eye as I lowered the glass from my mouth. “Kim is a pretty good judge of character, if she likes me enough to bring me here, I’m pretty sure this will all work out.”

He paused. He slapped my back and said “Keeping your wits about ya, I see. Well said. Alright, let’s go help with the heavy lifting.” With that he shot the rest of the drink back. I opted to bring the glass with me in case my fleeting bravery decided to desert me.


We sat down for dinner and I enjoyed a wonderful meal, all the while being asked some pretty extensive questions about my background and family, while Kim patiently watched. Even her sister threw in some follow-ups that I wasn’t expecting.

“So you haven’t always been so buff?” Maria asked.

“Nope, this gym thing is still pretty new, I just wanted to turn my health around with my free time.”

“Well that’s very commendable, assuming you can stay committed and don’t get lazy…” she trailed off.

Kim gave her sister a telling look. There was clearly something I wasn’t aware of, but I figured I could just ask her later.

I never understood sibling rivalry and that had a lot to do with my sister’s attitude toward me. She was several years older than me so any problems I had with her cleared up as soon as she stopped living at home. These two, on the other hand, looked like there was a silent battle still going on.

Kim’s mom decided to intervene. “As long as you don’t get too vain then isveçbahis giriş it is fine to have goals, I suppose. What about your career though?”

“Mum, what’s wrong with our job!?” Kim was done watching, apparently.

“Nothing. For a lady. But a man ought to have heftier goals than medical secretary, I think.”

“Nate takes online accounting courses, for your information. Not that I want him to stop working with me. He is the only thing that makes that job bearable.”

“Well how is he meant to support your children if he’s making your salary?” Lianne shot back.

I almost choked. Kim’s dad slapped me on the back a few times and started to laugh more vigorously than he had all night. “I warned ya, didn’t I?”


The door closed behind us. “Test four sucks and I hate it.”

Kim saw my pout and smiled. “Aw honey, it’s okay, you did really well.”

“What dinner were you at? Your parents think I’m a joke.”

“They’re just hard on the guys I bring home. They want to make sure you can take it. Once they get to know you better you’ll be shocked by how much they can warm up to someone.”


“Sure, and if they don’t then it’ll make the sex were about to have even better because that makes dating you rebellious.”

“I am a bit of a bad boy” I insisted, opening the door for her as she got into the car.

That kept Kim laughing for most of the drive home. If only she knew what I had planned for my revenge.


We were making quite a mess. Clothes were getting thrown about. Jackets landing on the floor followed by shoes and dresses and shirts, all scattered about. We were down to our underwear by the time I pushed her against the wall.

“Really? Not even a warning?” I complained.

I kissed Kim forcefully and then spun her around and pinned her with my body. I then lifted her bra to give me access to her hard nipples that inarguably deserved some rough play. Then I pushed her panties to one side and slid my middle finger into her. “Honey, you can’t just surprise me with something important like that. Not without a hint, at least.”

“What are you, new? You don’t get a heads up Nat¦ shit, th-that’s how this works! Oh!”

Her pleasure was hindering our argument so when I suddenly stopped and gave her an unimpressed look she wasn’t happy.

“Where the fuck did you think we were going when you noticed all the houses starting to look the same!?” Kim exclaimed, sticking a hand down the front of my pants and grabbing a hold of her friend.

“That’s not a hint, that’s something you see once you’re past the point of no retur¦ hohohoo okay careful” her hand had moved to my balls and were fondling them a bit too aggressively.

“Aw poor thing” Kim chimed in a fake pouty voice “do you usually go out in a fancy suit with your dates? Were you expecting a night at the opera?” she kissed me on the cheek and whispered into my ear, “Because if you wanted to see a show, you should have just asked…”

As she walked away in only her heels and underwear, I watched her ass sway and swing, hypnotizing me as she passed the doorway and bent over the bed.

I drifted towards the door, not taking my eyes off my prize. The blue lace panties stressed against her milky white skin as they stretched around the big bubble butt on display. I reached out and grabbed the right cheek and gave it a hard squeeze.

“Oooh are you going to be rough because you’re mad?” Kim teased, not sounding at all opposed to that possibility.

“You better fucking believe it,” I answered in a super-serious voice, “I’m downright furious.”

“Well, I’m very, very sorry I wasn’t more obvious. If you promise to be nice I’ll make it worth your while.”

“We’ll see” I slapped her ass and I made sure to let the palm of my hand linger to leave a nice print. The red mark I left was a perfect trace and I could see a wet spot had fully formed on my sweetheart’s underwear. I got a look from her with eyes that were filled with playful lust.

“Were you always this naughty, sir?”

Was I? I was having so much fun I forgot to notice how unlike me this was. Maybe I wanted to live up to this supposed “rebellious” side Kim was exploring by dating me. It could also be that fighting had never gotten me anywhere before, and I just wanted to resolve couple issues in a more enjoyable, healthy way. For example, I was going to aggressively (yet lovingly) fuck Kim until she begged for forgiveness or passed out.

I kissed the mark I left on her cheek and let her crawl on to the bed, sliding her panties down and off as she progressed towards the pillows. My dick was rock hard at this point and pointed a straight line to Kim’s dripping pussy. With her ass stuck in the air it was apparent how wet she was, as the dim lamp light emanating from outside the room caused the pink folds to glisten and beckon.

I couldn’t wait anymore. “Brace yourself, Kimmy”. I climbed onto the bed and positioned myself behind her.

I thrusted forward as her pussy-lips made isveçbahis yeni giriş way for the head of my cock. It was met with a familiar tightness I’d become accustomed to savoring almost daily. I inched forward, filling her up with as much as she could fit.

“Ohhhhhhhhkay wow, Nate, that’s a lot of you at once. I can feel you stretching me honey. I need a second to get used to it, but I want it really fucking rough once I’m good to go.”

I slowed down my thrust but kept sliding into her. I bottomed out and took the opportunity to look down at the show I’d been promised. I patiently let Kim get her bearings, and was rewarded when she looked back and said “while you’re there, can you give me a matching print on the other cheek?”

I must have been grinning from ear to ear. I proudly responded with another firm smack and the subsequent mark was even redder than my first. Kim cooed.

I began sliding the troublemaker along the length of my cock, savoring the feeling of her tight walls gripping onto me in desperation as I exited her, and the smooth slide forward as I re-entered her. Our pace sped up and I could hear cute moans coming from Kim.

I realized I could get a good handle on her by grabbing her ass. Using my new grip, I pumped in and out of Kim’s tight pussy even faster. Sharp grunts turned into one loud moan as each thrust interrupted her exhale with a slight gasp.

A terribly mean thought entered my head. I pulled out of her and began stroking my sticky, messy member as she began to whimper.

“Naaate no come back in. It feels empty now!”

“I like when you beg, but you said you wanted it rough and, as always, your wish is my command.”

I went to Kim’s nightstands and pulled out a pair of handcuffs and a vibrator. I cuffed her hands behind her back and she was forced to keep herself up with her face and knees. I kissed her on the forehead and went back behind her with vibrator in hand.

Lining myself back up, I placed just the tip of my dick inside of her. I also took the long curved vibrator and turned it on a low setting. A gentle hum filled the room.

“B-be nice though, I don’t know how long I can stay like thi¦ ohhhhh”

Touching the tip of the vibrator to her exposed clit made her pussy tighten up almost immediately. I pushed through, making my way back towards her cervix as the walls around my dick were convulsing with the movement of her vibrator. A mix of slippery juices and pre-cum were now lubricating me as I lost myself in the feeling of her perfect body. The sound of metal clanging, the vibrator’s buzzing, skin hitting skin, and Kim’s lustful narration became a symphonic track for our lovemaking.

With labored breath Kim began “Okay Nate, you win. I’ve been bad. I’m bad and I’ll never be bad again if you never stop turning me on like this. Your dick inside me feels amazing and I think it’s driving me crazy!”

Before I knew it I was no longer fucking Kim, she was fucking me. Her ass bouncing in time to her backward thrusts onto me. She was taking me in so aggressively that the vibrator fell onto the bed. I mercifully let one of her hands out of the cuffs so she could take over.

“Keep fucking me, please, you don’t have to be nice, I don’t care, just don’t stop!”

My breath became ragged as I adjusted my grip, lifting her up slightly by the hips to get ready for our final stretch. I was so happy to break her apart and have her beg for it too.

She rubbed her clit at a pace almost as fast as I was entering her. She was tightening up so much that I could only keep going for so long before I felt my load begin to rise up from my balls.

“It’s coming baby, it feels too good ¦ can’t stop.”

“Me too I’m so close”, she winced. “We can do it together. Fill me up.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I came while she continued to bounce on me. With each thrust backwards her butt jiggled and body shook as I emptied everything I had into her. Once I was spent, I let go of her ass and we both slumped down onto the bed in a melange of sweaty, satisfied bodies.

“So…” she huffed, “a ten-minute break and then round two?”

That’s when we heard a knock on the door.


“Amy?” Kim called out. She assumed it was the single mom who lived next door that Kim would sometimes babysit for. She had asked us politely to keep it down while we were “bed wrestling” late at night, and I could imagine we weren’t exactly keeping our promise.

“Try again. Who’s Amy?” Maria’s voice carried through the door.

“Maria!?” Kim threw a robe on and ran to the door. “Why are you…?”

“Mum and dad and I are fighting and I need a place to stay for the night”

“I…wow, okay, come in” Kim opened the door to a sister who had clearly come prepared to stay for more than just the night.

With suitcase in tow, she walked past the clothes that had been carelessly strewn about the apartment and shot her sister a knowing look.

“You two really don’t waste any time, eh?” she snickered.

“Shut up. You can sleep on the couch until you sort things out with the ‘rents, but no lip”

I walked out of the bedroom in my pajamas. It was smart to have left some stuff over at Kim’s, but I didn’t think it would be smart for this particular reason.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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