A Bad Boy’s Love Ch. 02

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My first erotic fiction, actually. Thanks for all the comments on this story. It’s a good ego-booster. Constructive criticism is fine by me, too. I once saw something a Literotica author posted; an author’s only reward is feedback, so if you like the story, go ahead and give a holler. Enjoy. 😉


Kei was naked, his tight ass waving in front of my eyes. I spread those lovely cheeks apart, exposing his small, puckered hole. “Don’t tease me, Jake. Hayaku!” He begged wantonly, his voice heavy-laden with lust.

My hand reached below to stroke his erect cock, already wet with need while I leaned forward and murmured in his ear. “You like that, Kei baby? I’m going to take you right to nirvana and beyond.” I lubed up my own swollen cock, as I prepared to plunge into him…and woke up drenched in my own sweat. No wonder that line was so corny.

“Fuck!!” I ran a hand through my sweat-slicked hair, and tried to calm my racing heart, absent-mindedly adjusting my very erect cock in my shorts. I was starting to get weary of these dreams, no, nightmares, which never failed to pursue me relentlessly night after night ever since “the incident”. (Refer to Ch. 01)

I looked down at The Man and scowled. “I’d thought you’d have reacted to some hot chick instead. NOT some hot dude, who isn’t hot at all, in my opinion.”

I love girls. I really do. Innocent-looking schoolgirl ones, Asian ones, biker chicks with D-cup boobs…I love them all. So far, I have never reacted to any man, for any reason. Sure, there were the couple of times in bathrooms where I’ve snuck peeks at a guy’s dick before, just to compare sizes (Note: mine is usually bigger and better) but nothing sexual.

In fact, I was pretty much sure I was a hetero since I’d never even thought of anything remotely gay like checking out some guy’s ass. Huge problem now, though. I think I’m not so sure of myself anymore.

Classes were boring. I wish I’d skipped them. One of my favorite hideouts to escape pesky lecturers is the library. No one but nerds go there, and no nerd in his right frame of mind would ever try to awaken me from my slumber. Unless he has a death wish, of course.

Planning to skip the following class, I headed to the library. Coincidentally, Keisuke was there, reading quietly at a table with a pile of thick research-looking books. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Mr. Studious.” I smiled graciously and pulled up a chair beside him.

He glanced up in surprise, then resumed reading his book on Marsupial Life, but not before I’d managed to catch a tinge of fear behind those dark, stormy eyes. Aha. So he does know that I’ll be having sweet revenge for what he did to my poor, battered ego the other night.

“What brings you out here, so far from your usual domain, O Great One?” His neutral voice dripped sarcasm.

I sighed dramatically. “Not much. I’d caught a whiff of some pretty boy, and my nose had insisted I follow the scent so…” I shrugged and spread out my arms. “Here I am. Your Prince Charming, about to save you from the boredom of your Marsupials.”

Kei snorted in disgust. “Right. If you’re Prince Charming, then I’m Brad Pitt.”

I smirked. “Can’t you take a joke, Kei? Sheez. Loosen up, dude. Don’t get your panties in a knot.”

He glared at me and stood up, turning to leave. I grabbed his arm before he wandered off too far. “Alright, alright. No more panty jokes for you. Sit. Chat with me.”

Kei resumed his just-vacated chair and looked at me. “Chat? I wonder what sort of topics we have in common.” For some reason, his intense gaze unnerved me. I could take his glares and scowls, but this? I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

“The common topics. Like, how many siblings do you have, what’s your favorite color, favorite food, uhh…favorite subject…” I ticked off an absurd list of what I actually wanted to know about him. Besides other secret secrets, of course.

Silence hung in the air for awhile. He assessed me at first to see if I was making fun of him, and then when he’d decided that I wasn’t, he actually started answering them. çankaya escort “No siblings, I’m an only child. My dad is Japanese and my mom’s American. Color. Hmm. Probably shades of blue. I hate sashimi. If you didn’t know, it’s a Japanese delicacy. It’s raw seafood like slices of tuna, salmon and such. I like fish and chips with tartar sauce. I never get sick of it. I live for art. Painting’s a stress-reliever. Your turn.”

That was quite interesting. It was a tad strange to feel no animosity at all between us for once, but I was in the mood to be even weirder. I raised an eyebrow. “So this is like a two-way street? Kay. I’m an orphan, so I don’t have siblings or anyone whom I’d consider as one. Favorite sub? Math, because there is only one answer for everything. I like the color black, as it suits my jaded personality and Italian pasta. God. Thinking of spaghetti carbonara now is making me drool.” I rolled my eyes up to the heavens mockingly.

That was when I saw it. It started with a small smile, then a chuckle and it blossomed into a full-blown laugh, complete with a show of white teeth. It was at that moment when I knew that I’d fallen in love. His head thrown back, the corded muscles visible at his neck made him look so, so sexy, not to mention that deep, throaty laugh. I’d never seen him laugh that way before, with his little buddies.

“Shhh! Quiet, please. This is the library, young man.” The plump librarian lady hushed us up.

We looked at each other and snickered. “Whoops. My bad. Looks like I’m bad influence, eh?” I grinned at Kei’s amused expression.

“Seems that way.” His smile faded for a moment and he turned pensive. “So you’re an orphan? Sorry to hear that. Must have been tough growing up.” He shot me a sympathetic glance.

Pity. That was one of the things I loathed most in the world, and I hate to be looked upon like some sad, pathetic case, especially by someone who knows nothing about me.

I shrugged. “It’s all in the past. Growing up on the streets isn’t as bad as what other people make it out to be. What you have to do is make a name for yourself. For me, I was pretty good at street fights, so whenever some guy needed help, he’d sort of hire me. That’s how I get paid.”

I’d lied. A little. It still affected me sometimes, knowing that I was an unwanted child. Looking at families chatting animatedly and laughing together makes my heart ache still. It’s the feeling of being so completely alone, that there is no one who’d care even if you were killed, that turned me into the cynic that I am today.

Kei looked at me for awhile. There are those who say that eyes are like windows to the soul. I hoped that the person who created that quote was a big, fat liar. Scratching his chin thoughtfully, he said “I see.”

That was all he said after I’d laid bare my painful past to him. Just as I was about to put an end to the discussion, and probably his snotty little high-life, he looked away and asked, “You remember that day when we met in the locker room?”

“Yeah. What about it?” I answered in a clipped tone, feeling not too generous right now.

He looked down at the table. “I was on the phone with my dad. I hate him, which explains why I got so mad when you made fun of me then.”

I wasn’t too sure of what to feel with this strange turn of events. Here he was, baring his secret to me and I was just sitting there dumbfounded, like a dork. I managed an apology, even though I only half-meant it. “Sorry. It’s just that I could tell that you…well. You’re not being yourself, to put it in polite terms. It’s probably not obvious, except to me, so I suppose you don’t have to worry.”

He looked so cute sitting there, fidgeting and shooting nervous looks at me to gauge my reaction. By now, I’d come to terms with my gay-ish thoughts of him.

Kei swallowed. “This is my first time actually talking to someone about this. Honestly, I’d never thought it’d be you. You’re right, though. Otou-san wa…I mean, my dad, has high expectations of me. I have to keep my grades keçiören escort up and report my progress in clubs as well to him. He shows me off like some piece of chattel to his friends at parties, and keeps telling me that I have to uphold the family name since I’ll be taking over the family business in the future.”

I whistled. “Whoa. Sounds tough. No wonder you opted to live out here.”

Scoffing, he retorted, “Tough? It was a hell-hole, that’s what it was. It’s like, you don’t have a say in anything and you’re his personal slave.”

“Well. What a way to put it. Can I have you as my slave?” I batted my eyelashes at him flirtatiously.

“In your dreams.” He playfully smacked my head, not knowing he already was a sex slave in my dreams. Just then, the bell rang and we said our goodbyes. Things had changed for the better, and we’d made plans for dinner. I think it had slipped his mind that he still had a debt to pay, and I wanted it cleared by tonight.

By six, our classes had ended and we headed out to Italiano Restauranté. It was a sight to behold for some of our acquaintances to see the sun and the moon chatting together like old buddies. I picked a secluded corner of the restaurant, and was pleased to note that the table cloths, as expected, draped all the way down to the floor. I chose to sit next to him on the booth.

As Kei flipped through the menu, I slid my hand under the white table cloth and right on top of his crotch. He jumped in shock and looked at me with disbelief and betrayal. “Why don’t you order, Kei? Let’s not keep this nice waitress waiting, shall we? Spaghetti Alio Olio with Portobello and a glass of orange juice for me, please.” I flashed her a smile and proceeded to unzip his fly, massaging his growing erection over his boxers.

His face turned pale as he tried to focus on the menu, finally choking out a “Bolognaise for me and water.” He didn’t dare push my hand away, not whilst the waitress was here without making it too obvious as to what we were doing.

When she left, Kei hissed at me in anger. “What the HELL are you doing, Jake? Take your fucking hand out right NOW before I–” He gasped when my hand delved inside, pulling out his cock from within his boxers.

I smiled as I stroked his cock with slow, steady strokes, rubbing the sensitive tip with my thumb. “Try not to make too much noise, Kei baby. You don’t want to be caught with your cock sticking out like that, do you?” I liked the look of fear in his eyes. He was so turned on in anticipation of what I was going to do to him, yet afraid of the consequences. I wonder if that made me a sadist.

“Relax. I won’t hurt you. It’s just to call it even, you know. You know that you deserve this for how you treated me then, don’t you?”

Kei squeezed his eyes shut and gritted his teeth, a visible muscle ticking at his jaw. “Feeling aroused much? See how wet you are? Maybe you’ve an exhibitionist streak in you after all.” I drawled, enjoying the expressions of want and desire on his face.

Just when I launched into a full-blown hand job, making him sputter and gasp and even occasionally moan, the waitress arrived with our meals and drinks. He bit his lip hard when I didn’t stop my hand movements, clenching his hands into fists at the table and struggling to steady his hips.

The waitress took one look at his perspiring, pain-twisted expression and assumed it for something else. “Sir? Are you feeling alright? Do you feel ill anywhere?” She must have been the most dense homosapien alive.

With her attention fully focused on Kei, he started to panic. “Yeah. Yeah, I’m alright. I ju…just need to rest for awhile. That’s all. Thanks.”

I smiled at her. “Thanks for worrying about my good friend here.” I continued to stroke his cock, building a faster rhythm.

Her name was Alice on her name tag. “You’re welcome, sir. Please enjoy your meals.” She smiled and left. Another wicked thought entered my mind.

I glanced at Kei. The moment the waitress disappeared from our sight, his hips moved etimesgut escort of its own accord, sliding his cock in and out of my closed hand as he stifled his groans with the back of his hand. “St…stop. Please, Jake. Yameru yo. Tanomu zo.”

“You know, I don’t understand much of the Japanese that you’re spouting. So I won’t even pretend to. Since you’ve obeyed my wishes so far, I’ll give you a nice reward.” I took my hand off his straining erection, and I heard a small sound of protest. He looked disappointed and relieved. Eyes glazed over with lust, tousled dark hair and slightly parted lips; he was the epitome of an exotic-looking sex siren, and he was beyond what Pamela Anderson could ever be.

Simply irresistible. I leaned over, gave him a peck on the lips, surveyed my surroundings quickly and disappeared beneath the silky table cloth. Before Kei could even digest the fact that I’d kissed him, I was already enjoying the view and taste of him.

It was quite a juicy-looking cock, about seven inches long and slightly curved. It twitched in response when I traced a finger down its length teasingly.

By now, I’d noticed that all of Kei’s protests had died down to heavy breathing, as he felt me smear his precum all over the rounded tip of his cock, though I doubted that he’d thank me for this when he was back to his normal self.

I bent my head over his cock and ran my tongue around the rim of his knob, eliciting a low groan from him. Encouraged, I dragged my tongue over the entire underside of his erection, leaving a wet trail of saliva behind. I wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock and worked my way down, feeling him shudder as my lips closed around the base of his shaft.

Almost desperately, Kei thrust his cock repeatedly into my warm mouth, using short, quick movements of his hips. I started bobbing my head up and down his erection, coating it with my saliva. If anyone at all had been looking his way, they’d know what was going on underneath those white sheets because he was starting to make muffled noises and obvious shifts in his seat. Too bad that noises from the other tables drowned out his and people were too busy minding their own businesses than to mind ours.

It was pretty tough not to gag sometimes when Keisuke’s cock plunged right to the back of my throat, but sucking cock came very naturally to me from the experience of so many girls going down on me. I knew what felt good for me, at least, and used that to my advantage. I continued my assault on him, loving the sounds of whimpers and muffled moans which escaped him.

There was no way I was going to make it out of the restaurant alive if I didn’t take care of little ole’ me down there as well. I stroked myself to the same rhythm of my lips on him, and then I felt him tense and mutter some Japanese words again which sounded something like “Mou…dame! Iku zo! Mou…iku!!”

I couldn’t describe the feeling of exhilaration when Kei came in my mouth. I think I came at the same time, just by imagining how hot he looked at our table. I cleaned myself off with a paper napkin and sucked the remaining juices off of his cock. It wasn’t an addictive taste, since it was slightly bitter. It’s probably an acquired taste, and I was startled to find myself liking that and many other things about him.

Lifting an edge of the table cloth, I made a quick check around me and resumed my place beside him. “So, Kei baby. Was that hot, or was that hot?” I smirked victoriously at him. He looked worn-out and sated, with heavy-lidded eyes.

“I am so exhausted; mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’ll hit you tomorrow, that’s for certain.” He looked down at his spaghetti. “And my food’s cold.” He shot me an accusing look.

“We can switch if you like.” I offered him spaghetti which was just as cold as his was. We finished our meal in silence.

It was dark by the time we’d reached our room. As I prepared for sleep, I glanced over to his bed where he was already tucked in, his shirtless back facing me. No doubt he was still pissed at me.

“Hey. Kei.”

“No, you’re not forgiven even if you beg.” Okay. I deserved that.

“I think I’m falling for you.”


Japanese terms:

Hayaku! : Faster! or Hurry up!
Otou-san wa… : My father is…
Yameru yo. Tanomu zo. : Please stop. I’m begging you.
Mou…dame! Iku zo! Mou…iku!! : Enough…stop! I’m cumming! I can’t…I’m cumming!!

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