A Debt in Error

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.


This one ended up slightly longer than originally intended. Please consider the tags before reading. Ultimately I write for my own enjoyment but it has been great to see such a supportive community.


This story begins a while back. I had just moved to town and it was a chance to reinvent myself to everybody. I didn’t have to be the small, weak nerd that was pushed around at school back home. I could start fresh. Be somebody new, or at least pretend to be.

And so, I was attending my first party. This wasn’t something I was used to, I was never invited to parties, if I had been I had been suspicious of the reason and would never attend. But I had been invited by a pretty girl as a courtesy during the first week of my arrival. I simply had to attend if I was serious about making an impression.

I took part in the drinking, I mingled and laughed at people’s jokes. The house was a big one, rich parents out of town, a classic. I wasn’t used to drinking, and tried only to actually drink when people were watching and I couldn’t just hold on to my cup. However it wasn’t long before I could feel it getting too much for me, the room was beginning to spin, I could feel a sickness rise. I couldn’t ruin this, I didn’t want to be the scrawny guy who people pushed around. I needed to leave, or at least find a place to compose myself again.

I moved through the house, wobbling as blurry faces swirled around me. I couldn’t go to the bathroom, it was too busy. The bedrooms may also be in use, I didn’t want to get a reputation by walking in on someone.

The noise of the party faded as I trudged along a dark corridor, I spotted a slightly opened door with stairs leading down to what must have been a basement. That was perfect, quiet. I could go down and take a few minutes to sort myself out then return to the party to continue with my re-imaging.

I was careful to hold on to the rail as my heavy feet clambered down the stairs, my eyes had trouble adjusting to anything in particular. As I reached the bottom of the steps I lifted my head and took in the sight of a sofa near the far end of the room, besides a dim lamp. I headed towards it with every step seeming to take more effort than the last. Eventually, I reached the sofa and slumped heavily on to it and sank into the soft cushions, my eyes closed whilst the room continued to spin around me, my ears ringing from the music of the party.

It was after a few moments of me sitting in this room that my ears adjusted properly, I could hear the music in the distance that I had left behind but there was a sound that felt closer, a tapping. A constant shuffling.

My eyelids were heavy, they took some convincing to open. Curiosity was the driver that managed to lift my head and look towards the source of the sound. In the darkness I could see that the room was larger than I had first thought, the lamp only lit up the corner with the sofa, near the opposite side of the room was a rug, on top of which was a lump of coats. I squinted as my eyes continued to adjust. No, it wasn’t coats. It was people, two of them. I could make out a girl with long blonde hair laying on her front on the rug, facing away from me. She was wearing a black dress, it had been lifted above her waist and her panties had been pulled down to her knees. On top of her was a guy, resting on his elbows as he fucked her from above. This was the source of the sound, I could hear only his breathing, the sound of their muffled clothing and the tapping of their collision as he fucked her.

Once my mind had deciphered the scene, my dick became rigid. I was a virgin, I had watched porn and regularly masturbated, but seeing this in real life just felt different. I felt immediate arousal, a rush of adrenaline, utter shock. They had obviously not noticed me come in, or if they had they didn’t care enough to stop.

I stared as I watched the guy thrust on top of her pale thighs, each moan in time with his dick reaching the deepest part of its push. There was a smack as he met the bare skin of her ass and thighs, her tangled hair sprawled out over the rug.

I imagine that was due to my intoxicated state but I unbuttoned my jeans and released my hard cock. I began stroking it and it immediately felt amazing, pleasure coursing through my dick as I watched and listened to the couple fuck in front of me. I matched the pace of his thrusts, which were fast and hard. I knew I wouldn’t last long. I didn’t care really, my drunken mind could barely concentrate on anything other than my urgent pleasure. The rest of my body still felt heavy as if gravity was more intense, pulling me deep into the sofa.

The pleasure built fast, my hand squeezed my cock as I felt my orgasm grow and my balls begin to tighten. I stared at her cute white panties and bare smooth ass getting pounded and it became too much. My cock throbbed as my hand worked it up and down, bursa eskort cum shooting from the tip of my dick forward into the darkness. My orgasm continued as I squirmed shooting rope after rope shot out, the last pulses spewing cum onto my crotch where it sat reflecting the dim lamp light.

The muffled sounds of fucking continued in front of me but sated by my own release I was reminded of the heaviness of my eyelids and body. I closed my eyes to rest them as my mind drifted into thoughtlessness.

I was awoken by a sudden pain in my shin, my drunken brain registered it as a blunt pain, but the alcohol dulled its full effect. A second one caused me to open my eyes and sit up slightly. Before me stood the blonde girl in the black dress, she had tear marks down her face and looked at me with a mixture of anger and disgust.

“You fucking pig,” she shouted as she kicked me again, “You’re a fucking asshole, how could you do that to me? I don’t even fucking know you!” By the end of her sentence she was screaming with her eyes boring into me. I must have looked gormless and confused as my mind caught up. I glanced down and my unbuttoned jeans at my limp dick which was still out with my cum splattered around my crotch. I glanced over to where the girl had been fucked face down on the rug. I then realized that she had not been awake, not a willing participant, perhaps coming down here for the same reasons I had. I focused again as my mind pieced together what she was accusing me of.

“Wait…no,” I started to say, my voice croaky and my throat dry. “I just came down…”

“Shut the fuck up!” She screamed, she held up her phone and the light shone brightly over me, I squinted and heard several clicks before my hand could shield my face. “You aren’t gonna get away with this, my brothers are gonna fuck you up!” She looked down at her phone to make sure that she had captured a picture of her attacker’s face properly then ran from the room.

I left the party quickly after that. The exchange with the blonde girl sobered me up and I ran home as my head spun with scenarios. I tried to remember the night as clearly as I could. I dreaded going back to school on Monday, I didn’t know the girl, I wasn’t sure if we shared any classes, what I did know is what she thought I’d done and that she had my photo. That was if the police didn’t arrive at my house before Monday.

Eventually Monday came and I had dragged myself out of the house and headed for school; my stomach churned with nerves. A car passed me, I hadn’t given it any attention until I heard its tyres screech and before I knew it the car had bumped over the curb and came to an abrupt halt just in front of me with frantic voices shouting over one another.

A blonde guy stood out from the driver’s seat and a taller, heavier built brown haired guy came out of the rear door.

“You sure it’s him?” The blonde guy asked, directing his question at the girl who was watching from inside the car.

“Yeah, that’s definitely him,” she scowled as she stared at me. It was her, the girl from the party. Her scowl turned to a satisfied grin as she watched the two of the guys approach and arm lock me before walking me to the car where they threw me in.

The larger guy sat in the back with me and the driver returned to his seat. Without another word the car was back on the road speeding back the way it had come.

“So your’e the sick fuck that couldn’t keep his hands off of our sister huh,” spoke the blonde guy in the driver’s seat as he stared at me via the rear view mirror. My mouth was dry and I was struggling to control my breathing. All that I managed was a feeble shake of my head.

“Don’t seem so tough now do you, you stupid perv,” chuckled the guy next to me in a slow, dopey voice.

I tried to protest my innocence once I had regained enough composure but it was cut short as the guy in the back elbowed me hard in my gut, on the instruction of the driver.

It felt like the journey was long, but in reality it was probably around 15 minutes. I had learned the name of the driver, Sid, and his brother in the back, Carl.

They threw threats around and I couldn’t tell if they were simply trying to scare me or if they were seriously discussing which course of vigilante justice they were going to carry out. It ranged from having my balls cut off and being dumped at the side of the road to being a ‘house bitch,’ to clean and serve where the two brothers lived.

We spun into the driveway of a shabby looking house. My heart was pounding and my body felt weak with fear. Carl dragged me out of the car and walked me into the house behind Sid and the girl before throwing me onto the tiled floor like a sack of potatoes.

“So what are we going to do,” asked Carl as the three siblings stood over me.

“I don’t think this pervert understands how to treat women, the fuck needs to have a lesson in what it feels like to be in the shoes of a young girl” Sid said as he stared unwaveringly at me. “Sarah, bursa escort get some clothes and one of your dress up wigs, we’ll give this perv a makeover and parade him through the streets so he can experience it first hand.” My stomach dropped. Sarah disappeared through a door beyond the kitchen.

Whilst she was gone I looked around to take in my surroundings. The place was untidy and simple, a living area joined to a kitchen with a simple table and chairs in the corner. Dirty dishes and take out boxes.

Sarah returned after a moment with a duffle bag and placed it near the table and chairs. She gestured for me to come over. Her brothers moved to the couch and sat down, they turned on the TV but kept their eyes on me.

I walked over towards the chair next to Sarah but she put her hand out to stop me.

“We’ll start with the clothes, take off what you’re wearing,” she commanded. I took a deep breath to and finally picked up the courage to speak.

“Listen, at the party, when we were in the basement…” I began, my voice weak. I heard footsteps behind me.

“I had drank too much and the reason I went in…” I didn’t finish my thought though as an open hand smacked me across the side of my face. It had come from behind.

“She told you what to do so shut the fuck up and do it. Otherwise, We’ll beat the shit out of you and then you’ll do it anyway.” Sid didn’t wait for a reply as he headed back towards the sofa where Carl was grinning at my dazed expression as I rubbed my head.

I didn’t speak again. I slowly undressed and placed my clothes down neatly in a pile near my feet. Sarah wasn’t watching me, instead she was going through the clothes that she had in her bag in order to pick out a suitable outfit; I could feel the eyes of her brothers on me as they laughed at my nakedness from across the room.

I covered my crotch with my hands as Sarah brought her attention back to me.

“Put these on,” she said casually as she passed me a tiny white pair of cotton panties. I bent down and stepped into them, pulling them up and tucking my dick in carefully so it wouldn’t fall out either side of the small piece of crotch material. She then handed me a short plaid skirt of red and black without saying anything. I knew what to do. I pulled them on then fastened the zip and button. The skirt came to the middle of my thighs as I stood upright and hugged tight at my waist.

Next she put a black bra on me and stuffed the cups with socks. I could hear the boys laughing at me, wolf whistling and shouting. Sarah then handed me a white t-shirt that I put on which read ‘Princess’ in pink glitter writing and showed the outline of the dark bra underneath. I blushed deeply as I looked down at what I was wearing.

“Sit down,” she said as she pointed to the chair. I did. She pulled up the second chair and sat facing me, close, with a makeup pallet. She leaned in and started applying product to my face beginning by brushing something on my cheeks. Despite my fear, despite my situation, despite the reason I had found myself here, I couldn’t help but look at her as she applied my make up. She concentrated and I looked at her pretty blue eyes, the smell of her perfume filled my nostrils, the softness of her hands as they touched me and the heat from her body were turning me on. I felt my dick begin to swell beneath my panties. Shit. If anyone here saw me get hard it would be bad news. For the remaining duration of my makeover I sat with my eyes closed and concentrated on controlling myself.

Once she was done with my make up she pulled out a pink wig and placed it on my head as the locks fell past my shoulders. She carefully adjusted it, brushing my hair underneath it and the hair of the wig out of my eyes and behind my ears. It felt heavy and oddly comforting as it hugged my head and partially hid me from the constant stares of the men in the room.

Finally she placed a pair of black heels on my feet and fitted the straps.

“Let’s have a look then, come and give us a twirl,” Sid shouted from the sofa. I stood and walked over to them. I was aware that my dick was swollen and so I walked with my ass sticking out more than usual in an attempt to pull in my cock in as much as possible. I moved slowly as I learned how it felt to walk in heels.

When I got to the sofa I stopped and stood before the two men whose eyes explored every inch of my outfit. My body.

“Turn around,” Sid instructed. I turned to face the wall behind me as I came face to face with a large mirror resting against the wall, reflecting back a girl I didn’t recognise. Her skimpy outfit and bright pink hair set a sex look, dark eyes and long eyelashes stared back and I was taken aback at how much I looked like a real girl.

“Sarah’s done her part. Drive her home,” Sid looked at Carl as he spoke, “We’ll take it from here.”

“What? No!” began Sarah but Carl stood and a firm hand quietened her. He guided her out of the door. He ushered her out bursa escort bayan and towards the car before turning back as if to check that Sid was sure that he didn’t need him.

“I’m not sure having you walk around the streets would really help you to understand what it is that you’ve done, but I have a more appropriate lesson.” His voice was quiet and controlled. He looked me up and down and then at Carl. “I’m gonna fuck her.”

Carl seemed to consider this for a second as his mind ticked it over. He then gave a smile, nodded and walked out of the door towards the car.

Sid was already standing beside me. He grabbed my arm and began walking me. He pushed me toward the table and pushed me forward over it. My hands landed on the table to support myself, my mind racing. This was a bluff right? He wasn’t really going to do this?

“Don’t move,” he growled, his footsteps faded as he headed into another room. I kept facing forwards, staring at my hands on the table and debated whether I should run or not; it was just him and I had a brief head start- although the heels would have to come off. I had almost built up the courage when his footsteps returned and I felt him once again behind me.

“Bend right over, let me see that ass,” he commanded. I leant further over the table allowing my stuffed bra to rest on the surface as I perched on my elbows, ass sticking out. I felt my skirt get lifted from the back and a stinging slap against my cheek. I let out an involuntary whimper. I heard him let out a moan behind me as he took in the sight of my panty clad ass. I felt violated already. I could hear a slick sound behind me as I realised that he was lubing his cock whilst staring at me bent over the table in front of him dressed like a slut. I knew that he was only thinking of his pleasure but I was glad that he had considered lube.

“Yeah, look at that ass, I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours,” he breathed out with another low moan. He grabbed my panties and pulled them down to the middle of my thighs. I felt them against my legs as he used his feet to part mine. I felt his cock head press against my hole and his hands grip my waist firmly.

“I’m gonna show you how you treated my sister,” he said as he began to push his cock into me. It entered me but not without resistance, my ass tightened as if to fight off the intrusion and pain seared through me. I couldn’t tell how much of him was in me. He seemed to push it in for an age as it felt as if I was being torn open. I layed more heavily on the table as I struggled to support myself, my knees buckled as my strength failed. I felt his body press against my cheeks and knew that he was now fully in. He announced this with another deep moan of pleasure, slightly easing his grip on my waist. He then began to fuck me slowly as he explored a rhythm that he found pleasurable, letting out a gentle breath each time he bottomed out.

My mouth hung open as my mind tried to process what was happening. I felt my dick swing under my skirt as he fucked me, using me for his pleasure.

My ass seemed to stop fighting and accept the cock that was now thrusting into me, it relaxed as much as it could being stretched over his swollen pole. The pain began to subside but the knowledge that I was being fucked, no more than that, I was losing my virginity to this fucker, was overwhelming. I almost felt as if I was detaching from myself in order to cope with what was happening but another hard slap to my ass cheek and a growling voice returned me to the moment.

“You like that bitch? You like having a cock in you that you didn’t ask for? You like being used like a piece of fucking meat?”

He had settled into a faster pace, ramming his body into mine with each of his thrusts which pushed my thighs against the table. The picture of Sarah being fucked on the rug in the basement filled my mind and me watching, jerking off to her as I pictured how I must look now. Strange and unfamiliar sensations filled me as I grew accustomed to the head and friction of his cock sliding inside of me. Each of his thrusts seem to send a wave through my whole body.

I could feel my dick resting on the cold surface of the table as I realised that my own cock was slightly swollen. I couldn’t see it because of the skirt but I felt it. I had tried to ignore the thought but my dick didn’t lie, the dick in my ass was beginning to feel good now that the pain had subsided. This fucker who was punishing me with his cock, raping me as a brand of justice, was actually giving me a pleasure that I hadn’t experienced before. Each time his cock pushed into me a wave of pleasure continued through my body like inertia. I let out a low moan before quickly biting my lip to ensure that no further moans escaped. As he continued to fuck me I felt a strong urge to push back into him, to get him deeper and had to concentrate in order to remain still on the table.

My fucking of my ass caused my breathing to quicken as I felt the sensations inside me grow, filling me with a warmth that sapped the strength from the rest of me. The pleasure seemed to take over my thoughts as I felt less in control of my body than I ever had as I basked in the amazing feeling of having a dick fuck me.

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