A Dream Come True Ch. 05

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3D Animation

It has been a couple of weeks since Alice found out she is pregnant and both ladies have been treating me like a king. I woke this morning to Ester softly sucking the sensitive area of my cock just below the head. By the time I was fully awake my cock was rock hard and leaking precum, Ester looked up at me with those sexy eyes and says.

“Good morning Mr. Guapo”

As she looks into my eyes she slides up my body pausing to lick and suck my nipples making my erection throb and ooze a nice big drop of precum. My beautiful horny Wife lowers her lips to mine and kisses me passionately as I feel her swollen labia rubbing against the bottom of my shaft, painting my hard cock with her juices as she slowly slides her slippery camel toe back and forth from my balls to the tip of my dick until she catches the head between her slippery lips and presses down slowly taking the head and half the shaft into her tight pink tunnel.

Ester feels so good and her pussy is hot wet and tight around my shaft it’s all I can do to concentrate to keep from busting a nut and creaming her without even attaining full penetration first. She whispers in my ear.

“Babe, I got so horny watching you fill Alice with a big hot load of baby batter. I loved seeing your cock swell and jerk each time you blasted her little pussy. It was so hot knowing you were trying to knock her up with me right there watching.”

Being this excited and hearing her talk about cumming in her little sister was enough to make my shaft swell and leak more precum. When she felt the hot wetness she slowly sank the rest of the way down burying my cock in her tight pink paradise pressing the tip against the back of her snug tunnel.

With Ester sitting on my erection I watch her slowly rotate her hips in small circles as she grinds her swollen clit against the base of my erection and the tip against her slippery cervix. She looks so beautiful riding me with her long flowing hair cascading around her shoulders as her eyes sparkle, her sexy lips curl into an irresistible smile as she has a shy moment when she notices me watching her expressions change with each different feeling and sensations.

Ester is grinding more aggressively and her breathing is picking up as she changes her technique and slowly squeezes her pussy tight while sliding up until just the tip is still inside before relaxing and sliding my slippery shaft deep inside. Her amazing pussy is massaging my cock while she watches my expression as she teases me with swipes of her cervix against the sensitive tip of my erection.

When Ester hears me moan she smiles and presses her perky boobs together as she reaches for my hands and places them on her breasts she leans down to kiss me before putting her lips to my ear and whispered in her sexy voice.

“Michael I love you so much and I want to please you in every way and fulfill all of your fantasies and I promise you I will give you everything you ask of me but you know I need to have my needs met too and I’m going to need you to impregnate me again and let me carry your baby. I know you want to wait awhile longer before we start trying for our second child and I think it’s sexy that you are tuzla escort trying to be strong and not give in to temptation. It’s a huge turn-on for me when we make love close to my ovulation and you get reluctant to fill my tight little pussy with your thick potent sperm. I get so horny when I know you are close to losing control watching you struggle with the decision to give in to your desires and just let it all go deep inside me taking the risk of impregnating me or pulling out at the last moment and blasting thick nut butter all over my flat tummy and perky tits.

I love the mystery and romance of never knowing when you’re going to set your inner beast free and give in to your instinctual desire to impregnate me when I am at my most fertile. You always have the freedom to choose where you blow your load sweetie but from now on there will be no condoms used in this house and it’s up to you to keep track of the days with the big green “O’s” on the calendar if you want to avoid putting your sperm in my fertile pussy the day I ovulate and risk knocking me up.

Ester’s grinding and whispering erotic things we fantasize doing to each other was pushing me closer to erupting and when I heard her declare no more condoms I felt my shaft pulse hard and so did Ester. It brought me back to reality when I heard Alice’s voice from the doorway say.

“Wow, Ester he liked something you said, I saw his cock throb from way over here.”

I felt Ester pump her pussy twice on my cock before lifting off and looking down at my throbbing erection covered in her clear glossy nectar with a huge drop of thick sperm slowly forming on the tip as we all watched in fascination as it continued to grow in mass. I noticed the sexy smile form on her lips as I felt her slippery labia press against my upper thigh as she gracefully slid her moist pussy down my leg as her kissable lips headed closer to my throbbing manhood.

I felt her breath on my cock before she licked the sperm off the tip of my erection and then licking her lips she said.

“Sweetie if this is you controlling yourself and being careful I don’t think it’s going to be much of a challenge getting you to sperm one of my eggs and impregnate me and I really enjoy the challenge of seducing you into giving in and fucking me pregnant with your baby. I want to do it like you’re fantasy where I tease you until you can’t control yourself anymore and the beast in you comes out and aggressively dominates and inseminates my fertile womb marking me as yours.”

Ester licks her sweet nectar from my shaft before she slides her slippery pussy lips up my leg and pauses with her labia hovering above my throbbing cock and her sexy lips so close to mine that I can smell her essence and it makes my shaft pulse and leak covering the tip with thick white sperm as she licks her lips and says.

“Mmmm we taste so good together, does this turn you on as much as it turns me on to taste our combined passion Michael?”

My wife kisses me aggressively tongues dueling as we share our combined flavor escalating the level of excitement quickly. The passion builds as we kiss and as we separate I follow her eyes as they travel down to where her tuzla escort bayan swollen pink inner lips are hovering so close to the tip of my erection and the first thing I see is a big three inch long drip of thick sperm hanging from her inner pussy lips and as I thought about how much more could be inside her I felt my shaft pulse and ooze out another glob of sperm. When Alice noticed my cock throb I heard her moan as I noticed her strut across the room and drop her robe as she climbs up onto the bed snuggling up next to me. Alice kisses me and puts her lips to my ear and says.

“Your cock looks so sexy covered in my sister’s juices and leaking sperm especially since you are going bareback. Is it safe today? Are you going to fill her pussy with potent sperm? Or pull out and fill my little pregnant cunt with a hot thick load?”

As she is whispering in my ear she reaches for my erection and catches the ribbon of sperm hanging from Ester’s pink playground before stroking my cock and smearing the sperm all over the shaft and head before slotting the slippery tip into the opening to my wife’s passion flower.

Ester starts sliding her tightness down on my cock working me deeper inside her slippery sheath as I have a moment of panic, I am not sure what week it is, we haven’t used a condom in more than a week, Alice notices the look on my face and smiles, she puts her lips to mine and gives me a sexy passionate kiss and then whispers in my ear.

“You can’t remember can you? You don’t know if the tight little pussy that is riding your cock is safe or fertile right now do you?”

I am getting past the half way point and before it’s too late I reach up and take one of Ester’s nipples in each hand squeezing them, as I feel them get harder she opens her eyes and looks down at me with a smile, now that I have her attention I ask her. “Is today safe or lucky time?” She gives me a sweet sly smile and says.

“Yesterday was tiny bit safe. Today is less safe as she sits all the way down and tickles the head of my cock with the opening to her cervix and squeezes her pussy hard around my shaft. I can feel my cock surge deep inside her and I have to grab her hips and hold her tight against me to stop her from sliding on my cock so I can calm down a little and not cum so fast.

Alice notices and reaching down she takes my full balls in her hand and feeling them pulse, her eyes get big and she smiles at me and askes.

“Are you filling my sister with sperm right now?”

I look over at her and shake my head, telling her. No, not yet.

Alice gets a sly little smile like her sister and leaning over she lowers her lips to my nipple and sucks it into her mouth making my cock lurch deep inside her sister. I grab her hair and pull her away telling her to stop that. She giggles and kisses me again sliding her tongue between my lips and squeezes the base of my cock. As I ease my grip on Ester’s waist she starts sliding up and down slowly on my cock again and both Alice and I look to see my cock covered in Ester’s juices before it disappears again buried deep inside her hot quivering cunt.

Ester is picking up speed now and I know she will not stop until escort tuzla she cums, if I start to cum before she does she will ride my cock until she is finished, she has found her stride now and is lifting all the way up until the head is just barely inside her opening and then slamming back down burying my cock all the way balls deep inside the fluttering walls of her tight little sperm catcher.

Alice puts her lips to my ear and whispers to me.

“If you can get her off your cock before you lose control and blow your load I will take it in my pussy so you don’t knock her up yet.”

Just thinking about busting a nut in Alice makes my cock twitch and throb inside Ester. I can feel her getting wetter and tighter, she is getting close. I reach up and grab her nipples between my fingers and squeeze hard, she tilts her head back and her whole body just quivered, like when you get a chill and then she moans and says.

“Oh god yes”

I could feel the contractions deep inside her tight pussy as her orgasm washes over her causing her hot wet pussy to throb and pulse around my cock, it feels so good my cock jerks and oozes a little precum deep inside her spamming cunt, I have to concentrate hard to hold off my orgasm and as Alice slips the tip of her tongue in my ear and with a sexy voice says.

“Let it go, cum hard and pump her full of hot sperm, knock her up just like you did me.”

That was all it took to push me over the edge and I turned toward Alice and said, oh no, I’m cumming. I felt her grab the base of my cock and squeeze just as I felt the first throb and I lifted my ass off the bed grabbing Ester’s hips and lifting her off my cock as I pulled away and settled back onto the bed.

Just as I was thinking I had stopped just short of blowing my load and avoided filling Ester with a big load of thick cum, I feel a hot tight cunt slam down on my throbbing cock engulfing the head and two inches of hard shaft. The sudden surprise makes my cock jerk and spew a thick rope of cum lubricating her inner walls and she slides further down on my hard cock stopping with about four inches left to go.

I look up into Ester’s eyes and as I kiss her I feel her squeeze my cock with her pussy and as my cock starts firing blast after blast I feel her sink the rest of the way down and as she hits bottom I feel my cock jerk two more times pumping the last two blasts of hot sperm right against her cervix.

I am laying there recovering from a really satisfying orgasm and thinking I let things get out of control and creamed her good. It’s the beginning of lucky time and that was a pretty big load, I was really surprised when Ester rolled off me and Alice was sitting there with my cock buried balls deep inside her little pregnant pussy with a big smile on her face.

When I looked down to where my cock was buried in her pussy and she slowly lifted up until just the head was caught inside her pink opening, as she lifted to allow the tip of my cock to fall free a small stream of thick white cum began to seep out onto my still throbbing cock, when my cock was covered in thick sperm she slid her wet cunt lips up and down the bottom of my cock coating it with our combined juices as she leaned forward to give me a nice kiss and whisper in my ear.

“That was so close, you were one spasm away from creaming her good and maybe knocking her up this month, you owe me one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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