A Friday to Remember

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I woke up with a tremendous erection. I vaguely remember the dream that had helped to bring it on. I open my eyes to see it is barely 6:00 AM. With my right hand I reach back to grab my wife’s leg to see if maybe we can wake up with a little morning tussle. But nobody is there. I roll over and the bed is empty. I slip out from under the covers and head for the bathroom, no one in there. I wander into the kitchen and see a note sticking out of my coffee cup. I am trying to focus my eyes and make coffee at the same time. The note says, “I had to leave early. Don’t forget I have a late meeting. See you around 10:00 PM.”

With the coffee perking, I sigh and walk back to the bathroom. My cock has lost enough starch that I don’t have to stand on my head to piss, but still have to lean over and balance myself against the wall to force Mr. Johnson down to an angle to make my bubbles in the toilet. I finish my morning rituals and go back to the kitchen for coffee. I sit down and open the newspaper. But my cock is not going to let me concentrate on the news. I trudge to my home office. I boot up the computer and sit sipping coffee while Bill Gates opens up his windows. I zip into Windows Explorer and find just what I need, a picture of one of my pen pals. Looking at her gorgeous eyes and long flowing curly hair brings a smile to my face. It always does. How I wish we weren’t separated by hundreds of miles. Or even that I had the nerve to just hop on a plane and surprise her. I am sure she would somehow turn it around to surprise me. Anyway, my cock has reached its morning stiffness while gazing at my princess. I languidly stroke my cock and drops of precum flow freely, allowing me to generously coat myself. I have no idea how much time has passed gazing at her beautiful charms but I can feel my balls start to pull up tighter. And then…

The doorbell rings. I look down at my computer clock and see 6:25 AM. Who the hell is ringing my door at this time of day? And then the second problem, how am I going to hide my hard cock when I answer the door? I lean my head around the doorframe and look toward the door. All I can see is the profile of a woman through the glass next to the door. The porch light isn’t on, so I can’t tell more. The hall light is on and I see a hand go up to her face as I walk her way. I opened the door a crack, “Yes, who is it?”

The voice that answers is not one I would have expected to hear in a hundred years, but I know immediately who it is. All semblance of sanity leaves me in a heartbeat and I pull the door open all the way and stand looking at a woman in the semi-dark of the porch that I have not seen in 20 years. I am staring in open-mouthed wonder and don’t hear her giggling until she playfully says, “It seems you are HARDly ready for visitors this morning.” Either the opening of the door or the thought of this vision in front of me has Mr. Johnson peeking through an opening in my robe and staring right at her. I cover myself moving back away from the door. “Come in, come in, would you like some coffee?”

“Am I interrupting something?” She smiled and looked at me with her dark liquid eyes.

“Yes, no, it doesn’t matter, come in”, I am stammering. Just remembering some of the exploring we had done in the past was making it more difficult to keep my cock covered and the aroma of her perfume and the swell of her breasts underneath her blouse was helping to keep the fire stoked. I had not smelled that perfume in years. Her full head of reddish curls bounced around her shoulder as she walked past me. Her hand brushed my cock as her stride took her past me. Damn, I almost shot off then and there. “Excuse me”, she says.

I was quietly going through the lineup of the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals, so I barely hear her. I then notice she is already leaning against the kitchen doorway with a cup of coffee in her hand and I am still standing with one hand on the open door. I shut the door, making my robe again billow out and reach down to cover myself. Moving behind a recliner, I meet her eyes. She is definitely not helping. I can see her nipples have hardened and she is looking at the recliner like her stare alone can move it. “Umm, don’t take this the wrong way, but why are you here, Dee?”

“Can’t a girl look up an old boyfriend?”

“Well, sure, but before daybreak?”

“I didn’t know your schedule. I thought I might even get to see the wife.” She followed that announcement with a definite evil laugh. “I have not forgiven her for stealing you away. Of course, she really didn’t steal you, I was stupid and gave you away.”

It wasn’t really her fault either. Her father got transferred and she had to move. We tried the long distance thing for a while but it was too difficult in those days. We had the mail, we had phones, but long distance was expensive and the mail took so long and who has time to wait when you are a teenager. Anyway, we had drifted on to other things in our life. We had heard about each other from time to time. All this went isveçbahis through my head in the time it took to sip my now cold coffee. That brought me back to reality and still I wasn’t sure what Dee was doing here. I looked up and noticed Dee looking into my office. She looked over her shoulder at me and walked in. I kept my robe closed and followed her. “Dee, what are you really doing here? Is it business?” I knew she traveled all over. I thought she owned several travel agencies or at least used to. When she touched the mouse on my computer, the screen saver kicked off to show the sexy picture of my cyber friend spread over my 19″ monitor. She stood and half turned to me, “A friend of yours?”

“Yes, a very good friend of mine. Maybe one day, we will even meet; at least that is my plan.”

“Hmm, very yummy, isn’t she? Do you think she would like me?”

“Maybe”, I said, trying to sound unenthused. Who wouldn’t like Dee? Dee is 5 feet 8 inches tall with coppery red hair, almost golden eyes, full round breast and legs that go on and on. Her ass still looks as tight as the last time I had seen her and she exudes a sensuality that makes mouths water, male and female. Her smile can light up a room like the noonday sun.

“Do you still like me, baby? I would love to show you how much I missed you. Would you let me do that?”

“Dee, I want to know why you are here?”

“Oh,” flipping her hand like it really didn’t matter, “I heard that someone hasn’t been taking care of you properly.” She looked at me with those smoldering eyes. I tried to keep my face expressionless. She read it anyway. “I see that they were right. Well, I kicked myself repeatedly for not coming back for you in college. And I cried when you married, but now all I want is to prove to myself that we still have the magic we used to have. I came here to either have a showdown with the Mrs. or find a way to get you out of town for the weekend. I now have an excuse to whisk you away.”

“Oh, and what would that be? And what makes you think I will go?”

“Honey, a normal man would have lost that erection a long time ago, but you are still as hard as blue steel. Or at least a well-fucked man would have excused himself to put some clothes on. Not you, you are going to need fucked good for days to make you normal again.”

Well, I couldn’t argue with that. The Mrs. was a little too busy with her life to be bothered with me most of the time. And she had said she wouldn’t be home till late tonight. That still didn’t clear the weekend and I wasn’t sure how to solve that problem. What the heck am I thinking? I can’t run off with this woman for a weekend. No way, can’t happen. Why am I even thinking about it? Why, because I remember Dee, that is why. I remember those times when we were exploring with each other. When we were figuring out what the difference was between guys and gals. When we would laugh and play and just be together enjoying the world. Maybe I could make it work. I jerked back awake, “What?”

“I said, daydreamer, who is this babe on your computer? What does she do for you?”

“I don’t guess I need to keep any secrets from you, she and I talk, we laugh, we give each other a hand now and then. Why, does it bother you?”

“Oh no, it doesn’t bother me a bit. But why not find some real flesh to help you out? You have lost a little hair, put on a few pounds but you still are looking fine to me.”

“I don’t know, chicken I guess. I just haven’t done it.”

“Well, honey, I am going to solve your problem. I am going to give you the excuse you need to get away this weekend and make some new plans for the future. I have an all-expense paid golf trip for two to Myrtle Beach and I do not plan on going alone or to a golf course. You can say you won a drawing or whatever, but we leave at 10:30 AM today. But first, I am going to drain that cock of yours for whoever your sexy little cyber friend is. Is she the one that got your cock that hard? Do you think she will mind me giving you a wet, sloppy blowjob and swallowing your sweet cum down my throat?”

Dee was right. I needed a blowjob real bad. It has been forever and I remembered Dee’s mouth. And my cyber friend would love hearing about it. We tend to share encounters any time that we get lucky enough to have one. She is such a doll. Myrtle Beach would be great this time of year. I had entered more than one contest for a weekend at Myrtle Beach and other places.

Before I knew what was happening, Dee dropped to her knees in front of me and untied my robe. Her hands are sliding up my inner thighs; her red nails leaving trails on my skin. She is blowing her hot breath directly on my full balls. Her eyes are looking deep into mine as her tongue flicks over her lips. She moves to kiss the base of my cock. Her chin is rubbing my balls. She is licking all the way to the top and starts shining the head with her wet tongue. Oh, that feels great! Her mouth moves back as she grabs me with one hand and cups my balls with isveçbahis giriş the other. I know I cannot last long and don’t even want to. I just want to cum down her throat. Her mouth opens and with tongue extended she licks the back of the head with just the tip, moaning at the taste of me. Her lips wrap around my head and she sucks hard taking my cock right to the back of her mouth. She releases the pressure and repeats the same suction move three more times.

Then she sits back on her heels stroking me. “I want you to cum for me. Don’t hold back, my time will come later. This is for you. Cum for me. Let me taste you like the old days.”

I haven’t enjoyed myself like this in years. I smile at her and grab her head and pull her forward. She envelops me again and I softly stroke myself in and out of her hot mouth. I can feel the cum boiling in my sac and I know I am close. My balls jump against her chin as she works my cock with her lips, tongue and fingers. I begin to cum and cum until my knees get weak. I sit back against my desk. Dee continues licking me softly, cleaning me of every drop of love juice. Gently she runs her tongue around my balls and that little spot right under the sac. Her nails are gently scraping around my thighs, lower stomach and ass. Her magic is keeping me hard. With one more kiss to my knob, she rises to her feet and kisses me. Her tongue pushes into my mouth and excitedly I suck it for giving me the pleasure that it has. Reaching around her, I grab her hips and rub them as I move my fingers over her ass. It is still firm and giving. I start raising her skirt as I pull her tighter against me. She is pushing her crotch against me.

I finally get her skirt above her ass. I can feel her smooth bare ass against my fingers and I squeeze those delicious orbs, reveling in the feel of a responsive female. I pull her cheeks apart and squeeze. Dee moans into my mouth. I pull my mouth away and move behind her, pushing her onto my desk. I get on my knees behind her. I have to taste her again. My tongue slithers over her ass cheeks, wetting them, my fingers slide over her skin lightly, enjoying the softness. I drop my thumbs to her lower cheeks and pull them apart and lick my broad tongue across her lips dipping inside to taste her heat. I push my tongue deep, wiggling it as much as possible. I move a finger to rub against the side of her clit. Her moans encourage me to greater and greater effort. Her excitement seems to be connecting my tongue to her. I can feel my cock throbbing as much as I can feel her lips quivering. I start directly stroking her clitoris and laving my tongue all over her lips. Her hips are pushing back against me; she is imploring me to eat her, to make her cum.

I flip around and drive my head between her body and the desk, surrounding her entire crotch with my mouth and suck hard. My tongue begins butterfly strokes against her clitoris and I drive two fingers into her pussy. “Oh SSShhhhhiittt, I am cumming, suck meeeeeeee.” My fingers are still stroking her and I flatten my tongue against her clitoris and move it side to side. She finally begs me to stop. I gently lick her lips clean and give her another gentle kiss. I stand and hold her until her breathing starts to slow. She raises her head from my shoulder and grabs my face with both hands and licks my beard of her essence and then buries her tongue into my mouth. I am not sure who is more excited about this, but the effect on me is stupendous.

“I want you to fuck me now. Fuck me while I lean over your desk and look at your cyber lover. I want to tell her what she is missing. Wait, do you think she is online right now?” Since it is Friday, I think she might be and I hurriedly log on to see. When her id shows up as I connect, I click “Message” and type,

ME: Hi sexy, I have someone here who wants to talk to you. ME: Will you do that for me? SEXY: hi handsome, who is it????? ME: A past girlfriend…

Dee pushes me aside and takes over the keyboard.

DEE: Hi there Sexy, this is Dee, an old girlfriend. I wanted to tell you that I came here this morning to see this hunk you have been keeping turned on. SEXY: Why do you want to tell me? DEE: Well, I came into his office and guess whose picture is on his screen, YOU, and you look delicious. SEXY: Thank you. Grin DEE: I took his edge off when I sucked his cock a while ago. YUMMY DEE: But… I was wondering if it would be ok for him to fuck me while I tell you what he is doing? SEXY: Oh shit! Really, that would be so hot. Let me get naked. SEXY: OK, damn I am soaked already. I am ready.

I slide behind Dee; my cock has not gone down any watching the play of words between these two. Sexy’s picture is on the screen. She is lying with her legs open and her wet shining lips are spread and two glistening fingers are halfway imbedded in her pussy. Dee reaches up and strokes her finger on the screen. I reach down grabbing my cock…

DEE: He is rubbing the head of his cock up and down my wet gaping isveçbahis yeni giriş slit. He just finished eating me to a glorious orgasm. SEXY: I am pinching my sensitive hard nipples and stroking my pussy lips real slow. DEE: mmmm, he slid the head into my pussy and is slowing feeding his cock to me. DEE: Shit…HE is so big and so hard. Damn, I am wet. OOOOH, I am cumming… He hit bottom and I came, oh my, oh my, oh my… SEXY: oh baby!! keep fucking her! cum when I do baby! I am so hot!! my fingers aren’t enough, I have to get Pinky.

I am raging hard and bigger than in ages. I feel like I am going to blow apart. I can feel every ridge of Dee’s pussy clenching against me. She is so hot and wet. Her pussy is still spasming from her last orgasm. I am stroking long and slow, trying to make it last and give us the most pleasure. I reach around grab her breast, pinching her nipples.

SEXY: Much better, I am sliding Pinkie into my wet pussy.

I take the mouse and click on another picture showing Dee what Pinkie looks like buried in that sweet pussy.

DEE: Oh my, you are hot!! He has a picture of you with Pinkie. I would love to stroke that cock into your pussy for you. He is pinching my nipples and long stroking me. I can feel the head separate my pussy on each stroke. mmmm IT feels so good. SEXY: YOU would like to be with me! OH SHIT…I am almost there. Cum with me, please cum with me.

I begin to thrust harder and faster making Dee’s ass jiggle with each stroke, going deeper into her wetness. I am only strokes away from losing my load.

DEE: He is fucking me faster and harder, deeper, harder, he is making me cum again. Oooohhhhh shhhhhhiiiiiiitttt SEXY: I am cumming tooo right noooooowwwwwwwww

The pressure on my cock is tremendous, Dee’s pussy is contracting wildly and I lose it, pushing my cock as deep as I can while pulling Dee’s hips back at me.

DEE: oh my god, he is shooting, I can feel it splashing deep inside me, oh so much cum, I am cumming agaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnnnn SEXY: Hose her good baby, Pinkie is shining he is so wet! FUCK her fuck her deep

I finally release Dee’s hips and slowly stroke into her, my cock now losing its intense hardness. The soft strokes are almost more than my sensitive cock can take, but I can’t stop. The feeling of that velvet pussy surrounding me, pulsing, squeezing me is too exquisite. My breathing starts slowing down and I stop stroking, buried as deep as I can and rest.

Dee has stopped typing and is lying with her eyes closed and a smile on her beautiful face. Her pussy is still softly squeezing the life out of my well-fucked dick. I pull out and move to my chair.

ME: Hi sexy, it’s me! Wow, was that good or what? ME: I am happy we got to share that. ME: Our first threesome almost together. LOL SEXY: OH that was too much, sensational, so hot, so goooooodd SEXY: hee hee I am still cumming…it is so good. ME: I am glad baby. You are the best. SEXY: Does she really want to be with me? Oh WOW! I have to go before I get caught like this, love you. ME: I will send you a note later and tell you more of Dee’s surprises. I Love You Too. Bye for now.

And with that, my cyber buddy logs off.

Dee was looking at me, trying to measure something. “You do love her, don’t you?”

“Yes, why?”

“No reason. You are amazing. That was amazing. I have not cum like that in a long time. It was so hot sharing you with her like that. It is hard to type when you are getting thoroughly reamed though.” Dee laughed that rich deep laugh her breast rising and falling as she did.

“I am glad we got to share that. It was like I was doing both of you at the same time. And you describing it even made it hotter. I was doing it you were writing it. It turned me on even more to know you were turned on.”

We were both grinning like Cheshire cats. “Let’s take a shower, then we can talk.” We washed each other tenderly. We cleaned each other softly with cloth and hands. After rinsing we toweled each other off. I put my robe back on and gave Dee one to wear. We moved back to the kitchen and I made new coffee and brought out some bagels. We sat there, drinking coffee and chewing on a bagel. We looked at each other often. Words didn’t seem necessary, yet. We were connected somehow already and had been for years. We had ignored it before. I didn’t know if we…I could anymore.

Dee snapped me out of my revelry, “We are going to be late for the plane, if you don’t hurry up and get packed. You better take your clubs if this is going to work.”

“Dee, how am I supposed to make this work? Oh, forget it. I will think of something.” I now realized I was going to have this weekend, somehow. I got up and went to the office and logged on to my mail service. I clicked in and started writing. – – – – – – – – – – Hi,

Remember that letter from Myrtle Beach I got last week. I finally opened it and read it. I have won a weekend of golf at Myrtle Beach THIS weekend. I have to leave now to get to the airport in time. Please answer this ASAP.

Me. – – – – – – – – – – I sent it and waited. Dee had brought my coffee in to me. About a minute later, the phone rang. I looked at the caller-id and answered the phone. “Hi, did you get my note?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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