A Good Weekend For a Ride Ch. 02

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…we had been rolling down the backroads for a while, finally a little west of Tulsa when an ominous cloud met us and soon gifted us with some large rain drops. Lucky for us what looked like an abandoned barn was in sight. I swung the bike off the road and under the shed’s roof for cover. We were a little way off the highway and at least partially out of sight of any passing traffic.

“Lets wait the shower out, no since getting soaked, looks lie it’ll pass soon.” Was what I told Mandy?

Her reply was to lock my lips with hers and wrap me up into her tits. Not one to complain I held her tight and enjoyed the feel of her body all over me.

“How long do we have and how about a towel to dry me off with?” was her question when we came up for air.

“I don’t think this will last long, and what do you want to dry off for, I’ll just need to get you wet again!”

We both laughed and pulled our bodies together again. My hands found their way to Mandy’s breasts and then lifted the damp tank top away from them.

“Guess it won’t hurt to take some of these wet clothes off to dry?”

“If I’ve got to take mine off you do to! Let’s see if we can get more comfortable.” Mandy began to undress me for the second time that day.

As soon as my clothes were hanging off the handlebars to dry I turned to help her shed her’s as well. I was still in awe of her gorgeous body. Very round and more than ample curves, 46 DD breasts, soft smooth but round tummy and hips that were begging me to hang on to. I wasted no time in putting my hands to work exploring every place I could like a kid on Christmas morning! Mandy’s hands were busy too, exploring me in ways that made me moan with pleasure. I slipped a finger into her slit that was till very moist from our first go-round a short time before. She had one hand full of my cock while the other slid across my chest, stopping to rub and pinch a nipple. Keeping one hand on her puffy pussy I leaned forward to isveçbahis latch onto her hard pink nipples, too.

“Damn, Wayne, your dick feels good. Got anything on the bike we can lay down on, I don’t want to get my ass muddied up?”

“Think I’ve got just what we need!”

I disengaged from her grasp, reluctantly, and tossed a sleeping bag on the ground.

“Think this will do for now?”

I dropped to my knees and buried my face in the curls between her soft thighs. Licking my way from her belly to her pussy several times and bringing what sounded like an upcoming orgasm closer and closer. Before that happened she pushed my head away and got down in front of me, taking my cock in one hand she teased both it and her clit for a few moments.

“Keep that up much longer and I’ll spray all over your hot cunt, of course if that’s what you want don’t stop!”

“Maybe later, right now I need you to finish licking me, I want to cum on your face first!”

I try to never refuse an offer that includes me and my tongue exploring a pussy and particularly one as juicy Mandy’s had become. Sliding under her and placing my mouth on her clit soon rewarded me with a beard soaked in her sweet cream, and maybe some of mine from our first session. Swirling my tongue across her button and between her lips made my dick jump, too. Fortunately she noticed that situation and pulled slowly on the shaft keeping me on edge.

“Ohhhhhhh, that’s it put some fingers in me, baby I’m cummmming!”

I quickly slipped my thumb into her dripping pussy just in time to be rewarded with a rush of juice that spilled out into my mouth and filled my palm. She nearly collapsed onto the ground next to me and grabbed my ears to drag me up next to her. Her hand lost its rhythm on my dick; but I wasn’t ready to get off yet anyway. As she recovered I kept my hands busy caressing her hips and tits.

We looked outside and noticed the rain had nearly stopped, leaving isveçbahis giriş puddles on the ground. Seemed to me we still had some time to kill before heading out again.

“I loved the way your pussy tastes when you cum, Mandy, all sweet and messy.”

“That was great, Wayne, you must really like eating pussy?”

“Love it and yours is so nice.”

“Thanks, now what should we do about you?” She gave my cock a little shake as she asked.

Before I could answer she had lowered her head and was cleaning the precum off the head. I decided to just enjoy that for a while, resting my hands on her shoulders. Her mouth and tongue were like magic and before long I was thrusting my hips up towards her face to keep contact with her lips.

“Don’t shoot yet, baby, I want your cock in me before that happens.”

She turned around an impaled her pussy on my shaft nearly defeating her goal in a split second. I gripped her wonderful round hips and held her still to keep from cumming too soon. Pressing her soft tummy down onto me I began thrusting up into her with long even strokes. We were both soon moaning in time to the rocking action.

“Hold still, Mandy, I don’t want to cum until you’re ready again.”

She sat up and reached between us to squeeze the base of my dick to prevent and accidental explosion. Riding me by slightly rolling her hips she kept me close without going too far. A gasp escaped my lips when she lifted her dripping cunt free of my ready to unload dick. With a slight change of angle she slid me forward and began using my dick to masturbate her clit.

“Hold still and let me get this in the right spot, I think I’ve got something else you’ll like.”

I wondered what she had in mind; but I soon found out. She moved again in the opposite direction and I felt the head of my cock beginning to slip into the very snug entrance of her ass. She able was gradually able to relax the muscles hold my cock at the entrance isveçbahis yeni giriş and I was balls deep into her backdoor. The wetness from her pussy flowed around the base of the shaft and soaked my pubic area, it felt like having warm lotion poured across my skin. I managed to snake a hand between our bodies and found her prominent clit with a couple fingers. I let Mandy control the depth and speed of our screwing, not wanting to fall out of the hot sweet ass I found myself in.

“Oh. Oh, oh oh, Wayne keep playing with my clit I’m going to cum on your dick, ohhhhhhhhh!”

I kept one hand where she wanted and sent the other one northward in an attempt to squeeze her incredible boobs. Keeping one in hand and a nipple in my mouth to suck and nibble at. I was getting close to joining Mandy in another explosion of cum when she began to shake and nearly dislodged my dick from the sweet spot it occupied, this time I knew what that meant and hurried to erupt in sync with her. We both got there together and she lay down on my chest relaxing her weight onto me and allowing her ass to slide off my dick.

“Damn, Mandy, you’re amazing. Didn’t know you wanted me up there, nice surprise!”

“Ummmm, well I wasn’t sure about it yet either; but I knew I was wet enough to be really relaxed and I didn’t think you’d mind too much?”

“Yeah, why would I mind that? And the way your pussy soaked me again was sweet.”

We looked outside to see the sun shining past the dark clouds that had moved off away from our direction of travel. Mandy raised herself off me and reached for some clothes.

“Let’s get going, babe, I want to see more of a bike rally than just the inside of a tent and your dick.”

After stepping outside with clothes in hand I saw a rain barrel at the corner of the barn and took advantage of it t splash the fresh, cool rain water on my face and to wash and chill down my cock. Mandy soon joined me and squealed as she washed my cum off her ass where it had started to escape. Finishing with a quick rinse of her face and titties and we were ready to roll again.

I wiped the rain off the seat of the Harley and we climbed on to make the last few miles to the rally…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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