A Graduation Like No Other

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All characters in this story who engage in sexual activity are over 18 years old.


I’m a successful lawyer with a steady career, happily married to Emily Cho. She’s Chinese-American (you can guess from her name), and she’s an equally successful University Professor with energy, intelligence, and beauty to spare. She’s beautiful! — trim and fit, like I am, from working out/running/swimming. She’s slim, with long shapely legs, beautiful golden skin, adorable pert breasts and an fabulous firm ass that makes me yearn to grasp it, to caress it, to lick it, to enter it. And Emily seems to long to have it fondled and explored, which is one of my favourite pastimes. Her ass looks fantastic in a bikini, or in fact in anything, or nothing — I love to photograph her from behind, or should I say photograph her behind?

On her part, Emily is fascinated by my 9-inch cock (well, maybe 9 and a half), so thick she can’t enclose it unless she uses both hands, or else opens her mouth really really wide. It does fit beautifully and tightly within her wet, eager and capacious cunt, and even more tightly inside her lovely hot asshole. We have a torrid, tempestuous sexual relationship, even after nearly twenty years, because we can’t keep our hands and mouths off each other, leading to boisterous and climactic fucking, with mutual multiple orgasms, several nights a week.

An early result of our mutually passionate love-making was (and is) our lovely daughter Julia, who is really the subject of this story. She’s what happened when I once, early on, used a condom that broke. We married early in Emily’s pregnancy, and we don’t regret that nor do we regret having Julia, the result! She has been such a continual daily delight to us both — beautiful, endlessly curious and very bright, she enjoys all the activities we enjoy (music, movies, theatre, art); she’s a great reader and a constant source of joy.

Should I add that she’s just like her mother, slim and trim and beautiful, and she has grown, has filled and is filling out in all sorts of intriguing ways! We have always been a very close little family, taking many foreign vacations together to sunny spots, and also travelling as a threesome whenever either Emily’s conferences or my practice have required it.

Julia grew into puberty and developed a remarkable talent for playing the cello, so when the time came for her to go into high school we decided to indulge her determination and musical abilities — she enrolled in a special boarding school for the Arts, girls only, in another state. This meant that we got to see her only at the school vacations; to make the long summer vacation really special for her (and us) we generally booked a solid month or more in and near a European capital (Rome, Paris, Prague, London) so we could spend quality time together indulging in concerts, theatre, museums, and other such delights. As a result Julia developed into a delightfully sophisticated and cultured young woman, even with a smattering of foreign languages. She also became, and is, attractive and vivacious — more like her mother every day.

Emily and I continue to rejoice in our nights of sexual passion! Our ardour is undimmed and, after Emily had a bad miscarriage when Julia was three, on the doctor’s advice I had a vasectomy which allows us to revel in each other without worry. With Julia away at school much of the time Emily and I developed a delightully easy sexual relationship, vocalizing our urges and desires without worrying about disturbing anyone. We have a two-storey house, the second floor of which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms (ours is ensuite), arranged around a centre hall. Not the most private of set-ups, but private enough, or so we thought until a night when it proved otherwise. This occurred just after Julia had returned home at the end of her last term of school, just in time to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Official school graduation, with a concert (in which she was to play a solo) and other ceremonies, was to occur ten days later.

The night of Julia’s 18th birthday celebration Emily and I began as we often do in our large walk-in shower, soaping and massaging each other’s backs, asses, thighs, sporting-goods departments… Our eager tongues probed and played in each other’s mouths. She paid much attention to my growing, hardening cock, soaping rinsing, licking, nibbling; I travelled my finger down her ass-crack (that’s the nicest part of her lovely ass), pausing for a moment at her little rosebud (she pushed eagerly onto my finger), and so on into her vagina, while with my other hand I caressed and pinched her clitoris, arousing her to groans of pleasure.

We hastened to dry each other off, and then (as always) I carried Emily in and laid her gently on our king-size bed, drinking in, by the light through the half-closed bathroom door, her lovely warmth, her smooth golden skin, her dark aureoles and firm nipples. Taking one of her B-cup breasts in my hand, I gently karabük seks hikayeleri squeezed her nipple to attention, while taking her other nipple into my mouth, licking around the aureole and nibbling on her nipple. She began to groan audibly, and grasping my cock she firmly guided it to her mouth, running her tongue around the cap, up and down the sides, and then into her mouth, sucking and driving me crazy!

“My turn,” I said, as I slid down, opening her legs and placing one on each shoulder. I began slowly, lapping with my tongue against her asshole and then moving up to plunge into her waiting vagina to find her G-spot. Taking her quickening breath, her cries of pleasure as my cue, I moved up to find her pert clitoris, awakened and ready to suck and lick while I fingered her cunt with two fingers.

She began to buck and squirm, shouting “stop, stop, I need your cock!” Her wish is my command and desire, I thought as I raised myself and caressed her cunt lips with the tip of my cock as she pleaded “please, please, fuck me now! I need your big cock inside me!!”

We’re usually pretty verbal, especially me, while we fuck, egging each other on with our love-language. As I glided my nine inches of hard cock in one liquid thrust up her warm tight vagina to her cervix, I cried “I’m going to fill you up, get ready to take it hard and fast…oh!…oh!…Fuck me like you’ve never fucked before,” all the while pistoning in and out — I have a stroke about seven and a half inches each way, so there’s a lot of slapping of flesh on flesh, pubis on pubis, balls on ass, as the lovely minutes go by.

Emily responded with eager cries, “unhh!…unhh!…unhh!” and then suddenly she shouted “Wow!” and began to shout vociferously: “it’s wonderful!! Fill me with your stupendous big cock, you lovely man! Pound my eager cunt! Fuck me harder! Harder! Shoot me full of your sperm! Harder! Give me more! More! Aaagh!! Aaagh!! Unhhh!!” Our moment of mutual orgasm, as I filled her vagina and cervix with spurt after spurt after spurt of my hot seed, left us fulfillled, spent, wonderfully warm in each others’ beings, laced with each others’ juices and semen.

I lay there, slowly becoming soft between Emilly’s lovely thighs, nestled into the warmth of her neck and breasts. She asked, ‘did you notice something different tonight, when I shouted “Wow” and afterwards?’

‘Mmmm’, I sleepily replied, ‘you were much more verbal, including the ‘wow’… why the ‘wow’?

“Well,” she giggled, “I said ‘wow’ when Julia took me by the hand — we had an audience tonight!”

I withdrew hastily and bolted upright, sitting between Emily’s thighs without anything to cover my nakedness, and there stood Julia in her sheer nightie, smiling strangely, holding Emily by the hand by the bedside. “How much of this did you see?” I asked.

Julia wistfully confessed, “I’ve sometimes been awakened to hear these strange noises from across in your room, and I know you usually keep the door locked ‘cos I’ve often tried the handle, but tonight it was unlocked so I slipped in just as Mummy cried out ‘stop, stop, I need your cock!’ and you put your big hard thing into her. So I saw and heard pretty well everything…”

Emily suddenly shot up, not to cover herself or to hide, but to give Julia a big hug. She waved an arm to include me, so there we were, we three, enveloped in warm closeness, two of us naked. Emily urged us to sit, so we did, one on each side of Julia, hugging her close.

Emily took the lead. “We love you totally, Julia — you were the wonderful result, years ago, of a love-making like the one you just saw and heard! We usually lock our door, not because our love-making is shameful, but because it is a private thing, a wonderfully intimate thing. You are now part of our privacy, our intimacy. I was shouting more than usual tonight, as Daddy noticed, because I wanted to reassure you that I’m an eager participant in all the vigour of our fucking, our love-making. When he drives into me with such force it does not hurt me, it makes me feel wonderfully alive. We have nothing to hide from you, darling daughter, we love you — all we ask is that you keep our privacy between us three.”

Julia thought for a moment, then turned and gave Emily an impulsive hug and kiss, followed by me. “It’s a deal,” she said, adding “I love you both more dearly than anything, and I will treasure being part of your intimacy. But I’ll be lonely tonight after seeing all this wonderful loving sex — could I sleep in your bed with you tonight? Could we talk a little bit about what I just saw, what your loving is, and how loving works?”

Before I could attempt a reply Emily hugged our daughter again, saying “we usually have a quick wash to sponge off our love-juices — I’ve got some of Daddy’s semen oozing down my legs! Then we cuddle in the nude for the night. Care to join us?”

So that’s how it all began — Julia watched as we sponged and dried each other off, no doubt noticing that Emily’s attentions aroused my cock again to a semi-erect state, about seven and a half inches long. Then as we gathered around the bed Julia said “I’d like Daddy in the middle,” and she slipped out of her nightdress, coming to my side under the sheet as naked, on her side, as was Emily on her side.

Julia started by giving me a big hug, and said “I guess it’s my turn to say “wow”! — I know some of the girls at school talked a lot about sex, boasting about their experiences with boys and stuff. So I know what a blow-job is and about maybe getting pregnant. And I know all the words like cunt, and cock, and fuck. But a lot of their talk is just really boasting or guessing and hot air. I’ve never had a boyfriend yet, and I’m a virgin, so I don’t know if what they say is true. I’d like to know what it’s really like to have sex, to make love, to fuck the way you two just did.”

Emily replied “I’ll start, ‘cos I can tell you about a woman’s experience, which will be your experience. Daddy has a big cock — quite a lot larger than normal,” with which she interrupted herself, threw back the sheet, and gave my cock a big arousing squeeze and a sloppy kiss, engulfing the tip between her warm lips. Then she replaced the sheet over my growing erection, making a tent, and went on, “I have to confess that the first time I saw that monster I was scared that it would all ever fit inside me!”

She fondled my growing rod, under the sheet. “But Daddy was very gentle to begin with, and I was very determined, and it all worked in, and out. After all, it was only a few months after our very first fuck, probably after Daddy had been in me about 30 wonderful times, that you were conceived (as you know, before we married)!

You’ve seen your newborn pictures — you know that you came out of Mummy’s vagina but you’ve likely wondered how that could be. The vagina dilates, it stretches, and you did come out! Just like it stretches, becomes very wet and lubricated, and Daddy can go in. And now Daddy’s cock feels like a big warm wonderful long stiff post, a hard rod, thrusting in and out of me — when it’s in me it is so active and hard that it commands my whole being, and I don’t think about anything else except making it move harder and harder, deeper and deeper, squeezing it with my vaginal muscles and making me tight for him. And then comes the moment of orgasm, usually together, and I can’t describe the wonderful feeling of feeling that big cock pumping me full of spurts of hot semen, surging everywhere inside me. Just wow! Can’t get enough of him!” She gave me a big hug and a kiss.

A hard act to follow. “Um, I guess it’s my turn” I began, “…since there’s been so much talk about my cock could we have it on display again?” I drew down the sheet until my now fully erect penis was visible, commandingly. “Mummy’s sensations, her experience of sex, is all interior, and hence it remains something of a mystery, an intrigue for me. And my cock is ever eager to experience that mystery, to probe the depths of her being, to arouse her and me to the ecstasy of our orgasms.

Emily’s vagina is wonderfully moist, tight and warm, and the sensation of thrusting into her is so wonderful that I find myself trying to drive, to drive, to drive, to satisfy her. She has muscles in the walls of her vagina that sensually massage my cock as I thrust in and out, and I can’t describe the moment of orgasm — I just fuck and fuck, thrust and thrust, and wish I had more cock, more semen to fill her. But I can’t begin to describe the wonder of the feelings that suffuse me then! Just wow!!”

We three had a lovely warm hugging cuddle together. Emily sighed, “I guess there’s not much more to say, is there? How about we pull the sheet up, and get some sleep — tomorrow’s coming, and we have work and cello practice.” That’s one of the things I have always loved about Emily — always practical! So we did as she suggested, cuddled in, and slept. I confess that I slept, not a disturbed sleep, but an aroused one, under the sheet!

I awoke at dawn to a new and wonderful reality, lying on my back with two gorgeous women snuggled into me, one on each side. I was acutely aware of Emily’s shaved cunt pressing against my left thigh, and Julia’s cunt hair pressing against my right. Should I move, or just savour the moment? Decisions, decisions… Just then Julia stirred as she awoke and pressed herself against me, hugging me in a cuddle that aroused my cock to make a larger tent under the sheet. I woke Emily, as I often do, by squeezing one of her ass cheeks, and once we were all awake I chirped brightly, “Well…what’s next?”

Julia replied, “I’ve been thinking lots during the night, and I’d like to say something, and ask you both something…” She shifted herself up onto one elbow, rubbing her cunt up my thigh and giving me a full view of her young breasts, pert and full. “Last night has been a wonderful revelation to me about the depth and power of our family love. Watching you two during your fucking, totally absorbed in each other, giving yourselves completely to each other and totally responding, showed me what love can be. Those girls at school don’t know anything about it!

And then lying by your side all night, Daddy, feeling your warmth, caressing your cock a little (I confess!) and seeing your arousal growing under the sheet made me feel overwhelmingly the power of your cock, and your love between you both.

My question, or request…” she paused a moment to search for words, “is…is, would you please fuck me, Daddy, the wonderful way I saw you fuck Mummy?” Julia collapsed onto me, arms around me and pressing herself into my shoulder.

Holy cow!! I thought. How do I handle this one? The first thing I did was to press myself against Emily, drawing her into a passionate kiss. Then, holding on to her and looking into her eyes, I saw that she had reached over me and was holding Julia by the hand, and smiling, so that gave me a cue. “Julia, I love you, like I love Mummy, very dearly, and any decision about this has to be a joint decision with her. You’ll have to give Mummy and me time to discuss this all, and then we’ll have another discussion, we three, lying together in bed, naked, just like now. OK?”

“Oh Daddy!!” Julia squealed, “that’s wonderful! Thank you so much! I was scared you’d just reject me out of hand, freeze me out, send me back to my room!! You’ll think about it? That’s all I could ask! I hope we can discuss this soon!” With that she moved over on top of me, squeezed her lovely thighs together around my right thigh and pressing her body on top of my rock-hard cock, planted a long, lovely kiss on my lips. Then she leaped out of bed, excitedly jumped up and down (displaying her beautiful bobbing breasts) and ran out of our room.

“It’s my turn to say ‘wow’; what do you make of that?” I asked.

Emily snuggled into my side, pressing her damp cunt into my leg, grabbing my cock, and giggling, “if I saw what she saw last night, I’d want to fuck your brains out too!”

“Maybe if you want to fuck my brains out now,” I replied, cupping her damp mound with my hand and slipping a finger into her vagina, “we might have this discussion later?” So we delayed discussing and fucked instead vigorously and blissfully, not knowing or caring if Julia was listening to our noise at our unlocked door, or perhaps was watching again from the foot of our bed while we arrived at another boisterous mutual orgasm.

Emily and I had a number of discussions about this over the next couple of days, but rather than relate them here I’ll just summarize our decisons, as we discussed them with Julia several nights later, lying naked again, in our bed. Me again, in the middle, with an arm blissfully around each of them, my cock standing at attention under the sheet. I began, “Well Julia…I don’t want this to sound like a prepared speech or anything, so feel free to jump in with questions or anything. Same with you, Emily,” I added, giving her left ass cheek a squeeze, “if there’s anything you want to add just say so.”

“Anyway, Mummy and I begin with our love for each other, and nothing can ever come between us. As you know, our love is gloriously physical, and sometimes noisy, and that’s what attracted you to come to our bed the other night. Anytime you want to come to us again, please do — we now have nothing to hide from you, and our door is now always unlocked, open to welcome you in. All that we ask is that when you come into our room you are naked, like we are. No clothing, no secrets!

But your big question was, you asked me if I would fuck you the way I fuck mummy, and my answer, our answer, is yes—”

“Oh Daddy and Mummy!! You’ve made me so happy!” cried Julia, and she threw herself first into my arms, then into Emily’s, giving us both kisses and hugs and pressing her beautiful body, her lovely warm breasts and cunt against us, making my stiff cock ache with yearning desire. “But I’ve just started my period…”

“That’s no problem, ‘cos there are some conditions to our ‘yes'” I went on, “which you might not like. We think your first time should be a special occasion — something you look forward to and prepare for, and we’ve decided to make your high-school graduation the beginning of that special occasion. We’ll be driving to the school on the big day, enjoying your concert, staying over after the ceremony and the dance, and we’ll sleep naked in the same bed at the hotel, without sex, just warm cuddles like now. Then the next day we’ll drive home and we’ll have the whole day to prepare. I will carefully and thoroughly shave you and Emily, and then you two will shave me…”

Emily exclaimed, “and I will prepare a graduation dinner to end all graduation dinners, with a special cake to mark the big occasion. Afterwards, at bedtime my handsome husband, this lovely man, your daddy, will fuck your eager ass off with his big hard cock!!”

“I can hardly wait!” cried Julia, squeezing herself against me and grasping my hardening cock, “even waiting a week is such a long time!”

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