A Load of Help

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Connor was perspiring as he made his way to his dorm room. A great deal of things were happening all at once in his life; it was mid-terms and his girlfriend back home dumped him the night before. To top it off he didn’t get enough hours at the Hortons on campus to help pay for his portion of the rent.

Wiping sweat off his brow he fretted how he’d get the money. His parents were furious when he was short the month before, he knew he’d would get no support from them this time.

He thought he could talk to his roommate about a quick loan as he turned the door knob to their room. Anthony always seemed to have extra cash, having both a scholarship and wealthy folks.

Stepping inside he saw Anthony and Oliver his tutor packing up their books hurriedly. On the desk stood a glass of juice.

“Hello Connor.” Oliver said hurriedly as he passed headed to the doorway. He looked flustered and disheveled.

Once the two men were alone Connor opened his mouth to speak to his friend about the rent when he noticed his Anthony’s giant smile.

“What’s with the shit-eating grin?” He asked.

Anthony who stood at the same height as Connor at five foot ten replied coyly. “Nothing…”

Connor was perplexed, he knew that Anthony had been single for the last couple of weeks, which meant…

“You got laid recently!” Connor blurted out loudly.

“No, I didn’t…” Anthony said with a laugh.

Connor couldn’t help but call out his roommate, “Your hair is messed, your shirt is untucked and your zipper is still down!”

Anthony went suddenly red as he realized his state, he started to clean himself up and tried to stammer a reply.

“Who was it?” Connor asked.

When the two first met at the beginning of the school year Anthony confessed right away that he was gay. Connor didn’t care, however they both agreed on no partners in the room without giving the other one a heads up.

“A gentleman never tells.” Anthony replied with a wink.

“I know!” Connor declared, “It was Oliver!”

In the blink of an eye Anthony was at Connor with his hand over his mouth.

“Sshhh!” Anthony shushed. “I don’t want anyone to know!”

Connor was surprised at the speed and strength of Anthony, neither man was an athlete. Aside from being the same height, they were both of similar weight and lean build, however they did have their differences. Anthony was blue-eyed and auburn hair, whereas Connor had brown eyes and hair.

“Please promise not to tell anyone?” Anthony asked. “He’s gay, but wants it kept secret.”

When Connor nodded his agreement his roommate let him go.

“Wow! I didn’t know.” Connor said.

“Yeah… well keep it under your hat.” Anthony said rubbing Connor’s back.

“Keep that up and I’ll either burp or demand a full massage!” Connor said joking.

“You just wish stud!” Anthony shot back, slapping Connor on the ass and walked away.

“Slow down man-eater!” Connor said, “Didn’t you just…”

“I have the stamina of a tiger!” Anthony said with a growl.

“Tigers sleep for twenty-three hours a day and bang girl tigers!” Connor shot back.

The two men laughed deeply at this; when they caught their breath Connor spoke. “So are you guys like… dating?”

“Nah, he was just giving me a load.” Anthony said packing his school bag.

“Load? You lost me?” Connor said confused.

Anthony stopped what he was doing and stood up and looked at Connor.

“Its something my last partner and I started to relieve test anxiety.” Anthony said.

Connor suddenly felt like it was too late to back out of this conversation. He didn’t understand gay issues, he was happy being straight even though he was newly single.

“Long story short, I told Oliver and he hooked me up.” Anthony said smiling, “No drama, no hassles, just one friend helping another.”

The room was silent with Anthony’s words hanging in the air. Connor felt this was the perfect opening to make his case, he opened his mouth to speak as Anthony grabbed his school bag, headed towards the door.

“I gottta go, I’m late for a test!” Anthony said leaving.

“See ya later!” Connor called out.

“Don’t drink the apple juice! Its for Oliver!” Anthony shouted as the door closed after him.

Alone, sexually frustrated and worried Connor huffed to himself. He didn’t see Anthony the rest of the day, however before going to sleep he chugged down Oliver’s apple juice.

“Screw him. I’m thirsty.” He said drinking it in one gulp.

The next morning Connor awoke with a painful erection. He could also hear his roommate talking to himself as he paced back and forth in their small dorm room.

“What the fuck man?” Connor said rubbing his eyes. “I have a test later!”

“So do I!” Anthony declared illegal bahis loudly. “I also can’t get a hold of Oliver!”

Connor breathed deeply and rolled over, “No drama my ass!” He thought to himself.

“Dude, you don’t get it!” Anthony said sitting on Connor’s bed. “My mark is always 90% or better when I get a load! I’d do anything for a load right now!”

“Shit!” Connor thought to himself, “Could I give him a shag for some rent money?”

He had sex with several unattractive women when he was horny and drunk. He also hadn’t been laid in weeks, not since his last visit home. He wondered if he kept his eyes closed would he be able to tell the difference? He did have a ragging morning wood that demanded attention.

He mentally decided against it, he’d get his rent covered without getting his dick covered in shit.

“I’m trying to sleep!” Connor said. “Why don’t you go to his room?”

“I can’t!” Anthony wailed.

“Fuck dude, try the old fashioned method, try studying!” Connor said in reply.

Neither man spoke after that and Connor drifted back to sleep. When he awoke the room was silent, looking around he could see that Anthony was seated at his desk, he indeed had buckled down to hit the books.

“Feeling better?” Connor asked. He couldn’t rise from bed as he still had an erection.

“Yeah, I do, thanks for the help dude.” Anthony replied softly.

“Hey, if you do see Oliver, tell him I drank his juice.” Conner said smiling.

Anthony stopped writing, spun his chair around to look at Connor. He had an eager look on his face.

“Anthony, I have a favour to ask of you.” Connor said.

“Sure fire away.” Anthony replied.

Connor took a deep breath before speaking. “I got screwed at the Hortons this month… I’m a little light on rent money…”

At this Anthony’s look of eagerness turned to that of deep concern.

“Is everything alright?” Anthony asked in a soothing tone.

“Yeah, I’m just broke.” Connor said with his eyes down cast.

Anthony crossed the room to sit on the edge of the bed in the same spot as before. Connor squirmed, he didn’t want personal space violated.

“Why can’t your folks save you?” He asked putting a hand on Connors thigh.

“They helped me last month and were really pissed about it too.” Connor said in a shaky voice, the hand on his thigh was making him nervous.

Anthony rubbed Connor’s thigh above the blanket as he spoke, “It sounds like we both have problems that need solving?”

“Uh, our problems are quite different.” Connor said trying to inch away from his friend without success.

“Sure it is, you need money and I need a load. We can help each other out.” He said pulling on Connor’s blanket.

Connor found himself feeling groggy and slow to fight back, Anthony had the blanket off and was staring in disbelief.

“Dude!” Anthony exclaimed, “You have a boner!”

There was no hiding the tent Connor was pitching in his boxers. He sat there red faced and embarrassed as Anthony put his hand on his inner thigh.

“Uh…” Connor mumbled unable to speak.

Anthony moved his hand up his thigh to cup his testicles; Connor gasped and mumbled incoherently, but didn’t push away the hand. Taking this as a green light Anthony reached into the boxers through the front flap.

“We… uh really shouldn’t.” Connor stammered as Anthony stroked his manhood.

“You’re cut!” Anthony exclaimed admiring his friends tool.

Connor sucked in a breath as he tried to speak, “I’m Irish Catholic remember.”

“Oh yes. I remember. This is very nice… big too!” Anthony said slowly stroking Connor’s penis.

“I don’t think we… ugh… should be… uh… doing this.” Connor said trying to concentrate; he truly wasn’t sure if he wanted it to stop.

“Things won’t be weird, trust me.” Anthony said reaching for the night stand with his free hand.

“No?” Connor replied confused.

“No. Watch the this and let me do the rest.” Anthony said turning on the TV/VCR, in seconds a movie with a woman giving a man head appeared on the screen.

“I don’t know…” Connor tried to say, however it was too late, Anthony had lowered his head in imitation of the woman on the TV.

The was unlike any blowjob Connor had gotten before, it was so aggressive and raw. Most girls had a feather touch, doing the minimum possible to get his dick hard and wet. Anthony had a firm grasp on the base of his penis while he rammed his head repeatedly upon it.

Looking down left him feeling faint! Connor likened it to looking over a waterfall or a cliff, much too disorientating to stare at too long. Turning his eyes to the TV he decided it was the safer option. He didn’t know that Anthony had any pornography tapes, let alone a straight one.

Focusing illegal bahis siteleri on the video he noticed that there was more than one man. The camera panned out to show the first man sitting while the woman went down on him. Standing next to them was the second man who was receiving oral from the first man!

This was a bit too overwhelming for Connor, he struggled feebly to rise, however Anthony decided that moment to deepthroat his manhood. He could feel his friend’s nose buried in his pubes, followed by the odd sensation of his penis head pushing into an esophagus.

With no avenue retreat, he took the last option to him, he looked up at the ceiling. He could hear the exaggerated moaning of three people playing on the TV blending with the odd gurgling sound Anthony made as he worshipped all six inches of his ivory rod.

Anthony halted his sword swallowing looking up.

“You straight boys are all the same, rock hard and enjoying it, but unable to watch a second of it!” Anthony said laughing.

“I’m not…” He tried to say without looking down

“Not hard or not enjoying it?” Chuckled Anthony.

Connor met Anthony’s eyes then wished he hadn’t! The sight of his roommate holding his penis was too much for him. He then shifted his gaze back to the TV; on it the second man was riding the first while the woman stroked his cock; he snapped his eyes back to the ceiling.

Anthony looked at the TV then spoke. “Looks like were a few steps behind!”

“I don’t know…” He tried to say as Anthony snatch off his boxers.

“Don’t worry, we’re almost done.” Anthony replied removing his own clothes quickly.

Connor’s heart was beating rapidly and his mouth was dry. He hadn’t had anal sex with a woman before, let alone considered such a deed with a man! He glanced at the door and thought about fleeing… even bottomless, however Anthony always seemed to have a firm hand holding him in place.

He had seen Anthony change many times, who’s skin was much paler than his own. What surprised wasn’t how less body hair his roommate had but his Brazilian like shaved pubes. Connor would trim when he could, however Anthony was completely bare!

“Dude! You… you have nothing!” He said laughing.

Anthony join in the laughter as he reached into his pants on the floor. “Glad you like it stud.”

Connor didn’t like the pet name and started to squirm under Anthony’s grasp. He didn’t notice the lubricant until the cold fluid touched his glands.

“What the fuck dude!” Connor hissed.

Anthony greased Connor’s average sized pole, followed by his testicles finishing by lubing his ass crack. Connor wriggled to get free without success.

“We don’t want any chaffing do we?” Anthony asked calmly as he started to climb on the bed.

“Nothings going near my ass! Ugh…” Connor said while Anthony held his member tightly as he impaled himself.

Things were going much too fast for Connor, he was an eighteen year old from Ohio who just needed a few hundred dollars for rent. Now he found himself half naked with his roommate sitting in his lap watching gay sex? No it was bi-sexual porn on TV.

He couldn’t understand how it got to this point, let alone why he was still hard. It wasn’t the same compared with women, he was more scared than sexually aroused. He liked squeezing breasts, pulling on nipples and finger banging chicks, yet his erection was so hard that it hurt!

He watched Anthony bob up and down in his lap from behind; he sort-of looked like a girl. Anthony’s auburn hair was shoulder length and slicked back from sweat, almost… like a chick. His ass was smooth and hairless like a woman’s however it was bony and jabbed into his pelvis with each slam down.

Connor tried to clear his mind by looking at the TV and was instantly surprised! One man spooned with the woman, while the other man spooned behind him, it was so weird and unnatural that he couldn’t pull his eyes away.

Anthony shifted his hands often while he rammed himself upon his friend. One hand would grip Connor’s hip, another his shoulder, finally he found a comfortable position where he straddled him facing away and held his legs for leverage.

The two men soon grunted in time with one another with each pump and thrust. Connor didn’t know where to put his hands, he didn’t want to touch Anthony any more than he had too. He wished he could cover his ears, but settled for holding onto the head rest to prevent Anthony from tossing them both off the bed.

Connor’s heart froze at the thought of anyone walking by the room, they’d hear the grunts of four men and a woman with the hard unmistakable sounds of one man’s ass slapping upon another. He tried to slide out from Anthony to make for the bathroom, but his legs were canlı bahis siteleri held firmly in place by very strong hands.

Anthony shifted to allow Connor’s legs to part further. Once he judged he had enough space he shoved his hand down, his fingers seeking Connor’s vulnerable target.

“What the fuck dude! That’s my asshole!” Connor said, without trying to escape.

“Relax!” Anthony said, “I’m just helping to put you at ease.”

“Try singing, or a foot massage!” Connor replied sarcastically.

Anthony didn’t respond, nor did he stop. He pushed his hand deeper, which drove his finger beyond Connor’s anus. He wasn’t planning on striking his prostate but rather warming him up for a future invasion. Once his finger was knuckle deep he halted than withdrew half-way.

He pushed his digit back in and heard Connor gasp as the oxygen was pushed out of his lungs. Anthony had stopped pounding the penis below him to work his friends anus, he was determined to relax it enough for something slightly larger.

Connor felt paralyzed below Anthony, he wasn’t sure if he liked the anal probe or not. He was tempted to ask him to stop but his mouth was so dry that words failed him. Without warning Anthony ceased his assault and grabbed his legs.

“Dude, what are you doing to my balls?” Connor said, his voice returned to him.

“Nothing.” Anthony replied confused.

“I’ve felt something on them ever since we… uh…” He said shyly.

“Started fucking?” Anthony said boldly.

“Uh… yeah.” Connor replied. “So what is it?”

Anthony looked down, than laughed as he spoke. “Those are MY balls dude!”

“Oh…” Connor said quietly, he wasn’t sure how he felt about the thought that Anthony’s testicles rested upon his own.

Without warning Anthony stood up and turned around, his penis swinging back and forth. Connor moved back to avoid it, smacking his head on the bedframe. Anthony squatted down to hold both cocks in his hands. Connor stared in bewilderment, not only was this one more odd thing to add to todays list, but he was surprised to see he had an even inch on his roommate.

“I guess you’re bigger stud!” Anthony said laughing.

“What’s my prize?” Connor said laughing too.

“You can blast that load into my ass without complaining!” Anthony said sliding the slick cock back into his ass.

Connor stayed silent as he couldn’t think of a clever retort; he did realize that his boner wasn’t cover in man-mud like he expected. Confused he wondered about his other preconceived notions. He than glanced at the TV and was hypnotized by the scene now taking place.

The men were still spooning, however the woman had moved, she was jerking off one of the men while the other man fucked his ass quickly. It seemed like the men were competing to see who’d cum first.

Connor could feel the pressure going inside him. He didn’t think that watching a man cum was gay, which meant he could stare contentedly. The second man pulled out and shot his gooey load all over the first man’s testicles, he knew he couldn’t last any longer himself.

Anthony rose and lowered with such force that the inedible conclusion was certain. Connor refused to look down at his friend’s waggling cock, deciding to keep his gaze on the television. The second man having shot his load stuck his penis back into the other man’s ass.

The first man shook the woman from his tool taking over. He grabbed her by the hair and aimed for her face as he stroked faster and faster. Connor was completely fixated, this was the most natural thing he’d seen today… a man and woman going at it.

When the man came he plastered the woman’s face; she clenched her eyes shut, but otherwise took it like a champ. That’s all it took to trigger an eruption within Connor.

“Aaaaaahhhhhh!!” He cried out.

Like Mount Ruapehu, Connor’s white hot magma shot out of him and into the bowels of his friend and roommate. He could feel that it was more cum than usual, as he hadn’t jerked off in several days.

Anthony held both of Connor’s legs by the upper thigh and squeezed them tightly as the cum entered him. He ground his ass downwards, not wanting to miss a drop. His five inch erection swung back and forth as Connor bucked and shook in ecstasy.

Connor opened his eye first seeing his roommates oozing hard-on, then looking up into his friends eyes which were glazed over with delight. It was an unusual experience that he hoped was now done and over with. He would get his money and Anthony could write his test with a clear mind.

A thought crossed Connor’s mind as he fought to catch his breath. This was the first time he fucked someone and didn’t have to worry about pregnancy.

Anthony was panting as he tried to speak, warm sweat dripped from him onto Connor. “Thanks…”

“No problem,” Connor replied wiping his forehead. “To be honest, I didn’t really do anything aside from sit here.”

“You did more than that!” Anthony said smiling, but not moving. “You were a load of help!”

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