A Masturbation Journey

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Big Tits

Some of my fondest memories of masturbating are in the 70’s, 18 raging hormones, no internet just your imagination and maybe a women’s mag, if you could sneak one away.

I masturbated most nights when I showered. I recall discovering my Mum’s Ponds Beauty Cream and this became my go to lube when not showering. Thinking back now I’m sure my mother must have suspected something as the usage probably doubled. All these years later I still get a hard-on when I smell Ponds.

At some stage I started getting a little more adventurous, I had a girl friend (not girlfriend) who would come over to hang out, I would kneel on my bedroom floor waiting for her to come into view and masturbate while looking out the window as she walked down the road towards our house and up our drive.

I would try to time my ejaculation for when she was right outside my window, I would wave to her to get her attention then look into her eyes as I was cumming. Thinking back now I was learning the art of edging but didn’t know it.

I even enjoyed the panic of cleaning up the mess and getting to the door to greet her so she wouldn’t suspect. This scenario played out many times over the years.

I met up with her again some twenty years later for a school reunion, she kindly allow me to shower and get ready for the reunion at her sister’s place where she was staying. I had the opportunity to masturbate while she was in close proximity again as she asked if I minded if she used the mirror in the bathroom to apply her makeup whilst I was in the shower, I told her that was fine, jokingly adding she wasn’t to peak. I knew instantly I would masturbate while she was on the other side of the curtain separating us. I recall excitingly rubbing one out whilst trying to converse with her with only the sound of the running water to mask my activity, I faced her and came hard squirting 4 to 5 huge cum shots against the shower curtain, the memory of my cum squirting from the end of my cock and the sound of it hitting the curtain right beside her still excites me.

Back to the 70’s, I realizing I loved the thrill of masturbating outdoors. I remember wanking lying naked on our lawn and down at the local park and riding the streets on hot summer nights with my cock out masturbating and squirting my load as I rode. This was the beginning of a long and happy affair with my cock, my love of masturbating with the chance of being caught or seen.

l masturbated at school often, bursa escort I would secretly rubbing myself through my shorts then go to the loos to finish off, then back to class. I sat next to one girl who I got on very well with whom obviously suspected, as she would do the wanking gesture as I walked back towards her and my seat, and being the smart arse she was, she’d ask if it was a good wank, I’d respond yes thanks, she never gave me any grief and it was our little secret.

One of my most memorable occasions involved the wife of one of my dads friends, their family lived in another town and I’d stay with them during the school holidays while working in their garage earning a bit of money. Mrs M was beautiful, she had represented NZ at diving, I remember her legs and breasts were exquisite. I had found a magazine in their bookshelf with an article about her which included pictures. Two pictures showed her in action in which she was wearing some quite tight and revealing one-piece togs. I would sneak it off to the toilet and masturbate looking at her pics. In one picture I’m sure I could see the slit of her vagina, I would focus on taht as I came, clean up and put the magazine back where I found.

This one particular afternoon I have the mag and was happily masturbating away in their loo, I had just started to ejaculate and Mrs M knocks on the door asking if I’m ok, shit I knew I had just groaned as I started to cum, oops forgot to add the loo was off the laundry and I obviously hadn’t heard that she’d come in do some housework. There I was cum squirting everywhere, I answered I was ok but she continued talking to me saying I’d been in there for a long time, I had made quite a mess, here I am trying to locate where my cum had squirted in my panic so I could remove any evidence as quickly and as quietly as possible but also having to converse with Mrs M. Then I recall the panic seeing I had cum on the magazine right on her pic and had to somehow get it past her through the laundry. I wiped up what I could, flush the toilet and with magazine in hand opened the door. I walked straight into her and went red instantly, she asked why I had the mag, I told her I was just reading it, she held out her hand and asked for it and as I handed to her she told me I wasn’t to take it in there again. I knew then she knew I had been masturbating and I later agonized that she may open it finding a wet patch on her page where my cum had landed. Although she never bursa escort bayan brought it up I remember being mortified for the rest of my stay with them.

For years later I masturbated thinking of that event and that she knew I’d was masturbating looking at her pic.

Still in the late 70’s, parties are a big thing, every weekend a different mates or acquaintances house. This is my next progression into nude naughty masturbation. If there was a female in the party flat, I’d venture into her bedroom, panties are what I’m hunting for, clean ones! I’ve never really like the idea of used. They’re always pretty easy to find, top drawer of dresser! I would select the pair and go to the bathroom and masturbate making sure I came onto the crutch, sometimes I would return the freshly soiled panties into the drawer hoping she would put them on unaware, knowing my cum would be next to her pussy was a massive turn on for me. Other times I would leave them in a very obvious place on her bed hoping she’d spot them and perhaps see and then feel the wet patch in her crotch, then realizing someone had masturbated in her underwear. I imagined I could see her there holding her knickers, crutch exposed rubbing her finger in it, feeling the slipperiness of my freshly squirted cum.

I recall one party at the daughter of a teacher at our schools place, she was gorgeous, I didn’t dare venture into her bedroom. Their property was on two sides bordered by the reserve of the local swimming pool, it was night time the reserve wasn’t lit, so very dark. I could see her with some of her friends over by the back fence, so I exited the property and went around the reserve locating them easily from the other side of the fence, at which stage I stripped naked and masturbated listening to them talking and laughing. By chance there was a small knot in the fence I was able to peer through, they were standing with their backs facing and close to the fence, after enjoying a good wank and about to cum, I push my cock head into the knot, I remember my knob not fitting through so ejaculated through the hole the best I could. I dressed and went around to talk to the girls who I just masturbated beside and hopefully ejaculated on. I had missed my target but could clearly see my cum dripping down the inside of the fence at the knot. It was quite obviously cum and a lot of it, I pointed it out to the girls saying, “look at that is that what I think it is”, I got such a thrill as they escort bursa all inspected it and made quite a fuss, I loved the fact that they were looking at my cum.

I moved out of home in the late 70’s to go flatting, my first flat was on a hill in town with an older guy who owned the house and a nurse, I soon discovered he stayed away overnight often and the nurse worked shift work, so I was left alone in the house on many nights. I couldn’t help but snoop in both their bedrooms and found to my delight the nurse I had a dildo so obviously masturbated and the guy had a bedside cabinet full of Penthouses, with which he also kept a handkerchief that was slightly stiff and crusty feeling, it was a cum-rag. I had never contemplated using the same item to cum into but love the concept, so this cum-rag really turned me on, I wondered how may loads of cum it had soaked up. I would kneel by his bed with multiple Penthouses open to my favorite girls and masturbate ejaculating into his or I should say our cum-rag, I didn’t stay in that flat for that long but that shared cum-rag was almost like cardboard by the time I left.

Onto my nurse flatmate, after finding her dildo I often lay in her bed wanking while licking it, I was certain I could taste she didn’t wash it between her own masturbation sessions. I would cum in a tissue ensuring not to leave any evidence in her bed then make sure I put her dildo back where I had found it, but not before applying a thin coat of my cum to it, obviously hoping she wouldn’t notice before burying into her wet pussy. I knew she masturbated quite often because the dildo regularly changed locations in her drawers, I even found it under one of the pillows on a couple of occasions.

The guy that owned the flat had the most wicked collection of porn videos, I’d never seen porn before, I watched every single one of them, often with her dildo and our cum-rag for company.

It was also in this flat that I discovered I was a nudist, as I had the run of the house most the time I would come home from work or wherever, strip everything off at the door and stay naked, usually supporting a full or semi hard. I would cook, eat, do my house work, watch porn etc all nude. We had a very private section with great views over the city, I could also walk freely outside right to the gate to check the mail. I loved to masturbate on hot summers days laying on a beach towel on our lawn looking out over the city.

As I said I didn’t stay in this flat for long as I got offered a flat on the fringe of town with a couple of girls a friend of mine knew.

I think I’ll make this chapter 2. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and look forward to read your feedback.

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