A Memory to Cherish

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(based on a true story with the woman’s name changed at her request)

My story starts with a young lady just shy of her 17th birthday staring into my eyes as I lay on my bed. She had come for a summer visit and I had pulled her on top of me as she stood by my bed to wake me up. I had playfully given her a quick kiss the night before to taste her lip-gloss but this was the moment when I lost my heart to her forever.

As Lisa laid full length upon me, we both realized how deeply we loved each other but knew we had to wait until after she was 18 before we could do much more than hugging and kissing. But even her lack of experience couldn’t contain the passion behind those kisses and hugging each other close filled us with peace and contentment.

I was in the process of getting a divorce where sex and love had been absent for over 6 years. Yes, that is NO sex in over 6 years. Yet my relationship with Lisa had nothing to do with sex but with true love for one another.

At one time I had been a friend of the family and saw her on family vacations since she was a tiny girl. I always felt she was special but never dreamed of the love we would share one day. And I had no clue of her true feelings or of the jealousy she harbored towards my soon to be ex-wife.

All too soon her visit was over and I had to return Lisa to her parents. This required a long trip with an overnight stop. (Now sorry if this may disappoint some of you readers but remember she wasn’t quite 17, this was love, and if there was sex at this point I couldn’t submit this story.) We curled up in the back of the van and I held her close as we slept. Just the shear joy of holding a young woman in your arms can be its own reward.

After I dropped her off I had to go back and finish all the sordid details of getting the divorce finalized. At first Lisa’s fear of her mother caused her to call off any future we might have had but our love was stronger than her fears. We e-mailed and instant messaged for almost a year and a big disappointment in my life is missing the opportunity to see her graduate.

Finally the day came just before her 18th birthday when I proposed to her and presented her with a ring. I sang “You will always be beautiful in my eyes” by Joshua Kadison and she accepted with tears of joy in her eyes. She helped me pack up my things and move several hundred miles to be closer to where she would be going to college. This took a week and she spent each night snuggled in my arms.

On her 18th birthday I went to her house to give Lisa a party since her parents said they would not. To both of our disappointment, her parents took her out for dinner to celebrate and made a point to avoid letting me go. Needless to say at this point they didn’t appreciate the attention I had been giving her. Even with the fear of her mother finding out about us our love and passions could not be denied. Lisa stopped by my apartment on her way to college leaving us finally alone together. We could now give in to the urges we had felt for so long.

Standing in the doorway was a pretty young lady with wavy brown hair 5’4″ tall to my 6’1″ and weighing merely 94 pounds. To me she was a beautiful angel who had stolen my heart away and given me hers in its place. I drew her into my arms as I shut the door and kissed her soft sensuous lips feeling the passion surge between us like an electrical current. Our hands caressing each others bodies tantalized and teased us giving promise to the night ahead of us.

As I placed a hand on each of her warm tight ass cheeks I lifted her up and pressed her to me while she locked her muscled thighs around my waist. We resumed kissing as I carried her into my bedroom with all thought of the outside world forgotten in our need to experience each other. We kissed for what felt like forever and then gazed deeply into each others eyes. Her mother as town official blocked us from legal marriage but we knew in our hearts that we were meant for each other. Standing together in that room, we prayed and said our own vows to each other before God and opened our hearts completely to each other. The love, the joy, the closeness can not be described. She said to kolej escort me “Te Amo Mi Esposo” (I love you my husband) and I responded “Te Ama Mi Esposa” (I love you my wife).

Just holding her in my arms brought butterflies rippling through both of our bodies in anticipation of what was to come. I was very worried about causing her pain and wanted her first time to be memorable. Although around 7″ sounds small for these stories, it isn’t. And what really troubled me was my 6″ girth. This isn’t something easy for a tiny virgin woman. My one goal was to please her and fulfill her every desire. This was a night that we would remember for the rest of our lives.

I drew her into my arms and kissed her carefully at first seeing the glow of her love for me in her face and the spark of her desire shining in her eyes. Her irises brown near the pupils, green around the edges, and hazel in between. The taste of her warm sensuous lips quivering beneath mine as we slowly explored each others mouths and ran our hands over each others bodies. I kissed her nose and her eyes working my way to her ear which I teased with my tongue in slow circles. Her heart beat faster as I nibbled on her neck in the hollow spot where it joined her shoulder. I could feel the pulse through my lips as I felt her pert little 32-B breasts through her shirt and bra with my hands.

We separated long enough to slide our shirts off to give us better access to each other. I resumed kissing her throat and worked my way down her cleavage as I lightly stroked her sides with my fingers feeling her wiggle with anticipation and need. Her hands stroking my back and running her fingers through my hair, she moaned in pleasure. My hands slid up her back and slowly unhooked her bra and drew the straps down her arms revealing her breasts to my gaze. They were small but firm and topped with nipples as succulent as strawberries. Coupled with her all-over tan they were absolutely mouth watering. She guided my head to her right breast where I teased her with slow licks and nibbles around the edges of her nipple while I held her left breast in my hand completely covering it just perfectly filling my hand. with a sudden movement, I sucked her right nipple into my mouth twirling it with my tongue. She let out a gasp of pleasure and I caught her to me as her knees gave way picking her up and placing her tenderly on the bed.

Removing my pants, socks, and shoes, I knelt beside the bed and placed my hand on her firm stomach. My heart was filled to overflowing with my love for her and I could see in her eyes that she felt the same. I returned to lovingly feasting on her nipples as my hand stroked her stomach and began to slowly trace its way just under the edge of her pants. Lightly brushing her pubic hair I continued to tease and please her as she held me tight kneading my back with her fingers. I wanted this woman totally and completely but this was about her pleasure not mine. Reluctantly, I gave her right nipple one last lick and began my journey downward. Her skin was growing hot to the touch as I tickled her with my moustache and nibbled on her tasty curve just above her left hip. Working my way across the plain of her abdomen, I stopped long enough to tongue her bellybutton while proceeding to her right hip, then worked my way down to just above the snap of her pants.

As I unsnapped her pants and drew them down her legs she lifted her hips to help while moaning my name. Slowly revealed to me were the thin growth stretch marks on her hips that looked like sexy tiger stripes on her tan skin. Her musky aroma filled the air from her drenched panties and her firm muscular legs parted as I licked and kissed my way from her toes upward along each leg finally arriving to nibble on her inner thighs. I looked into her eyes which were shining with love, joy, and excitement. Her taut stomach pulsated with butterflies in anticipation of what lay ahead. Sliding her panties off I gazed upon her naked form then slowly brought my lips to drink from her sweet nectar. There is nothing better in this world than bringing pleasure to the one you love and the moans that were escaping her mouth made it kurtuluş escort very evident I was succeeding. Running her fingers through my hair she guided me deeper into her moist folds and I relished the taste of her pussy lips as I snaked my tongue along each crevasse. I worked my way down to her dark rosebud and traced circles around it before wiggling my tongue deep into her ass while she dug her fingers harder into my hair. A sheen of perspiration broke out on her skin as her orgasm hit her causing her whole body to quake and bounce.

Pausing for a moment I allowed her to catch her breath then resumed my attention to her dripping honey pot. Using my fingers I parted those sweet lips and dug my tongue deep inside her tasting her sweet cream oozing from her. Licking upward I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue flicking it in a random pattern as she thrust her hips up to exert more contact. Slowly easing a finger inside of her I curled the tip forward and found a slightly rough patch of tissue which I massaged in slow circles. Meanwhile I pulled the hood back from her clit and sucked it between my lips flicking it with my tongue. With a scream she began thrusting her hips into me hard using her hands and her legs. Her muscles locked and a low groan escaped her lips as her ass bucked completely clear of the bed. With 3 hard squirts she completely soaked my face and the bed beneath her before collapsing back totally exhausted.

At first she was so embarrassed because she didn’t know women could squirt when they come. I assured her she had not peed on me and I was very glad she had enjoyed it so intensely. Moving up beside her I unwrapped an encare birth control suppository and inserted it deep inside her vagina. As we waited the 10 minutes for it to become effective our hands roamed over each others bodies in loving strokes. As I teased her pert nipples and stroked the sides of her stomach her hands roamed beneath my underwear and wrapped themselves around my hot stiff cock already slick with leaking precum. She slowly stroked up and down feeling the ridges along the shaft from the engorged veins. She then moved one hand lower rolling my balls between her fingers while I continued to stimulate her with my fingers. Using one finger I slid it deep inside her soaked love nest. As I slid a second finger inside, she winced in pain. There was a hole only big enough for 1 finger to fit through where she had punctured her hymen with a tampon. The rest was very much intact and made glaringly evident she was a virgin.

I explained to her that there would be a moment of pain when her hymen ripped and that it would probably be easier if she was on top in what is called cowgirl. I made sure she wanted to proceed and she said she loved me so much and wanted to feel me deep inside her but she wanted to do it missionary style. Easing my fingers from her warm delicious hole I licked her cream off and got a towel. Wiping my hands off I removed my underwear and let her see my throbbing erection dripping with precum. Wiping it off I rolled on a condom and positioned myself between her thighs. Kissing my way up her body I finally reached her lips where our tongues wrestled with each other exploring deep inside each others mouths.

Guiding my cock back and forth I rubbed it across her clit and between her lips gathering the moisture that was leaking from her. Slowly I inserted the tip inside and gently moved it in about a half inch then began rocking slowly deeper. Her chest and her breasts were flushed a bright pink and her mouth was opened wide gasping for air as she wrapped her legs around my ass and sunk her nails into my back. Her hips were moving in time to my thrusts and I was about 2 inches in when she winced in pain. I tried carefully easing my way past her barrier but without success. I so desperately wanted to avoid the pain but couldn’t. Looking deep into her eyes I pulled back then shoved forward feeling something snap as I penetrated her. With a sharp yelp she jumped back pulling herself free of me and tears sprang into her eyes. How my heart ached that she had felt such pain as I kissed the tears from her eyes. She said it maltepe escort hurt too much and she couldn’t do it until I explained the worst was over and it would be easier with her on top controlling the rhythm.

We changed positions and she straddled my thighs facing me. I slid her up and told her to relax and go slow. I held my cock upright as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. Between all the moisture from her arousal and her virginal blood she was nice and slick. Her lips parted and I slid in about 2 inches before she hesitated. I told her not to rush but get used to the size and slide up and down. Pausing for a moment she raised herself up and then slowly slid down even more. With her tight channel squeezing around my cock I had to fight the urge to drive up into her. After 4 more tries I was fully sheathed inside her and she glowed with satisfaction that she had taken it all. The feeling of her flesh surrounding me was unbelievable and I am sure she felt my cock pulse with every beat of my heart. After so long, we were finally completely joined.

Slowly at first she slid herself up then back down getting used to this new feeling. As she grew more comfortable with the sensations our speed increased as I cupped a breast in each hand. My Angel was literally glowing as I drew her down onto my chest mashing her firm tits between us. Our lips locked together as we bounced faster. My hands slid down cupping her ass cheeks guiding her up and down my cock. Our moans grew louder as we were consumed in our passion for each other. Locking our mouths together we began breathing for each other in a deep soul kiss. Her breath to mine and mine to her in a deep spiritual bond. I felt her pulsing deep inside where her walls began rippling along my cock. Her moans being sucked into my throat and mine returned to her. With a massive shudder I felt her tense and cum once more drenching my balls in warm wet heat. My cock swelled as I fired my sperm into the condom deep inside of her. Our bodies tensed then relaxed as she slumped on top of me happy and satisfied.

She was so exhausted she could hardly move as I changed the sheet drenched with her cum and blood and cleaned the two of us up. After putting a clean pair of underwear on I crawled in bed with her where we kissed and cuddled. Caressing each other we promised that nothing would ever come between us and our vows were forever. Never did I feel as peaceful as falling asleep with her curled up in my arms. I woke up early that morning feeling her breast nestled in my hand and feeling her heart beat in her sleep. Her ass was wedged tightly against me and her body felt so right cradled in my arms. I watched her as she slept with a satisfied smile upon her face as she lay there safe and secure knowing how much we loved each other.


How I wish the story ended here. There was never anything but joy and love while we were together. Yet even though she promised her mother would never tear us apart that is what happened in less than 2 months. Through fear, guilt, and public humiliation her mother forced her to promise not to see me. Her friends blackmailed her when she tried to see me. We still tried to get legally married because the law changed so her mother couldn’t block it but 3 days before we did she backed out. She broke her vows and promises that she had made. She turned to drinking and let her friends block her from even talking to me online. They even set her up to get screwed by a man who already had a girlfriend. He was my co-worker who immediately made it known all over the bathroom walls and ruined her reputation.

She has been used most of her life and was told never to listen to her heart which is filled with lies. How can you call love a lie? We were filled with joy and happiness when we were together. I guess I am the only one she trusted enough to risk hurting. She knows I would never hurt her back. The last time I saw her I saw shame in her face as she refused to look in my eyes. Yet every day I pray for her return and for her safety. Hoping she finds the strength to open her heart once more to the love we share. I still think of her often and it brings tears to my eyes. No matter what happens I will always love her and I forgive her for the pain she has caused me. And no matter what happens, I will always have a memory to cherish.

Te Ama Mi Esposa, Forever and always. Never forget the love and that you will always have a place by my side when you are ready.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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