A Mental Switch Ch. 2

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Andy shivered as Mark’s hand gently glided up and down his left flank, his ass cheek clenching and releasing slightly. Mark then moved his hand over Andy’s hip to his steel hard cock, dripping precum on to the bed. Andy jerked and moaned in protest but Mark’s hand firmly wrapped around his aching cock, stroking it softly, gently…slowly. Andy refused to let Mark see it, but he was near going mad with frustration, desperately wanting to pump his dick faster in Mark’s hand.

“Ahhhh…my little bitch is hard, aren’t you bitch?” Mark squeezed Andy’s dick just enough to hurt a little. “My little gayboy bitch wanting his master’s dick up his ass? To fuck you like the little bitch you are? To wank your little bitch clit? huh? ANSWER ME!” Mark commanded when Andy just knelt there whimpering in frustration and humiliation.

When Andy still refused to answer, Mark lifted his hand and brought it down with a resounding smack on Andy’s ass, leaving a bright red handprint on his right cheek.

“AAAAHHHH,” Andy screamed. Mark’s hand kept spanking Andy’s ass harder and harder, until Andy’s poor ass was a glowing bright red and tears were streaming down his whimpering face. “Please…stop,” Andy whimpered, willing to do anything to make the pain and humiliation stop, “please stop.”

“You want me to stop bitch? Then ANSWER ME WHEN I SPEAK TO YOU BITCH,” Mark growled at him, though he stopped and canlı bahis şirketleri waited for Andy to answer. He looked at Andy’s cock as he impatiently waited for Andy to quit mumbling and start forming coherent words. Andy’s cock was now purple and if anything, harder than before and dripping so much precum that it would have looked like he was cumming if he hadn’t been so purple and swollen.

“Ahhhhh…you liked your spanking didn’t you bitch?” Mark said, rubbing his hand over Andy’s glowing ass. Andy unconsciously shivered slightly at Mark’s touch, liking for some reason the feel of Mark’s lightly callused hand on his ass. Almost immediately, he stopped, fearing that Mark would realize that he was beginning to like being forced to submit to him. However, it was too late, Mark felt his bitch’s shiver and smiled evilly. “Yessss…you do like it don’t you bitch,” he smiled again when he heard Andy’s slight gasp and saw his cock leap at being called bitch. “You want to be my bitch don’t you…bitch? Answer me.”

Andy couldn’t take it anymore, he had to cum. “Y-y-y-yessss…”

“Yes what bitch?” Mark was determined to make him say it.

“Y-y-y-yes I…l-l-like it Mark,” Andy said tentatively. Instantly, his answer was rewarded with a smack on his ass, harder than any he had received before, making him scream and jump.

“YOU bitch are not good enough to call me by my given canlı kaçak iddaa name, I AM YOUR MASTER as you are my bitch and you will only refer to me as such. Understand bitch?”

“Y-y-y-yessss…” Andy dared a look at Mark. Mark raised his eyebrow and raised his hand. “Mar-Master, I understand.”

“Good bitch,” Mark said as he stroked Andy’s hair. He moved off the bed and stood in front of Andy, his big masterful dick within inches of Andy’s face. “Come…show me how much you like being my bitch…NOW,” Mark commanded with a yank on Andy’s neck when he hesitated.

Slowly, Andy stuck his tongue out and lapped at Mark’s long, thick shaft, beginning to feel honored that he gets to show his appreciation for his Master. Andy moved his tongue up his Master’s shaft and circled his tongue around the head, spiraling toward the slit in the center. Opening his lips, Andy took his first cock into his mouth—his Master was going to break his cherry in all ways, he thought with delight, and then reproached himself for not concentrating on the task Master assigned him to.

Returning to his task at hand, Andy flicked his tongue around his Master’s head as his Master fed his cock further and further into the mouth of his bitch. Andy gagged for a bit when his Master forced his cock down his throat and nearly passed out from not being able to breathe, however, he soon recovered. Mark noticed and canlı kaçak bahis gave his bitch a pat on the head in acknowledgement, which made Andy fairly glow with pride and try two fold to please his loving Master.

Andy remembered what he liked when he received blowjobs from girls—though he couldn’t remember why he ever liked them—and used that knowledge to try and please his Master. He slowly fucked his Master’s dick with his mouth, making sure to swallow each time his Master’s dick was in his throat, feeling proud whenever his Master groaned in pleasure at his ministrations.

Mark wrapped his hands in his bitch’s hair and began fucking his bitch’s mouth harder and faster. His balls were boiling and churning with cum and he couldn’t wait to give his bitch his first taste. Andy struggled valiantly to keep up with his Master’s thrusts, and kept trying to please Him as best he could, but his Master was going too fast and so he quit and just kept sucking harder, eagerly anticipating his first taste of his Master’s cum. Suddenly, his Master stiffened and let out a loud growl and Andy felt the first splash of cum on his tongue but didn’t have time to savor it before more kept coming and coming, he had to swallow each load fast or risk losing some of his Master’s precious cum and he just couldn’t disappoint his Master by spilling some of his cum.

As the last volley of cum entered his mouth, Andy savored the taste and couldn’t remember anything that had tasted better in his life. It was like ambrosia, but it was also addicting—he couldn’t wait for more. But there was something that he wanted more at the moment. His Master’s dick up his ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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