A Mother’s Love Ch. 04

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Big Tits

So began a new and even more interesting chapter in Justin’s and my relationship. Outwardly, nothing had changed, except I noticed he was even more physically affectionate with me than normal. He would hug me and hold me longer against him, or kiss my cheek, but his lips would linger or land much closer to my own than they used to. Sometimes when he hugged me, I would feel his cock press into my belly, as he seemed to perpetually sport a hard on at all times now. It was intoxicating and erotic, to know that any man was that aroused by my very presence. That it was my son was mattering less and less all the while to me. He was simply an attractive, virile young man that found me desirable. If I wanted to be completely honest with myself, it was like having Brad back again in a way, for Justin reminded me so much of him every day.

I discovered after overhearing a conversation between Justin and Darcy that he had talked to Jim and explained to him that something very disconcerting had happened to me at the party. Even though Jim pressed him, Justin had refused to tell him what the incident had been, as he knew I didn’t want Jim to know. I had wondered why there had been no more phone calls after an initial one that I didn’t answer, but I hadn’t questioned it, I was so relieved. Now I was finding out that my son had protected me from the pain of having to tell Jim anything. He told Darcy that Jim had been worried and sad, but that he himself was too concerned that I might have to see the rapist again at some future function to worry about Jim’s feelings. He had apparently been as gentle as he could when he told Jim I wouldn’t see him again, but it had made him feel terrible when Jim had professed his love for me and said he had planned to ask me to marry him. The confirmation of my suspicion was both thrilling and saddening for me. I also heard Justin tell Darcy that he had ‘taken care of the other situation as well’. The sound of that was somewhat ominous, and I figured the less I knew about what he meant the better.

The end of the summer was slowly approaching, and I knew soon Justin would be back in college. The time we had now would be shortened considerably once he was in class again. He had taken to sleeping in my bed every night since the night of the party. Some nights he would wait until I was ‘asleep’, and then he would spoon me, holding me close, gently cupping and caressing my breasts from behind, letting his hard cock press into my ass, but not going any further. I never wore panties to bed now, so he would push my gown up and press himself against my bare flesh. A few times he humped against the crack of my ass until he came, playing with my breasts the whole time. Most nights he would wait until he thought I was sleeping and then he would undress me, kiss me, lick and suck my nipples and my clit, and fuck me over and over again. It was so erotic to lie in the darkness and feel my son’s warm and wet mouth slide from my neck down to a breast. He would slowly lave my nipple and tease it to hardness and then suckle it as hard as he could. Sometimes he would whisper softly to me, telling me how incredibly hot I made him and how all he wanted was to fuck me all the time. Eventually, he even began to 69 with me, pushing his steel hard dick into my mouth, and pumping away as he drank from my gushing wellspring, coaxing me to lubrication easily with his talented tongue.

Justin was still dating Darcy as well, and there were nights he came to me after fucking her. It was especially erotic if he slid his cock into my mouth on those nights, for I could taste and smell her on him. It was almost like sharing her with him, which aroused me even more. She was a lovely girl, and I couldn’t help fantasizing as I peeked at them on our sofa. I thought of being able to slip into the room and start touching both of them while they were lost in the throes of passion. I wondered what their reaction would be. Would they stop and be horrified at what I was doing, or would they be so lost in pleasure that they would easily give in to what I offered to them. I couldn’t be certain, so I didn’t attempt what I longed for. I even imagined Justin bringing Darcy to my bed as a present for us to share. I could easily picture her lying between us, looking up at us, a little uncertain as to what might happen, and then watching Justin lean in to kiss her, while I leaned down and licked her rosy nipples. I could imagine her gasp of surprise and perhaps even fear, but I knew we could turn her fear around quickly once we began. She was a delicious morsel to be savored and I would love to help my son do so.

I began creating situations that Justin would ‘accidentally’ catch me in. I gardened wearing nothing but tight denim shorts and a white tank top. The shorts rode up the crack of my ass and showed off my legs. The tank was thin and I made certain that it was wet from the hose when he saw me in it, which clearly showed I was wearing no bra either. When Justin hiltonbet giriş came out of the house, I felt his eyes sliding over me and I let him look for a few minutes, before getting up and turning, then pretending he had startled me. I let out a slight yelp and managed to slip in the mud, getting it all over me. “Help me up, son,” I gasped, and he did. He pulled a little too hard and I went flying into him, my scantily clad form bumping him. I felt the outline of his dick in his tight shorts, pressing into me, and I wanted to spread my legs for him right there and let him take me. One of his hands slid down to cup my ass, as if he were steadying me, but I knew the real story. He wanted to feel my warm bare skin. I had a feeling he wanted to shove his hand underneath the denim and really touch me, but he didn’t. That same day, I ran myself a bubble bath to soak in and pretended to forget to bring a towel in, so I had to call for Justin’s help with that.

When he entered the bathroom, I was sitting in the gently steaming tub, my hair curling around my face, the tops of my breasts clearly visible. The bubbles were beginning to melt, and if someone wanted to see into the water, they now could make out my puffy nipples and soft and soapy pussy. I thanked him for the towel, then asked if he would mind washing my back for me, explaining it always felt so good to have someone do that. I mentioned his dad used to do that for me all the time, and that was all he needed to grab a washcloth. Soon my son’s strong hands were gently massaging soap into my muscles, moving all over my back. I felt him get close to my arms and lifted them, stretching them forward to allow him better access. I felt him growing slightly bolder as he moved his hands under my arms and down my sides to my hips. I began moaning softly, telling him how good it felt, intentionally making it seem innocent but sexual at the same time. His fingers moved even further forward and now he practically touching the sides of my breasts. I longed for him to, and I could sense he wanted to as well. He kept moving his hands in circles in the same spot, as if debating about taking the plunge. It was maddening and erotic at the same time. I decided to tease him a bit more, so I thanked him for his help and then said I’d soak for a few more minutes. I sat up and then leaned back against the tub, closing my eyes, and giving him a perfect view of my plump breasts and rosy nipples. When I lay back, my breasts were entirely exposed to him, and I took the washcloth and began washing between my legs, seeming to ignore him, but in actuality, keenly aware of his eyes on my hand and the washcloth. I caressed and rubbed slowly, arousing myself. I opened my eyes and stared straight into his. “Honey, was there something else you wanted?” I made my voice a little husky and watched him as I continued to lazily wash my pussy.

“What? Oh, well, kinda.”

Inwardly I smiled, but all I said was “What is it then?” I was curious to see what the answer would be.

“Mom. . .” Justin started to say more, but I parted my pussy lips with the cloth and began slowly washing between them now. I could see his shorts growing tighter by the second at the crotch. He swallowed hard, watching my fingers moving the washcloth softly and sensually against that most intimate place.

“Mom. . .” he began again, then cleared his throat. “Warm in here, ” he muttered and got himself a drink of water from the tap. He swallowed it quickly, then looked at me again. My nipples had hardened even more from my caresses and his eyes fastened on them with hunger. I had a feeling he was fighting with himself not to come to the tub and start sucking them. Sitting up, I let the water out of the tub, and stood up, completely exposing myself to my son now.

“Justin, may I ask you something real quick?” My son was blinking rapidly and seemed to have trouble focusing on anything but my tits. “I just have a question for you.”

“Um, sure, yeah. . .” My son was totally distracted by my body. It was the first time I’d been awake that he knew of when he was seeing me naked, and this seemed to put him off guard.

I threw him even more of a curve ball. “Do you think my body is sexy?” He looked at me, dumbfounded. I smiled at him. “I mean it. If I was out on the market, would you or someone your age want to make love to me?”

“Mom. . .don’t ask me questions like that. It’s creepy.” I wanted to laugh at that response, so juvenile was it, and even more so since he HAD been fucking me like a rabbit most nights!

“I’m sorry, sweetie, I’m not trying to creep you out, but I just wondered. If you saw me on a street or in the mall, would you try to get in my pants?”

“Mother!” Justin sounded completely shocked by my choice of words. I laughed.

“Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to offend you! You know what I mean though. Would you?”

Moment of truth. I knew his answer would determine things hiltonbet yeni giriş from this point on. It was time. Far too soon, summer would be over. I watched him think about what he should say, how truthful to be. Finally my son took a deep breath and looked me in the eye, nodding. “Yes, I would. I think you’re incredibly sexy and I would try everything in my power to get you into bed. How’s that?”

“Well, if it’s true, then thank you. I would say the same about you.” He hesitated for a split second, then handed me my towel, looking into my eyes.

“Really? I’m glad.” He gave me a big grin. “Now, let’s get you dried off, young lady. Can’t have you getting cold after your bath.” He drew the towel around me gently and wrapped me in it, pulling me to him for a lingering hug. I snuggled against his chest as he held me tightly. My bare skin was damp against him, and extremely soft and inviting after my soak in the tub. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, so he could feel my heat through the towel against his skin. I sighed softly with pleasure and felt his fingers begin to massage my shoulder muscles. I moved slightly forcing the towel to slip a bit, and Justin didn’t seem to mind in the least. I could hear my boy’s heart beating quickly as I laid my cheek against his chest. His cock was pressing into my belly through his shorts and the towel, and I could imagine it must be painful. I wanted to ease his pain very badly. I wanted to look into my son’s eyes as he took me, knowingly and willingly, putting aside all the pretense of being unaware. The tension in the room was growing by the second, and I knew one of us needed to make a move now. I reached down between our bodies and pressed my fingers around his shaft through his shorts. Justin gasped audibly and made a choking sound of need and surprise, but didn’t pull away. Encouraged, I began stroking him lightly through his shorts, hungry for his body again.

Quickly I opened his zipper and drew him out, my hand wrapping around his thick length, and he uttered a small sound of pure lust. Looking deep into his beautiful eyes, I massaged my son’s thick shaft, feeling precum ooze from his tip in minutes. I massaged the sticky liquid into his cockhead and slowly up and down his length. He was trying to get a breath, but couldn’t seem to manage for quite some time. When my free hand moved into his shorts and began to play with his balls, he seemed to come out of his stupor and caught my upper arms. My towel fell to the floor, leaving me bare to his eyes, and again they were drawn to my breasts, lingering on my hard nipples. I watched him lick his lips unconsciously, and knew he was dying to taste those hard buds again. Justin managed to bring his eyes back up to mine after a few minutes of admiring my breasts, and he pushed me back just slightly, trying not to hurt me. I refused to let go of his dick and balls, so he couldn’t push me away too much. He found his tongue at last.

“Mom. . .Mom, calm down. Stop and let’s talk about this.”

“There’s nothing to talk about, sweetheart. Just things to do.” Again I stroked him up and down with practiced ease. “I want to suck on your cock and then I want you to fuck me.”

Justin’s eyes grew wide at my words, and he blinked rapidly, as if trying to absorb what I was saying. I pushed my breasts against his chest and moved my body so that he could feel the nipples pressing into his flesh. I looked boldly into his beautiful eyes, so much like Brad’s, and saw lust coupled with fear in them. He was apparently afraid to give in to his desires with me awake. He was still holding my upper arms, so I couldn’t put them around him, but I pressed into his body as much as I could. I licked my lips slowly, continuing to massage him thoroughly and felt him grow even firmer beneath my loving fingers. His grip on my arms loosened slightly and I pulled free and slid my arms around his neck, pulling his lips slowly toward mine. He was fighting a battle within himself I knew, for he wanted to give in, but also to step away from the pleasure he knew was waiting for him. We both knew if he kissed me, he was lost. He groaned softly as his mouth moved closer to mine, and I could feel his heart pounding against my body. His hesitance seemed to fuel my desire. When our lips were less than an inch apart, I spoke softly.

“Justin, you’ve been fucking me while you thought I was asleep. It’s time to drop the pretense that this shocks you and just take me.”

At my words, my son groaned again, and then his mouth was on mine. I felt his tongue seeking entrance into my mouth which I happily granted. One of his hands moved to the small of my back and down to cup my ass. The other began fondling my breasts, playing with my erect nipples. My pussy was soaked with desire by now, and Justin was hard as a rock, so I released him and slid my arms around him instead. Our tongues massaged one another, and he ground into me, pushing his cock against my willing hiltonbet güvenilirmi body. I humped against him, the scent of my arousal mixing with the smell of soap in the heat of the bathroom. Our kiss went on and on, and his hands were everywhere on my body at once, or so it seemed. He began backing me up toward the wall, never releasing my lips the entire time. I felt the cool tile against my back, and then he broke the kiss at last, and slid his hands beneath my ass, lifting me. My legs slid around his hips, opening me for him, and he slid in with one smooth stroke, moving his mouth to my neck and then down to my right breast. He lapped at my nipple hungrily and began pumping slowly into me. My nails scored his shoulders lightly, and I moaned. My sound of desire seemed to inflame my son, and he pumped even harder and faster. His tongue moved back and forth between my nipples and the feel drove me over the edge quickly. My pussy muscles clamped against him, and milked an orgasm from him almost as quickly. Hot seed gushed into my womb, as my son claimed me.

Justin wasn’t done with me yet though. He slid his arms around me and held me to him, his hands under my ass, as he strode out of the bathroom and down the hall to my bedroom. Without a pause he walked over to the bed and sat down, unhooking my legs from around him. I lay back on the bed and he rose. He stripped his shorts off and in an instant was on the bed with me again. Almost before I knew it, his thick cock was bobbing in my face and his mouth and tongue were lovingly licking me clean slowly, tasting his own cum and drinking it from my pussy. I gasped and opened my mouth, sliding my lips over him and tasting myself on his delicious shaft. Slowly and tenderly we sucked each other, his tongue sliding over my clit and into my slit, and mine bathing every inch of his shaft and dipping down to his balls. I had never been eaten out so sweetly and I tried to give my son the same treatment. I lost track of just how long we lay there enjoying the taste of one another’s most intimate spots, but time didn’t matter. We were simply loving one another thoroughly and it was a beautiful sensation. Justin brought me to orgasm twice more with his mouth between my legs and I drank his cum down once. It was thrilling to feel him slowly grow in my mouth and beneath my tongue until he exploded.

After my second orgasm he kissed me softly on my mound and then pulled out of my mouth, moving to look into my face again. He lay back and opened his arms and I moved to cuddle against him, my cheek resting on his shoulder. Justin gently rubbed his hand up and down my arm, then slid his palm beneath my arm and onto the side of my breast. He softly caressed it, thumbing my nipple lazily every so often. I stroked my fingers over his chest, enjoying the feel of each muscle, and running my fingertip around his own nipples softly. We lay without speaking for quite some time, both basking in the afterglow of mind-blowing sex and not quite sure what to say. Finally my son broke the silence.

“Mom. . .wow. I never expected, or intended, this.”

“I know that, darling.”

“So, have you been awake every time?”

I nodded against his body. “Yes, I admit, I have. I still have very strong sexual urges, and no one but your father was ever able to satisfy me. That is, until you.” I took a deep breath and continued. “Quite some time ago, I happened to catch you and Darcy in the living room making out. I meant to leave, but somehow I just couldn’t stop watching. It was incredibly arousing, and then I started wanting you. You’re so much like your father. I tried to resist the urges, and even started dating Jim to try to stop it, but the need has been too strong.”

“I don’t quite know what to say.” He seemed a little upset, but he hadn’t stopped touching me, so I took that as a good sign and went on.

“I started coming into your room and sucking you off. You just tasted so good, and every time you seemed to think it was Darcy, so I let it continue. Then the thing happened at the party and it was horrible. I knew I’d have to stop seeing Jim and it hadn’t helped anyway. I was just wanting you more all the time. Then you slept with me that night and I. . .well, I pretended to be dreaming about your father, just so you’d end up making love to me, or at least I hoped you would. Then after you did, you kept doing it, and it was wonderful. I was afraid you’d hate me if I admitted it to you, so I kept quiet. I’m sorry son.”

Suddenly I found myself starting to cry. The relief of being able to finally admit to Justin what I had done, coupled with the stigma still attached to the act between mother and son hit me all at once. As I wept, I waited to see if my son would push me away or not. He lay still for a few minutes then he began stroking my hair, holding me close to him.

“Mom, c’mon. Shh, shh. It’s okay. It’s okay, baby. I love you and I understand. I wanted you too, after that first night of your dream. You felt so damned good and you were so sexy and lost, I wanted to comfort you. Then I just couldn’t stop. I thought you were such a deep sleeper you’d never know. I just wanted to make you feel good, and you started seeming happier after I began it, so I couldn’t stop.”

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