A New Friend at the Party

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It was only the first weekend of May, but the summer had already begun. I’d just moved to North Carolina for work, but I’d been stuck for weeks with nothing to do besides wander around the city and peoplewatch. Then, finally, I got in touch with an acquaintance from college, Mark, who provided some much needed company—and an invitation to his friend’s beginning-of-summer pool party. That’s where I met Kate.

We had arrived at the host’s huge house (at least, it was huge to me—but I was living in a one bedroom apartment, so what did I know) in the middle of the afternoon, and the party was already in full swing. Even though he was essentially my social lifeline, Mark was quickly drawn away by other friends, leaving me alone. Trying to look like I fit in, I snatched a beer from a cooler and made my way outside to the pool, hoping to avoid any awkward conversations. But as I swept across the crowded patio, my eyes latched onto a pair of cat’s eye sunglasses looking directly at me.

The woman wearing the glasses was nothing short of a bombshell. The glasses rested on her high, sharp features and their polarized lenses stood out from her dirty blonde hair. She was wearing a floral blouse that was tied up at her chest, punctuating her large perky breasts and giving a peek at her creamy stomach. Her long, smooth legs were stretched out on the chair, her daisy dukes giving a tantalizing look at her body. And her lips, bursting with red lipstick, were curled into a coy smile as she looked at me.

I felt myself drawn towards her hypnotic gaze. I quickly smoothed out my shirt and shorts, swiping away any wrinkles and trying to suppress any number of dirty thoughts about her. I was so distracted that didn’t even realize I had reached her until she spoke.

“I haven’t seen you around here before. Do you know Kenny and Diana?”

A beat passed before I processed that they were the owners of the house. I shook my head. “No, I’m a friend of a friend. I don’t know anyone here—maybe you could tell from my cowering.”

She gave a small laugh. “That’s what I figured. I come to a lot of these parties, and I know I’d have recognized you.” She pulled her glasses down to her nose, and I felt her smoky gaze bore into me. “I’m Kate. So now you do know someone here.”

“I’m Nick—thanks for saving my party experience,” I paused for a moment, and without meaning to, I let my eyes fall on her luscious breasts, tantalizingly revealed by her unbuttoned blouse. I caught her crimson lips curling into a smile, and quickly shifted back to her eyes, not wanting her to think I was a creep. “So—do you usually just suntan by yourself at parties?”

Kate laughed. “Well, to be honest, I could take or leave a lot of the people here, but I do adore the pool. That’s why it’s so fun to have someone new to play with.”

As she spoke these last words, her eyes swept over me with a hungry gaze. I’m not the kind of person who gets turned on by just anything, but something about her was getting me going—I could feel my cock beginning to harden as I imagined what her breasts looked like under that blouse, what those legs would look like bahis siteleri wrapped around me, what those red lips would feel like on me.

My fantasies were interrupted as she swept her legs down and grabbed my hand, then used me to pull herself to her feet.

“What a gentleman,” she said dryly. She looked around at the scattered activity at the party, then back at me. “Come on, I need a snack.”

She swept passed me like a gust of wind, and I quickly turned to follow her—and caught a glimpse of her tight round ass, which wiggled back and forth as she strutted across the patio. I scurried to follow her, coming up beside her as she reached the coolers. Before I could say anything to make it clear I wasn’t leering, she bent over and flung the cooler open, sticking her beautiful ass, clad only in Daisy Dukes, back toward me. It was all I could do not to stare.

“Are you gonna keep staring, or are you going to come and get it?” she said.

“What?” I stammered.

I heard the crinkling and ripping of plastic wrap, and she turned around to hand me a vibrant red and blue popsicle. I sighed in relief and took it from her.

“It’s been years since I had one of these,” I said, trying to skirt past my own awkwardness.

“Really?” Kate said. “I have them all the time. I just love getting to have a nice, big treat like this on a hot day.” Her eyes met mine. Her tongue snaked out from between her red lips and she ran it along the length of the popsicle, giving a quiet moan that was almost obscene. “Delicious.”

We stood there for several minutes, engaging double entendres as she continued to run her tongue up and down the popsicle. Eventually, apparently ready for more, she slipped it inbetween her lips, looking me right in the eyes as she took its length into her mouth. Little drops of red and blue dripped down from her mouth and onto her chest, staining her shirt. I licked my lips.

“Oh shoot, I’ve made a mess of myself,” she said with performative disappointment. She leaned into towards me, and I felt goosebumps all over as she whispered to me. “Wanna help me find somewhere to get myself clean?”

I nodded, and she set off toward the house. I followed just behind her, my eyes locked on the sway of her hips and the wiggle of her incredible ass. We crossed the threshold into the house and she dumped her popsicle into the garbage, and I quickly followed suit. Then, strutting through like she knew exactly she was going, Kate grabbed my hand and led me through the winding rooms of the house and up a huge staircase.

She led me down the long hallway of the second floor, breezing past tall doors, and then suddenly yanked me into a room that seemed unoccupied. In a blur, I heard the door shut and the lock click, and suddenly found her lips pressed against mine, our tongues dancing together.

“Wait,” I breathed inbetween kisses. “What if someone comes in?”

“I’ve stayed here before—this is the guest room,” Kate said, disentangling from my lips and moving down to devour my neck. I moaned. “We should be fine…as long as we’re not too loud.”

Before I could respond, Kate sunk to her canlı bahis siteleri knees and hurriedly unbuttoned my shorts. I moaned as her soft fingers found my cock and yanked it out of my fly.

“So”, I said with a smile. “You do this much?”

She smirked. “Just when I’m really bored and see someone who’d be a good fuck.”

She swallowed those last words as she dove down on my cock, her red lips planting kisses along my shaft and then diving down onto me. I groaned. She was an incredible cocksucker; clearly enjoying getting to tease me, she alternated between agonizingly slow strokes and rapid thrusts. She gave a lewd moan as I grabbed a handful of her blonde curls and held on to her bobbing head. I got closer as I fantasized about filling up her mouth, but more than that, I wanted of be inside of her.

“Get up,” I breathed. “It’s your turn.”

Our lips mashed together again and we wrestled toward the bed. She fell backward and landed on the soft mattress with a giggle. Seeing what I wanted, she unbuttoned her shorts and raised her leg, allowing me to slide them off of her—and giving a look at her pink lace panties.

“Come and get me,” she said, licking her red lips.

I dropped to my knees and pulled her panties aside, revealing her neatly trimmed mound. I ran my fingers along her length and she shuddered, bringing a smile to my face; I continued to probe her pussy, finding that it was already wet for me. I gently opened her lips with my fingers and, seeing her clit, dove my face into it. I flicked my tongue across it rapidly, and, hearing her moan, took it further by dipping a finger into her pussy. She was tight and wet, and my cock stirred at the thought of being inside of her, but for now I wanted to focus on pleasuring her. She grabbed a handful of my curly hair and kept my mouth on her clit, moaning as my tongue stroked it and tasted her juices, losing time as I consumed her.

“That feels so fucking good,” Kate sighed. “Come up here. I need you to fuck me. Now.”

I happily obliged. By the time I had gotten back to my feet and torn off my shorts, I found that she had unbuttoned and hurled off her blouse, leaving her only in a floral bra that pushed up her breasts deliciously.

“Fuck me,” she purred.

In a blur of motion, I opened her legs and pulled her toward me, sliding my cock into her pussy as she lay on the bed. I started slow, pumping into her, but she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in tighter. Aiming to please, I began to fuck her harder and faster. Erotic moans slipped from her lips.

“Such a nice cock,” she said. “You gonna fuck me with that big hard cock? Are you a dirty boy who was staring at me all afternoon?”

By way of an answer, I slipped my hands under bra and groped her full, heaving tits. “You’re so fucking hot,” I groaned.

She pulled herself from the bed and held on to my chest, thrusting back against me as I fucked her, enveloping me with her steaming pussy. Then, with a wicked grin, she released her legs and held my body still—then slid off my cock and pulled me onto the bed.

Our lips smashed together and we canlı bahis rolled around on the bed, sending the sheets in every direction. Then, suddenly, I found her straddling me, unbuttoning and removing her bra to reveal her perky breasts. She leaned down, nibbling my ear and sending electric shocks coursing through my body.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” she said. “But let me know when you’re going to cum, because I want to taste it.”

I nodded, wide-eyed. Kate spun herself on by cock, placing her perfectly sculpted ass before me, and then sunk onto my cock. I grunted gutturally—I knew in that moment that, in all my life, I would never be able to have enough of her pussy. She began to ride me slowly at first, but quickly picked up the pace, bouncing her ass up and down on my cock and riding me with wild abandon. It was like I was in a trance; everything seemed to blur, all except this girl, her incredible ass bucking on my pelvis, her pussy sliding up and down the length of my cock, her blonde hair flying wildly, the moans escaping her lips. I squeezed and spanked her ass, desperate to feel all of her.

“Yeah baby,” she said. “I’m such a dirty fucking slut for you.”

I groaned. “Yeah? Cum all over my cock, dirty girl.”

“I’m getting close,” she squealed. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

All I was ever meant to do, I felt, was fuck this girl. I drove my cock up into her, meeting her pussy with desperate thrusts—until, with a moan that I feared would get us caught, she came, her pussy tightening as she exploded on my cock. She slowed her pace for just a few moments, but then, gazing over her shoulder with a sultry look, she picked back up, shooting up and down on my cock.

I felt the pressure building in my cock. I feared that I would slip into some kind of tantric ecstasy before getting the chance to feel her mouth again.

“Kate,” I whispered. “I’m so close.”

“Cum in my mouth. Let me taste you.”

Without missing a beat, Kate lifted herself from my cock, spun back around, and dove onto my cock, sliding her red lips up and down on me. As I felt the pressure building, I grabbed her hair again, and she pulled off, looking right into my eyes, her smoky eyes daring me to cum.

I took the dare. With a massive moan, I released, my cock exploding volleys of cum deep into Kate’s hot mouth. She gave a pornographic moan as she swallowed—but her mouth quickly filled up with my seed, and drops of cum dribbled out onto her chest, glazing her tits.

She gasped as she lifted off of me, and we cuddled closely for a moment. Then, coming close to me, she whispered in my ear.

“Let’s get back. I want to walk around the party with you cum on my chest.”

Her lips curled into a catlike smile, and she quickly got herself dressed. I followed suit, and before long, we made our way downstairs—the party guests evidently none the wiser.

As we entered the kitchen, I split off to grab Kate a drink. As I did, I bumped right into Mark.

“Dude! I’ve been looking for you!” he exclaimed. “Where have you been?”

I looked over at Kate, who had begun to chat with the party host. I saw her hands brush across a stain on her blouse. She had, she assured the host, spilled a little bit of salad dressing on her shirt. She turned, caught my eye, and smirked.

“Oh,” I said. “Just making some new friends.”

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