A New Summer Experience Ch. 05

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I woke up to the sound of a ringing phone. I didn’t intend to doze off, but here it was 3PM already. I jumped out of bed, and ran into the living room to pick up the phone.


It was Amanda. “Hey, Will. I was wondering if you were going to pick me up on the way to work or should I have my Dad drive me?”

“Sure,” I said. “Be there in an hour?”

“Or sooner if you want to meet my folks,” she said.

“Meet your folks?” I said, surprised.

“Well, yeah,” she replied. “Most boyfriends meet their girlfriend’s parents at some point.”

“Oh! Yeah,” I laughed. “Sure. Gotta sell it, right?”

There was a bit of a pause on her end. “Uh, yeah, sell it,” she said. “I’ll see you when you get here.” She hung up abruptly without allowing me to say “bye”.

I frowned. She almost sounded mad at me. I showered quickly, changed into work clothes, then drove over to her house. Exiting the car, I walked up to the front door and knocked. A woman answered the door.

If I wanted to know what Amanda looked like when she got older, this woman was it. Obviously her mother, she was an older, slightly heavier, version of Amanda right down to the oversized chest. Like Amanda, she was very pretty.

“Hi Mrs. Jenkins. I’m here to pick up Amanda,” I said.

Her face broke into a smile. “You must be Will. Please come in!” she said cheerfully.

Once inside, she closed the door behind me. “Amanda!” she called out. “Your beau is here?”

I smiled. Who used “beau” anymore?

Amanda appeared and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. It was more of a peck, really.

She turned to her mother. “Mom, this is my boyfriend Will. Will, this is my mother.”

“Nice to meet you, ma’am,” I said to her mother.

“And now that you have met him,” she said, glaring at her mother, “you don’t need to use the term ‘strange boy’ when talking about my love life, right?”

“Amanda!” her mother said in a shocked voice. A bit of color rose in her cheeks…obviously, this was part of a previous conversation that she didn’t expect to continue in front of me.

Amanda grabbed my hand. “C’mon, let me introduce you to my dad,” she said, towing me behind her through the house. We ended up in a den that was really nice. It had a couch, a bookcase, and on the far wall was an honest-to-God bar with bar stools. There was an older man sitting in a recliner reading a book.

“Dad, this is my boyfriend Will,” she said.

He set his book down and rose. Shaking my hand, he said, “Nice to meet you. I’m Gerald, but most people call me Jerry.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Jenkins,” I replied formally. The handshake went on a bit longer than I expected it to, and he seemed reluctant to release my hand. When he did, I glanced over at Amanda to see her giving her father a warning look.

“So you two met in school?” he asked, putting his hand on my shoulder.

“Yes, and we work together now,” I answered.

“Which we’re going to be late for,” Amanda said abruptly, taking my hand again.

“Again, nice to meet you, Will. I hope we have an opportunity to get to know each other better,” he said, giving me a squeeze before letting his hand fall off my shoulder. Amanda towed me out, yelling “We’re leaving, Mom!” as we went through the house.

When we got in the car, I said, “We have plenty of time. Why’d you want to leave so quick?”

“I just wanted to get the introductions over with,” she said.

I started the car. “Well, they seem nice. And they seemed to like me, at least from what I could tell in the twelve seconds I got to talk with them.”

“Dad certainly did,” she grumbled.


“Dad was practically drooling all over you,” she said. “I figured that was going to happen…you’re just his type. Young and cute with a nice ass.”

I did a double-take. “He was? And I’m ‘cute’?”

She glared at me. “Yes, of course you’re cute. Don’t tell me you didn’t know that.”

“Honest! Nobody has called me ‘cute’, like, ever,” I protested.

She didn’t respond, just crossed her arms in front of her and sat silently.

“Did I do something to make you mad?” I asked finally.


I waited for a few seconds, then put the car in reverse to pull out of her driveway. Just before I left the driveway, she suddenly said, “Yes.”

I stopped the car. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, you did something that made me mad. And I’m mad at myself for being mad at you about it.”

It took a second to follow through all her “mads”. “What did I do?” I asked.

She turned to face me, and her expression went from anger to pleading in an instant. “Will, I like you. I mean REALLY like you,” she said. “I offered the whole ‘beard’ thing because I just wanted to be around you. Even the thing with John after work was more to be around you than anything to do with him. So when you talked about ‘selling it’ on the phone by meeting my parents, it made me mad because I really want more than just ‘selling it’. And I have no right to want that or be mad.” I could see tears welling in her eyes.

“Shocked” büyükesat escort didn’t even come close to what I felt when she said that. My mouth hung open in complete surprise as this came out of nowhere.

“I know you like guys more than girls. But I don’t think you’re completely gay…last night should have proven that,” she continued, tears starting to run down her cheeks. She stopped, wiped her face. “Ah, never mind. I’m just a fucking idiot making an ass out of myself.”

I was really touched. I remembered she said she liked me, but I thought it was in a “hey, you’re cool” kind of way. I didn’t realize that it ran deeper than that.

“You’re not an idiot,” I said. “I think you’re awfully goddamned smart. I just had no clue you felt like this.”

She sniffled. “So, what do you want to do? I’ll understand if you want to stop seeing me.”

“That’s the last thing I want,” I said.

“So ‘Operation Beard’ continues?” she asked with a hint of sadness in her voice.

“Listen…you know I like guys. And not only were you not disgusted by that, you offered to help me. You’re fun, you’re pretty, you’re understanding. And you like me. I don’t know if I could find those things in another person.” I said.

A glimmer of hope shone in her eyes. “So you’re saying…?”

“‘Operation Beard’ can be ‘Operation Girlfriend’,” I finished for her.

She half-laughed, half-cried at my clumsy phrasing. “Are you sure? This is your chance to be rid of me.”

“If you can accept that I’ll be having sex with men and still want to be with me, then yes, I’m sure,” I said. “I mean, it works for your folks, right?”

She threw her arms around me, no mean feat as we were sitting in the cramped front seat of my car. “I’m ok with that. Hell, I’ll help you get all the dick you want. All that I ask is that you love me.” She gave me a shy smile. “And maybe see if you would like sex with me, too?”

I was a bit bewildered that she’d gone from “like” to “REALLY like” to “love” so quickly. However, she had hidden her feelings from me the whole time. I was so wrapped up in guys that I completely missed it. Why else would she offer to give me cover?

I pulled the rest of the way out of her driveway and headed to work. Flippantly, to lighten the mood, I joked, “And I promise not to sleep with your father.”

She snorted. “HA! Fat chance.”

I laughed. “What?”

“You got his interest up,” she said. “Plus you’re going to be around a lot if we’re in a real relationship, so that interest isn’t going to go away. So, it’s GONNA happen at some point.”

“You’re kidding,” I said, astonished.

“Nope,” she said.

“You’d let your father fuck me?” I asked.

“He’s a really good looking guy, isn’t he?” she said. Then she gave me an evil grin. “I did promise you all the dick you wanted, didn’t I?”

Sunday was half-price night at Burgerstack, so it was really busy all night. It felt weird after close to not make my (our?) way into John’s office, but he was in there with the company rep. We clocked out and I told John we were leaving.

“Take you home?” I asked Amanda as we walked to the car.

“Do you mind if I stay at your place again?” she replied.

“Not at all.”

Lana was still up when we got there, laying on the couch watching a movie on TV. “You’re still up,” I said to her, surprised.

She made a face. “Yeah, upset stomach and I can’t get to sleep,” she answered. She saw Amanda behind me. “Oh, hey!”

“Hey,” Amanda smiled back at her, moving next to me. I put my arm around her.

“Amanda’s spending the night again,” I explained to Lana.

“Cool,” she said. “You might want to move some of your clothes over here if this is going to be a regular thing, though. Save trips back and forth to your house.”

“God, I can imagine the hissy-fit my mother would have if I moved over here,” Amanda giggled. “It would be EPIC.”

“Maybe you should,” Lana said. “It help that thing you two have going to cover for Will’s, uh, preferences.”

I felt Amanda stiffen, and realized that I’d have to update Lana on what was going on between Amanda and me. But, that wasn’t for tonight. I was tired.

Lana sat up and continued. “Plus, I like having you around. Almost like a sister that wasn’t my brother.”

“Huh?” Amanda said.

I looked at her. “Wilma.”

Understanding dawned across Amanda’s face. “Ah, yeah,” she said.

Lana looked at me. “Speaking of which, Jake asked if she was going to come around any time soon.”

“Whenever we can swing it,” I promised.

Lana stood up from the couch. “Ok, I don’t feel like throwing up any more so I’m going back to bed. See you guys in the morning.”

“Good night,” we said in unison, then went into my bedroom.

As she changed into a nightgown, Amanda asked, “You really dress up as a girl and suck your sister’s boyfriend’s dick? I wasn’t sure if you were kidding me or not.”

I nodded as I pulled off my pants. “He’s got a nice dick,” cebeci escort I said matter-of-factly. “You’ll see.”

“Does he fuck you too?” she asked as she climbed into bed and got under the covers.

“I doubt he’d go that far,” I replied, turning off the light and joining her. “It took some fast talking and bargaining from Lana just to get him to let Wilma suck his dick.”

“You say ‘Wilma’ like she’s another person. Isn’t she you?” Amanda said. As she did, her hand found mine and she pulled it up onto my crotch.

I didn’t expect her to do that, but pulled my dick out of my underwear anyway and grasped it. As her hand moved mine up and down my dick, I said, “She is another person. I mean, I don’t think I’m a girl inside. I dress up just to give him the fiction that he’s got a girl sucking his dick. He’s afraid he’d be gay if I, Will, blew him. But she’s not me.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” she said, half-distractedly.

“Nope,” I agreed. “But that’s what it takes. Hey!”

Amanda had slid under the covers and moved down to my crotch. She pulled my hand away from my dick, then engulfed it in one motion.

“Amanda…” I stuttered.

She pulled my dick from her mouth and said “hush”, then her lips slid down my shaft again. Without having to think of Paul, or cock in general, my dick responded to her and slowly grew in her mouth. I had to admit it did feel really good.

She got me hard and I jerked as she pulled her mouth off of me and slid up my body. Throwing the covers back, she straddled me. I could feel her pull her panties to the side and then the wet hotness of her pussy engulf my dick.

“I don’t think…” I started to say.

“Shut up,” she said breathily, raising and lowering herself on my dick.

I was afraid my dick would wilt inside of her, but it didn’t. In fact, even though she didn’t weigh half of what Paul did, it reminded me of his weight on me when he fucked me even if the weight was settled on a different part of my body. My dick twitched inside her as I realized that.

Her breathing was getting harder and faster, as was her motions on top of me. “Squeeze my titties,” she moaned. My hands cupped her breasts and squeezed. She responded with an even louder moan, and I felt more wetness flood my groin from her pussy.

“Cum with me, baby,” she groaned. “Please…” Even inexperienced as I was with women, I sense that she was close.

I tried. A montage of lurid images flashed in my mind…Paul bending me over the back of his couch and fucking me hard…John cumming in my mouth…blowing that older man David in the laundry room bathroom. Unbidden, a fantasy of me riding her father’s cock the way she was riding mine popped into my head, and suddenly my dick was exploding inside her.

“Yes…YES…YES!!” she cried triumphantly as I grunted with each pulse of my dick. I felt her get tighter around me, then felt her pussy throb as it pushed her over the edge. I abstractly wondered if that’s how it felt for Paul when I came when he was fucking me.

Spent, she collapsed on top of me and kissed me…a full, passionate kiss. Then, she fell over beside me and put her head back on my shoulder. “See?” she said breathlessly. “I told you that you were bi.”

I didn’t say anything, much less tell her what I had to think about to get off.

The next week progressed quickly. Amanda stayed at the apartment more nights than not, but didn’t try to initiate sex after “proving” I was bi and not gay. I didn’t have an opportunity to take care of Jake because I worked late and slept in. He left for one of his volunteer resume-building activities early and I was gone to work by the time he got back. John couldn’t shake the company rep. By Saturday, I was getting desperate for cock. I went over to Paul’s house, but he wasn’t home.

Amanda stayed over that night, bringing a suitcase with some of her clothes. I told her that I needed to get a second dresser for her, or another bigger one for both of us, since my clothes and Wilma’s pretty much took up the small dresser that Dad had bought for me.

“I’m going shopping with my mom tomorrow,” she said. “She likes second-hand stores. I’ll see if I can find another dresser.”

“Are you moving in?” I asked, smiling.

“Do you want me to?” she asked, seriously.

It was a big step, but I made a decision in a half-second. “Yes, I do.” I’d grown accustomed to her being in bed with me and had discovered that I missed it when she spent the night at her house.

She gave me a happy, fierce hug and I thought she was going to cry again. After we went to bed, she again slid under the covers and sucked me hard, then mounted me. She came twice, impaling herself on my dick, but I couldn’t get off. Despite heavily fantasizing about cocks, I was constantly on the verge of going limp in her.

She slid off of me to lie next to me after her second orgasm, and her hand wrapped itself around my rapidly deflating dick. “What’s wrong?” she asked quietly.

Hesitantly, I told kolej escort her about the current dry spell…no Paul, no John, no Jake. I know it was something that she really didn’t want to hear, but I was determined to be 100 percent honest with her. Despite convincing herself that I was bi, she had to know what my true preferences were and I couldn’t let her forget it.

I was surprised when I heard her give a chuckle. “Well, we’ll just have to do something about that, won’t we?” she said, a naughty note lingering in her voice.

I woke up the next morning and Amanda was already up. I wandered out into the living room to see her on the couch talking on the phone.

“Ok, he’s up, I gotta go.” Pause. “Love you too.” She hung up the phone.

“Good morning,” I smiled at her. She rose from the couch and kissed me. “Good morning,” she said with a smile.

“Mom’s on her way over to pick me up for shopping,” she said. “You want to meet me at my folk’s house? Bring your uniform and you can change there before we go to work.”

I shrugged. “Sure. What time?” I asked.

“Say noon?” she said. “Honestly, I don’t know how long we’ll be out. But you can keep Dad company until we get there.”

“That’ll work,” I said. “I have to do laundry, then I’ll head over there. Want me to do your stuff too?”

“Please?” she said. “I hate doing laundry.”

“Consider it done, m’lady,” I said, bowing to her.

She snickered. “Oh, you do dishes AND laundry? You’re going to make me a good wife one day,” she said, then laughed out loud when I winked at her in response.

Her mom picked her up a short time later, and after a quick breakfast I collected all of our dirty clothes. As I did, I remembered that David might be there. Feeling wicked, I pulled my pants and underwear off and put a pair of Wilma’s panties on. From his interest before, he’d probably like that. I stuffed a bra in the dirty clothes bag and put a stolen a tube of Lana’s lipstick in my pocket. Laundry, quarters, detergent, and dirty clothes collected, I headed towards that laundry room.

David was there when I walked in, giving me a big smile at the sight of me. “I was so hoping you’d show up today,” he said.

I winked at him, then loaded up a washer with my and Amanda’s dirty clothes and got it going. I hid the bra from his view. I walked past him, quietly saying “Give me a few minutes then join me.” I stepped into the bathroom, closing the door behind me but not locking it.

Quickly, I undressed down to the panties and put the bra on. I was just finishing putting on the lipstick when the door opened behind me and David slipped in, quickly closing and locking it behind him.

I turned around. “Very nice,” he smiled. He looked me up and down with admiring eyes. “You could almost pull it off,” he said, his hand reaching out and caressing my panty-clad ass.

I slowly sank to my knees as he fumbled with his zipper. He yanked his cock out, and I took him deep in my mouth in one swift motion. I moaned so loud at finally having a dick again that I didn’t hear his groan of pleasure.

He was already half-hard, and stiffened to full hardness very quickly with only a few strokes of my mouth. I pulled off of him, my tongue curling around his cock-head, then went back to sucking him hard and fast. After a minute, I could taste pre-cum. Overcome by need, not knowing what his reaction would be, I pulled my mouth off of him and scrambled to my feet. I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them, turned around and put my hands on the sink, then thrust my ass out towards him.

Any worries that he would be turned off instantly disappeared when he reached past me and loaded his hand up with soap from the dispenser on the wall. I felt him slather it on his cock, and then he pushed himself into me in one hard shove.

I yelped as my asshole protested the sudden intrusion, but never pulled away from him. Rather, I moved my ass back towards him, wanting all of his hard length inside of me. I didn’t care that it hurt, I needed him to fuck me and fuck me hard.

I wasn’t thinking about the noise I was making, but he was. His hand softly covered my mouth as he thrust up into me hard enough to raise my heels off the floor. My teeth found the fleshy part of a finger and gently bit him as I moaned my pleasure into his hand.

He didn’t last long, unfortunately, nowhere near long enough for me to get off too. He pushed himself deep in me until I felt the front of his thighs press hard against the back of mine, then stiffened. I didn’t feel him cum like I did with Paul, but I knew he did, and my ass milked his cock as it started to deflate inside me.

He relaxed, his hand falling away from my mouth, using it to pull me tightly against him. He embraced me for a minute, saying, “Jesus…that was the most erotic thing I’ve ever experienced.” He stepped back, releasing me. He grabbed a handful of paper towels and wiped his cock clean, then shoved it back into his pants and zipped up.

“I’m half tempted to leave my wife and run off with you,” he said. The way he said it, I don’t know if he was serious or not. “No need for that,” I said, running my hand up and down his clothed chest. “There’s always NEXT Sunday.”

He pulled me into a bear hug. “I’ll be here,” he said, then released me. He cracked the door open and looked into the laundry room, then stepped out and closed the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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