A Night in Bali

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I walked into the dark room with hidden nervousness. The room was already crowded but that was to no surprise since it was Saturday night. The green laser flickered and lit the room in fast blinks. I raised my hand and tugged my dress awkwardly so my cleavage won’t show too much. I’m not used to clubs. I’m not used to partying. I’ve just been to clubs two times and I was still not used to the bodies dancing so closely on the dance floor. My friends went directly to the dance floor but I have not had the mood to dance just yet. I excused myself to stand on the bar and ordered myself some drink.

I ordered Bailey’s to open my night that day. The drink came and I scanned the room casually while sipping it. My mind wandered a bit. I thought of him. He was the only person I’ve ever really opened up to sexually. I have numerously teased him and shared with him my sexual desires. The conversations were always arousing, although not every time I would admit it to him. I glanced over the bar and saw a guy standing closely to a girl who was sitting on a stool. They were chatting and she was laughing at his words. They were flirting, and I watched them intently and studied their moves. It’s always nice to learn how to flirt from various people. I was eyeing them from across the room and gasped in shock when suddenly I saw the guy ran his hand up her skirt and squeezed her pussy. She leaned forward and put her head on his shoulder. Although I couldn’t hear them, I was sure she was moaning into his shoulder. Her right hand was still holding a glass of a drink I cannot identify but her left hand has already circled his neck to pull him closer to her.

My heart was beating faster. I looked around to make sure my friends didn’t see what I was watching, and they didn’t. They were so caught up in their own dance time, they didn’t notice where I stood. I shifted my body and faced another direction before stealing glances at the couple across the room. They were now kissing. And my mind went back to him. I licked my lips and all of a sudden, I could feel how dry my throat was. I finished the drink in one quick swallow and ordered a bottle of beer. I kept wondering how it would feel to kiss him. Not the guy who was making out with the blonde girl, but him. The sexy man I’ve been flirting with for the past 6 months. How would it feel? Will it be wet and passionate or long and teasing? I imagined my tongue running against his lower lips before I nibbled on it teasingly. I imagined smiling at him seductively before closing my eyes and kissing him again.

The couple was now kissing more passionately and I could see her left hand tracing down his torso and rubbed his bulge against his shorts. I turned my body and faced the bar. My eyes were closed and my cheeks were flushed. I could feel myself getting aroused by my own mental stimulation. But it was difficult standing there at a night club in Bali, surrounded by people dancing, chatting, making out, and not feeling hot. Even when I was standing there facing the bar, I could not stop imagining him standing behind me and touching my back. A shiver ran down my spine and I realized how badly I wanted James to be there. I wanted him to stand behind me there, running his hand across my back and covering his seductive action with his body. I imagined him kissing my neck and absent-minded by my own thoughts, I tilted my head a bit to the left and exposed the right side of my neck. My hand went up and stroked my exposed neck. I let out another sigh.

I finished the beer and thought it was time to join the girls. So I joined the dance floor and started to sway my body accordingly with the music. The music was Kesha’s Tick Tock. I lifted my hands and shaked my entire body following the tunes. My eyes were closed and I nodded my head absent-mindedly and hummed along the song. I kept dancing and dancing and after four songs, I retired to the bar once again.

This time, I didn’t order any drink. I asked for water and stood there watching my friends. I did try to find the couple with my eyes but I couldn’t find them as the room getting more and more crowded. I was enjoying the music and sipping the cold water when a guy came and stood beside me. I glanced at him for a second, and our eyes met. He certainly didn’t waste any second because he shot me with a wink and a smile in an instant. I smiled back, impressed by his quick act of seizing the day. Not knowing what was the right to do as I’ve never flirted with anybody at a bar before in my life, I looked away. He then moved closer to me and tried to ask me something. I couldn’t hear his voice as the music blared loudly in the room. He then put a hand on my waist and leaned closer to whisper to my ear.


I shouted hi canlı bahis back.

He smiled and leaned closer again. “Are you alone?”

I shook my head.

Again. Another whisper to my ear. “Boyfriend?”

I glared at him and contemplating for a moment. It was a split second and I decided to just grab this new experience and see where it might lead.

“No.” I mouthed the word to him.

He smiled and moved even closer to me. Our bodies were only few centimetres apart by then and suddenly, the music didn’t sound too loud anymore. He put his right hand around my waist, leaned closer and whispered to my ear once more.

“You’re really sexy.”

I quickly covered my surprise with a seductive smile. A thought entered my mind. I’ve always wanted to practise the art of teasing. I loved to tease. I have been fantasizing about making out with James. I might as well just go and try it with him. After all, I was already turned on myself, so why not have a little harmless fun?

I didn’t say anything to reply him as I didn’t know what to say. I kept my eyes locked into his and my smile never wore off. I shot an inviting look and it worked because once again, he was back whispering to me.

“Dance with me.”

I smiled broadly at him and walked away. I went immediately to the dance floor and didn’t turn my head back. Not even once. The song playing was Pitbull’s I Know You Want Me. I loved the song and soon I was enjoying myself, caught up in my own dance. This time, I knew the guy at the bar was watching. I closed my eyes, made a small sexy pout and lifted my hands to play with my hair while my hips swayed vigorously along with the music. I could feel my chest shaking noticeably and I knew by then my dress would be quite revealing around the cleavage. Then I lowered my hands and briskly ran it across my chest. In a quick motion, I rubbed my nipples and soon my hands rested on my waist. I shivered. The brief sensation I felt was effective enough to send jolts of almost unnoticeable pleasure to other private parts of my body. Trying to shake away the shiver, I shook my body up and down in a circular sway as I opened my eyes. I was lost in my own rhythm and arousal and I completely forgot about him until I opened my eyes and caught his, looking intently at me from the bar. He sipped his wine slowly and I could see the lust in his eyes. He was shadowed in the dark and the outline of his face wasn’t too obvious. I knew I was turned on even more because I knew I was imagining someone else standing there and watching me with unspoken lust.

I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the thought of being watched by James. My throat went dry at once and I could feel myself getting wet. He always had an instant effect on me, even if it was only a mental image of him. I was surprised how turned on I was and luckily, the song ended. I walked back to the bar, the same spot, and finish my cold water.

I was just about to turn to him and say something when he suddenly grabbed my waist and pulled me closer. This time, he wasn’t tilting his head to whisper to my ear but instead, he drew his face closer to mine and whispered so closely to my mouth.

“My god, you are so sexy.”

I was surprised. I was up for tease and flirts but I wasn’t ready to make any contact. Not even a kiss. Hell, I’ve never even had someone saying I’m sexy, let alone someone whispering to my mouth ever so lustfully. I was aroused at the same time as I was taken aback. I stepped back and ordered another drink, obviously ignoring his remark on my last dance. I could see from the corner of my eyes that he was slightly puzzled but soon he regained control again. He waited for me to finish my drink and for my next move.

Sipping the beer, I couldn’t help when my mind drifted back to James. I knew nothing about this guy, but I knew James. I knew how he spoke to me and how he’d react to some of my remarks. Suddenly, this guy didn’t feel so much of a stranger anymore. The yearning to have the passionate kiss with James went back like an instant firework. I was panting a bit when I turned my head to him and leaned against him. I was not the same woman a second ago.

I shot him with a sharp look and a seductive grin. With subtle obviousness, I grazed my left hand against his groin in a quick motion before I put it on his shoulder. I tiptoed to whisper on his ear. He was taller than me and I was fully aware of it when I pressed my crotch to his with unmistakably tease.

“Want to dance?”

He shook his head in disbelief when he leaned over and whispered to me.

“You’re making me hot. I don’t want to dance. I want to…”

And with that, he pressed himself against me. The bulge was impossible to miss.

I bahis siteleri could feel the intense arousal within me, so I inhaled deeply to calm myself down. I knew I couldn’t let it go too far. It was a tease and nothing more could happen. My heart was beating fast, challenged to prove how I could stop the tease at the exact time to make him very worked up but not frustrated enough to piss him off. My mind once again flew to James, and the thought of being able to arouse James physically there almost made me jump with excitement.

“Dance.” I repeated.

“But I don’t really dance.” He seemed really reluctant now that I wanted to dance with him.

I frowned. The thought of seducing him on the dance floor evaporated just like that. Determined to have the moment, I told him, “Just follow me.”

He shook his head once again. Then an idea came to my mind. All I needed was a little bit of more encouragement.

In one swift motion, I raised my hands up and flipped my long black hair to my back. But instead of putting them down, I moved my arms and circled his neck. He wasn’t expecting that, I could tell by his tensed body. Without breaking any eye contact, I moved closer and pressed my body against him. My god, he felt good. I inhaled deeply when I realized I was behaving unlike my usual self, but yet, so alike my real self.

The sensation that I felt from having my body pressed up to an aroused body left me a bit breathless. I rested my forehead against his chest and couldn’t help to let out a soft moan. Feeling his bulge pressing up between my legs is something new to me. I’ve never been this far with a guy. But the excitement controlled me. And there was nothing I could do when he reacted back. In an instant second, he had his hands around my waist and his head hung down low above mine. I could feel his cheek pressed against the side of my head and his breathing on my ear. It was fast. Completely oblivious to his identity and intentionally mistaking him with James, I moved my hips slowly in circular motion and pushed forward simultaneously, rubbing my crotch at the exact spot of his bulge.

“Fuck. You are really hot. Let me touch you.”

I gave no reply. I kept moving slowly and pressing against him. My left hand slowly stroked the back of his neck while my right hand traveled slowly down to his chest. I could feel him shiver and grunted softly. I rested my right palm on his chest, right beside my head. I kept my palm open as wide as possible and hovered it over the side of his body and slowly towards his right thigh.

Then I let go.

“I love this song!” I shouted and grinned. “Come on!”

His instant reaction was pulling me back into his arms but I slipped away smoothly.

“Come on.” I repeated persuasively, my hands grabbing his.

I walked to the dance floor and didn’t let go of his hand. He followed me from behind without much reluctance this time and I picked a hidden spot near the DJ station. I turned my body to him and put his hand on my hips. I knew I might be going too far. But I was too turned on at the thought of dancing to tease James. The verse of the song started and I moved casually. Both of his hands were now on my hips and he was staring at me lustfully.

When the song hit the chorus, the lyrics lit a fire on me. It was Akon’s Right Now. What my ears heard was the words of “I want to make love right now now now…” The words stimulated me and I immediately pressed my lower body against his. I didn’t press my chest against him but instead, I stretched out my arms and put my hands on his shoulder. Relying on him, I started to vigorously moved my hips and swaying my long hair. It wasn’t like what I did back at the bar. I didn’t graze against his bulge. I was literally pressing up against it and stroking it hard. I tilted my head back, enjoying the song. My long hair fell to the air and flew intact with the directions of my body.

He moved one of his hand up my back to pull my upper body closer to him. At that very second, my left hand did something my mind didn’t even realize what it was doing. Guided by my reflex and my clouded head, my left hand left his shoulder and shot to his bulge. I have been waiting for knowing how it felt to touch a bulge with my own hand. When my hand met his arousal, I moaned. It was unmistakably hot, and I gave it a squeeze. Not a soft one, but an urging hard one.

He closed his eyes. I could feel his jaw tightening due to the sensation he must be feeling. When he opened his eyes, he moved so fast I didn’t realize at first what he intended to do. But I was fast to realize that he was leaning closer to kiss me. I turned away just in time for him to plant a kiss on my cheek. I shot him a look that bahis şirketleri would hopefully tell him that I wasn’t up for any contact besides the tease. I doubted he understood what I meant because then he whispered to me.

“You’re so shy and so bold at the same time.”

There was something about his voice. He had a husky voice and a heavy accent. I noticed that his voice was deeper now and probably, a hidden grunt somewhere there. It was incredibly erotic, caressing a bulge in my hand and having such intense voice whispering to my ear.

I moaned. I could feel my panties soaking awfully from my wetness. I could bet that if I rubbed against my crotch, I’d find my finger soaking wet and I didn’t even have to dive into my panties. He clearly heard my moan and instinctively pressed his bulge forward into my hands. I could feel it in my hands. I couldn’t guess how long he was but it was big. I could sense him losing control because his breath was getting faster. His hands moved up to the side of my stomach and he slipped right hand between our body and cupped my left breast. I gave out another moan. Louder one. I could feel my erect nipples pushing against the fabric of my clothes. They rubbed against it as I moved and the subtle sensation sent a tingling down my spine and caused more wetness between my legs.

Suddenly I didn’t want to have any fabric on my skin. And I think I could just fuck him right then and there.

I was startled by my own thought. I knew I had to go away that moment or otherwise, I would be doing something reckless. I leaned over and said to him, “I gotta go. I’m sorry.” With that, I left him on the dance floor. It wasn’t pretty but it was better before the hot moment turned into something I was not prepared for. Something I didn’t even want to happen.

I went straight to the bathroom, and entered a cubicle. I was still panting from the heat. I was literally dizzy from my own arousal. I lifted up my skirt, and pulled down my panties. I didn’t even bother to pay attention at my wetness. I sat down on the closed toilet and lifted my left leg. I put it on the rubbish bin to support myself when I started to rub myself with my right hand.

My moans were inevitable. I knew how sensitive my clit could be and how swollen it got when aroused. But I’ve never had it swollen that badly before. It was… undescribably sensitive. I rubbed against my clit and already I was thrusting my hips forward. The arousal was so intense, I was shuddering and sweating. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation. I tried to muffle the moans so it wouldn’t be too obvious. After all, it was a public place. But the fact that I was not able to hold my arousal until I had my privacy just added to my excitement. I didn’t tease myself anymore. I just started rubbing my swollen clit fast and pinched it with my fingers. Then I went back to stroking it. Hard and fast. Restlessly and mercilessly. My left hand was frantically searching for something. I couldn’t find anything to grab onto, so I squeezed my breast hard when I threw my head back and forth.

I tried to keep my breathing deep but it was so hard. I was panting and moaning at the same time. I tried my best to stifle them into silence and as a result, I had to shut my eyes close so hard because I was unable to let out louder moans. I was getting close and it was the moment that was the most agonizing. I couldn’t stop moving. My hips were thrusting in every direction. I just had to move. My knees went weak and my fingers kept flickering and biting my arousal. Just after few seconds being in total oblivion, I inserted my middle and fourth finger into my pussy and pinched my clit with my thumb and my index finger. Simultaneously.

It started with a shiver, and followed by a long grunt. My hips bucked forward and I was somewhere else. My mind drifted away and it was total bliss. I felt the cum running out from my pussy and my heart beating fast. My left hand has left my breast and was strongly pressed against the side wall. I was pressing to it hard, trying to emanate the level of intensity I was feeling. My right hand has stopped moving, and just rested there while I had one of the most intense orgasms I’ve ever had.

A moment later, I surfaced to consciousness and my breathing slowly turned into short sharp intakes of breath before it slowed down to a more regular rhythm. I took my fingers out and rubbed against my extremely sensitive clit again. It resulted in a strong shiver. I kept rubbing it, still lost in the sexual pleasure I was in. I felt the temptation to rub it faster and bring myself to another orgasm. I kept rubbing hard, my intention was to make it fully erect and swollen. Then I stopped.

The memory flooded my mind. I knew the swollen arousal and the memory would be enough to keep me hot until I was back to my hotel room and pleasured myself to sleep.

With that knowledge, I closed my wildest night in Bali and went back to hotel room.

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