A Not So Quiet Night At Home

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“What time are you getting home tonight Hun?”

“Around 8pm. It’s been a rough day and I’m looking forward to just relaxing and unwinding. Do you need me to bring anything home?”

“No, we don’t need anything. I’ll see you around 8.”


He walked in the door at 5 minutes till 8 that night. He was totally worn out. Work had been killer today and he was grateful that this would be a three-day weekend. He would need all three days to recover. He didn’t notice right away how unusual his homecoming was. As he removed his coat and looked around, it finally hit him. She hadn’t come to greet him with a kiss as soon as he walked through the door. That wasn’t like her at all.

Curiously he walked down the hallway, looking for her. He heard no noises to give away her location, and so he checked each room along the way. When he came to the den, he looked in and saw the fire burning quietly in the hearth. As he noticed the soft glow of candlelight casting soft shadows around the room, he stepped in further.

“Hello love, why don’t you come relax with me?” he heard her, but didn’t see her right away. And then she stepped from the shadows and his jaw nearly hit the floor. She was wearing an ankle length negligee of see through black lace. With the hearth behind her, the firelight enhanced her auburn curls and the pale glow of her flesh seen beneath the peek-a-boo lace.

“You don’t have to tell me twice Baby” he almost purred as he stepped closer. As he walked around the couch, he saw the extent of her planning. Spread out before the fireplace was a blanket picnic. A bottle of wine nicely chilled in a bucket of ice, two glasses ready beside it. A bowl of ripe, juicy strawberries as well. A wide grin spread across his lips.

She patted the space opposite her as she lay back down upon her side on the plush mink blanket. He unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt and then joined her upon the blanket as she poured two glasses of the wine. Handing one to him, her sapphire eyes twinkling softly in the fire’s glow, she told him “Tonight Baby, you are to relax. The ringers are all turned off on the phones, the answering machine is on, and the outer door to the porch is locked. There can be no interruptions tonight.” With that, she also took his cell phone from him and turned it off as well.

“Now, are you comfy Baby? Must be hot laying before the fire in a long sleeve shirt and slacks.” The slow grin on her lips matched his own as her fingers reached over Escort Bayan and began to unbutton his shirt. She tugged it from his pants and helped him slide it off. She took a drink of her wine, and then with the chill of the liquid still in her mouth, she lowered her head and drew his nipple into her mouth. As he groaned in surprise and pleasure, she suckled on his hardening nipple, and then shifted her mouth and lavished the other with the same attention. As she lifted her head once more, her hands slid over his bare chest. She purred softly as her hands stroked every inch of bare flesh before sliding down and slowly undoing his slacks. He helped her by lifting his hips, and she drew his pants down… stopped to remove his shoes… and then drew his pants completely off.

“Mmmm baby, silk boxers? Oh, I love when you wear those.” She grinned as her hands skimmed over those boxers, her touch just barely missing his growing hardness. Her hands slid back to his chest and gently pressed until he lay back on the blanket. “Relax Baby, let me take care of you tonight.” She whispered to him softly, before her mouth lowered to his. Her lips lightly brushed his, and then her tongue dragged over them, coaxing them to open for her. Her kiss started slow and sensual… and then their natural passion took over and the kiss grew hot. Shifting her body, her chest resting against his, the only barrier the skimpy black lace negligee. As his eyes drifted closed, she broke the kiss… placing soft butterfly kisses to his eyes, his nose, his lips and then down over his chin. Moving up to gently nibble and suckle his earlobe, purring softly against his ear. And then she moved down once more, her mouth raining kisses over his neck and chest. She stopped when her mouth rested above his heart.

Lifting her hand and letting it fall to rest over his heart, her eyes lifted to his, waiting patiently till they opened to her once more. When she spoke again, he knew she spoke from her heart. “This is mine now my love. I have your heart, as you have mine. Never again will you ache right here, unless it is the ache of loving and being loved so completely.” Her hand left his heart and lifted, her fingertips gently tracing over his eyes as they blinked closed, and then as they blinked back open they watched her gently kissing the spot over his heart, as if kissing away all the pain of the past.

And then, her kisses slid lower still, as her hand slowly delved under the silken boxers. She traced Escort him with her fingertips, and then curled her hand gently around his swollen member. Slowly stroking him as her tongue bathed his chest and abdomen. “I love the taste of your flesh baby. Mmmm I wanna taste more” and with that she slid the boxers off his hips and down off his legs. Her hand still curled around the base of his shaft, she took the tip of his cock between her lips. Slowly, she pleasured him with her mouth, her hand… stroking… sucking… teasing his cock in the wet heat of her mouth. She purred and moaned against his cock as giving him pleasure gave her pleasure as well.

She purred softly against his hard flesh “Feed me baby… I know what you want” And with that she fucked his cock hard with her mouth. Swallowing as much of his hard flesh as she could again and again, her hands stroking his shaft… his balls… working him until she could feel his body shaking… his cock throbbing in her mouth. And then as he exploded in her mouth, she greedily swallowed his cum as it filled her mouth and throat. She thrilled at his moans of pleasure.

As her mouth fell away from him, she looked up at his face. His eyes blinking open, he grinned slowly. “Baby, that was sooo good.” He growled softly. “But now, I’m hungry”.

“Mmmm, but you are s’posed to let me take care of you tonight baby. To relax and enjoy.” “Well then Baby, let me enjoy.” And he roughly grabbed her hips, pushing the black lace up over her hips and drew her down to straddle his face. His tongue thrust deeply into her already hot cunt. Her back arched, and she gripped his hips as she rode his tongue. Whimpering and moaning in pleasure, she ground her hips, writhing as he tongued her. Laving her cunt… flicking over her clit… stroking her shaved lips. He tasted her passion and growled, sending shudders through her body. “Cum for me my love, please” He purred into her pussy. And with a wild shudder, she did, her pleasure flooding his mouth.

Gently, she lifted herself from him, as she drew the negligee slowly off her body. His hands reached to her bared breasts and stroked her nipples into erect excitement. His earlier desires now replaced, he pushed her back onto the blanket, and grabbed a strawberry from the bowl. Lowering it to her lips, and then as she bit the tip of it off, he drew the berry to her nipple and bathed the bud in the fruit’s juice. Popping the berry into his mouth, he reached for another and again let her Bayan Escort bite into it. Coating the other nipple with the juice as well. Then trailing the berry down over her abdomen, circling her navel. Popping the berry into his lips as well, he reached for yet another berry and this time bit the tip off himself. Lowering the berry, he drew it over her swollen cunt lips, and then pressed it up inside of her. Letting it soak up her special flavor, before he withdrew it and popped it into his mouth.

“Mmmm, damn baby, I think I need to eat strawberries this way more often” His eyes danced with merriment, while hers were glazed with passion. He lowered his head and slowly sucked the berry juice from her peaked nipples, sending shivers of pleasure through her. And then he reached for his glass of wine, gently dribbling droplets onto her stomach… watching it pool in her navel and flow down her over her cunt as well. Dipping the ring finger of his other hand into the wine, then setting the glass aside, he pressed the flavored finger to her lips, then groaned as she began to suck the wine from it. He began to slowly lick the wine from her bare flesh, teeth teasing and nipping here and there as well. Holding her still with his free hand as she began to writhe beneath him.

He pushed his tongue into her cunt once more, tasting the strawberry, the wine, and her own flavoring. He almost came just from the erotic taste and the added pleasure of her hot mouth suckling his finger like she’d just done his cock not too long ago. Pulling his finger away, he slid his body back up hers, fitting them together perfectly as his cock slowly slid deeply into her. She trembled and lifted her legs to wrap around his waist while her arms wrapped around his back. Her nails dug into his shoulders as he began to slowly, sensually make love to her. It wasn’t sex this night… it was pure, sweet body and soul lovemaking.

Her sapphire eyes gazed up into his light blue, all the love in their hearts shining for the other to see. Her hands roamed over his back, as one of his slid between their bodies and began to stroke her clit lightly. And then faster… harder… No words needed to be spoken as they found their pleasure together, bodies writhing together, souls entwining.

“I love you” he whispered to her softly as they both slowly came back down. Wrapping his arms tightly around her, he held her as close as he could. “I love you,” she whispered back, snuggling closely to him. As wonderful as the physical passion between them was, it couldn’t hold a candle to the emotional ties that bound them together. And as they both drifted to sleep, curled before the fireplace, they both silently thanked, once again, the forces that worked to bring them together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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