A Physical Connection

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Being a 22 year old virgin was a pretty harsh fate to swallow. I’d just finished my first relationship. She managed to coax me into kissing her, but that is as far as I got.

The chat room was lively that night, but not everyone was talking. I was a lurker. I loved to just sit back and watch the conversation flow. I knew no one and did not contribute. Every now and then a bot would message me, trying to get me to check out “her” webcam. These conversations quickly became absurd due to the nonexistence of a person on the other end.

The sexual frustration was unbearable. Sometimes the private message wasn’t from a bot. Men messaged me asking my asl, which means age, sex, and location. The conversation usually stopped there. Some nights, a guy would press on. Especially if I had my webcam going. But as a straight man, I denied their requests.

Until I didn’t. I’m not sure if every man fantasizes about men while masturbating, even if only occasionally. I did. And it was just one of those nights. I was wantonly craving that which a woman simply could not supply.

I guess you could say that the stars aligned that night. A young man with the nickname “elvis” sent me a private message as I stared at the screen, taking cannabis hits from my dugout and sipping a beer.

elvis: a/s/l

me: m/22/s***s u?

I was still kind of wishing for a woman at this point, but all available evidence suggested this was a man. Number one, he messaged me. Two, Elvis is no girl’s name.

elvis: m/26/s***s.

me: that’s cool. we’re really close to each other.

elvis: yeah. can I see your cam?

me: I don’t know why you’d wanna, but I guess I don’t see any reason why not.

I knew why he wanted, of course. I was trembling with excitement while I switched on the cam. The camera didn’t take long to connect.

elvis: you are very handsome.

me: canlı bahis I guess so.

elvis: can I ask you something?

me: sure. why not?

I was expecting him to ask me something about myself. To keep the conversation going. At worst, he’d ask about the weather.

elvis: take off your clothes.

Now I considered myself something of an exhibitionist. sneakily undressing in remote forested areas on occasion. And here was a man asking, nay, telling, me to remove my clothes for him. I complied. How could I not?

elvis: nice body. very athletic. I’m athletic too.

me: I bet you are.

elvis: please stand up.

me: ok.

Needless to say, I was rock hard. He took notice.

elvis: your cock is huge. It is very nice.

me: thanks 🙂

I really didn’t know how to flirt, and I didn’t know how to act. I didn’t even know if I really wanted this to happen. I didn’t know whether I was physically capable of breaking the homosexuality taboo. Luckily, he took the lead. I merely followed my desire.

elvis: I want to suck it 🙂

me: really? I think I want you to…

elvis: come over!

There was no way I was saying no to that. My sex drive took full control. Next thing I know, I’m standing in his doorway. About to relate to someone as I’d related to no man or woman before. In the powerful grasp of mutual desire and sex.

He was taller than me. By a good 2-3 inches. He had dark, wavy hair and deep brown eyes. He was casually dressed in a sweater and jeans. Judging from his apartment, he was also a university student. By his accent, I could tell he was foreign-born. He confirmed he was an international student. His home was in France.

After we said our hellos, he asked me to excuse the mess. A university student myself, I let it slide. As if anything could have slowed us down at this point. We bahis siteleri embraced. It felt good. Comfortable.

He sat me on the couch, in front of the television. My favorite late night talk show was on. I sat still as he unzipped my pants.

Elvis: Such a beautiful cock!

Me: Thank you.

He rubbed my hard cock slowly in front of me. He rubbed the pre-cum at my tip. It felt so good. Then he slowly lowered his lips over it. He took the whole thing into his mouth. His warm, moist mouth made me pre-cum even further.

Elvis: Your pre-cum is delicious.

It suddenly hit me that this man and I were interacting in a very deep and primal way. The moaning, the body contortions, the teeth at the base of my dick. Men don’t typically act this way together. They don’t indulge this side of themselves with other men. It felt supremely satisfying.

He zipped me back up. What a tease.

Elvis: Take your clothes off.

Me: Ok.

We both stripped. I watched him while he watched me. Once naked, we embraced. Then he reached down.

Elvis: Your cock is bigger than mine.

Me: Looks that way. But your cock is beautiful, too. I like it.

Elvis: Show me.

How do you show a man that you like his cock? I hesitated. Getting a blowjob is one thing, but he was asking me to return the favor. This is the territory of the mind where wars are waged. Am I this or am I that? In this case, am I gay? After a brief pause, I drew our my tongue.

He was as hard as a rock as he stood before me. His dick was oozing. I traced his shape with my tongue, still wondering if I could do this. My tongue wandered to his tip. He tasted pretty good. I then engulfed his cock. It was flexible and firm, and kind of salty. Sweat. I bobbed back and forth as my tongue and upper palate stroked his hardness. My saliva serving as lube. I tried to hold back my teeth. bahis şirketleri I had never done this before, but he certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

Elvis: Is this your first time?

I thought I’d done something wrong.

Me: It is.

Elvis: The secret to sex, any sex, is rhythm. You get to choose the rhythm. It is up to you to concentrate on the rhythm, and decide when to change it up. That way you don’t cum until I want you to. Don’t focus on the sex itself. Focus on me. Now fuck me.

I didn’t know what to say. He handed me some lube and bent over the arm of his couch. I coated my throbbing erection and began to part his ass. It felt to amazing as the tip of my cock brushed over his eager hole. He moaned. I slowly eased inside of him. He was tight. I backed out a little. Then I continued to ease inside him, then back out and in repeatedly until my entire shaft disappeared.

His cheeks felt amazing against my pubic area. My arms held him in a close ambrace, but I soon discovered that I needed to hold him differently in order to thrust properly. I held his hips at arms length and pulled him into my cock. Then I pushed him away. I carried the tempo this way, varying my speed in accordance with his movements and vocalizations. It felt amazing.

This man certainly knew how to fuck. I wanted to go full speed, but remembered that a slow build up is much more satisfying.

It wasn’t long until he was begging for my hands on his cock. I obliged. I cupped his testicles. Then I rubbed my hands up his shaft. Then I noticed a slight twitch as his dick expelled a great deal of semen. His ass muscles were spasming on my dick as he came. I couldn’t help but cum myself. I had never thought such a quantity of semen was possible. My orgasm lasted a good long time. His seemed to as well.

When we had finished, I cleaned him up a bit with my tongue. The semen had a different taste and texture than his pre-cum. It was wonderful. We lay there awhile, exhausted. Spent. I had finally shared the entirety of my being with another person, and it was magical.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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