A Present for Jenn Ch. 01

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Torrents of rain pelted the tin, corrugated rooftop of their rented bungalow. Jenn stood near the screened door, watching the slanted rivulets of water arc and splash against the lush tropical undergrowth. The temporary monsoon brought a cool breeze, erasing the day’s humidity, her thoughts were peaceful and mesmerized by nature’s simplicity, realizing she hadn’t been this relaxed in weeks.

Here there were no phones, no faxes, no belligerent clients, free from the confines of a bra or work clothes, Jenn’s skin luxuriated within the soft feel of his gift. Reaching to mid thigh, the see through silk negligee was perfectly naughty, wispy and intimate, a wonderful anniversary present.

She turned and walked past the circular glass table, a large wooden bowl held fresh local fruit: mangoes, bananas and papayas. Dominating the getaway’s interior was a large, canopied four poster bed, her eyes scanned along the pressed linen sheets, fluffed pillows and on the bedside table a tall pillared candle flickered, emitting the scent of almonds. Jenn smiled inwardly, he thought of everything.

The maple dresser had three long drawers and she adjusted the swiveled mirror, to remove her earrings and apply a fresh coat of pale red lipstick.

He emerged from the bathroom, an ethereal cloud of steam and familiar after shave wafted into the room. He flung the thick, damp towel over a wicker chair and stood behind her.

The mirror reflected a portrait of two smiling faces. His hands rested upon Jenn’s hips, languidly moving up across her ribcage to cup her soft ample breasts, his fingertips lightly caressing both erect nipples.

“Happy anniversary baby. Wow…you look good…”

“You…make me feel that way.” He leaned in, planting a soft kiss on her neck, she turned her head, providing all the access he needed, loving his warm lips there. Stealthily, his hands retreated, opening the collar of the gown and sensuously peeled the garment down and over her shoulders. Wantonly exposed, the silk fabric puddled around her ankles and in the mirror she watched Escort Bayan his eyes drink in her nakedness.

Spooning himself against Jenn his semi-hard penis lewdly pressed between fleshy alabaster cheeks, lips smoothly darted along her shoulder, leaving a moist trail leading towards her sensitive neck. Steadying herself, Jenn’s open fingers gripped the dresser’s top, sighing and relinquishing pent up desires inside her pubic mound, her feminine lust stirring.

She shivered as his teeth nibbled erotically on an exposed earlobe, “Mmm…baby…I could eat you up…” huskily whispering the invitation.

“Ohh…yes. I’d…let…you…” Jenn turned and on tip toes reached to kiss his full lips. Their mouths fused hungrily, tasting one another’s passion, the tip of her tongue aggressively darting into his mouth, their hands mutually roamed at will.

They danced, grinding their hips with a sexual need sans music and he waltzed his lover towards the bed.

Effortlessly, she floated down, her naked ass and legs touching the luxurious smooth sheets, fingers still interlocked with Don’s. They were completely free and completely alone and it felt close to heaven having all his attention. Jennifer scooted up into the center of the roomy bed, pulling until he plopped along side. The soft candle’s flame shone in her eyes.

“You look so relaxed baby…you’re all mine…” Don said and moved his lips onto hers’. Jenn’s stiffened tongue reached out, tasting and teasing. He kissed slowly, wanting to make her purr in that special way but her desire this evening was burning out of control. She moved her tongue in and out wetly, lightly nipping his pressing lips. Don’s fingers left her chin and brazenly caressed very hard nipples.

“Oh…I want you…so bad darling.” She rasped while he grasped each tip, pinching and feeling them swell. Jenn’s hand swarmed into his long hair, pulling him tightly against her. Their mouths opened and their love and passion was undeniable in the quiet, private room.

Don’s hand moved between her legs, palming the Escort warm, moist cleft, her smooth labia so open and inviting. Jenn willingly moved her thighs apart.

“Baby…I’ve got to taste you…” And slithering his body down across the bed, he rested on elbows, his eyes feasting on the magnificent pussy. His tongue darted out quickly to lick the engorged folds, dipping inward to taste Jenn’s sweet arousal.

“Mmm…so wet…and good. Sweet…” Her hips shuddered as Don’s pursed lips suckled her erect clit, igniting pure lust.

“Ohh…god…stop…I mean…please darling….come here and hold me…kiss me hard…” Don smiled at the urgency, dragging his mouth across her torso to hold his lover tightly and kiss her hard…as she asked. Jenn groaned, tasting her own nectar and gripped his arms and shoulders.

His stiff cock pressed against her hip, Don carefully maneuvered Jenn onto her side, planting warm kisses over her shoulders and neck. His chest hair rubbed sensuously across Jenn’s back, her fingers gripping the nearby pillow from his advances, wanting her man, needing him.

Don, lewdly grabbing his hardon, smacks its length across her exposed, fleshy ass, spanking the rippling flesh, a clear droplet of pre-cum oozing on her derriere.

“Do you want…my big cock…inside?” He whispers, his warm lips tantalizingly close to her ear.

“Oh. Mmm. You know I do…don’t tease me…” Jennifer sighs, bending her leg up, allowing him access. Don swabs the spongy head of his penis between swollen moist folds, pushing the large tip into the entrance of Jenn’s palace. His thickness burrows deeply into her warm cunt, accepting and gripping its girth. Fully impaled, they breathe together, cock and cunt deliciously pulsating as one.

“D-don’t move…yet. I love…this feeling… filled by you…”

“I love you baby…all of you” he complies to her wishes although difficult to remain still.

“I need you…now…” Don, being a visual man is permeated with visions and selfishly indulges one for a few mere seconds but the key Bayan Escort word is need. He knows her needs.

They had enjoyed a wonderful Friday evening, an unhurried Italian dinner and small intimate talk. In the bedroom, she is on her knees with Don behind. He glances in the dresser mirror; her magnificent breasts hang and sway, his glistening cock pistoning, Don’s thumb lightly swirls around the rim of her anus, sphincter muscles closing as she nears orgasm.

With short, firm strokes Don moves his cock in an out of Jenn’s wet tunnel, her breathing noticeably faster and loving the control. His hand smoothes along her hip, tummy and breasts, cupping her chin, fingertips caressing arid lips. Her tongue reaches out, flicking and kissing them.

Don’s hips swish upon the delicate sheets plunging his entire length deeper, searching for the core of her pleasure. A primal grunt escapes as he lunges forward; Jenn’s sweet breath is pushed from her lungs as his prick viciously pummels into her forcefully. Leaning closer his teeth sink into her shoulder flesh. He likes to leave a mark on his lover. Harder! Quicker! He likes his lover to be sore in the morning.

Fucking in perfect tandem they climb the ladder of ecstasy; oiled with her silkiness Don stabs his lustful member into Jenn’s clasping quim, her vaginal muscles fluttering. And she’s there.

“Ahh…ahh…oh Don…oh Don…fuck-k-k…meee!” Her body stiffens in a rapture of release, riding and pressing herself back; swallowing his meat; her high pitched screams and arousing scent fill the privacy of their bungalow. Jenn’s vocalized orgasm trigger his release. A rich feeling begins deep in his balls, slapping against her backside and torrents of white creamy essence spill inside his lover.

A sheen of perspiration cover the naked writhing pair, their legs and fingers interlocked in pure shared bliss, the bamboo ceiling fan cools their overheated exposed skin. They are alone in the world but their souls are one. Don’s hardness leisurely diminishes and slips from her wetness, languidly lying onto his back, Jenn’s slick froth coating his balls.

Her cunt pleasantly aches and longs to be filled; Jenn turns to face him, holding him tightly, “Again?”

His smile is one of euphoria.

~To Be Continued~

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