A Psychopath’s Direction: Chapter 1

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Hey all 🙂 new here, thought I would post this. I wrote this for Nanwrimo 2013, and it’s in very rough draft. In state of rewriting it and I thought I’d post chapter 1 here. Hope you guys enjoy.


It’s strange to think now how it will all end, you know. If you went up to me five years ago and say, “Hey, Paul. In five years time you’ll be doing fife in prison for forty odd counts of murder”, I would have laughed and ignored you. Or hell, punch you in the face. I’m that kind of guy, if you look at it. Well, whoever who had the balls to say that to my face will be laughing their ass off right now. Not to mention the guy would be filthy rich from doing some kind of psychic shit. Here I am, in the highest security cell, staring into the four most boring corners of the abyss trying to figure out what I’m doing here. That’s a lie. I know exactly why I am here. I just love to kill. But that is enough about me. You’re all wondering probably how this happened, and more importantly, why. I guess that is the main draw for why any of you would want to buy this book I guess? To look into the mind of a true killer. I’ll start from the beginning. This is going to be a long ride.


December 20th, 2013: The beginnings.

What an afternoon of doing fuck all. I had lost my job a few days ago you see, and I had to spend the day over at my parents. I had an apartment of my own my now due to the beautiful thing of flying the nest, but my younger brother Adam did not seem to want that luxury. He was too content staying at home, playing on his games. Oh yeah, my little brother is a HUGE gaming fanatic. Hell, I enjoy it too now and then. The odd gaming session of Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends, that kind of shit. I had to say, I admired my little brother for his dedication. He was still hell smart, even smarter than I was back in his age. I bid goodbye to my mother and walked the short road to my boy Greg’s house. It’s a pretty nice place, big and spacious for himself and his family. Adorable family in truth. His wife Marie is a knockout, I had to admit. The sun was shining brightly, which made a first; we had shit weather all week until now. It’s nice to have some sunlight in the day, especially since we barely get any sunlight at all, what with it being part of the fucking UK. I didn’t need to knock; we had a long standing arrangement of me just randomly waltzing into the place as though I owned it. Marie often joked on how I was her “second husband” since I was here that often. Fuck……what I wouldn’t have gave to have those firm legs wrapped around me. But that would never happen. I love Greg, and would do anything to protect him and his family.

“Hey man, it’s been a while.” Greg smiled broadly when he saw me. I loved his smile. We had been best friends now for twenty years, ever since we were in Year 9 like a spring chicken. Well built guy, but he in truth looked up to me. I wouldn’t say he tagged along after me, as I genuinely liked the guy. As we did our usual brother-hug and bumped fists, I got a great view of his wife Marie, dressed in her pink cocktail dress which gave me an amazing view of her cleavage.

“You guys don’t get into much trouble, I’m heading out with the girls,” Marie teased, as she sauntered past me to give her husband a loving kiss. If there was anyone who deserved happiness, it was those two, for definite. They met you see, at a tennis match at Wimbledon, some fifteen years ago….man. That sounds like so long ago now you think about it now. We were both younger and….I would say wiser. The past few years have not been kind to us, emotionally speaking.

“Where’s Amber?” I asked them, as Greg wrapped his arms around his lovely wife. Amber is their daughter, beautiful little thing. I’m sure she has already broken some hearts already, and will do for years to come.

“Oh, she’s round at a friends house. It’s great to see her doing so well.” Marie let out a gentle sigh before pecking Greg on the lips again and leaving. “Love you honey!” She sang out.

“Love ya too,” Greg replied, smirking. Lucky prick. He turned to face me. “Good to see you man, it’s been a while.” He handed me a can of Woodpecker cider which I happily accepted, and we went downstairs to his basement, where he had gaziantep escort all his gear. “I’m sorry to hear you lost your job, mate.”

I had to shrug. The guy was a complete asshole to be honest. I would have shoved a knife through his heart when he told me they were “letting me go”, but doing so there would have brought some shitty consequences. Greg revved up his computer and we went onto the site. Our fucking masterpiece. Greg is a motherfucking legend on the computers, even better then I am…..like christ. He works in some computing company where they build gaming systems, and he has a shitton of money to do this kind of thing. Oh yes. We got onto the website, which we had been controlling for twelve years now. In truth I’m shocked it hasn’t been seized by the feds, but Greg just loved keeping them on their toes.

“Here, this is what I wanted to show you.” Greg showed me his email, filled with requests. A couple were just recommendations from some other idiots about other snuff sites. Some were a few videos sent to us of the fans, we had a huge fanbase. Nothing massive or really messed up, just a couple of amateur happy slappings. Pathetic. we sneered at bit of this and went to the good stuff. Mainly this email by some guy in the United States. I admit, my jaw dropped.

“This guy wants a private film for….how much?” I was fucking shocked. But there it was. We make a heck of a lot on this snuff site, and usually we put them up for around two to three thousand pounds a head. But this guy was offering to pay….

“Thats right, my friend,” Greg smiled shyly. “Fifteen big ones.” The plan was simple. He got the basic script from the contact, and what kind of people he wanted. Easy enough, the streets are usually crawling with filth this time of year. He wanted violent and fucked up things to happen to them, which again, fine with me. We’re pretty used to it by now. We’re professionals in that we know the score.

“So…he wants a real father and daughter snuff scene?” I smiled as I read the buyers demands. I don’t mind doing that. It was Greg’s idea to start charging for personal requests, just over two years ago. I was really impressed with his acumen, but It’s Greg after all. I’m not really surprised, but we went along with it. It’s an amazing thing, how much people are willing to pay to satisfy their own perverted desires, but it’s good money and we were able to keep up with the supply and demand.

“Yeah. Ivone was shaking with happiness when I told him. You know what hes like.”

Ah yes. Ivone. Ivone was the other piece in our little trinity. BIG ukrainian guy, massive beast of a man. Bit of a creepy guy in truth, but he’s a good laugh, and surprisingly helpful to the family. My mother was originally a bit….should I say….apprehensive, when I first introduced the big twat to my family? But he soon had her relaxed and laughing with his charm, and he has helped out my poor fat dad with his work. He’s pretty helpful to be honest. Completely messed in the head though. I wouldn’t mess with him, ever.

“Well, I’m going to head back to mine and get a shower, get changed. It’s same place isn’t it? Your warehouse?”

“Yeah, you know the drill. Seven in the evening good for you?” Greg replied. I nodded and picked up my bag. “I’ll see you there soon my man. Oh…and Ivone already has the victims locked up tight.” I was giddy with excitement. In three or so hours, we would be £15,000 richer for the work of killing a few little faggots. I wondered what it’d be like fucking this girl. Greg mentioned Ivone already had the targets at the film set, so I decided to just go with it.

I dressed and grabbed a burger from some nigga’s van this morning, it tasted rank. Stupid fucker, it wasn’t even cooked!. He just stood there blinking at me with those fucking slant eyes of his when I asked for my order, then began spouting some shit in that vile swill of his when I started complaining about how terrible it tasted. If I wasn’t in so much of a hurry I would have driven my fist down his throat, but I had to leave without punching the twat in the face. I was in a pissed off mood by the time I got into my car, and I ended up throwing the burger away. There goes £5 already, what a fucking rip off

We got down to business pretty quick, dressed in our robes and masks as requested. The stars this time were some legal girl, her dad and some guy who could only be the whores boyfriend. He was crying and screaming like a girl the whole time. It really pissed me off so I hit him across the head with my fist to get him to shut up, but he kept crying. The dad was pretty boring, he just sat there catatonic. I’m pretty sure he was high on drugs otherwise he would be screaming and moaning like the other two. The girl was pretty cute though, long auburn hair, button nose, perky tits. Her hands were tied with cheese wire because she kept trying to hit Ivone….bad move, as Ivone was built like a truck. Not even I would want to get into a fight with him that badly. Geoff and couple of the Polish guys had her dressed in a skimpy schoolgirls costume for the set, she looked pretty damn good. If I wasn’t already going to be fucking Tara tonight I would have got stuck in on that bitch’s asshole, but that was Ivone’s job, not mine. Was never really my fancy, doing this. I prefer ending people’s shitty lives, not ruining them by raping them. Although, this girl was something I may have been persuaded to change my stance.

Tara…..I haven’t mentioned her yet. She’s my bit on the side. Sexy asian lass, great rack, a firebomb in bed. I’ll get to her later.

The script was easy enough when we looked at it. This new buyer really has a thing for incest it seemed, as he wanted the father to fuck his daughter up the ass in front of the boyfriend. He initially refused to do it (don’t know why, his daughter is fit as), Ivone dealt with the pathetic little faggot soon enough. “Either you fuck her, or I fuck her with this,” He grinned, holding up a baseball bat. I had to laugh at his bluntness. So he shut up like a good boy, and he let us inject him with bull viagra to get him to co-operate. I had to laugh when he tore off his jeans, his cock was really small! Was only five inches or so when erect, god it was tiny. I told Ivone even he had a bigger one then that, he just glared at me and punched the daughter in the face, as if it was her fault. Now, that was a little harsh. “It’s not her fault you have a small knob!” I teased Ivone. He glared at me but grinned, it was part of our act. We got the girl to bend over the table easily enough, though Ivone had to hit her a few times in the face to do it, flipping that miniskirt up. It was pretty thrilling, as we had the boyfriend tied up on the chair, he was writhing so much, screaming and crying. Poor guy, he must have really loved that bitch. The dad was like a bull the way he was fucking her, his hands were wrapped around her throat, so tightly as he squeezed her like a vice. The bitch was turning blue, screaming and writhing, begging her daddy to stop as blood poured from her busted nose. She didn’t look so cute anymore after Ivone broke it for her, damn twat. I would personally had kept her looking pretty for the camera, but it wasn’t my business. Ivone kept it going by screaming “Beg your precious, sweet daddy to fuck you harder, sweetheart!” There was blood dripping from her ass onto the floor where her father was fucking her, she was getting torn up! Man, it looked amazing. Tara was going to feel it tonight, I knew it. It looked as though her father wasn’t getting it from his wife, the way he was just battering her back door in.

At this point the boyfriend was thrashing about like a fucking eel, screaming like a banshee, trying, trying, getting us to stop, but the script didn’t want to intervene too much, and Geoff didn’t once step in to change anything we did. He trusted us enough to know; we were professionals at the job, after all. It was relaxing almost, the way he was crying. I couldn’t blame the lad to be honest; he looked pretty weedy, small arms, really weak chest. I keep myself trim and buff by going to the gym most days, and this guy pissed me off. By the time the drugs wore off, the daddy was a mess. Shit and blood all over his hands and cock, the smell was vile. His girl a sobbing, moaning lump upon the table. The stench was foul…..I’d thought people had the decency to wash this time in the morning. Ivone did say they had been kept at the warehouse overnight, but god I wish they had showered afterwards. At this point, the drugs we pumped him with were starting to wear off, and the look of horror on his face was highly amusing. the dad started crying at his girl, trying to hug her, comfort her, but she just flinched away, screaming at him to fuck off and leave her. as if she would let him anywhere near her at that point! It was pretty fucking funny, let’s be honest. The script said the contact didn’t care what happened to them afterwards as long as it was entertaining, so we got the tools out. I got to work on the dad, while Ivone wrapped barbed wire around his cock, all the while grinning in that insane way of his, saying it was the boyfriend’s turn. The blood went rushing out of his face when he said that….it was as though he didn’t know what was happening to him. Erm…..you’ll finally get yourself fucked, you puff, because I doubt that pretty girl would let you ram your little pencil into her cunt.

I took the dad over to the side, in front Geoff’s camera and started smacking him across the face with the knife, the cuts deep across his cheeks. The sound was ear-splitting, as Ivone was raping the guy anally, laughing like a hyena and telling him he was going to love it. Judging by his demented screams, he hated it… he sounded like a pig stuck in a fence. The girl was just lying there, half conscious, whispering that she hated her daddy. That pissed me off, to be honest. I love my family, and even though my dad’s an idiot, always fucked up on painkillers and generally a loon, he’s still my dad and I love the old bastard. I threw the father on the ground and rammed the knife right up her cunt, that got her screaming right quick. Her dad wouldn’t do that to her would he? I shouted at her, blood oozing from her hole. This point the guy who Ivone was sodomizing had passed out, and he had wrapped a plastic bag over his head. That got Geoff to start filming that happy ending of his life, so I decided to make it finish for this girl too. In truth, I didn’t feel a flicker of emotion for any of them, but it was a shame I felt for her to die without one of us fucking her. I signalled to one of the our boys, a geeky Polish guy filming our end (Ramon, I think his name was, don’t know him that well), to film her demise, while I switched places with Ivone. I finished choking the boyfriend (never knew his name in the end. None of their names meant anything to me. I was getting paid this time, why the fuck would I want to know their names?) His body went limp, the bag wrapped tightly around his nose. It was drenched with blood when it was done, his neck blue where I had finished the job, strangling the guy. Guy was a bit of a kindness, his dick was tiny. His poor testicles were bruised and swollen where Ivone had squeezed them, that explained the pig squealing! By this point I was pretty wiped out, so I told Geoff I was done for the day and left them to it. When I was getting changed, last I saw was Ivone pouring petrol over the family members, chanting that he was going to “light their fire.” He was always a bit of a depraved fuck, but it’s why I keep him around. It was an insanely long night. I needed to sleep, but overall I was pretty pleased with how it went.

The night was cool when left the warehouse; I had to shower first, just to wash the blood and filth off me. It was quite enthralling, I had to say. It was pretty exhausting, but intense, not like the last one we made…that one was just of a couple of hobos we picked up, lured with the promise of a hot meal….dumb shits. I got so bored during that I even left halfway through. Got a phone call from Geoff at 1pm, he said the contact loved the film! The money went into our accounts and we’d meet up to split it. Fifteen thousand pounds for an hour’s work. not going to complain. At this point my stomach began to hurt. Damn that fucking burger! I had to sprint into a urinal to hurl up, it was horrible. No wonder, the meat was raw. There was the raw chunks of horsemeat on the ground when it was finished…I felt like crap. Had to go home and crash. Phoned my parents, let them know how I was, they worry about me a bit too much. I couldn’t tidy the room tonight…..actually I’m going to go and sleep. Phoned Tara and told the bitch to come around first thing tomorrow morning instead of tonight, I just couldn’t perform. She was soothing, told me she’d come around soon as. Understanding girl…. It’s Christmas Eve, could do with some fun. Still, Fifteen Thousand pounds…..That’s my holiday sorted. All I need to do now, is decide where to go. Maybe I should go back to Amsterdam. Tara did mention she wanted to go.

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