A Quiet Night In

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The night was late, and quiet. Everyone was asleep in her house as Ali put the DVD in the player under the modest TV at the foot of her bed. She lay back on top of the comfy brown doona to see what this mystery movie was all about. Her husband was off on a fishing trip with his mates for the weekend and had left a DVD in a blank case covered in red rose petals sitting on her pillow.

What he hadn’t realised was that Ali was having her friend Cloud over for a little girl time tonight. While they started off the Friday night slowly flipping through magazines and listening to music things turned rowdy when they got back from dinner at the pizzeria. Between the two of them they had finished nearly 3 bottles of champagne and after an hour of dancing and singing to pink and the Back Street Boys the result of Cloud passed out on the lounge downstairs was inevitable. While Ali herself was by far the better at handling the alcohol all those bubbles had definitely gone to her head and when she stumbled into her room and saw the surprise her curiosity was peaked. As she lay back Ali checked to make sure the door was shut and pressed play on the remote.

There was a naked woman sitting on a lounge. She was very pretty, and looked to be in her twenties. She was touching herself. Ali watched as she smooshed her breasts together and gently squeezed her nipples. She seemed to be enjoying it immensely. An authoritative voice started to speak, he was describing her fantasies. The woman then brought her hands down to her hairless vagina and began to slide her finger up and down her wet slit. The camera started to pull back, and there were two beautiful young girls on the floor in front of her, naked, kissing and fondling each other. Doing exactly what the deep voice was describing as the woman’s fantasy.

The movie went on, the voice giving play by play commentary on what the two girls were doing, as the beautiful mystery woman continued to masturbate. She had never seriously thought of herself as bisexual, but the sight of it all got Ali very excited and her breathing quickened noticeably. Watching the woman touch herself so sensually was getting her aroused. It was voyeur, being able to spy on someone in their most intimate moments, and get into their head. She had often wondered what other people thought about when they masturbated and now there was a voice telling her exactly what the woman was thinking as she touched herself.

Gradually more people started to fill the room, as more of her fantasies were brought into play. There was a muscular black man getting his big cock sucked by a gorgeous young blonde girl, and in a corner another beautiful woman passionately rode what the narrator described as a sybian machine like it was a wild bronco. Ali had never even heard of a sybian but from the look on the woman’s face she wanted to try it. Back on the lounge the woman was now dipping her fingers in and out of her vagina, stopping only to rub furiously on her clit while pinching her nipples with the other hand. Her face was wrenched in glorious pleasure, and Ali loved the abandon she saw in those eyes.

It may have been the alcohol, or the fact it felt so naughty but Ali felt her own excitement build, and she couldn’t contain herself any longer. Clumsily she stripped naked and laid back on her bed, watching as the woman fucked herself with her hand. While beginning to touch herself, Ali imagined that she was part of this woman’s fantasy, and she was hers, and they were fucking themselves for each other.

The exciting thought of someone, a woman, watching her was making Ali’s head spin with lust. If only her husband were here. She knew she would do anything he wanted right now. She felt a climax bahis siteleri building inside of her, more powerful than ever before and she began to mimic the woman on the screen. She pulled her fingers from her wet pussy and started to lick them. Ali did the same. The new taste of her own juices in her mouth made her feel even dirtier. She had never tasted anything so arousing.

Again watching the screen Ali pretended that she was licking the juices from the woman’s fingers and she from her own. Her whole body was covered by a thin layer of sweat, and she began to shake, becoming aware of every part of her body right down to her toes. Every part of her seemed to be gathering pleasure and directing it towards her pussy. Ali wanted to come for this woman. Ali needed the woman to see her cum for her.

She was completely lost in her fantasy and arousal, on the verge of cumming when Ali dropped her head to the side and caught a glimpse of Cloud standing in the doorway.

“Oh no, Cloud!” Ali cried. She had been so engrossed in the movie she hadn’t even noticed the door slowly open or the slight frame silhouetted by the faint hallway light.

Ali felt her whole body become flushed with embarrassment, as she fumbled to turn off the television and cover herself at the same time. Her happy drunkenness disappearing as she wished at that moment the bed would have swallowed her up.

“Cloud what are you doing? Please leave! PLEASE!” she began to shout. Feeling almost on the edge of tears until she saw her friend’s hand sliding up her flat belly from the pink boxers she had lent her.

They stood in silence for a moment examining each other before Cloud broke the tension. “You’re so hot Ali. And what you’re watching was amazing. I’m sorry I intruded but I couldn’t help myself.”

Ali’s eyes were glued to her friend’s small hand pressed tightly to her belly. The pink nail polish on her short nails still glistened brightly with moisture for its previous activity. Without words Ali motioned for her friend to come to her, to join her on the bed.

Laughing softly to settle her nerves Cloud quickly slipped the pink boxers down her slender legs to the ground and pulled her white tank top over her head. As she kicked the pile of clothes away she stood in front of one of her best friends, naked as could be, letting Ali take her turn to view her.

When Ali once again motioned for her, Cloud quickly crossed the floor and joined her on the doona. Kicking her feet up as she lay down next to her blonde friend.

“So what were you watching? It looked interesting,” Cloud said, grabbing the remote from the bed and turning the TV back on.

Ali immediately felt all the embarrassment come rushing back as the woman reappeared, fucking herself in the middle of her virtual orgy; But this time the embarrassment was overpowered by lust.

The woman was still alone on the lounge. Her legs spread obscenely wide allowing the girls a perfect view of fingers sliding up and down her slit. Through the DVD quality sound they could actually hear her heavy breathing, the two girls kissing in the background, the muscular man getting his dick sucked, the buzz of the sybian machine and even the wet slurpy sound of the beautiful woman’s fingers sliding deep into her pussy. She would use her palm to massage her clit whilst pushing one, two or even three fingers into her pussy. The woman would bring her fingers out and slide them up and down her slit through her puffy pink lips. Letting one finger occasionally explore further down past her pussy to her tight pink rose bud of her bottom. Sliding a wet finger into her ass while the other two slithered into her pussy seeking her G spot again, and moaning canlı bahis siteleri as she found it.

They spent the next few minutes watching the movie in silence. The two girls on screen were now on top of each other in the missionary position with a double ended dildo connecting them. The muscular man to the right was grunting while he held the slender girl’s head still as he moved his dick in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat. Ali thought the girl was enjoying it too because she was moaning and rubbing herself hard. The woman to the left on the sybian machine was on to her third orgasm and was screaming, they could actually see her juices flowing to the floor.

And their woman was still alone on the lounge fucking her fingers with her eyes closed while listening to the male voice narrate the sex scenes. Ali was getting very excited and she could feel Cloud shifting around on the bed, pulling her thoughts away from the movie as she wondered if her friend was getting just as excited as she was. It was passing strange to be there, doing what they were. She was a flirt and had often talked and chatted with women on but to actually be experiencing it, no loving it.

Cloud shifted around on the bed again, and pulled Ali back to reality, forcing her to realise that she was now very turned on. She noticed Cloud was very caught up in the movie, and she could now see she her small chest rising and falling quickly. Although she knew her friend was beautiful Ali noticed, maybe for the first time how sexy she was. Even in the light from the TV her lithe figure and firm skin looked amazing, her dark hair was long and Ali’s skin tingled where her friend’s hair fell across her shoulder to contrast with her blonde. Looking down she started to compare their bodies understanding what men saw that made them so erotic. Her hips were shapelier and her nipples, lighter than her friends stood out proudly on her chest. Moving past their erect points she examined her friend’s small patch of dark hair above her vagina shaped like a landing strip. She had only recently waxed hers clean and thought she might try a shape next time.

Lost in the sight of her friend’s body she began to imagine Cloud touching herself. She imagined them touching themselves together. She wanted to watch Cloud like she watched the woman on the movie, and Ali wondered if her friend had been watching her for long. She wondered if Cloud had ever tasted herself, and what she tasted like. Even in the cold night air Ali began to sweat, and her whole body started to tingle. She felt her pussy buzzing and she let out a loud sigh, she needed relief quickly.

“Cloud?” Ali asked rolling onto her side facing her friend, causing her to break her intense stare from the television and turn on to her side to look back at her.


“I want to see you.” She couldn’t believe what she was saying, out loud, to one of her friends!

Cloud didn’t say anything for what seemed like hours and just as Ali parted her lips to take it back she put a finger over her mouth and draped her leg across Ali’s. “I saw you. It was very exciting. I want you to see me too.”

She watched as Cloud licked her fingers and hesitantly brought them down to her nipples. She looked right at Ali the whole time, like the two women on the movie as she pinched first the left nipple with her moist fingers then the right one, moaning quietly.

Ali almost came right there as they looked into each others eyes, the tension and passion in the room boiling around her belly. Following Cloud’s example she licked her fingers before sliding them down her neck to her breasts. Watching her friend she rolled her nipples one at a time between her fingers, canlı bahis massaging her whole breast with the palm of her hand as she teased herself in reflection of her friend. Dragging her fingers across the tender nipples both girls tenderised their breasts with both hands as their moaning grew louder, their inhibitions falling to their lust.

“Watch me,” is all Ali heard as she saw Cloud’s bangle covered hand fall from her breast and slide down her tanned tummy past her belly button to disappear between her legs. She lifted herself up on an elbow so she could see what her friend was doing. Watching as her fingers danced over her clit like it was piano, dipping her fingers into her slit up to her knuckles like a well of passion and struggling to hold her eyes open as she moaned. Ali was shaking with sexual excitement and as she watched, Cloud brought her fingers back to her mouth and sucked them clean.

“Oh wow,” Ali whispered. “Cloud, this is so hot.”

She could feel the juices in her pussy practically leaking out and she leaned over further to watch the other girl fuck herself with two fingers. She couldn’t wait anymore and brought her own hand to her smooth pussy. Letting her own fingers seek out the throbbing clit and as soon as her fingers touched it she almost came, it felt that good.

Cloud reacted by rubbing herself faster to catch up. Without speaking they both knew they wanted to come together, looking into each others eyes.

Ali flattened her finger on her clit, rubbing it in little circles while her other hand slowly slid two fingers down towards the entrance of her pussy. Her fingers felt warm wetness grow the further they travelled until she thrust them into her dripping pussy. Her hips bucked as she forced two fingers into herself, easily slipping them in up to the knuckle, searching for the G spot. Cloud made to copy her as they lay on their backs with knees bent, their sides touching and one leg intertwined.

They each had one hand on their clits and the other inside their pussies. Their moaning increased and the room stank like sex as their hips began to move in unison, bucking down on to their fingers in time. All the sensations their bodies were receiving was pushing them close to sensory overload, their wet hands and warmth of someone else’s body escalating their desire.

Ali turned her head to find Cloud staring back at her, watching the pleasure on her face and as she moaned Ali felt her own climax begin to build deep inside her body.

“I’m going to cum,” Ali breathed.

“Cum with me,” Cloud moaned.

Spurred on by her friend, Ali squeezed her clit between her fingers as she thrust her fingers into herself deeply, falling over the edge as she felt Cloud cry out. Her body shook. She couldn’t breathe and her hips were moving involuntarily as the powerful orgasm exploded deep inside her belly sending her whole body tingling. The sensation was amazing, and Ali’s orgasm seemed to go on for hours. While she was still cumming she felt Cloud’s leg tighten around her own. She opened her eyes to see the girl cry out in a deep moan, shattered by short gasps of air as she came as well, her body shaking and her eyes closed so tightly they started to water and tiny tears fell down her cheeks.

Ali was overcome at the sensuality of the moment and without thought grabbed the camera off her bedside table. Quickly she snapped photos of Clouds face in her moment of pure bliss, capturing her forever at her most honest and vulnerable. She saw Clouds eyes open and her mouth form a soft smile when she recognised the camera in her hand. They came down from their highs to realise that the movie had long been finished and the time was nearing three in the morning. Snuggling that little bit closer the girls felt secure in their nakedness and hugged like only people who will be friends for life can. With a quick kiss they held each other and closed their eyes, this time for sleep.

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