A Siblings Love Tale. Pt. 04

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Finger Fuck

To those of you who have read the previous chapters, Welcome back.

To those of you who have not, Welcome, although I strongly advise you to go read them before continuing here. If you are not a fan of gay male content then steer clear of part two.

Now, let’s get on with it shall we?


After a great afternoon of relaxation in the garden we came in and each gave a hand with the preparation of dinner. After we ate we cleared up and washed the dinner things. Once done we adjourned to the family room to watch a movie together. We all had a thing for fiction, so the choice for this evening’s viewing was ‘Upsidedown’.

Vanessa had gone from the kitchen to made a quick call to Aunt Rhoda to let her know that it was ok for them to come visit and then came through to join us.

When the movie was over Kim got up, took my hand and pulled me to my feet. She led me to her bedroom where she pushed me down on the bed and lay down beside me on her side with her head propped up on her hand, she placed the other on my chest and started gently pulling my chest hairs.

She stared into my eyes and said “I love you John. If you weren’t my brother I would want to marry you. I know that you being with Sammi most of the time feels right to all of us, but, this is how I feel and I can’t help it.”

She leaned forward and kissed me passionately. I wasn’t really shocked by what she had said; I guess I sort of already knew. I slipped my one arm under her and brought the other over so I could pull her down and held her tight against me while we kissed. Feeling her soft breasts against my side and chest got me aroused.

After kissing me she resumed her previous position at my side. She slowly glanced down from my face to my chest and finally at my cock which was now hard, it was lying with the head resting just below my belly button. She moved her hand down and ran her fingernails up and down the under side of it.

“I love you too.” I whispered in her ear. Not because of what she was currently doing to me, but because it was true. She had always been my favorite sister. I loved her slightly mischievous personality.

She rolled onto her back. “Put that in me.” She ordered. I rolled on top of her and obliged.

She bent her knees to change the angle of her pussy to make for better penetration. I thrust my pelvis while alternating between kissing her lips, her neck, her breasts and sucking on her nipples. When she was about to cum I felt her nails first dig then pull down my back. It didn’t feel like she had broken skin but it still caused me to arch my back pushing my cock deeper into her. Her orgasm was the most intense one I had seen or felt her experience yet. Moments after her, I shot my load, causing her to climax again.

She lowered her leg and pushed me to the side, yet clung to me so she could roll with me. We lay on our sides facing each other her hand finding mine and guiding it to her breast. My cock still inside her, but not for long as I could feel it softening and slipping out slowly.

I woke up in that same position the next morning although my hand had slipped down from her breast and lay between us. I never moved, just lay there watching her sleep. When Kim finally did open her eyes she smiled lifted her head and kissed me. A closed mouth yet lingering kiss. Then she rolled away, got off the bed and went down the hallway towards the bathroom. I heard the shower being turned on just before the bathroom door closed. A mutual signal for all to stay out.

The following 2 weeks went by fairly quickly. Our new lifestyle had taken a bit of getting used to but it seemed we were all adjusting quite fine. Though Kim was finding it a bit difficult having to share me it appeared that she was starting to deal with it. She loved all of us. She wasn’t the type of person who let something bother her for long.

During those weeks nights with Sammi weren’t anything really special, mostly we talked and cuddled. We made love. We slept. Waking up next to someone was still a good feeling. The first Tuesday night I went with Judy, her attempt at sucking my cock ended up in a giggling session so we decided to give it a miss for the time being and went for doggy style given the position she was already in. Then we cuddled and fell asleep. The second Tuesday I went with Val. She wanted to do it while spooning which is how we ended up sleeping all night. I liked this position because it was comfortable for both of us.

Wednesday I fell asleep on the carpet in the family room while watching TV. I woke in the morning with a cover over me. I had been left there. The first Friday I went with Jessy, she just wanted to fall asleep in my arms, the same with Vanessa the following Friday. The first Saturday I opted (involuntarily) for the family room carpet again. The second Saturday I slept in Kim’s room. We made out, made love and slept. That Sunday was the day that Aunt Rhoda and the twins had said they would be arriving.

“That must be Aunt mardin seks hikayeleri Rhoda!” Sammi exclaimed as the intercom for the gate buzzed. They were right on time since the drive was about ten hours. It was now four in the afternoon and they had said that they would leave their place at five in the morning only stopping along the way for breakfast and refueling. Sammi got up from her chair, went over to the intercom. The tiny monitor above showed us who was there so we didn’t have to actually talk to anyone at the gate if we didn’t want to. She pressed the button to open the gate and walked out to the garage. We followed close behind.

“It always gets me,” Aunt Rhoda said as she was getting out of her Bentley “the way you guys just come out of the house with nothing on. You’ve been doing it for years but obviously with us not seeing you often we kind of forget the experience.”

She kissed and hugged each of us closely followed by the twins Melanie and Lisa. Then she moved round to open the trunk so that ‘us strong boys’ could bring their suitcases into the house. Once inside and in their temporary rooms, Aunt Rhoda and the twins made quick work of removing their clothes. They always loved it when they came here so that they could be free.

For a woman of forty five Aunt Rhoda still had a good body. Being petite worked to her advantage since everything was still quite tight and in place. So far gravity was fighting a losing battle with her. Her daily yoga routine was also a huge help in that department and from the looks of their physiques, the twins were probably taking part too. The last time we had seen them was almost two years ago, they had both been a bit chubby, Melanie a bit more than Lisa. Now there were only feint signs of their previous weight issues.

Melanie was currently about two or three pounds over her ideal weight which barely showed at all even though she was as petite as her mother. Lisa was maybe four or five pounds over her ideal but being less petite than her mom and sister it showed even less. In fact both of them now looked quite shapely.

“Thank you for giving up you room for me Vanessa.” Aunt Rhoda said as she came back into the family room “Are you going to share a bed with Jessy again?” she asked.

“Yes aunt Rhoda.” Vanessa replied.

“What about you John where are you going to sleep now that you’ve given up your room for the twins?” She asked me.

“Kim says she doesn’t mind sharing a bed with me. She says I sleep like the dead.” I replied.

“Naked?” she asked looking a bit surprised.

Now it was Kim’s turn to reply. “Naked or with something on, it doesn’t really make any difference. To us naked is normal.”

“Oh, ok.” She said simply.

The rest of the afternoon was spent catching up. I discovered that seeing my cousins and Aunt naked didn’t have the same effect on me as what seeing my sisters had. Although I had to work hard to keep from getting an erection each time I saw one of my sisters pussies from a new angle.

Jason hadn’t dealt so well with it at all so he went to his room to hide his embarrassment, and his hard on, shortly after seeing his cousins naked in our new circumstance. I went after him about ten minutes later to find out what was wrong since he didn’t normally disappear when any of our relatives were here.

“Hey, what’s up?” I asked as I walked into his room.

His face went red as his hand quickly moved to cover his erection that I had already seen as I was asking.

“Oh come on.” I said “I’ve seen it in that state before. Who’s it for?”

“Lisa.” He replied shyly. “When she walked in naked it just got hard.”

Admittedly Lisa was quite stunning. She was a pale skinned no freckles redhead. Her neatly trimmed pubic hairs as red as the hair on her head. Her pussy had about an eighth of an inch of inner lips peeping out between the outer. Although her body was fairly petite, it was well formed. Better than her moms and her sisters even though they had nice bodies. Lisa’s breasts were bigger and her ass was rounder.

Thinking about this got me slightly aroused, so I pushed the though out of my mind so as not to give myself an erection.

“Why don’t you go sort yourself out in the bathroom. Then come back and join us.” I suggested as I turned to go join the others.

As I walked down the hallway I heard Jason move around on his bed. The footsteps behind me told me he had been getting off to go do as I suggested.

“Aunt Rhoda says that her and the twins are going to go into town. There are a few things they need to get before everything closes.” Val said to me as I walked back in.

“I’ll come with!” Sammi exclaimed getting to her feet. “There are a few things I still need to get for the house. I forgot them when we were in town this morning.”

Aunt Rhoda and the twins followed Sammi. Each of them going to their rooms to get dressed for town.

“What’s with Jason?” Val asked quietly once they were out of earshot.

“He had an embarrassing episode over Lisa.” I replied equally as quiet.

“I thought so.” She said. “I think Lisa noticed.”

“What makes you think that?” Kim asked her.

“I saw her blush just as Jason walked out.” Val whispered. “Plus her nipples got hard.”

Just then Sammi came back in. Not long after her the twins followed by Aunt Rhoda.

“I’m not sure what all you need to do Sammi but we should be done in about an hour to an hour and a half.” Aunt Rhoda said.

“I should be done by then.” She replied followed with “Would you guys mind getting dinner started?”

“Sure.” Replied Lisa.

We all got up to go get dinner started while they left for town.

Once they were out the yard Judy asked “Do you think we can get them in on what’s going on here?” then she added hesitantly “You know. For Jason.”

“I am sure I could get Lisa in.” Val said confidently. “We always shared a bed when we were younger. I will see if she will come share mine tonight.”

“Good idea. Melanie and I have always been quite close too, so I’ll see what I can do with her.” I added.

Judy who had been quietly listening to this suddenly spoke. “I will go see what I can do to help Jason so that he can at least be sociable when they return.” She walked out of the kitchen in search of him.

“How on earth do you think you are going to get Melanie in on this?” Val asked me.

“I don’t know. I will have to think of something.” I replied adding, “If I don’t manage to come up with anything by the morning I will let you know.”

When the others came back from town Val spoke to Lisa about sharing the bed with her and she agreed, sounded quite excited in fact. She immediately went to move her things across to Val’s room.

That night while I lay in bed with Kim I bounced possible ideas of how to draw Melanie in. After a while we dozed off having not reached any conclusion, only for me to wake up a short time later in need of the toilet.

I trundled off to the bathroom in my half awake state. When I returned I crawled under the cover and snuggled up to Kim who was lying on her side so we were now spooning. I put my arm over her and cupped her breast. I felt her ass push back against my crotch and she slowly ground it against my cock. Soon after I felt her leg lift slightly and her hand reach for my cock between her legs. Then I felt her guide it to the opening of her pussy. As soon as the head touched I pushed gently to help get it in. She pushed back, her pussy sliding over my cock like a glove over a hand. She was really wet.

There was no need for me to do any of the work since she was thrusting like there was no tomorrow, but I thrust my hips trying hard to match her pace. Feeling her body tense up and her pussy contracting round my cock sent me over the edge. As my cock started pulsating and squirting my cum inside her she quickly pulled away from me. My cock continued shooting it’s load which I could only assume was splattering all over her ass or the bottom sheet.

After a few minutes she moved closer to me and we drifted off to sleep.

When I opened my eyes in the morning Melanie was lying there staring at my face with a smile on her lips. Slowly looking around I noticed that I was on my bed in my own room. With a start I propped myself up on my elbow. Melanie just kept watching me with that smile. Before either of us could say anything I heard a voice speak from the doorway.

“I see you figured out a way.” Kim said to me.

It was Melanie’s turn to be startled. I turned my head to see Kim walking slowly towards us.

“Don’t panic Melanie.” Kim said in a soothing voice as she approached the bed. “We have been trying to work out how we could introduce you to our new lifestyle. I hope Val has succeeded with Lisa.”

When Kim reached the bed she lifted the cover and got in behind me. She pulled gently on my shoulder which gave me the idea that she wanted me to lay on my back; so I did. Under the cover her hand moved down to stroke my cock which had become erect the moment I had seen Melanie smiling at me.

“Why don’t you give me a hand with this Melanie?” Kim coaxed.

Melanie hesitantly moved her hand towards my cock which was now firmly in Kim’s grasp. As her hand reached it I felt Kim release her hold and intertwine her fingers with Melanie’s. My cock was now between the palms of their hands. Their fingers through the gaps between each others. Their thumbs wrapped around the base. Together they stroked it. Both girls on either side of me each propped up on an elbow looking into each others eyes over me.

“Lean forward.” Kim whispered to Melanie. Melanie obeyed. Kim leaned forward and kissed Melanie gently on the lips. Both of them keeping their eyes open. They slowly pulled away from each other staring into each others eyes. Kim broke her gaze and leaned down to kiss me. I felt her lips part as she slid her tongue into my mouth. A few seconds later she pulled away to resume her previous position.

“Your turn.” She said to Melanie who immediately started dipping her head towards mine.

Our lips met, and as with Kim, I felt hers part. I pushed my tongue out between mine to meet with hers. We kissed for much longer than Kim and I had. My eyes had automatically closed when our lips met, so when our kiss ended I opened them and saw that her eyes were closed.

“What’s going on here?” the voice startled all three of us even though it hadn’t been loud. We all looked towards the door to see Jessy looking in at us.

We all sat up. Kim pulled her legs towards her and crossed them patting the bed in front of her. “Come sit.” She instructed Jessy.

Jessy came in and sat down just in front of Kim’s legs.

“As you can see Melanie is now ‘one of us’.” She explained “Hopefully Val has turned Lisa and we need to figure out how to get Aunt Rhoda in.” She finished.

“When I walked past Val’s door there was quite a bit of squirming going on under the covers.” Said Jessy. It wasn’t confirmation, but it seemed good enough. “As for Aunt Rhoda. Let me worry about that. We’ve had something going for the past three years.” She finished shyly.

We all raised our eyebrows to this. I suddenly remembered Jessy’s trip to visit them three years previously. Aunt Rhoda lived on the southern coast. She had a lovely house that overlooked a horseshoe shaped stretch of beach in an alcove. No other houses overlooked that stretch but unfortunately it wasn’t a private beach. Aunt Rhoda had set the wheels in motion to change that.

“You and my mom?” Melanie gasped. That was all she could manage. I guessed that she had never expected her mom to do something like that.

Kim grabbed her arm in excitement. “Tell us about it!” She pleaded.

Jessy looked over at Melanie. “Do you mind?” she asked her.

“I’m not so sure I want to hear this.” Melanie said doubtfully.

Just then Aunt Rhoda walked passed the door. She glanced in and saw all of us sitting there. Melanie, Kim and myself sitting with the cover pulled up to our waists and Jessy sitting on top of it. She turned, came to the door and asked “Is this a private party or can anyone join in?”

“We were just coming to get breakfast started.” Jessy said. “We were catching up with Melanie first.” She stood up and walked to the door. As she walked passed Aunt Rhoda, I saw Aunt Rhoda give her bear ass a pat.

“Let’s go.” Said Kim as she pulled the covers off her and stood up. Melanie followed her.

“What’s up?” aunt Rhoda asked when she saw I hadn’t moved. “Aren’t you coming?”

“In a minute.” I said.

Kim and Melanie walked past her heading for the bathroom to wash up before going to help Jessy with breakfast. Aunt Rhoda came in and sat on the bed. She lifted her leg and lay her knee down with her foot under the thigh of her other. There was now a neat triangle of space in the middle which was angled by the junction where her legs met at her pelvis, her knee and where her ankle went under her thigh. Then she leaned back putting her arms behind her so that she was propped up on her elbows. This pushed her pussy out from under her giving me almost full view of her pussy lips.

My cock got harder than it already was.

“What’s the matter John?” she asked as a caring mom would ask one of her children.

“Nothing much. My leg has gone to sleep. I will be along as soon as I get some feeling back into it.” I replied glancing down at her pussy without realizing it.

She saw me glance down. She sat up saying “Oh sorry, I guess that wasn’t helping your situation.” She smiled and winked at me. The smile was one I had never seen on her face before. It was a naughty smile. I went red in the face.

Jessy came to the door. “How do you want your eggs Aunt Rhoda?”

“However they come.” Aunt Rhoda replied.

Just as Jessy was about to turn away Aunt Rhoda said “John has a bit of a problem here Jessy.”

“I’m sure he has.” Jessy said walking into the room. “Why don’t you come into the kitchen. He will be along shortly.” She said taking Aunt Rhoda’s hand and pulling her to her feet.

They were walking towards the door when aunt Rhoda pulled her hand out of Jessy’s.

“I was bitten by a mosquito!” she said bending down to scratch the top of her foot. She peered round her leg at me and winked. I guessed there was no mosquito bite. The wink told me she had done that deliberately. Once they were out of the room I bounded out of bed, sprinting for the bathroom that I was praying was vacant.

Nearing the bathroom I noticed the door was open. “Thank goodness!” I thought dashing in. I came face to face with Lisa. I stopped, erect cock in hand with a thin string of pre-cum hanging from the tip. Lisa glanced down. She froze in place staring at my cock.

“I…” was all I managed. We stood there, me staring at her and her staring at my cock. Val walked in behind me.

“I saw you dashing past my room John. Is everything ok?” she asked.

I turned slightly and she saw Lisa standing in front of me staring down at my erect cock with its dangler.

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