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Knock, knock, knock. A customary three times she knocked on the green door. A quick glance at the number reassured her that she was indeed at number 23, the right house. Better to be sure of such things, especially with what she was here to do.

She had woken up to a dreary day this morning. Late Fall was now truly baring its fangs as the wind had howled around any crevice it could find in her small apartment. She did her morning routine as usual but took care of showering a tad longer. She put on a cute, red bra and matching underwear before deciding upon black stockings and a green skirt adorned with leaves. She applied a light touch of make-up to her face and, feeling adventurous, she decided upon red lipstick. Her top was a lighter shade of green, one that was matching with her skirt. She took a look at the time and saw It was about time to leave. She put on her coat and stepped outside in the drizzling, gray weather. It didn’t affect her in the least. She had things to do today.

Things that had brought her to this address, to this green door she had just been knocking on. She soon heard someone descending from the stairs and then some fidgeting at the door. It opened up. A tall man stood in the doorway, behind him a dimly lit hallway and a set of stairs.

She locked eyes with the man and he smiled at her, revealing cute dimples in his face. “You must be Annabelle.” he said as he extended his arm.

“You may call me Anna.” She shook his hand while returning the smile. He then took a step back and gestured for her to proceed.

“No sense standing around outside. Come on in.” As she passed him he lightly put his hand on her lower back, ushering her inside the house.

“My name is Nigel. Delilah is upstairs.”

“Pleased to meet you, Nigel.”

She saw coats hanging from her left and took that as a cue to take off her coat.

“Oh, let me help. You can go upstairs already.” The man said and she gave him her coat, then proceeded to go upstairs.

The stairs led to a door on the left which was slightly ajar. The small beam of light hit her in the face when she pushed the door all the way open, showing a room much as she expected of a photographer.

The walls were adorned with photographs of men and women in all kinds of poses and outfits. Her eyes wandered around in search for the kind of pictures she wanted of herself but found none. As she had scanned the apartment from left to right her gaze eventually found its way to a smiling woman in the middle of the room.

“Quite the collection we have, no?” She said.

“I’m Anna, pleased to meet you.” Anna went in for a handshake. The woman lightly grasped her hand and introduced herself as Delilah.

“Have a seat.” She said as she herself took place on the longest couch Anna had ever seen.

She took a seat as well as she thought about how adventurous she had felt this morning while putting on her lipstick. It paled in comparison to the beautiful Delilah next to her. Jet-black hair flowed like a dark ocean all the way to her lower back. Her full lips were slightly pursed and were as black as her hair. She wore tight jeans and a black top which all accentuated her features. She was curvy, but in a way that would make any curvaceous model jealous. Anna, blessed with perfect perky breasts, was in awe with the pair Delilah sported. Round, not too big but perfect for her size which was a full head larger than she was. She estimated her in her early thirties.

“Nigel and I have been redecorating our home. Some of our guests felt awkward with our more risky photographs up on the wall. Didn’t we, dear?”

Nigel came in and grumbled something approving.

“Now, Anna, you wrote us because you wanted photo shoot. Did you want it for yourself or was it for somebody else?”

“For myself.” Anna replied, trying to keep her face from going red. Delilah smiled.

“From your expression I can tell you want a risky one.” Anna nodded. Nigel gently touched Anna’s shoulder.

“No need to feel anxious, Anna. We have seen a lot already and are happy to help anyone the best we can.”

“Especially when they are as cute as you.” Delilah added and laughed.

“Nigel, could you fetch us some drinks while we go over the details?” He gave her a smile and a nod and disappeared behind another door in the room.

“Well, now that the testosterone has left the building, why won’t you tell me something about yourself?” She said as she leaned forward and laid her hand on Anna’s thigh.

“About myself?” Anna gave her a puzzling look.

“It helps determining the angle of approach to you and eventually your pictures. Let’s start with what you do for work.”

“Oh, hmm, I have a part-time job as a cashier at a bakery but most of my time goes to my studies. I’m now 23 years old and in my final year of my bachelor’s.”

“Interesting. What is it you’re studying?”

Anna told her about her studies which was marketing and went into the different aspects of the modules she had followed kaçak iddaa throughout the years. Nigel had put two steaming cups of tea in front of the ladies and after a fiery glance from Delilah, had made himself scarce again. The two girls chatted away and before she knew it, Anna felt comfortable being around Delilah, enjoying her company immensely.

When the cups were empty Delilah turned more serious.

“Now then. how do you want us to shoot you?” She folded her hands together.

“We have already established you want it risky.” She smiled.

“How risky?”

Anna, now far more comfortable to talk about her ideas, told her about wanting to do a nude shoot. She had done some modeling in the past but always felt like she could do something sexier. After some surfing on the Internet she had found her, Delilah Weaver.

“Well if you want sexy, you’ve come to the right place.” She smiled deviously.

“Come with me.” She stood up and Anna followed her into a different room. Here the photographs were a lot different from the living room.

“Take a look and let me know if you’re still interested.” Said Delilah and folded her arms.

Anna walked up to the first picture which depicted a squatting woman in a dark room. She cupped her breast with one hand and the other rested between her legs. No, that wasn’t right. Her hand had just a hint of motion blur, indicating that she was, in fact, pleasuring herself. She felt a rush of adrenaline running through her body.

Next up was a side view of a man sitting in a chair with an impressive hard-on. A woman was on all fours in front of him, licking her lips. A strand of saliva could be seen hanging between his manhood and her purple lips.

Another one was a woman with a nothing but a corset clinging to her body and dangling above her prospective lover. Shadows played over her shapely breasts and her hairless slit was about to engulf a rock hard pole. The man’s hands were bound at the front of his body.

She saw pictures of solo men and women, of girls performing oral on one another, a whole series of tasteful penetration and some even kinkier photo’s.

“You seem to like what you see, dear.” Anna snapped back to reality from looking at a photo involving a women having two fingers up into another woman.

“Your breathing has increased. I’m sensitive to signs like that.” Anna smiled.

“These are beautiful. Do you shoot these all from this apartment?”

“Mostly we do.”

“We?” Anna asked curiously.

“Nigel does the developing of the raw films. He’s very good at maintaining the effects I use during a shoot.”

As if stepped on his tail, the man came in at that moment. He looked at Anna.

“Do we have a keeper, D?” Delilah looked at Anna questioningly.

“Yes!” Anna exclaimed. Delilah smiled.

“Do you want to get started right away? If it’s in the nude we won’t have to reschedule for acquiring proper attire.”

Excitement flushed through Anna. She had not expected to be able to do it this soon and felt a slight unwillingness.

“Don’t worry. We won’t have to do it right away. I just feel like I can work perfectly with you.”

Resolve won over the worry she felt and Anna agreed to do it today.

“Splendid! Come with me to my little camera den.”

She started towards a door with Nigel and Anna followed, smiling to herself.

She went in and turned on a switch. The whole room sprung to life as the cameras jolted into action as well.

“This place really adds to the energy bill so we’ve linked the light-switch to the equipment. As long as we turn off the light we’ll know we’ll have turned off all of the equipment.” Nigel explained. He fidgeted with a little plastic housing under which the switch was located.

“If you ever do something like that, keep it under some protection. Nothing more annoying than losing power by accidentally brushing against the switch.”

He let the lid snap back over the switch.

Delilah took place next to Nigel and faced her model. “Take your clothes off at your leisure. If you want to, we can do take some shots in those clothes.” She looked downwards.

“A skirt like that can make for some very spicy shots.”

Anna looked down at her skirt and thought of the possibilities. She was right. It could make for some sexy shots.

Next up, Delilah showed her the exhibition where she would be standing. She went into detail about how she would take the shots behind the camera aimed at the exhibition and the flashes indicating she just made one. She went through the props available for her to use. Despite having seen a box of more kinky props, Delilah offered her more vanilla ones. Eventually she settled on a sofa which the woman made Nigel push on set.

Delilah pointed her to the sofa and went on to prep her camera for work. Nigel exited the room to leave the two to their work.

Anna sat on the sofa after agreeing to first do some clothed shots. Delilah took her place behind the camera and instructed kaçak bahis her to do whatever she felt natural and exciting, changing poses after each shot.

Not entirely foreign to modeling, Anna started out with what she knew best. She struck a pose while sitting and the camera snapped. She then changed and saw another flash. This went on until she felt she was ready for the next step.

“Taking off the first piece of clothing is the hardest but your skirt gave me an idea. Could you please stand behind the sofa?” Anna did so.

“Now lift it. And give me a seductive look.” She ducked behind her camera again.

Anna took place behind the sofa and felt the rush of baring herself to this woman. She gripped the ends of her skirt and lifted them above the sofa, her legs and nether region still blocked from the view.


She then put one leg on the sofa’s arm. Flash.

She moved to the front of the sofa and sat down, the bottom of the skirt in her mouth.

“Very nice!”


“Take off your top.” She instructed. Anna’s red bra revealed itself.

“Oh! Matching underwear!” Delilah purred from behind her camera. Flash.

The skirt went too afterwards and Anna picked her poses the way she remembered from porn magazines. She cupped her perky breasts, hid her nethers from the camera and looked provokingly into the camera. But she knew, also from porn magazines, that she had to get rid of her underwear at some point. It’s what she wanted but seemed to struggle with in the end.

“Not so easy going all the way, huh?”

“I want to do it but my body seems to reject the idea.”

“I’ve seen it before, dear. Want me to help you with it?” Anna looked away as she suddenly felt the need to hide her body.

“Maybe I do need help.” At this, Delilah stepped away from her camera and curved around it to her model. She then proceeded to give Anna a big hug.

“You’re beautiful, Anna. I intend to capture it all for you. No judgment.” She then snapped open her bra.

“Keep it on. These kind of pictures excite me.”

She ran back to the camera while Anna held her bra at her breasts. She felt her face redden as Delilah snapped away, encouraging her to change poses.

“This won’t do. You’re tense, dear.”

“I know.” Anna sighed.

“We can do your back first if you feel up to it. I’ll help you with your underwear.”

She came back into the exhibition and turned Anna around towards the sofa. She picked the string of her bra and slowly took it away from her. Anna felt her comforting arm on hers and let her take it. She looked down and saw her nipples had stiffened from the erotic feeling of the situation. She felt Delilah kneel and her fingers hooked into her underwear at her hips. She repositioned and felt a slight touch at her butt and then her underwear came down. Delilah said nothing as she tossed aside her soaked panties. Her stockings, she decided, stayed on.

She made her way back to the camera and started snapping once more. Encouraged by sweet words from her photographer she tried to show herself. Yet she felt herself lacking and before long Delilah stepped back from her camera.

“I’m gonna help you.” She exclaimed and promptly started to take off her own clothes. Anna stared unbelieving as Delilah threw her top away, took off her pants, unclasped her bra and lost her underwear. The dark-haired beauty was now even more naked than she was.

“This should level the playing field a bit. Now we are both beautiful and naked. You really made me jealous by your beauty, you know.” Anna laughed. She was one to talk. She was obviously a fit girl. Her legs went up to into curvy hips, a neatly shaved patch of hair in the middle. Her stomach was toned and her breasts full and perfect for her figure. Her dark hair fell over her shoulders and clustered up on the sides of her globes as some sort of natural frame to the beautiful picture that was Delilah.

No more shame now.

Anna slowly turned around and revealed her shapely legs and perky breasts. She was slightly on the chubby side but that made her look all the more appealing. Like a woman who could be handled forcefully without breaking. A woman who demanded to be handled forcefully and would love all of it.

“That’s what I wanted to see.” Delilah immediately sprung back to her camera.

“Smile for me, Anna.” Anna turned around, stuck out her ass and looked seductively over her shoulder. She did not care that her wet pussy would show, in fact, she wanted to.

“Yes! This is what I was waiting for!”

The flashes went on and on. Anna was emboldened by Delilah’s actions and she wanted to show her she could do it too. She was not even alarmed when her finger slid right into herself as she attempted to hide her nether-region. Even better, she slowly started to please herself in various positions.

Her breathing deepened and Delilah matched her shots with her inhales to stress her breasts. Anna did not look at the camera anymore. She had illegal bahis changed from playing for herself to playing for Delilah. She focused on her dark lips, on her breasts and nipples, on her slender neck. And it filled her with lust.

“I don’t normally say this, but do you want to take some pictures with me?” Delilah asked, a slight tremble in her voice. Anna did not say anything but sat down on the sofa, bared her legs and slid two finger inside of herself. Her look made it clear. She wanted her.

The photographer changed some settings on the camera and walked over to Anna. They locked eyes and Anna pushed some of her hair behind her ear. As opposed to the beauty coming towards her, she had already worked up a sweat. And she would make her work up some as well.

Delilah knelt before the girl and grabbed her legs. She planted a kiss in inner thigh. Flash! While kissing, she slowly moved up the model’s body. She grabbed Anna’s arm and guided it away from her glistening pussy. They looked each other in the eye, both panting heavily as Delilah stuck out her tongue and licked Anna’s fingers.


She took her finger into her mouth and licked it clean.

“Hmmm, tastes like more. But first.” She moved up, laid her hand gently on Anna’s breast and went in for a kiss. Her dark lips touched Anna’s red ones. A small peck at first. Anna moaned and moved in to return the kiss. Their lips locked together longer and longer each time they found each other.


Anna’s hand was in Delilah’s neck, keeping the reins tight as their tongues played with one another. Their wet, warm making-out made feelings surge through both of the girls. Anna pinched her photographer’s nipples, eliciting moans from the dark-haired beauty. In the meanwhile, D’s hand trailed down seductively to Anna’s shaved snatch.

This time it was Anna who moaned into her lover’s mouth as her slender fingers played around her vulva.


As if it was a gun signaling the start of a race her fingers dipped into the young girl’s pussy. Slowly she pumped in and out of the blond, making her moan louder and louder until she had to break the kiss to concentrate on the pleasure spreading from her love-hole.

Delilah’s fingers curved upwards in her, reaching places only a woman knows is there. No man had ever fingered her to such a degree. Her thumb found her pleasure-button and started trailing circles around it. Anna’s hands went to play with her own breasts. Kneading and pulling her own nipples she was quickly brought to a height of pleasure.


Her orgasm hit her before she knew it. Her eyes closed, her hips bucked under the ministrations and her lips were locked in an O. Her brain melted as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. The last shudders went to her body and she opened her eyes. She saw the smiling face of Delilah, still bringing her down from her peak with slow, lazy strokes into her hot pussy.


Delilah was thrown backwards on the sofa. Her legs were forced open by the sweaty model as she rolled off of the couch to face the woman’s pussy. “So forceful.” Delilah cooed, clearly enjoying herself. Anna blew hot air on her soft nether-region followed by an experimental lick.

“Such a tease.” She said between ragged breaths. A few more licks really made Delilah’s breath stop short. Every lick got a sexy moan out of the vixen.

“And now for the main event.” Said Anna followed by a quick laugh. She hooked her right arm around her leg and forced it upwards, with the other she cupped Delilah’s ass, her thumb resting near the entrance of her love-cave. Then she dove in.


Her tongue playfully darted over her clit, finding out what made the woman moan in ecstasy and climb the highest peak humankind knows. She kneaded her fit ass and her thumb occasionally found it’s way into her snatch. Delilah pressured her young lover with a hand in her hair. Her hips bucked upwards into the oral love-making she was receiving. “For a first-timer you sure know what feels good.”

“I’ve had enough partners doing it wrong.” Said she between her licks.


It did not take a lot of time for Delilah to reach an orgasm. Her body spasmed under Anna’s tongue. Her pussy quivered at the attention it was being given. She bit her lip as the tsunami of pleasure washed through her brain. As was done to her, Anna fingered her until she had drawn out everything the woman could give.

“Quick learner.” She pulled Anna in for a kiss, their juices mixing as the vixens’ breasts were pressed together. “Now, trust me on this one.” Delilah’s lips curled upwards.

The two sat opposite of each other with their legs interlocked. Anna felt the heat of D’s pussy against her own.

“I never knew this was a real thing.” Anna looked a bit lost.

“It is, dear. Just let me do it.” She grabbed hold of Anna’s leg and shifted her weight until both their pussies pressed against each other. She then started turning her hips. Anna threw her head back and stifled a moan.

“That is the moan I wanted to do after I saw you come in.” Delilah doubled her grinding speed. The pleasure spread out from their warm pussies as the grinding became more frantic.

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