A Story by Az

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She comes home from work in the afternoon, a little past four. She walks through the door, leaving her purse by the microwave in the kitchen like she has for a while. She hears the television running, a sports game of some sort, and knows he is on the couch, watching tv. She figures he hasn’t taken his shower yet, and is relaxing after work with a beer. Sighing, she knows its not even five, but whatever, that is his way of winding down.

She walks the rest of the way through the small galley kitchen, and into the living room, with its white walls and deep emerald green carpet she thinks is so pretty. Before sitting next to where he was sprawled out on the ugliest couch she had ever seen, she asks him, “babe, did you shower yet?”

“No,” he replies. ” I was waiting for you. I didn’t know if we had clean towels…”

“Yup,” she says, reaching into the basket next to the couch and pulling out a freshly folded and clean towel and handing it to him. He gets up then, dressed only in his dusty, dirty black jeans from work, and dirty white socks, he smiles at her and walks to the basement door. She smiles back, following his sexy form with her eyes. She hears the basement door open and close, and hears his heavy footfalls on the steps. She smiles again, and looks around the living room. She notices he has not been drinking his usual beer, which meant it was a good day for him.

She stands up from the couch and stretches, then walks into the kitchen to start dinner. She thought about starting dishes, but remembered he was in the shower. So, after dinner is prepared and in the oven, she walks to the living room and picks up her novel, sits down and begins reading. Not paying attention to the time, she does not realize how long he has been in the shower. Before long, she hears his footsteps on the steps again, and the door open and close. She looks over her shoulder and sees him, dressed only in a towel, and notices he took the time to shave his face!! She smiles and marks her book, setting it down on the ugly couch. As she stands up, he walks away to the bedroom, but she doesn’t follow. She walks to the kitchen instead, pulling dinner out of the oven, and setting it on the stove top.

She hears him call her name from the other room, and she walks down the short hallway to the bedroom and peeks inside. He isn’t in there. She then turns to the computer room, and he stands there with two double old fashioned glasses filled each with two fingers of fine scotch. Not the super almanbahis adres expensive stuff, but stuff that smells good. She tilts her head to the side, wondering what he was up to.

“Come here, hun,” he says, and she walks over to the bar stand. ” I have already had two shots of cognac. I know you have never tried Scotch before. I dare you to drink both these glasses.”

She looks questioningly at him, but figures, “what the hell”, and picks up a glass, sniffing it. She immediately makes a sour face at him, handing the glass back.

“You dork, you aren’t supposed to SMELL it! Just drink it,” he says, laughing.

“Fine,” she replies. Not being one to back down from a dare, she takes the glass from his hand and slams back the Scotch and it burns its way down. Coughing, and gasping, her eyes wide open, she shakes her head, blinking. She swallows a few times, and down the other glass, much in the same manner. Almost immediately, she begins to feel the effects that the alcohol normally gives her.

As she recovers from her double Scotch dare, she feels the warmth of the liquor warmth spread through her face, across her chest and back and further south, hitting in girly places and making her near instantly wet. Breathing heavily, she looks at him, and smiles, tilting her chin down. He returns her smile and opens his arms, knowing how fast alcohol hits her.

She walks over to him, into his arms and reaches up to kiss him. Deepening the kiss, she closes her eyes, feeling his hands wandering over her back and her ass, lifting her shirt, inch by inch. She feels him unclip her bra, and her breasts fall forward. As their tongues entwine, she is vaguely aware of her pants and panties sliding sa one over her ass and down her legs, of his body moving around her. The alcohol muddles her brain, and clouds her thinking, blocking out nearly everything but her need for him.

She forgets her reservations, opens her eyes, and pushes back from him, stepping out of her pants nad panties, kicking off her shoes, and ridding herself of her shirt and letting her bra slide off her arms, all in a heap on the floor. She whips the towel off of him, tosses it into the pile of her clothes and they both stand naked as the day they were born, under the bright lights of the computer room, on that glorious emerald green carpet.

She boldly steps forward, gripping her right hand firmly around his hardness, ler left hand flattens on his chest, and she pushes him backward, not almanbahis adresi breaking eye contact. She smiles wickedly, still pushing him backwards, she walks forwards. She keeps pushing him until his back hits the front door of the house, which is in the computer room. Luckily, she misses the doorknob by several inches.

Releasing his cock, she raises both her hands to tread through his hair, bringing his head down to hers, not too gently, and claims his mouth with hers. She has only one thought, “take him, now”. She presses her body against his, nipples presses against the soft, springy hair of his chest, further arousing her. He moans into her mouth, eyes closing. She can feel his cock bounce with excitement against her belly, and she releases his hair with one hand, chosing istead to cup his ass and bring him closer. She breaks the kiss and nibbles a trail of kisses along his jawline, frantically trying to taste each piece of skin, as he heatedly kisses her neck, hitting the most sensitive of areas, underneather her earlobe but not quite her shoulder.

She gasps, her knees buckling as she still pins him to the door. With renewed energy, she starts to move her hips against his, closing her eyes. She knows he wants her as much as she wants him. Pulling his hands, so he follows, she pulls him towards the bedroom, stopping halfway through the computer room, and decides to change the game. Holding onto his one hand, she wraps her leg around his in a sensual motion, almost snakelike, and pulls his knees toward her, dropping him easily to the ground, yet slowly supporting him with her arm strength.

Grinning like a fool, she looks at him with hungry eyes, her man, all sprawled out on the floor. He looks back at her, knowing she has NEVER done anything like this before. Never even attempted with the lights on.

She kneels down beside him, then takes one foot, and places it next to his hips on the floor. She traces a finger from his lips, down his throat, over his chest, down his belly, dipping into his belly button, and follows his treasure trail all the way down, tracing the line to the tip of his erect cock. She takes the little drop she find there, and raises it to her lips, licking it off. He watches her every movement, closing his eyes and moaning as he sees her sexy tongue take the tip of her finger.

She touches his cock again, and with her index finger and her middle finger, she guides him into her hot, wet pussy, kneeling the rest of the way, so almanbahis adres she is completely straddling him, and he is sheathed well and deep within her. A soft sheen of sweat begins to break on her brow, but she doesnt care. She takes his hands in her, treading their fingers and leans on his hands, beginning to move. Faster and faster she moves, until he has no choice but to buck his hips to hers, matching her rhythm, and driving deeper.

He cries out, unable to keep his hand off her, he unthreads his fingers and grabs her hips, slamming up at the same time she comes down, their hot skin slapping together. She suddenly stops, grabs his hand, and meets his eyes. “Bedroom?” she says, more a plea than a question.

Rather than answer in words, he nods his head. The scramble off the floor, breaking contact, and walk quickly the few steps to the bedroom, and stoping briefly to kiss again, both fall gently to the old bed.

She lay on her back, and tosses her leg out to one side, positioning himself between her glorious thighs. Lifting ler legs by the ankles, he pushes her knees up, and positions himself, then lowers himself into her, both moaning as he enters her body.

She raises her hadns and grips the old cast iron bedframe as he moves, harder and rougher within her. She closes her eyes and moans, enjoying the feel of his hardness filling her. She hears him whisper “I want to be a vampire, can I bite you”

“Oh, my god, baby, please…” she replies, heatedly, urgently, needing to cum, so ready.

She feels his weight pressing on her belly and breasts. She anticipates him to take a little nibble like usual, but is unprepared to feel his teeth dig into her tender neck. With pain turning quickly into pleasure, she cries out, raking her nails across his sweaty back, Her body spasms; she locks her legs around him. Thrashing her head back and forth, the orgasm of orgasms rocks her body. She lifts her hips up to meet him, riding him, as she feels him stiffen and his cock pulsate inside her with his own release. She still feels his teeth on her neck, put the pressure subsides.

Breathing heavily, they both relax, him still sheethed and twitching inside her pussy. Without warning, the box spring on the bed breaks through the frame on one side and the old bed drops. He looks up into her eyes, and they both laugh.

Neither one of them remembers falling asleep. Both remember the amazing night they had. As she dresses for work the next morning, she looks in the mirror, and starts to giggle as she brushes her hair. Her neck is COVERED in huge bruises, almost as if she was strangled. Shaking her head, she returns to the bedroom and retrieves a long, soft silk scarf, and heads to work.

The end.

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