A Study In Seduction

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Foreword: This story written by request. Thanks for the idea, “Dominique”, and I hope it’s to your liking.

I don’t think I could’ve been more uncomfortable.

Here I was, thirty years old and back in high school. Well, not as a student, but as something of a guest speaker-slash-substitute teacher. A combination of a teacher’s shortage in the local catholic school district, a couple of regular teachers being a little under the weather, and a “Career Day” theme for this particular Friday equaled me “teaching” a class. So I stood in a classroom with the school’s vice principal as he walked me through what I’d be doing.

“All right, Mister Leigh, all you have to do here is let the students know what it is you do. Give them a little assignment based on your lecture, collect everything at the end of the class, and give it a grade. That’s it. I’ll see you after class.” With that, the vice-principal handed me a copy of the class list and seating arrangement, and left just as the students were filing in.

Once everyone was seated, I introduced myself as Mister Leigh, (not Brock Leigh, I get enough grief about that from people my own age) and started into my lecture. I looked over the room as I talked about my work as in graphic design, gave an overview on what was required to get into it, the good parts, the bad parts, the whole ten yards. The students seemed to be interested, most of them did anyways. This was a senior class, and most of them were looking forward to college, deciding on their careers and what to do with the rest of their lives. I looked back at the eyes starting at me and gave them a forthright assessment on what my job was all about.

Some students asked questions, and the inevitable questions came out about money. I told the truth: you could do well, but you weren’t going to get rich. One kid, who I guess was trying to impress everyone with his vocabulary, asked questions about ‘conceptual process’ and ‘envisioning paradigms’, to which I responded, “Dude, who talks like that?” That got a laugh from the class and loosened things up for both the students, and for me.

As my eyes went around the class and looked over the kids, there were a few who seemed distracted, or downright disinterested. I tried tuning them out, except for one kid in the front row. He was kind of geeky looking, at least what I could see of him from his profile. His head was always turned to his left, never looking at me. I made a point of checking out what had his attention, and turned my eyes along the front row about four seats over.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen her earlier. The object of the kid’s attention was a stunning Asian girl, shoulder-length black hair, dark almond shaped eyes, a beautiful thin figure, and the obligatory catholic schoolgirl’s outfit. The hem of the kilt, however, seemed to be riding a lot higher than the knee-length I knew it was supposed to be, and she had a couple of top buttons undone on her short-sleeved white dress shirt, which exposed a little cleavage. She kept glancing over at the geeky kid, and I could tell right away that she was putting on a tease, tormenting the poor kid. She crossed and uncrossed her long legs and fiddled with the topmost button that she had done up. The kid on my left was nervously fidgeting, it was obvious the girl had him quite worked up, and when she put a pencil to her lips, her tongue darting out just a little to lick the pink eraser tip, before placing the end of the pencil in her mouth and sucking lightly, I heard the kid groan a little. The display had me distracted from a question someone was asking, and I just shook myself back to reality in time to repeat the question back to kid that asked it. Nice save, I thought to myself.

I looked at the clock and decided this was as good a time as any to hand out the assignment. I handed out some paper to the pupils at the front of each row, asked them to hand the paper backwards, and asked that everyone come up with how they would draw a few things. I gave a couple of advertising ideas, and a couple of abstract ideas and asked the kids to draw something about them. When I got to the row where the asian girl was sitting, and handed the paper to her to pass back, she looked up at me with a flirting, appraising eye, and then a smile. I looked at her for an instant longer than I should have, and headed back to my desk, reminding myself that I was in a high school, and that I was thirty-fucking-years-old. There could be very serious consequences for even staring at this girl for too long.

I sat behind my desk and worked a little on the exercise I had given to the kids as practice for myself. I drew a few things, and looked up to see how the class was doing. After ensuring that everyone was concentrating on his or her assignment, cevizli escort I looked over at the Asian girl, whose name was Dominique according to the seating chart. She was hardly diligent, still glancing over at the geek to my left. She rubbed her neck lightly, then smoothed her hand over her blouse, down to her breasts and touched one of them a little, then ran her hand down her tummy and over her kilt. She parted her thighs just a bit, and I looked over at the geek again, pitying him as he stood no chance with her, or against her. She was almost hypnotic in her tease, and I was getting caught up in it myself. She looked back down at her page and letting her fingers move slowly along the inside of her thighs, and when she did so, she opened her thighs even further, letting me see all the way up to what looked to be lacy white panties. I lost my composure for a moment and snapped the lead of the pencil I was working with.

The tiny little crackle sounded like a thunderclap in the dead quiet of the classroom, and a few heads looked up towards me, including Dominique’s, who face registered a small shock, and then slowly turned into a wicked smile. I glanced around the room and mumbled an apology to those who I had disrupted, and looked back down at my page. After a couple of seconds, I looked back up at the class and saw Dominique’s unwavering stare, a small, naughty smile on her delicate features. I felt a cold swet cross my brow and turned my attention back into my drawing.

Before too long, I heard the end-of-day bell ring. I breathed deeply, asked all the pupils to pass their work forward and stood at the front of each row to collect the assignments. When I got to Dominique, she looked up at me with these playful eyes and pushed out her chest a little, giving me a full glimpse down her shirt, into her deep cleavage. I pretended not to notice her display, collected the last of the work and dismissed the class, thanking them for their time. I went back to my desk as some of the students filed out of the classroom.

The vice principal came in and thanked me for coming in and covering the class, looking over some of the drawings the class had turned in. “So what do you think of their art?”

I glanced over a few of them with the vice-principal, and said that they had some promise, that a few of them looked like they had the right kind of imagination for a career in graphic design.

“Well good,” he said, “that’s always nice to hear. Anyhow, thank you again, Mr. Leigh. If you want to stay for a bit and grade the papers, feel free. The door will lock behind you on the way out, so just make sure you’ve got everything before you go. Have a good weekend.” With that, the vice-principal left me in the room with the last few students. I saw Dominique slowly gathering her things, with the geek coming up to her. I went back to the desk and looked over the work.

I concentrated on evaluating the assignments, shutting out the rest of the room around me while I gave letter grades to the artwork in front of me. I don’t know how long I looked over the work, but I heard the classroom door click shut and total silence. I relaxed, thinking I was alone, pushed back from the desk and looked up, my breath catching instantly. There, at her desk, sat Dominique looking at me with that same smile from earlier. I froze, and was unable to move as she slowly stood up from her chair and deliberately walked towards me, looking down at the floor until she reached the side of my desk. She bent over, giving me another view of her cleavage, but also letting her short kilt ride up the back of her thighs, just exposing the crease where her ass met her thigh. My eyes went wide for a moment, before I forced myself to look back at the assignments, now suddenly very nervous.

Dominique leaned in close, and said in an almost taunting voice, “I saw you watching me.”

“Well it was kind of hard not to,” I replied, my eye still fixed to the desk, “you were basically torturing that poor kid right in front of me. Was that, like, fun for you?”

She paused for a moment and said, “Yeah, I guess. It’s fun to see guys get all worked up. I kinda like that.”

“Oh,” I said, looking up at her, “so this is amusing to you. I see. Well the door is that way, have a nice weekend.” I motioned to the exit, and sat back in my chair, my body language telling her I had had enough.

She frowned slightly and came around to lean on the edge of my desk, almost right in front of me. The playful smile was gone, replaced by an odd expression, one I could only describe as determined. Her hands rested at the hem of her kilt as she asked, “D id you see?”

Exasperated, my tone got a little harsh as I answered, “What, your panties? cihangir escort Yes, I saw them. They’re white. Okay? Like I said, have a good weekend.”

“No,” the corners of her mouth turned into a wicked grin as she raised the hem of her skirt, “did you see…” With that she lifted her kilt to her waist, and I gasped sharply as I saw what she meant. Her panties were sheer, not lace as I had initially thought, and from my seat not three feet away from her, I could very clearly see through the thin fabric, to her ‘landing strip’ trimmed pussy, her puffy outer lips, and the wetness on the material that made her garment even more transparent. My mouth went wide as I saw her show off to me, and my heart skipped a beat as she asked, “or maybe you’d like a better look.” Her hand grasped the side of her panties, as if to hook them aside and that’s when I had to turn away again.

I felt my heart pounding in my chest, my eyes wide as I looked to the wall away from her, that cold sweat on my forehead getting thicker as I asked quietly, my mouth now very dry, “How old are you?”

Dominique leaned in to me and whispered, “I just turned nineteen.” I breathed a little easier upon hearing that. If I was caught with Dominique, I’d only be thrown out of the school, not thrown out and arrested. I closed my eyes and remembered the door. It locked automatically, so no one could walk in on us and see her seducing me. The desk was also against the same wall as the door, and therefore no one could see inside the window on the door, the angle was too acute. I looked down and breathed deeply, then looked over to Dominique. The young woman shocked me again.

While I had my head turned, she had climbed on top of the desk, lying diagonally across it, her legs dangling over the side her head hanging off the edge close to where I was seated. Her kilt was still up around her waist, her panties hooked to the side as her fingers played with her pussy. She moaned, her head mere inches from my groin, and said softly, “Do you still think I’m just teasing?”

I gritted my teeth and made my decision, sliding my hand down her exposed neck, over her collarbone and into her cleavage. I reached inside her shirt and felt her bra, my fingers caressing the full, firm mound. I rubbed the lacy material for a few moments, and then slid my fingers inside the cup of her bra, pressing into the soft flesh as I sought out her nipple. She groaned and arched her back, pressing her breast into my hand, while her own hands went to work on my pants. She had a little trouble opening my pants as she was looking at them upside down from her vantage point, and so I helped her, freeing myself, my shaft fully hardened by her brazen display. She stroked me and fed my cock into her mouth, eliciting a gasp from me, her mouth sucking on my cockhead while her fingers worked on the rest of my shaft. My hands returned to her chest, opening the white shirt, pulling it wide open and then working at the clasp of her bra. Once the clasp was released the bra popped open and her breasts spilled out, her brown nipples already hardening. My fingers instantly went to them, lightly rubbing them, then pinching and pulling on them as I felt her suck on my rod. She moaned her appreciation on my shaft, vibrating it. Making me pinch her nipples harder, which made her moan even more, and the cycle continued.

I watched as my member slid in and out of her mouth, the delicate sucking sounds all that could be heard in the room. I groaned a little, lifting my hips pushing my cock a little further between her lips with each thrust, her hand tightened on the base of my shaft, stroking a little harder and faster, and I noted she spread her legs a little wider as her hand slipped back between her thighs. My eyes stayed on her fingers as I watched her hand manipulate her sex, seeing how she liked to pleasure herself, taking mental notes as best as I could while my eyes involuntarily closed from the sensation of her mouth on me. I forced them back open to watch her fingers dance on her pussy, and despite a unhappy groan from Dominique, disengaged from her mouth and moved around to the side of the desk.

I saw her spread her legs as wide as they could go as I stood with my cock out in front of her wetness, and then registered her confusion as I knelt in front of her bringing my mouth close to her pussy. I looked up at her, staring at me with her mouth open in surprise. I wondered if anyone had ever eaten her snatch, if the boys she had been with considered it ‘gross’. I was determined to make this a memorable experience for her, and extended my tongue and licked very gently at her clit. Her hips bucked violently at the first touch, and I had to hold her thighs to keep her still while erenköy escort I placed several more little licks on her. Moving lower, I tongued her labia, tasting her juices, dipping just a little inside her, curling my tongue into a little scoop and gathering her nectar onto my tongue. Already she was thrashing madly, scattering the papers on the desk onto the floor as my tongue worked a new magic on her she seemed not to have felt before. I started softly licking between her lips, probing inside her, feeling her juices flow onto my tongue as I opened her up, moaning into her pussy as I tasted her. I moved my mouth back to her clit, and licked away at the little button, then slowly slid a finger inside her, feeling her pussy surround the invading digit while I stared pumping it in and out of her. My tongue was already picking up speed over top of her clit, lashing at it smiling inwardly as I felt her legs start to wrap around my head, squeezing my melon while I licked and finger fucked her.

Her hands pulled at my hair as I heard her make a low, guttural moan. Her back arched and I heard her whimper softly, her hips bucking while she rode my tongue. Her legs released my head and yet she pushed her sex against my mouth, trying to press her clit harder against my tongue, my fingers deeper inside her wetness. She cried out, wailing as her orgasm overtook her, pulling on my hair and pushing my head to her snatch at the same time. I inhaled her sweet aroma, her juices spilling over my hand, her hips undulating as she came all over my hand and mouth. Then, as suddenly as her climax started, it was finished, Dominique lying breathless and limp on the desktop, her head lumped to one side, her legs still spread wide, her pussy flush with her arousal. Her hands lay on the tops of her thighs as I stood up in front of her, a little concerned at how motionless she lay on the table. Then, slowly her hands rose off her legs and opened her palms to me, beckoning me to her again. I looked down at her as she turned her head back towards me, a look in her eyes of intense lust and wanting. The beckoning palms grasped at my waist, pulling me to her sweet body, her need for me obvious.

I didn’t need any more encouragement, grasping my shaft and placing it inside her, sliding in easily with her snatch still well lubricated from her recent orgasm. She raised her legs as I entered her, placing them upright against my chest, her ankles at my shoulders. I reached around her legs and grasped the front of her thighs for leverage, finding a rhythm quickly, pulling her onto my cock with each thrust. I heard the slapping sound of her ass hitting my groin every time I plunged into her, coupled with her whimpers as she felt my member invade her. I slammed my shaft into her repeatedly, listening to her moans, taking them as encouragement, and burying myself as deeply as I could into her. Her legs stiffened and I felt her sex clench my cock. I looked down at her to see her hands move to her breasts, her fingers finding their way to her nipples, pulling and tugging on them, seeing them harden under her touch while she twisted them. Her head fell to the side again, and she lowered her legs off my chest, spreading them wide, giving me full access, letting me thrust as deep as I could inside her, letting me see my shaft as I impaled her with it.

I fucked this wanton little tart for what felt like hours, but in reality was nowhere near as long, her brazen display too much for me to last very long. My hands reached around her back and pulled her into a sitting position while I kept fucking her bringing her mouth to mine as I slipped my tongue into her mouth. My hands replaced hers on one breast, cupping and squeezing the mound, her nipple firmly pressed against the palm of my hand while my other hand was on her ass, pushing her harder onto my cock. I broke the kiss, my passion all consuming, and all I could think of at that point was the growing heat in my groin, radiating out through my body as my shaft swelled. I bucked hard, my back arching, groaning through gritted teeth as I felt my release while Dominique’s lovely snatch milked me. I heard her cries start again as my climax exploded inside of her, triggering another orgasm from her as she felt my load splash inside her, moaning loudly and then kissing me roughly, almost bruising my lips with her urgency. Her hips pushed back at me, fucking me as much as I was fucking her, her hands at my back, clawing at my skin as her body was lost in its climactic high.

She shuddered and breathed hotly into my mouth one last time, and then slumped against me. Her nails no longer digging into my skin, but her fingertips were pressed against me, holding on to me. She breathed in deeply, then exhaled, and then looked up at me. I saw a change in her face, as if she had regained her composure, disengaged from my shaft, and started to get dressed quickly. Wordlessly, she put herself back together, kissed me on the cheek, and said “Thanks.” She then walked out of the classroom, leaving me standing at the side of the desk with my pants and shorts at half-mast, wondering what the hell just happened.

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