A Submissive’s Tale Pt. 01

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****Something I am working on, and my first submission. Please feel free to leave feedback, and comments to help me inprove. Thanks!****



Tasha sighed loudly and suddenly shifted in her seat, earning her a quick glance from her fellow traveler seated next to her. With an apologetic smile, she turned and stared out the airplane window. As her eyes focused on the lights below, the pilot’s voice suddenly came to life over the loudspeaker.

“Ladies and gentleman, if you look to your right, you will see the Space Needle lit up for the holiday season. We will be beginning our initial decent into Seattle, and will be on the ground in the next 20 minutes. We know you have a choice when you travel and thank you for choosing Delta Airlines.”

Tasha took a deep shaky breath and reached for her purse to check her makeup.

“Too late to turn back now,” she thought to herself, knowing that she had no desire to anyway. Even as she she felt the anxiety creep slowly and settle into her stomach, she simultaneously felt the wetness begin to slide between her thighs. She was momentarily distracted by the world wind of thoughts chasing themselves through her head.

“Her.Will she like me.Her.Will she punish me.Her.Will she be happy to see me.Her.Will I disappoint HER.”

Shaking her head to dislodge the questions she had no answers to, she fussed with her hair and makeup, making sure everything was perfect. Sitting up straighter, she realized she had been lost in thought for almost 10 mins and the plane was getting ready to touch down. Putting away her makeup bag, she settled into her seat and prepared to land.

In what felt like seconds, the plane was down, taxiing down the runway before slowly coming to a stop. With a deep breath, she unbuckled the seatbelt and stood. She slowly rubbed her sweaty palms along her skirt as she straightened it out. Stepping into the aisle Tasha reached for her bag, and tossing it onto her shoulder, stepped forward to walk into the arms of her waiting Mistress.

6 months prior

“Fuck!” Tasha screamed as she stormed through her front door, barely pausing to kick the door closed behind her. Striding to her bedroom, she continued to scream into the hot stifling air.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK”, she yelled, as she allowed herself to fall face first onto her bed. As she lay there motionless, she felt her phone begin to vibrate in her back pocket. Without lifting her head, she reached into her back pocket, tugging out the phone and jamming the call button, already knowing who was calling.

“Hello?” Tasha answered, voice slightly muffled by the comforter she currently had her face pressed to.

“Bitch, where are you?!” the voice of her best friend screeched into her ear.

“Dezi, look,” Tasha sighed. “I had to go.”

“I can’t believe you let that lying cheating whore run you out of this bar!” Dezi replied, her voice dripping with disgust.

“Look Desiree!” Tasha suddenly snapped jumping up from her bed. “I DID NOT let anyone run me out of anywhere. I know she fucked half the Parrish while we were together, I simply have no desire to watch her fuck her way through the remaining half in front of my face. Understand?”

“Tash,” Dezi said, voice suddenly low and gentle. “You have to get over this. It’s been months already. You need to get back out there. You know what I always say: The best way to get over someone…”

“Is to get under someone else,” Tasha sighed, finishing her friend’s favorite saying. “But who exactly am I supposed to get under in this shitty tiny town?”

“Well, I had an idea about that…” güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Dezi replied letting her sentence trail off.

Tasha was immediately suspicious.

“And what idea is that?”

“You need to spend some time getting what you REALLY want. Not these little bullshit girls you run into the ground!”

“What do you mean ‘what I really want’?” Tasha said, her tone neutral.

“Do I really need to remind you of that night in Vegas?” Dezi asked her voice dropping even lower. “Somehow, I don’t think you’ve forgotten”, she said.

Tasha sat down hard and closed her eyes. Dez was right. As drunk as she was, she remembered that night in vivid detail. Way too drunk, they managed to make it back to their hotel room and collapse onto one another into bed, giggling the whole time. In trying to help each other get undressed, one thing lead to another and she found herself kissing her best friend. Tasha felt a sudden rush of heat, not only to her face but to her pussy as well. It wasn’t that sex with her friend bothered her, not in the least. Dezi is after all extremely attractive. No, it was the loss of control she had always had in every sexual experience she’d ever had with a woman. Tasha remembered how she had ended up naked, bent over a chair, legs spread, as her friend pushed her fingers into her pussy from behind. Pussy dripping, she remembered pushing back against her fingers and moaning loudly and steadily. She had never cum as hard as she did when Dezi spread her cheeks and began licking her asshole as she fucked her. Dragging herself out of the memory, she forced herself to focus on what was being said to her.

“You need to find someone who is going to treat you like the dirty, slutty little sub you are don’t you?” Dez continued.

Tasha remained quiet, still disturbed by the part of her sexuality she had discovered in herself.

“I have a group for you. I’m going to send you an invite link. Join and find yourself some fun.”

“Oh God, a Facebook group seriously?!” Tasha exclaimed.

“Hey! Don’t be so judgmental! Its a closed private group, all women. You, my love, need to crawl before you can walk. You are in no way ready for the big leagues.”

“Whatever”, Tasha muttered

Dezi’s laughter suddenly rang in her ear. “Go fire up your laptop. I’m sending the link now. Do as I say!”

And with that Dez was gone.

Tasha slowly stood up, and started to make her way to the desk where her laptop sat. As she crossed the room, she became even more aware of the oppressive Louisiana heat. Unable to tolerate it any more she began to strip down to her panties. Moving towards the desk, she caught sight of herself in the reflection of the large full length mirror hanging on her bedroom door.

She stopped and evaluated her body with a critical eye. Smooth brown skin, not bad. She moved her hair aside and looked closely at her face. Deep brown eyes, and full lips. Letting her gaze travel down, she held a breast in each hand. Big, and heavy, still not beaten by gravity. Tasha turned suddenly and checked out her panty clad ass. A big butt, that was the thing now wasn’t it? She gave herself a grin and a wink and moved to sit at the laptop.

The link was waiting for her. With a sigh, Tasha clicked on the link and was directed to a group called “For Ladies Only”.

How original Tasha murmured to herself, sure Dezi had just had her join an online dating community.

But suddenly, that thought was proven incorrect in the most blatant of ways. The pictures, the discussions, were nothing she’d ever seen before. Tasha never considered güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri herself naïve, but she quickly realized she knew nothing of kink.

In browsing some of the discussions she found names for things she realized she enjoyed without being able to put a name to them. Slightly paniced, she quickly called Dezi.

“Like what you see so far?” Dezi smugly asked in greeting.

“Well…yeah…” Tasha stuttered. “But I don’t know what to do. Do I just start friending people or what?”

“For you probably not. You might want to let them come to you so you can see who you really click with,” Dezi replied thoughtfully.

“Just make a post introducing yourself and make sure you include a picture. Oh I know! Use that one from the party last month. The one with the lowcut shirt. Your tits look amazing in that!” And with that Dez was gone again.

Ok fine, Tasha thought to herself. Let’s just get this over with. She can say she tried and Dez will get off her back.

She sat down and quickly banged out a quick bio. Name, age (34), and the fact that she was a teacher. How to sum this up? Tasha thought. Looking for a strong sexy woman to take control and make me hers.

There, she thought, done. All to do now is hit post. Her finger hovered over the mouse for a moment, hesitating. Fuck it she thought and posted.

Tasha slammed the laptop closed and stood. Telling herself how stupid this was, she climbed into bed.

Hours later, hot, thirsty and restless, Tasha sat up and stepped out of bed for water. Seeing the windows closed, she leaned over the desk to open them up to let the cool night air in. Stepping back, her gaze settled on her computer. Curious as to what type of response her post had generated, she sat down to have a look.

As Tasha checked her messages, she was surprised to find a fairly decent response. But as she went through and read, she became more and more disappointed. No this is not at all what she wanted. Yes, to be owned and controlled and if she were honest with herself, used. But the responses she found crude and disgusting. I don’t want a fucking weirdo sex fiend she thought. I don’t want romance either. She thought hard about what she did want. Sensual…yes that was it. Sensual and controlling. As she was about to once again close the laptop, the very last message caught her eye. The woman was absolutely stunning. Intrigued, she opened the message which simply said: You SHOULD be mine, and you WILL be mine.

Tasha was speechless. It was almost as if this stranger had read her mind. Tasha knew she had to respond, but how? She ran the possibilities through her mind and finally settled on flippant. Might as well get to know the real me she thought as she banged out her reply.

“Really? And how do you propose to do that?”

Hitting send, Tasha remembered the water she had gotten out of bed for and walked to the kitchen. Taking her time, she drank the entire glass and moved back toward the desk. No way she has responded already she told herself, but she was wrong. A new message was there from the woman who simply called herself Mistress.

Heart beating a little faster, Tasha opened the message. It read: Accept my friend request if you would truly like to know.

Tasha sat completely still, her breathing coming fast and hard. She reread the message over and over again. Did she dare? Omg Tasha this is a fucking STRANGER. What are you thinking. The moisture between her legs, however overrode that voice of reason and she quickly accepted the friend request.

Clicking on the picture she was redirected güvenilir bahis şirketleri to Mistress’ page. Tasha immediately went to the photos and was even more entranced by what she saw. Bondage? Age play? It appeared this woman did it all. And oh was she gorgeous.

A tone alerted tasha that she had a new message. Fairly certain she knew who it was from, she began to read.

“Good girl. You follow direction well. If you are always this obedient, you will do well for me. Message me as soon as you wake up.”

Dazed Tasha closed the laptop without a response and climbed into bed once again. Frustrated and curious, she rolled onto her back and thought of everything she had seen, and particularly of this Mistress. Without realizing it Tasha began to slowly run her finger lightly up and down, between her pussy lips. A low whimper escaped her lips as the sensation of the friction made her even wetter. Soon she had increased the pressure and was moving her finger faster.

Tasha finally found the panties constricting and quickly shimmied out of them. She returned to her position on her back and let her legs fall apart, spreading them wide. Why am I this wet, she asked herself as she slowly slid a finger inside herself. She looked blankly at the corner of the room, a fantasy beginning to take form in her mind. In her detailed imagine she saw Mistress enter her room and sit on the edge of her bed. Never breaking eye contact, mistress smiles and says, “Spread those legs wider, my little slut and use another finger!”

Tasha’s pussy becomes so wet at those words she easily slides in another finger. Moving them in and out of herself, she is even more turned on by the wet suction noise that is now filling the room.

“Faster!” Mistress commands and Tasha responds immediately.

“Now harder little girl” Mistress growls and again Tasha does as she is told without hesitation. Her other hand finds a nipple and begins to pull and pinch. Moaning wildly now, she starts to lower her hand to her clit when Mistress barks “Did I tell you to cum yet?”

“No Mistress”, Tasha replies, eyes wide, hand frozen. Mistress reaches out and runs her fingers along Tasha’s thigh. “It’s alright. You don’t know any better yet.” Suddenly she slaps her, hard. “But you will learn”, she says with a sadistic smile on her face.

Unsure what to do, but never letting her fingers stop, Tasha goes back to playing with her nipple. She knows she can’t hold on much longer.

The events of the evening play through her thoughts and combined with the fantasy playing out before her eyes, she is barely keeping herself from coming. The mistress sees the distress in her eyes, and leans down to capture Tasha’s other nipple in her mouth. Tasha screams at the contact and begins begging to cum. Slowly Mistress runs her tongue up Tasha’s body to her neck and without warning bites down hard. Tasha begins to moan even louder than before as her fantasy mistress presses her lips against her ear.

“Go ahead and cum my little fuck toy. I know a little slut like you can’t help it.”

With those words, Tasha’s fingers fly to her clit and she begins to rub in small hard circles while continuing to pump her fingers in and out of her pussy. Head back, breasts heaving, Tasha begins to shake. Suddenly, the world falls away and she is cumming harder than she ever has. She feels a sudden wetness on her palm, but is too far gone to wonder about it.Dreanched in sweat, Tasha tries to bring her heartbeat under control and starts to feel around. It hits her then that the extra wetness is from squirting on her own hand. With a sigh, she turns on her side, hand still trapped between her legs. She chides herself for her foolish fantasy. Mistress was everything I wanted…in my imagination, she thought as she drifted off to sleep. No way it will ever be like that in real life if by some long shot we actually meet. With a chuckle, Tasha finally closes her eyes.

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