A Touch Of Cinnamon

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“Hi, my name is Cinnamon. Would you like a private dance?” Cynthia delivered the words in her sexiest tone hoping to convince the handsome stranger that she was truly a stripper. A flash of confusion passed over the dark haired man as he set his drink down on the small round table in front of him. The Vegas strip clubs thumping music could not drown out the awkward silence that hung between them. Cynthia was quickly reminded that doing every dumb stunt that her girlfriends dared her to do almost always led to terrible embarrassment, but she was never one to back down from a challenge. She slinked confidently to him in her five inch stilettos and placed her hands on the armrests of his chair. “I promise I will make it worth your while.” Cynthia oozed with confidence as she moved her generous cleavage directly into his view.

“You are very beautiful Cinnamon but…” Cynthia leaned close to his ear and cut him off whispering quickly.

“Listen, I don’t really work here, I’m with the bachelorette party at the table along the back wall. They dared me to come over here and give you a dance. So, can you please just play along?” She moved her face to his and grinned wide raising her eyebrows at him. A smile crept across the corner of his mouth and he began to lean over to see the table behind her. She grabbed his face with both hands. “No! No! No! Don’t look! Then they’ll know I told you!” His full lips parted revealing a charming smile. Cynthia’s confidence swelled as she realized she was about to get her way. She stroked his handsome face and slid her arms around his neck. “Pretty please with sugar on top…” She bit at the bottom corner of her lip and batted her long false lashes at him.

“You really aren’t going to take no for an answer are you?” Her eyes widened as she shook her head with a very clear NO written on her face. He chuckled and glanced at his watch.

“Okay, you win… Cinnamon.” He spoke her ‘working’ name with a not so subtle sarcasm to his tone. Cynthia did a happy clap as he sat up in his chair. “But, to be perfectly honest with you.” He continued. “I knew that you didn’t work here as soon as you walked up.” Cynthia stopped adjusting her white micro dress and put one hand on her hip.

“Oh really? So, what exactly gave me away?” Disbelief rang in her words.

“Well, first off you walked right past a table of business men. They are always easy marks in strip clubs.” He pointed out the three men who looked to be on an unofficial business meeting. “And secondly I have spent a lot of time at this club and they have never had a girl as hot as you working here.” Cynthia’s building confidence suddenly faltered as she felt the heat in her cheeks.

“Oh, uh… That’s very sweet. Thank you.” She smiled at him and momentarily got lost in his piercing brown eyes. Her mind then suddenly shifted to his comment that he spends a lot of time here and she couldn’t understand why such a hot guy would choose to spend so much time at a strip club when he could probably get any girl he wanted at a regular bar. She thought about the type of man that would frequent strip clubs and was very grateful that her friends didn’t send her to a bald, sweaty, old man that smelled like bad cheese.

“Are you okay Cinnamon?” his innocent look and mischievous smile made it clear to her that he was trying to toy with her. She narrowed her eyes at him, slowly licked her glossed lips and spun around tossing her mane of blonde hair as she went. Feeling the beat of Def Leppard’s Pour some sugar on me she slid her French tipped fingers up and down along her bare outer thighs. Her body gyrated like a cobra preparing to strike. As the rock song hit its chorus she slid her white dress up and over her curvy tan hips revealing her tiny white thong to him. She bent forward and, out of his earshot, she whispered to herself.

“Oh, you’re quiet now. Aren’t you handsome?” She slowly swayed her hips back and forth seductively over his lap. She looked over to her table of friends and they were quietly cheering her on by pumping their fists and throwing prayer bows in her direction. She closed her eyes and gave them a quick raise the roof hand gesture when she felt the sudden smack against her bare ass. She nearly heard the record scratch in her mind as she stumbled forward, eyes wide, and knocked his drink all over the table. She winced as she heard her girlfriend’s laughter from across the busy club. Flustered, she pulled her dress back down with both hands and spun around to face him. She spoke through a smile built of pure embarrassment.

“Okayyy… was that really necessary?” His eyes bounced back and forth from her to her table of still laughing friends. His mischievous grin quickly slid to a look of apology.

“I’m so sorry about that. But, Damn! If you’d been sitting where I was sitting… I seriously think you would have smacked it too.” Cynthia was instantly reminded of the countless times that her friends had smacked her butt and tuzla escort marveled over it. They had deemed her The girl with the golden ass last year on spring break. She slowly put her knee on the chair between his legs and put her hands on his chest.

“Okay, listen I’m gonna start over but you have to promise… No more booty smacking!” He looked at her with big solemn eyes, crossed his heart, and held up his two fingers in a silent pledge. She smirked and brought her other knee to the chair spreading his knees apart.

“Oh, hold on Cinnamon!” She shot him an aggravated look. “Sorry, would you mind standing back up real quick?” She kept her eyes narrowed on him as she slowly lowered her feet back to the ground and stood up. “I figured since we are starting over we should get something out of the way first” He lifted his hips from the chair and reached into his pant pocket. Cynthia stared at him curiously. He pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handed it to her with the expression of a man paying for his lunch.

“Seriously?” She held the bill like she was holding a dead rodent by its tail.

“Oh, sorry is that not enough?” He reached back into his pocket.

“No, stop! ” she put her hand on his arm and leaned in close. “You don’t have to pay me. This was my idea remember?”

“Yeah, I know but your friends dared you to come over here and pretend to be a stripper. I know the protocol around here, believe me, I need to pay you first.” He glanced around the busy club. “If you don’t believe me, just look around.” Cynthia processed what he was telling her and realized that although he was clearly still messing with her it would look better to her friends if she was able to turn this into a paying gig. She held the bill at it’s opposite corners and snapped it open. She folded it in half then in half again. R.Kelly’s song Bump n Grind began to play and she immediately began to sway to its soulful beat.

She turned and sat directly between his legs and laid back against his chest. She lowered the thin left strap of her dress down her shoulder and gyrated her entire body against him. She slowly lowered the right strap and arched her back hard pushing her lacy white bra out the top of her dress. She turned her face to him and slid the folded bill into the cup of her bra.

“Oh yeah, that’s the way.” The words moaned from him. She took his hands in hers and moved them across her silky legs, down her hips pulling her dress up to her waist, and over her tight stomach.

“Does that feel good?” She purred the words into his ear as R.Kelly sang his feelings on ‘a little bump n grind’. She immediately got her answer as she felt him throbbing below her. She looked him in the eyes and opened her mouth as she maneuvered her bare thong on to the large bulge he offered her. She gripped tightly to the armrests as she grinded her hips into him. Lost in the moment she sucked his earlobe into her mouth and moaned her pleasure. She could not believe how turned on she was. She wanted so desperately to take his hand and slide it into her panty so he could feel her excitement. She moved her hand behind his head and into his hair as she continued to rock her hips against his hard ride. Closing her eyes she rode his body like waves until…

“Uh oh…” He spoke the words quietly in her ear.

“It’s ok Baby, you can clean up afterwards.” She continued to writhe over him.

“No! Not that uh oh. Look!” He began to sit up. Cynthia opened her eyes and a giant beast of a man in a black suit stood before them filling her vision. Cynthia gasped and hugged the handsome stranger. The neck-less goon spoke directly to Cynthia.

“You know the rules. No private dances on the floor until Nine pm!” His voice rumbled from him deeper than the bass from the clubs speakers. Cynthia released the breath she had held when she first opened her eyes.

“I…uh…I am very sorry sir…I’m… new here.” The handsome stranger she had her arms around whispered in her ear.

“Yeah, REAL new here.” With the hand that clung to his shoulder she gave him a hard pinch to his arm. He grunted and shook, bouncing her on his lap.

“Just make sure it doesn’t happen again! There are open booths along the wall facing the bar.” The well dressed gorilla motioned his large head in the direction where her friends were sitting, where at that moment; she easily imagined them having a great laugh at her expense.

“Ok, thank you sir… I assure you it will never happen again!” The sound of relief was clear in her voice. The enormous bouncer, still stone faced, turned and walked away. Cynthia turned her attention back to the man whose lap she was sitting upon. “Hey! I thought you knew the protocol here!” Cynthia playfully smacked him on the side of his head.

“Yeah, that’s my bad. I honestly forgot about that rule. Sorry!” If his look wasn’t truly sincere, then he was surely skilled at faking it Cynthia thought. She stood tuzla rus escort up and began to fix her dress.

“Well, thanks for playing along with me. I guess I’m not really cut out for this line of work.” She smiled and shrugged her shoulders at the handsome stranger. Cynthia couldn’t believe it, but she actually felt a pang of disappointment that her lap dance debut was cut short.

“Hold up, you’re not going to leave are you? I didn’t get my whole dance.” Handsome scooted to the front of his chair.

“What do you mean? You heard the man. He said we had to stop.” Cynthia lifted her dress straps back to her shoulders.

“Yes, I did hear the man and he definitely did not say we needed to stop. He said we needed to go to a private booth since it’s still only…” He glanced again at his watch. “Eight thirty-five.” He looked at Cynthia then glanced at something behind her and smiled. “Besides, it looks like someone is waiting for us over there.” Cynthia turned to see what he was looking at and found it immediately. The large bouncer was holding open the curtain to a booth about two tables down from where the bachelorette party was sitting. He impatiently waved her over when she made eye contact with him.

“Ohhhhh Shit!” Cynthia looked back at Handsome with a frozen mask of concern.

“C’mon! It’s only one song. No big deal right?” Handsome took her hand and led her towards the booth. He intentionally walked her in the direct path of her friends table where they were all snickering and gesturing at her. Cynthia mouthed the words OH MY GOD! to them as she walked past. Once she was in the booth, Handsome gave the bouncer a quick fist bump out of her view before allowing the curtain to fall closed.

As Handsome walked in Cynthia realized that this was her first full view of him. He was tall! In her heels she was about five foot ten. As he approached her she could see that he was easily a half foot taller than her with broad shoulders that tapered down nicely. His outfit consisted of black leather shoes, black khaki’s, and a long sleeve button down shirt that completed his Johnny Cash look in flat black.

She twirled a finger in her long wavy blonde hair as she watched Handsome begin to purposefully roll up his shirt sleeves to his elbow. She took the opportunity to straighten out her mini dress that had become a bit twisted from her wriggling against him. Cynthia knowing that she was out of sight of her friends was becoming increasingly shy. It was much easier for her to put on a brave show when she knew she had an audience of her friends, but now in this small ten by ten darkened booth with nothing more than a leather couch and a handsome stranger her stomach began to flutter. She looked down at her hands and played with her long manicured nails.

“You’re not getting shy on me are you Cinnamon?” The charming smile returned to his face.

“Me? Shy? No, not at all.” She placed one hand on her hip and flipped at her hair with the other trying to convey a confidence that was truly not there. He stood in front of her clearly unconvinced. “Well…maybe just a little. It’s just that bouncer kind of threw me off and I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to do now.” She smiled, wrinkling her nose at him.

Handsome nodded his head and stepped directly in front of her looking deeply in her eyes. He put his hands on her hips and began to slowly sway them to the beat of Guns n’ Roses song November Rain. Cynthia could feel the goose bumps forming at his touch. Handsome touched his forehead to hers and began to sway his shoulders as though he was dancing with her. The musk of his cologne reached her and she closed her eyes drifting back to the sexy place she had been before their last dance had been interrupted. She reached her hands around his shoulders and pushed her body against his.

They danced as the slow song faded into the far more upbeat S&M by Rihanna. At the start of the new song Handsome grabbed her hands and lifted them over her head and slipped directly behind her. He ran his lips across her bare neck before lowering himself to the couch. Cynthia continued to dance with her back to him feeling the sexiness of the songs lyrics.

“Take your dress off!” His words were far more a command than a request. Cynthia’s eyes widened at his words. She managed to keep dancing in spite of her urge to look back at him to see if he was serious. She figured he wanted to see how far she would be willing to go and she was about to show him.

She continued to sway as she reached around and slowly lowered the zipper at the back of her dress. She turned to him and locked eyes as she slowly lowered the dress from her shoulders, down over her 38d bra, down her stomach, the curve of her hips, until it dropped in a white puddle around her heels. She stepped out of the dress and with her heel kicked it away from her. Cynthia felt powerful seeing his eyes drink her in from head to toe. tuzla sarışın escort He licked his lips as she stepped to him and turned around dropping onto his lap. She held on to his knees as she grinded into his lap.

Immediately she felt him grow rock hard against her. He was huge and her desire was beginning to feel more like a burning need. She stood back up and shook her perfect ass in front of him. Thanks to her years of Yoga she slowly bent herself down until her head was near her feet. She looked at him with her hair hanging down to the floor and could see his jaw drop. She decided it was time to turn the tables and shock him. She pulled her thong from her hips to the ground in one quick motion. She put both hands flat on the floor and bounced her well trimmed pussy in front of him.

She gasped as he suddenly pulled at her hips with both hands and pressed his mouth against her wet sex. His tongue licked a deep path between her moist lips slowing at her entrance where he bobbed his tongue in and out of her. Cynthia was shocked and overwhelmed. She could not believe that this stranger was brazen enough to just take her in this way. With all of the thoughts running through her mind the only one that was clear to her was that she did not want him to stop.

She began to rock her hips, moving his hungry mouth to exactly where she wanted to feel it. As much as she wanted to see his face buried in her, every time she would open her eyes he would find another spot that sent surges of pleasure through her body causing her to squeeze her eyes shut and focus on her balance. As Rihanna’s voice faded he mercifully moved his skilled mouth from her, but maintained his firm grip to keep her steady. Cynthia lowered herself to her knees and turned to face him. With her breathing still ragged she looked at him with disbelief.

“Whuh…What… the hell… was that?” she smiled to make it clear she was not upset. Handsome looked at her with fire dancing in his eyes. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his large tool that was fighting to be free of his clothing. Without hesitation she squeezed at him and began to stroke him over his pants. Feeling his girth she didn’t know if she would be able to accommodate him, but as worked up as she was she knew she needed to try.

She kept her eyes on her hands as she began to unbutton his pants. As she lowered the zipper his large erection sprang free. Cynthia swallowed hard, she had never seen anything like it. She took him in both hands and slowly twisted her hands up his thick shaft. He leaned back against the couch and watched. She brought the bulbous head to her mouth and paused looking him in the eyes. His expression was that of a wild animal stalking its prey. She wagged a finger at him telling him no and released him. He shot her a look of pure shock.

Wearing only her bra and heels Cynthia climbed up on the couch facing him and straddled his hips with her knees. She reached down and took his bulging erection in her hand and slid it back and forth along her wet slit. Handsome reached around her back and unclasped her bra. He pulled it off of her and had just wrapped his lips around her soft nipple as she slid herself down on to his enormous cock.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she took him fully inside of her. She felt like her insides were stretching to fit him. It was intense pressure and pleasure wrapped as one. As she neared his base he devoured her nipples with his lips, teeth, and tongue shooting a squeal up through her throat. Cynthia placed her hands on his shoulders and used them to help glide her up and down his thick cock. Handsome took her large breasts in both hands and squeezed at them as he circled his thumbs over her hardened nubs.

Cynthia was so wet she found that not only was she able to accommodate this large man but she was now beginning to move her hips faster on to him. Lenny Kravitz cover of American Woman provided the back beat for her sexy ride. Feeling the increase in speed, Handsome moved his hands to her ass and pulled himself into her on her down stroke sending hot waves of pleasure through her body.

Cynthia grabbed his face and brought her mouth to his hesitating at his lips unsure if she should make this sexy game more intimate than it had already become. Handsome sensing her trepidation angled his hips up and began banging her hard from below. Cynthia grunted and began to pant feeling his large tool ram into her. She grabbed the back of his head with one hand and crushed her mouth against his. She was able to taste the slightest tang of her pussy as she greedily attacked his mouth. Their mouths danced around each others as their bodies bounced in rhythm.

Handsome stopped thrusting and pulled down on Cynthia’s hips grinding deeply into her. He tightened his already large erection inside of her. Cynthia pulled away from the kiss and moaned so loud she feared that she could be heard over the music. Handsome smiled, wrapped his arms around her low back and stood up lifting her into the air with his cock still buried inside of her. She held him around his neck as he turned her around and put her back to the wall next to the couch. Cynthia wrapped her legs around his waist and held on around his neck.

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