A Victorian Masquerade Ch. 01

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It was late October, 1886. The skies in the New England town of Mohonk were sky blue and the air was crisp and clean. The leaves on the trees and scattered on the ground were delightful shades of bright red, fiery orange, and a crisp yellow brown. The pleasantly chilly days gave way to blustery, cozy nights with clear skies full of bright stars and a huge, full moon that seemed to smile down on the small town’s residents.

The harvest and business season had been good, especially for the Austin family. Already well to do from a tool and die plant they owned, this year had been a boon and Mr. Austin was more than happy to share his good fortune, not only with his loving wife and four children, but with the rest of the town. This year, instead of being held in the church and being a rather small affair, Mr. Austen promised that the large Austin home and estate grounds were to be opened up to the town and the surrounding areas for the annual Halloween Harvest ball.

The children, Avery, Mark, Winnie and Annaliese, were all very excited and from the date of their Fathers announcement in Church and in the Town Papers the Sunday prior to Halloween Eve, began hustling and bustling about, planning, sewing and purchasing decorations and favors for their grand old Victorian home. They decided to decorate the parlor and the dining room in a normal fashion, with gaily colored leaf and flower bouquets and streamers, but the Ballroom was to be decorated quite grandly and spookily, with paper mache bats, serpents, skeletons, gargoyles and all sorts of spooky creatures. The servants and the children hustled about, decorating the house and the grounds with lively bouquets of leaves, pumpkins, flowers and gaily colored streamers, while in the kitchen Mrs. Austin and her cooking staff oversaw baking and cooking days before the event. They baked pounds of pies, cakes, cookies, candies, made soups and breads, canned vegetables, pickled things; the list went on and on.

Annaliese, the eldest of the four children was a very pretty yet somber girl of 18. She watched over her younger siblings with an eagle’s eye as they carried out their tasks. Gathering up her long skirts to run after the children, she scolded and shushed them, ensuring that they behaved well and contained their excitement appropriately. Annaliese was to come out herself next spring at the annual Spring Social and she was certainly not going to let anyone in her family suffer from ill manners, for surely people would look upon her as the culprit, being the eldest and the one with the responsibility to practically raise the children from birth since their parents were often away on business trips that took months to complete. She was very slim, with a tiny corseted waist, shapely legs (that were never seen in public, not to mention ankles either!) and a rather overdeveloped bosom, which she was proud of for she felt this made her appear stately, and fiercely feminine.

At around 4 o’clock Annaliese rounded up the children to for dinner. Flushed and excited, they washed up and sat down to a delicious meal comprised of a few of the items that were to be served at the ball. Turkey, bean soup, potatoes and Sivas Escort a delicious flour cake topped off the meal. Mr. and Mrs. Austin retired to the library to rest after dinner while the maids hurried the children up to their rooms for some game playing in the playroom and then bed. Annaliese retired to the room she shared with her sister alone, as she planned to write a letter to her aunt and then retire early, for she was exhausted.

“To think, two more full days of this until the Ball! she exclaimed aloud, happy to be alone at last to write and have some peace and quiet.

Annaliese sat on her high four poster bed and took off her soft leather shoes, which thankfully were not uncomfortable. She then removed her blouse and her long skirt. She hung these up in the giant walnut wardrobe that she and her sister shared. Next, she removed her long lacy petticoat, and then her bloomers. Finally, she was stripped down to her tight, lacy corset and her black knee high stockings. “Ugh” she grunted as she unhooked the front of her corset and it loosened slightly. She then reached around to unlace the back and breathed a sigh of relief when the corset came away from her body, into her hand. She felt her large breasts swing free in the cool air and her tiny, rosy nipples hardened.

She placed the corset on the bed and turned to view herself in the full length mirror. She saw her milky white skin, almost perfect with the tiny scar on her shoulder blade from the riding accident when she was younger. She looked into her clear blue eyes, round and inquisitive. Her delicate hand moved up to her hair and undid the tightly woven bun. Her black hair cascaded around her creamy shoulders, making a striking contrast. Her hand moved down to her tiny waist, over her creamy slightly rounded thighs, and she rolled her stockings off. Her hand hesitated a moment and then moved up to her black, curly mound of Venus. She stroked the curls thoughtfully. No one, but no one knew of the strange pleasure she found there and she was slightly ashamed, she felt wanton, unworthy of this exquisite pleasure yet every night and whenever she could she explored her body in this manner, in the mirror first feeling her arousal then climbing into bed to wallow in one, two or three exquisite releases that left her exhausted yet satisfied.

She spread the lips of her pleasure mound, as she called it for she was not sure what it was, and saw the pink raw flesh. She inserted a finger and felt a shudder of delight run through her body and her finger came away wet. She licked the moisture off and tasted the sweetness of her desire.

Annaliese took the corset off the bed and threw it on the back of a chair along with her stockings. She climbed into bed and stroked her nipples, which were hard as rocks and very pleasurable to touch. She moaned and spread her legs, ready for the furious stroking of that hard spot that gave her so much throbbing pleasure. She started to stroke with her index finger, and then squeezed the hardened pearl between her fingers as she moaned and writhed under the covers. All of a sudden, her body went rigid with pleasure and she stifled a cry with a pillow Sivas Escort Bayan as she bucked and writhed with the intense orgasm that took over her body. She felt the frothy moisture running down her thigh and used her hand to scoop it up and taste her sweet juices again. “MMM” she murmured and, catching herself before she fell into a deep sleep, got up and made sure she put on her nightgown. She then got back into bed and promptly fell asleep.

Annnaliese was awoken by a loud tapping on her windowpane. She sat up in bed. Her sister was sound asleep beside her. Ensuring that her sister would not hear, she pulled the covers up over her head and walked over to the window to investigate. There was nothing there. She started back to bed when she heard the front door open and then close. Thinking that perhaps it was the cook having another restless night, Annaliese decided to steal downstairs to see if everything was alright and perhaps share some warm milk.

Annaliese surreptitiously crept out of the bedroom and into the hallway. She took a candle from the hall table and lit it, and came to the stair landing. She began to descend the stairs slowly.

All of a sudden towards the bottom of the stairs a strong hand came from behind her and covered her mouth, stifling a scream. Another arm picked her up by the waist and led her through the kitchen and swiftly and quietly down the stairs to the cellar. The door shut behind them.

The perpetrator removed his hand from Annaliese’s mouth and she spun around, ready to scream, but what she saw both startled and intrigued her.

Standing before her, candle in hand illuminating his face was the most handsome rogue she had ever seen. Wavy dark hair framed his face, which had perfect olive skin and dark eyes, a square jaw and a cleft chin. She looked down a moment from his perfect face to his well muscled body, visible beneath the cheap farmer’s shirt he wore.

“Shh!” the stranger whispered, holding his finger to Annaliese’s lips. “You mustn’t utter a word. I am not here to harm you, I only want to help you.”

“Help me? Do What?” Annaliese whispered a bit harshly.

The stranger looked into Annaliese’s frightened eyes which soothed her. He touched her face lovingly, and said,

“I want to join with you in your pleasure, I want to make love to you. I have seen you many a night from afar, gazing at yourself, touching your beautiful body in the mirror. I have spent hours gazing into your window, trying to get a further glimpse of what you do in bed afterwards from my perch in the nearest tree. Please, oh please let me.” The stranger pleaded, with such a convincing tone that Annaliese’s heart almost melted out of her breast.

The stranger kissed Annaliese briefly on the lips, yet in that moment a thousand fires raged through her skull and shot through her entire body. He kissed her again, deeply, wetly and Annaliese melted into his arms as her carried her to the pile of hay in the corner.

He gently lay her down and kissed her fervently. She kissed back, still not entirely believing that this was happening. His strong hands searched out her breast and he Escort Sivas pulled it from her gown and began to pull on the nipple slightly. Annaliese moaned and he palmed the white orb, kneading it slightly. Annaliese felt shocks between her thighs and groaned with pleasure. She rubbed her thighs together and he parted them again with his leg, practically getting on top of her. Annaliese felt something hard and hot rubbing against her thigh and curiously reached down to touch it.

“Ahh” he moaned, and seeing the look on Annaliese’s face, asked.

“Do you not know what that is? Have you not ever tasted the pleasures of the flesh, the endless rapture of a man and a woman’s coupling? Let me show you…” And he freed his large, veiny cock from his pants. It throbbed and glistened in the candlelight.

“Does it have a name?” Annaliese breathlessly asked.

“It is my cock, my truncheon, my rod.”

“Can I touch it? Suckle it? Please, may I suckle your rod?”

“Yes, please suckle it. Touch it. Stroke it. Caress it.”

Annaliese slid down under the lover’s torso, down to his groin. She smelled his manly, goaty smell and was all the more aroused. She parted her lips and took the member into her mouth, gagging slightly as he pushed it to the back of her throat. She tasted brine, but loved it as she gagged and spewed her saliva all over it as he thrust in and out of her mouth, groaning. She parted her legs and stroked her pleasure mound, grunting around his rod which made him all the more aroused.

“Woman, you must take my love now!” he exclaimed and he pulled her up by her shoulders and ripped off her gown. He pulled his shirt off revealing a manly, slightly chest and positioned his cock above her love tunnel.

“This may hurt a bit, my love, but soon you will be reveling in pleasures that you have never known. My rod will penetrate and fill you, and you will writhe upon it. Take me my love, my entire length.”

Annaliese spread her legs and murmured “Yes, please” as he positioned his cock above her. He thrust forward and entered her. Annaliese yelped a cry of pain which turned to utter delight as she felt the massive cock stretch and fill her insides. He thrust into her, groaning, hitting her womb and she cried out in pleasure, which he stifled with his free hand. In and out, grunting and groaning Annaliese felt herself being pushed over the edge. All of a sudden, the familiar impending feeling came over her and she moaned and bucked under him. She came in a flood of sticky sweet juice all over his cock and balls and he came with her, she felt the hot spurts of semen fill her womb.

“OHHHHHHHH!” He groaned with pleasure as they rode the wave of pleasure and aftershock. He rolled off her and they both lay there a moment, recuperating.

Suddenly, the stranger sat up and began to dress. A confused Annaliese sat up too, and said “Where are you going?”

“I have to leave quickly, I must, but I will be back. Look for me at the ball, I shall be wearing a mask and costume but I have further things to teach you. “

“But, but wait! Who are you? I want to know you!” Annaliese started up after the stranger and realizing she was naked, frantically attempted to pull on her ripped gown.

“Do not fret,” the stranger quipped “You will know me, in time.” He kissed her hand and stole up the stairs. “Farewell, my beauty.” Were the last words she heard as the door closed behind him.

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