A Walk in the Woods

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“Good morning,” a deep voice rumbled in her ear. She startled, spilling the milk intended for her cereal over the counter of the hotel continental breakfast instead. She whirled around with a hand pressed over her rapidly beating heart, to find him smirking down at her.

“Don’t do that! You scared the shit out of me!” Her scolding had no impact on the smirk (or may have deepened it), so she rolled her eyes and turned to clean up her mess.

“You’re up early,” he said while busying himself with coffee.

“Unlike some people, I know how to pace myself, and I’d rather have a full day to enjoy than a hangover.”

“Seems logical enough. You know you can have at least a little fun though, right?” His teasing tone earned a glare and another eye roll. He simply chucked and followed her over to a small high-top table near the window. “So, what’s on the agenda for today?”

“I was thinking of starting the day with a walk in the nature park- the lady at the desk said it’s a five-minute walk away, and it’s supposed to be stunning. This early, hopefully it should be quiet as well. After that, we’ll see how the day moves me.” She grinned at him over her waffle.

“Up for company?” he asked. She cocked her head at him- he wasn’t the type she’d finger as a woodsy one- then smiled and shrugged: “Sure! Just don’t slow me down.”


She stretched her arms as wide as she could, then raised them slowly to their zenith, eyes closed, and head tipped back to bask in the early sunlight. Smiling broadly, she opened her eyes slowly with a deep exhaled breath. She turned to him and grinned at his bemused expression, wiggling and almost jumping with excitement. “Come on, then! The woods are calling, and we must answer.” Her delight was too adorable to resist, and so he could only chuckle lightly and follow as she skipped down the path.

They spent the next hour or so wandering in the park, though they did not make great time. She kept dashing here and there to point out brilliantly soft moss, some small critter on the ground, a particularly striking tree; or stopping suddenly and hushing him to listen to a bird call or catch an enticing scent on the breeze. Neither minded the unbothered pace: they soaked in the dappled sun and coolness of the shade, enjoying banter and widely rambling conversations as well as increasingly bold flirtations.

She was beginning to blush when she looked up into his eyes, and he was struggling to tear his gaze away from her ass and legs in the tight leggings she was wearing. It took all the control he had to resist grabbing a handful and pressing himself into her each time she bent over to examine something that caught her eye on the forest floor.

Finally, she stopped and suggested a break for water and snacks. They settled down in a small clearing just off the path, sharing a bottle of water and munching contentedly on granola. He laid down, stretching his arms above his head, smirking when he caught her eyes widened at the glimpse of his exposed stomach. “See something you like?” he teased.

She couldn’t hide the blush lighting up her cheeks, though she tried, and quickly darted her eyes away from him. “Shut up” was the best retort she could manage. He laughed, then moved on to his knees, kneeling mere inches from where she was sitting. Her breath caught as he leaned his face close enough for her to feel his warm breath on her skin.

Grinning devilishly, he gently slid a finger along the line of her jaw, relishing her shiver under his touch, and then cupped her chin to turn her face up towards him.

“What’s wrong, you slutty little minx? You’ve been taunting me with those beautiful legs and full ass all day, but now you want to hide from the attention you’ve been begging me for?” His voice was gently teasing, with just a hint of the deep rumble that made her legs weak and her cunt damp. She mentally cursed herself as she felt her blush deepen as she met his eyes. The mix of teasing, desire, and mischief she saw reflected made the flush spread like wildfire across her body.

He leaned even closer, softly snickering at the whimper that escaped her lips when he moved towards her ear. His voice somehow deeper, dark with suggestion, sent waves of goosebumps along her arms and back: “I haven’t seen a single other person. What could we get up to, with the woods all to ourselves?”

She wanted to respond but couldn’t: forming sentences seemed incredibly foreign, and her mind was occupied with the growing heat between her legs and an endless series of images of the two of them amongst the trees, fucking like a pair of animals. The risk of being seen by someone only stoked the fire (and fuck, he knew that), the rush of doing something she wasn’t supposed to.

He laughed at her wordless, open mouth, and the need shining in her eyes; he gripped her hand and pulled her up from the ground and into his arms, so fast she didn’t have time to almanbahis find her balance and had no choice but to let him hold her up. This time his mouth was rough against hers, pushing her lips apart to tease her with his tongue, making her gasp each time his teeth pulled at her sensitive skin, kissing her so deeply she couldn’t breathe.

When he finally released her and set her on her feet, she was breathing hard, lips puffy, heart beat thrumming in her ears. He let her catch her breath, just a bit, before gently gripping her neck right where it met her jaw, holding her face towards him, and said “Well what are you waiting for, my desperate little slut?”

She had recovered herself enough to smile sweetly up at him; it turned to a smirk when he loosened his grip on her throat. She booped his nose, quickly reached around to give his firm ass a good smack, then dashed into the trees, laughing merrily. He let out a good natured “Fuck!” before following her.

When his footsteps behind her began to pick up pace, the laughter stopped as adrenaline began to spike her blood. She could hear him gaining on her and fought the temptation (and instinct) to actually flee, to let her legs carry her as fast as they could until they gave out from exhaustion. That would have to wait for another time. The need to have him on her and in her was too heavy; she wanted to be caught.

She came into a small clearing with a wide oak at the far end, and quickly ducked behind it. She peered around the rough bark, watching him slow as he entered the clearing, cocking his head as he realized the sound of her running had stopped. He was breathing a bit faster and harder, and the light sheen of sweat of his brow and forearms sparked in the sunlight.

Would she ever stop marveling at the sheer beauty of this man, his teasing eyes and bitable jaw, broad shoulders and strong yet delicately shaped arms and hands, the eternal smirk on his full mouth, the well-shaped chest and stomach, long legs and tight ass- and of course, that thick cock with its prominent head whose outline was clearly displayed in his jeans?

He was stalking towards the tree now, a sadistic grin on his face, and her heart began to race. She tried to stay quiet, but her breathing was getting too heavy to control.

Suddenly moving swiftly, he ducked behind the tree, grabbing her arm before she had a chance to move. He pressed her back against the tree, thigh to thigh and chest to chest; his hard cock pressing into her stomach a delicious complement to the rough bark digging into her skin through the thin shirt. He moved his arm to pin her by the shoulder, then roughly spread her legs and cupped her pussy through her leggings.

She moaned loudly and bucked into his hand. He continued rubbing at her cunt, letting her grind against his hand. He leaned in and sank his teeth deep into the base of her exposed neck, before nipping lightly at her ear lobe. His breath was hot against her skin, his voice husky and bordering a growl as he whispered, “Are you such a desperate thing that you’re going to cum against my hand with your pants still on?” She whimpered and bucked faster.

He ran his fingers up her neck and into her hair, then pulled her hair to tilt her face up at him. “Answer me, my little slut.”

“Yes, sir. Please make me cum,” she whispered, pleading eyes trapped in his gaze. “Please, please let me cum.” Increased pressure from the hand against her mound sent her voice up an octave as she began begging: “Oh fuck, please sir, please. I’m so close, please, please please.” She stopped grinding and simply let him rub, faster and faster, as she moaned. Her wet cunt had soaked through both her panties and the material of the leggings, adding a delicious friction to tease her swollen and sensitive clit.

He held her gaze as the pleading became faster, louder, less coherent until it was all one continuous stream: pleasepleaseohfuckplease. He watched her face intently as her climax approached, grinning at her open mouth and lustfully glazed eyes. She was on the brink, mouth open to let out guttural moans, eyes unable to stay open, arching her back to press herself against his hand more fully, when he suddenly removed his hand.

Her eyes snapped open, and she whined, wanting nothing but that hand rubbing her, needing him to make her cum. His eyes were dark and piercing as he teased her: “My poor little whore. Look at you, soaked pants, so close to cumming but – keep those legs apart and don’t make me tell you again. You don’t get to cum, not yet anyhow. You love teasing me, but it doesn’t seem you enjoy it quite as much when I return the favor.”

He traced her parted lips with the hand that had been rubbing her; she smelled herself on him, deep and heady. Her mouth opened, and he slid two fingers in deeply, moaning as she began sucking at them, letting her tongue explore each pad and joint.

“That’s almanbahis giriş my good girl,” he chuckled as he slid another finger into her drooling mouth, “Clean up the mess you made.” She moaned deep in her throat and increased her actions, doing her best to keep her eyes on his. When the last finger passed her lips, stretching her mouth almost painfully, the last shred of composure evaporated.

She was moaning and whimpering as she moved her mouth rapidly on his fingers, taking them as deeply as she could, her own saliva smeared across her face, eyes fluttering blissfully. She pouted momentarily when he pulled his hand out, and sighed contentedly when he pushed his thumb in, his wet fingers cupped under her chin.

She took her time now, sliding her tongue sensually over each ridge, sucking his thumb in deeply and letting it slide back to just the tip, savoring the flavor of his skin coming through. It felt far too soon when he removed the final digit. He laughed while ruffling her hair.

“My poor little slut- didn’t you get enough? That mouth is just as needy as your wet cunt, isn’t it?” He moved her to switch positions with him, so he could lean against the tree. “Let’s make sure you get your fill, hmm?” She needed no prompting to drop to her knees in front of him, eyes somehow even bigger at the thought of what would be coming next. He stopped her when she reached for his belt, firmly placing her hands at her side.

She sat obediently, unable to resist grinding her thighs together, as he sighed and lounged against the tree. She could only watch, mouth open and panting, as he lazily slid his hands over his body. He ran them up his thighs, his rings catching the sun as he firmly gripped the outline of his rigid cock through his pants. He continued moving up, letting his hands glide up his stomach, pulling his shirt along with it to reveal the prominent hip bones and the lines of his abs that he knew she loved.

Finally, his hands went to his buckle, oh so slowly undoing it, letting the belt fall to the side as he eased the zipper down. He slipped his hands inside his pants, over his boxers, caressing the firm muscles of his inner thigh and slowly stroking himself. She was making low whimpering noises, growing more desperate and wet, although how that could be possible she had no idea. Her visible desperation made him laugh deeply, which transitioned into a low groan as he finally eased his cock free of the boxers.

She was licking her lips now, embarrassed but unable to hide how badly she wanted it. He was so hard she could see every vein decorating his shaft; it was nearly unbearable to watch him languidly stroke himself from base to head. The sight of his hands on his cock had been her undoing so many times, and the muscles of her legs tensed painfully as she fought the desire to spring forward and take him in her mouth. But she knew he was testing her, challenging her, and she wanted to please him, prove herself to him, as badly as she wanted to feel him slide into her throat.

He didn’t make her wait much longer; his stomach was beginning to rise and fall more dramatically, and his motions were getting jerky. At long last, he took his hand from his cock and crooked a finger at her; she grinned happily and crawled forward. She wanted to take him in as much as she could, savor the image before her as much as she would savor the taste and weight of him against her tongue.

She took his balls in her hand, gently exploring them with her fingers, trailing her fingertips along his shaft and over his head with the other hand. When she began firmly but slowly stroking him, softly squeezing his balls, she looked up to meet him watching her. He balled her hair in his fist and moved her head closer to him. Keeping her eyes on his, she licked up the full length of him with the flat of her tongue, pointing it to flick at his frenulum, and lapping up the thick bead of precum.

He echoed her moan when she tasted him, and pushed himself into her mouth. She kept her lips closed around his head, sucking on it and swirling her tongue while her hand stroked him, before finally letting herself go. She raised herself slightly, then steadily lowered her mouth down the length of his cock until it was buried in her throat, her lips pressing against the stubble of his crotch. She gagged slightly, but held herself there until it subsided, breathing in the heady scent of him through her nose.

She began a steady rhythm as she maintained her grip on him while sliding her head over the ridge of his head just to the tip before moving back down to take him fully. She gripped his thigh as she worked, her nails causing him to hiss through his teeth as they dug in. She steadily began bobbing her head more rapidly up and down his cock, watering eyes staring up at him.

Her tongue danced over him, making sure to tease his head and run her tongue along his shaft, almanbahis giriş letting it slip out to lick at his balls when he bottomed out. Her mouth and throat felt so full, and she was aware of nothing but the hardness wrapped in velvety skin, the taste of him on her tongue and the scent of him filling her nostrils.

His hand, which had relaxed to cup the base of her head, returned to a fist as he began moving her faster. He did not slide himself out steadily, but built a rapid pattern of fucking deep into her throat. She moaned around him as he began murmuring: “That’s it, little slut. You’re such a good slut for me.” She picked up the pace, meeting him as he thrust into her, wriggling her ass and pressing her thighs together to satiate her aching cunt.

He laughed at her increasing efforts. “Are you trying to make me cum, my little whore?” With the way he was buried in her throat, her only response was a hearty “Mmmmmm”. She increased the pressure of her lips wrapped around him, swiped her tongue more rapidly on his shaft. He began fucking harder into her mouth, pulling out more before slamming back down.

She could no longer keep her eyes focused, so closed them and brought her full attention to his cock in her mouth, the thought of his load shooting into her throat possessing her. Her lips and most of her chin were coated in spit, which was dripping over his balls as well. Her moans had shifted to a constant stream of begging whimpers; her volume increased as he began whispering “Faster, faster. That’s it, good slut.”

He held her head close to him now, and she steadied herself by holding onto his firm hips as he plunged faster and faster into the deepest part of her throat. She could only keep her mouth open to take him, drawing in whatever small breaths she could.

“Oh, fuck that’s it, that’s it, I’m gonna cum. Do you want my load down your throat, my little whore?” he whispered between gritted teeth. She made desperate encouraging noises, begging the only way she could with her mouth stretched open to accommodate his girth, gripping onto his hips harder.

With a shuddering breath and a growling groan, he thrust one last time into her. She could feel him throb against her lips and her tongue and inside her throat as hot cum flooded her throat. She swallowed around him, determined not to lose any of it. He gasped as she slid him out of her throat to lick the remnants from his sensitive head, and then pulled his cock from her mouth, strings of thick saliva stretching from her mouth to his glistening cock.

He allowed his breathing to slow, grinning down at her as she watched with a matching self-satisfied smile. He bent down to lift her chin, kissing her spit-smeared mouth deeply. He scooped her up to her feet by her armpits, turning them so she was once again pressed against the tree.

He kissed her to breathlessness again; when their lips parted, his mouth was shining with her saliva as well. He locked one hand around her throat and eased the other into her leggings and then her panties. “You are drenched,” he said, “just like a good little whore should be. You love sucking my cock that much?”

There was no hesitation in her response now: “Yes, sir.” He grinned as a finger slid effortlessly between her slick lips, circling her stiffened clit. She moaned loudly as her back arched and her hips bucked forward: she was already so close from having him in her mouth.

“You’ve been such a good girl for me. I think you deserve to cum- what do you think, my amazing little slut?”

Nodding rapidly, she whispered “Please make me cum, sir. Please.”

“Keep your eyes on me” he growled, and thrust a finger all the way into her. She nearly yelped, and bit her lip in pleasure. She watched the fire in his eyes, his delight at her reactions, as he expertly reduced her to a writhing mess. Before long, his finger was joined by another, and then a third.

Positioning his fingers just so, he thrust rapidly against her g-spot, removing his hand from her throat at intervals to rub his thumb on her clit. She cried out as her climax built, unable to muster much more than a whisper: “Please, oh fuck yes, please please make me cum Sir. Please, please oh fuck please.” He obliged, increasing the speed and vigor of his thrusting. Her breathing became ragged, words left her, and eventually the sensation was too much.

She shattered around him, the muscles of her pussy convulsing and gripping tightly at his fingers, fresh wetness leaking down her thighs; her moan bordered a howl when she finally came. Every muscle in her body was pulled taut, and her eyes stared blankly at the sky. He pushed into her a few more times as she shuddered vigorously, before pulling his hand out.

Holding her face to keep her watching, he sucked her juices from each finger. He eased her down to sit at the base of the tree with him, cradling her in his arms and kissing the top of her head. “That was quite the performance, little slut.” She was thrilled at his praise, nuzzling into his neck. When they had both regained regular breathing and heart beats, he pulled her to her feet.

“Now let’s just hope we can find our way back to the trail.”`

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