A Walk in the Woods Pt. 03

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That summer kept getting hotter, and even late in the season the country baked under the sun. Rachel and I had gone to stay at her parent’s house in the Hampshire countryside for the weekend to look after the horses, while her parents were away. It’s a big house, overlooking a narrow valley and with it’s own paddocks and stables adjacent to the house. We’d spent most of the day clearing hay and feeding and watering the horses, trying to keep them cool in the heat. By mid-afternoon we were hot, tired and sweaty and headed back into the big country-house kitchen for a drink. The long days in the sun had given both of us a bit of a tan and the baking heat meant we were dressed very lightly.

We were both of us in shorts and Rachel was wearing a simple singlet top and no bra. I pulled off my T-shirt as we got glasses of cold water and mopped my brow with it. Sweat glistened on Rachel’s back and her long dark hair was swept up and back, keeping it out of her eyes and off her back. She turned to face me and handed me a tall glass of cool water. I downed half of it and poured the rest over my steaming head, letting the cold water refresh me.

When I opened my eyes Rachel was standing closely in front of me. She reached out and put her hand on my chest, then stepped in and kissed my lips.

“I,” she said into my ear “am, hot, sweaty and horny. Wanna fool around?”

“What, in here?” I said, looking around. The kitchen/diner had all the usual appliances and an island unit in the middle, with a decent sized dining table and chairs at the far end, overlooked by a big cabinet unit with a central mirror. Hardly the obvious place for a bit of fooling around, but I wasn’t going to say no. Rachel looked awesome in her tight cut off jean shorts and little singlet. I had been stealing glances down her shirt all morning, but i didn’t think anything was on the Alanya Escort Bayan cards today.

“Yeah…” Rachel said, and pushed me backwards to the kitchen table. “Sit down…”

I sat on the kitchen chair, unsure of what to expect next. Rachel put down her glass and swung her leg over me, sitting down on my lap and pushing her lips and hips up to mine. We kissed, tongues darting, and Rachel ground her lap into mine. My cock started to harden in response, and with a smile Rachel pulled back and stood up off me. She spun around and dropped her jean-short clad bum onto my crotch and ground back and forwards on me.

I leaned forward and pulled her back against me, my hands roaming to her breasts which had hard nipples poking through into the fabric of her singlet, and down to the warmth between her legs. Her cheeks were pushing back on was by now a hot and hard cock, and I’m sure she could feel it through her shorts.

Rachel jumped to her feet and span around to face me.

“I can feel you’re getting good and hard,” she said “but for what I need you’re going to need to be wet as well”. And with that she dropped to her knees in front of me and pulled open my shorts at the fly, releasing my dick to the warm summer air. Hungrily, she gobbled it into her mouth, covering it in saliva. She swirled her tongue around the head and licked her way up and down the shaft, getting me good and wet.

By now I had guessed what it was she had in mind and my heart was racing at the thought of getting at that sweet arse again.

As she bobbed her head down again on my dick, I put my hand on her head and said “I think that’s enough. It’s time I fucked your arse.”

Rachel’s eyes sparkled and she pulled back from my cock, letting me stand up before her. i pulled her close to me and then bent her forward over the table, pressing Alanya Escort her body onto the cool table surface. I reached around and undid her shorts button, and then roughly yanked them down. Rachel squealed.

What a lovely sight I had, her pale bum cheeks in the sunshine from the door to the garden, her body and face pressed against the table. I couldn’t resist, and i ran my fingers up through her sopping pussy and over her tight arsehole. She squealed again, and this time I responded by sharply slapping her arse. Rachel squeaked.

“Oooh, do that again. Please!” She exclaimed and I gladly complied, bringing the flat of my hands down smartly on her cheeks, which responded by going nicely pink.

By now however, I could stand it no longer and I positioned myself behind her, and parted her lips and cheeks with my hands, exposing her tight hole.

“I am going to give your arse a good hard fucking.” I breathed. I gripped my shaft and pushed the straining head into her back door, pulling her cheeks apart with my free hand.

The sweat and Rachel’s saliva provided some lubrication and I suppose we both knew a little bit more about what to do and what to expect. With a bit of pressure and the right grip, my hard dick penetrated her bumhole.

“Jesus! You feel huge in there!” Rachel exclaimed as I pushed more and more of my shaft into her arse. Soon my balls were banging against her pussy and I was in up to the hilt, and Rachel was groaning and moaning, impaled on my hard cock.

I took a breath and looked up – we were facing the mirror in the dresser and I could see that Rachel was looking at our reflection.

“Like what you see?” I teased.

“Oh God…” Rachel said. “I can see you fucking my bum… it’s so good…”

Having caught my breath, I started to thrust more firmly, pulling back and plunging Escort Alanya into Rachel’s arse with increasing speed. I noticed that Rachel had slipped a hand under her body and was fingering her pussy and clit in time with my thrusts. I was enjoying watching us in the mirror, with her body jerking as every thrust ploughed into her arse.

The tightness of her anal hole around my shaft and the sheer overwhelming sensation of fucking this beautiful woman in the arse on the kitchen table was starting to become too much. I could feel my balls aching and my orgasm building.

“I’m going to come!” I said, plunging in again.

“Oh fuck yes John, come in me – fuck my arse and fill it up! Oh GOD!”

I could hold it no longer and felt my cock explode in her arse. Rachel screamed and a wave of shuddering orgasm overcame us both. My dick jerked and she squealed again as another wad of spunk shot up her bum. The feeling was incredible, and my knees nearly buckled underneath me but I grabbed the edge of the table and steadied myself, still deeply embedded in her arse.

We were both breathing heavily and I pulled back slowly, feeling Rachel’s arsehole slacken and then tighten as I pulled myself out. I slumped onto the chair as Rachel rolled over and sat up.

“Oww… that hurts” she said as she shifted slightly, and stood up. She looked at me slumped on the chair and with my limp dick still twitching. “Now, that is what a good hard shag is supposed to feel like! I really know I’ve been fucked now.”

I nodded and smiled. “That was amazing. Same time tomorrow?”

In the end, we never did fuck like that again. The summer ended and a new job for Rachel moved her away. We tried the long-distance relationship for a while but it didn’t work, and we parted as friends. Those memories will stay with me, though, from that great summer adventure.

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone who read and enjoyed these three stories. I enjoyed writing them. Hopefully the use of British English and British idioms wasn’t too confusing – we genuinely do use the words ‘bum’ and ‘arse’ (with the R pronounced) interchangeably!

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