A Wicked Girlfriend

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She lay on the bed waiting for her boyfriend to come home wearing stockings, garters and a nice tight fitting g-string covering her recently shaven pussy.

As she leaned over and picked up her iPhone, her boyfriend walked into the room and was aroused by the sight of her. “Babe.” He said. “I would love to make you cum this afternoon.”

“I want to be very kinky this afternoon.” Now get down on your hands and knees, take my g-string off and use that wonderful tongue of yours to make me wet and glistening.”

With that he knew she in a kinky mood and would end up having a wicked afternoon. He got down and could smell the scent of her pussy as he slowly removed the tight g-string revealing her moistening pussy.

“Stop, before you get started this is what I want. I want you to make me wet enough with your tongue so your cock will slide in, there are no condoms today and no cumming before I cum, understand?”

“Yes babe, I understand.” He stammered.

“Now take off your cloths, I want to see your hairless cock and balls and what effect I am having on it.”

With that he removed his board shorts, shirt and underwear to reveal a hard 7 inch cock that appeared to have precum dripping out. “Mmmm, honey that looks tasty, bring that hard cock over here to let me have a closer look.”

As he moved ever closer his cock got even harder looking at her tight pussy through the g-string and excited at what she had in store for him. When he was within her reach, she gently grabbed his cock and pulled him closer to her.

“Well my little cumeating slut, it looks like your very horny with that precum on the end of your cock.” antakya seks hikayeleri With that she scooped it up and fed it to his waiting mouth.

“I hope you like the taste, because there is going to me lots more of that this afternoon.” All the while gently squeezing his balls and massaging his cock for the full effect of a bigger load of cum. After 2 minutes of this he was letting out moans which delighted her, knowing and feeling his balls getting bigger and more precum appearing at the end of his strained cock. “Slut, I want to see you eat cum on your own, so go on clean the end of that cock.”

He reached down and scooped up the cum from his straining cock and eat the salty cum knowing that she had been planning something kinky, while feeling her hands squeezing and massaging his balls knowing they were beginning to enlarge with a lot of his cum.

“Ok, that’s enough of playing with you, get down on your hands and knees and service my pussy. I want it nice and wet so that hard cock of yours has no trouble FUCKING IT.” She demanded.

He got down to face her moist pussy and began to run his tongue over her clit and down between her pussy folds smelling her juices knowing she was in a very horny state. “Keep that up slut, I want it very wet” She sternly repeated after letting out 2 moans of pleasure. His tongue swirling all over her glistening pussy was sending her into overdrive, with her heart racing and knowing she would have a shuddering orgasm. “Slut, stop licking me pussy its wet enough, let me see your cock first. Ohhh, I see a lot of precum, well you know your duties. Keep it clean of cum and start eating it now!”

He was eating the precum off his cock and noticed how heaving his balls felt, knowing full well he would blow a big load not too long from now.

“Slut, now I want that nice cock to fuck me but there is a condition, you can’t cum at all and you are to give me an orgasm, do you understand?”

“Yes babe, I won’t cum.” He said slightly disappointed.

“Well come on, fuck me with that nice bare cock.”

He grabbed his cock and pushed it to the entrance of her pussy and noticed how easily it slid in. After a few thrusts he began to thrusts in and out of her with earnest, encouraged by the sounds she was making.

“Fuck me slut, rub my swollen clit, this feeeeels so so good.” She squealed feeling the power of his cock pounding against her vaginal walls. The two continued their animal lust on the bed, both moaning with pleasure, while he was rubbing her swollen clit and pounding away into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh slut, I am so close, make me cum, but don’t you dare cum!”

He could feel her pussy walls clamp down on his cock and knew she was going to orgasm any time now.

“Oh fuck yes, I’m coming slut, keep fucking me.”

With that she let out a huge scream of delight and looked at her slut smiling wickedly. “I want you to do this exactly as I tell you. I want you to fuck my pussy till you blow all of that sticky cum inside my pussy, then get that tongue of yours and cleanup your mess, every last drop of it and give me a second or maybe third orgasm while you’re at it. What do you have to say?”

“Yes babe, I will be your cleanup bitch.”

“Well go on them slut, fuck my pussy and do your duties.”

He began to thrust into her pussy building up in motion and feeling his heavy balls make the usual sensations of an impending cum bath. “Oh baby, I am close, I can feel it building up in the base of my cock.”

“Good boy, keep going, I want to see my bitch do his duties and get some practice, who knows if your real good we might do this more often.”

“Oh shit I can feel I’m about to blow.” He screamed out while pounding in and out of her very wet pussy.

“Cum in me bitch, that’s what I want, do it now!” While purposely squeezing his balls and making a big sperm load.

“Argghhhh, shit here it cum’s.” He screamed blowing an enormous load of cum in her wet pussy. “Oh shit babe, I have made a mess of your pussy.”

“Get down there and clean it up.” She demanded gently pushing his head down after his cock popped out from here glistening pussy.” As he lowered his head down he started to see cum dribble out and put his tongue out and began to lick up the salty cum that she had made him deposit there.

“MMM baby, I love what you’re doing down there, keep cleaning me up and put that tongue to good use.”

With all the sensations of him licking and cleaning her, she begun to moan and feel an impending orgasm from making her boyfriend submit to her.

“Keep going slut, Oh my god I am going to cum again, keep it up, don’t stopppp!”

With that she let out a huge scream with her submissive pet still licking her stretched and soaking wet pussy, shuddering throughout her orgasm.

“Oh wow, you have been a good little slut.” Bringing his head up and kissing his cum covered face and loving what he had just done.

“I loved it too, and I hope we can do it a lot more.” He said knowing she is getting kinkier.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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