A Winter Hike with Mom

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Our Toyota 4Runner crunched to a stop on gravel and snow in the parking lot at a State Game Reserve in Cumberland County, PA. It was 7am and my Mom and I were headed out for a 12 mile circular day hike in what we hoped was solitude, the popular game seasons now being over.

“Hah!” she said, turning to me with a smile. The parking lot was deserted. When we hiked we liked to be completely alone and pretend we were in the wilderness. She’d picked me up from Philadelphia where she worked and we’d driven up west of Harrisburg for a three day weekend of hiking in the wilds of central Pennsylvania. It was mid-February and about 15 degrees below freezing. But the sun was forecast to be shining all day.

I grinned back at her, and went to get my gear out. It was only a day hike but I wanted to break in a big new backpack. More importantly, I wanted to see how I could cope with a 12 miler and a 60lb load. I was going to the Rockies in the summer with some buddies, and I would not be shown any mercy if I could not cut it.

Mom helped me with it; she only had a small day-hike pack. She also had the maps, trail mix and Garmin GPS. She looked good in her gear, a short shell jacket, form-fitting hiker slacks, over high tech thermal underwear. When we were ready she turned to find the trailhead out of the car-park. I followed her, and off we went.

Let me tell you something about my mother. She is an unusual woman. She had me when she was twenty, at college. I was an ‘accident’ with her then-boyfriend whom I now call ‘Dad’. The pregnancy might have put an end to her higher education (or me), but fortunately she comes from a rich family who welcomed my entry into the world. I expect some harsh words were said at the time, no doubt. She carried on in college and I was brought up by nannies and sent to private boarding schools as soon as I was old enough. My father and mother split up soon after I arrived, but he kept in touch and I saw him as often as possible while I was growing up. Mom went on to Med School and graduated as an MD, but found she did not enjoy medical practice and switched to research. She currently holds a senior position in a well known medical research institute in Philadelphia. I’m not going to tell you which one because her face is on their website. I’m also going to refer to her as Mom, although in real life I often use her first name. But my name really is David.

Mom is an attractive woman, approaching forty. She is very fit, slim, and looks a bit like Shania Twain although to be truthful Shania has the edge on her in looks. I had seen Mom regularly but not often as I was growing up. I loved her deeply although perhaps more like an aunt than a mother. Mom has her weird side. She has an impish sense of humor. Like many docs she sees people as bags of flesh, bone, muscles and nerves to be maintained, just like an engine or other working machine. Consequently she has no hang-ups whatsoever about bodies and their functions – be it pee, poo, sex, or anything else. She had boyfriends in the past, but was on her own at the time of our hike, had been for two years. I think the last one hurt her a little. I was glad they split up, I never liked him much.

Once out of the car-park we walked silently through a landscape of bare ground and snow. It had fallen a week ago and there was still plenty of the white stuff around. After a while Mom’s voice interrupted my thoughts as we trudged through the woods up a gentle slope. She has a nice voice, gentle and sweet.

“Talk to me, Davy. What are you thinking about?”

At that particular moment I had been thinking about sex, so I cast around for a more suitable subject. I took too long and she was on to me.

“Thinking about sex again, Davy? When are you going to get a girlfriend?”

Darn. It was true. I didn’t have one. I was eighteen and a half and not only did I not have a girlfriend, I had never had a girl. Sad, isn’t it? Not to mention embarrassing, as it seemed to be obvious to everyone I met. I was obsessed with it. All I ever thought about, outside of studying, was sex. Yes, I was attending an Ivy League school. But what comfort was that?

“I’m trying Mom. It’s your fault for sending me to an all-boys school. You’re lucky I didn’t turn out gay.”

“There’s still time if you are that way inclined. I wouldn’t care as long as you are happy.”

My mother led the way. I focused on her behind, watching her butt-cheeks make interesting creases in her hiker slacks as we walked. We stopped for a breather as the trail got steeper near the crest of a hill.

“I think you are just shy. Maybe you are trying too hard.”

“No Mom. My problem is that I’m 18 but I look 15. Girls of my age are just not interested. I could probably date a fourteen year old.”

“Go for it. I’ll visit you in prison. Now where are we, I must check.”

She got out her map and GPS and decided on the next leg. I stood there miserable. I hadn’t come out here to talk about my sex life, or lack thereof. It was frustrating. I am hung like a horse. I come like a champion bull. I have a lot queenbet güvenilirmi to offer beneath the waist. But can you walk around displaying your wares? No. Not in Pennsylvania anyway. I got no sympathy from my father, who lives on the West Coast, either: “You’re lucky. There was no internet porn around when I was growing up. At least you’ve got something.” It didn’t help that my father had a really attractive girlfriend who I had a puppy-like crush on. Dammit.

There was a squirrel on a tall branch looking down at me. He knew I was a virgin. I could see it in his sneering little eyes.

“This away,” said Mom, striding off over the ridge.

After about two hours on the trail, we came to a section of recently fallen trees blocking the way forward along a low ridge. The sun had come up showing a landscape of small wooded hills with plenty of snow still around, especially in the gullies and North-facing slopes. To the right was a slope down to a flat snow-covered area in a bowl with fallen trees lying around at interesting angles. From there was a clear way back up to the trail on the ridge. Mom was standing still, looking around for options. I was getting hot so I unzipped the air vents on my clothing. I was in gung ho mode and started down the slope, reached the flat area in seconds, and climbed onto a fallen tree-trunk. I leaped off onto the flat area and crashed feet first through thin ice into about four feet of freezing cold water.

The icy water soaked my clothing almost immediately, because I had loosened it. I had never felt anything so cold in my life and my chest was paralyzed immediately. The heavy pack weighed me down and my entire body was under water in a moment, including my head. I couldn’t breath and I couldn’t move with my pack on top of me. Seconds later there was a crash beside me as another body entered the water and hands grabbed me and my pack, pulling me up. My face surfaced and I spluttered. I swear I thought the cold would kill me there and then. Mom was battling to keep me above water and lift the pack so I could straighten up. My feet found the bottom. Pushing away the thin snow-covered ice we grabbed onto tree limbs as we hauled ourselves out of the water, emerging soaking wet and white with shock and cold.

We both started shivering violently almost immediately.

“We have to get wet our clothes off right now. Did you pack your new bag?”


Mom opened my backpack, fumbling with the connections as the cold made her fingers numb.

“Get your clothes off. I hope the bag is not too wet.” It wasn’t. Tightly packed, and inside the rucksack it was pretty dry. Nothing else was. We pulled off our clothes, flung them down, unzipped the bag and climbed in. To this day I don’t know what would have happened if I had not brought the bag.

The sleeping bag was a tight fit. I was shivering violently and so was Mom. We held on to one another in the bag, both massaging each other’s backs as we held one another. But the sleeping bag was doing its job. It was designed to keep you warm in much colder temperatures than 15 below freezing. Mom had zipped it up behind me and our faces were very close, our cheeks brushing as we looked past one another’s ears. Of course, our bodies were entwined to gain each others heat. In any case the bag was forcing us together like two sardines in a very small, cozy can. The effort of getting in and zipping up had made us breathless. I was still cold.

“We’ll be alright now, David,” said Mom quietly as we both shivered against one another.

“We’ll need to stay here for at least an hour to regain our body core temperatures. Then we can get out and return. How do you feel, honey?”

“I’m OK.”

Actually I was euphoric that I had survived. I could not believe the temperature of that water. But now, as the warmth slowly returned, I was starting to relax. And with relaxation my mind, a low base part of it, realized that I was cuddling front to front with my mother and we were both naked.

We were lying on the ground in the bag, our heads upward a gentle slope, perhaps fifteen feet from the true bank of the small lake. It was shady, in the bottom of a gully, so the air was very cold and still. But the bag was getting warmer by the minute. As it did so my mind started to think about things that should not be thought about in a sleeping bag with your mother. The warmth was feeding my cock and balls which I could, with horror, feel growing. Mom rubbed my back a little more and wriggled a little against me to get herself more comfortable.. That sent a shockwave of desire racing around my nervous system and my cock was rapidly getting bigger and longer. A part of me found this delightful, but the more rational part was filled with embarrassment. I could feel it getting hard and the tip pushing down against Mom’s lower belly and crotch. I was taller than her. The thing was pointed down, not up. It was rapidly getting uncomfortable.

“I know you are getting an erection, Davy,” said Mom gently. “Don’t be embarrassed. It’s a perfectly queenbet yeni giriş normal reaction to our situation. There’s nothing you can do about it. It feels uncomfortable; do you want to move it to a more upward position? We’re here for a while and I don’t want to be uncomfortable either. It’s pressing on me.”

Now Mom had mentioned me getting hard, my dick — which was listening – was rapidly becoming a fat rod of steel. It had to be moved or it would be very painful.

“I think I need to move it. I’m so sorry Mom.”

I was wondering how to do that for quite a while when Mom lost patience.

“Here. Let Mommy help.”

With that she removed a slender arm from my back and slid it down and between us. In what was the high point of my sexual existence to date, she slid her fingers around it and gently but firmly tugged it around and up so that now it was nestling against her belly pointing up. Of course I could feel it myself, it was huge, stretching from my balls, squished up against her crotch with its pubic hair, all the way up to well beyond her belly button.

“That’s much better. You have a very large penis, David,” she said in a strange voice I had not heard from her before. It occurred to me that perhaps I was not the only one getting aroused. My balls, close to her vagina, felt a little wet. And my upper leg too.

We were silent for a time, I don’t know how long. I was as hard and long as I have ever been, pressed up against my mother’s naked belly. I knew that sooner or later I was going to come, it was just a question of when. The slightest movement was dangerous. Perhaps Mom sensed where this was going to end. She had, after all, had sex with a person before and I hadn’t. She wriggled a little against me. Her arms were around my back once more.

“Now Davy, if you can’t help ejaculating don’t be embarrassed. We’ll deal with it. I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. It’s really just a clean-up issue. This is a new sleeping bag.”

I was still rock hard and tense minutes later. It wasn’t going down. I could feel Mom’s heart beating a little faster. She was breathing a little faster too. I was now sure I could feel wet dripping down my leg from her crotch. Precum was issuing from my cock in appreciable quantities, making the skin of our bellies and chests slippery.

“You really are enormous, Davy. Let me just estimate your size. I may never have another chance.” I kept quiet. I knew what was going to happen. The tension in my body was unbearable. I wondered if Mom knew what was going to be unleashed. Mom’s hand snaked down once more to between us. Very easy this time because of all the precum.

“You know Davy, this pre-ejaculation fluid volume is more than most men’s semen ejaculate. I just want to examine your penis now.”

With that Mom’s hand slithered over between our bellies and took a hold of my giant cock. She cupped half of it with her hand, then gripped it and started to pump it. After two strokes I felt the feeling we all know so well.

“I’m going to come, Mom. I’m so sorry,” I gasped.

“Don’t worry, Davy.” With Mom’s other arm she held me tight to her while I did the same to her with both of mine. Then I erupted. As I came I thrust at her in a reflex reaction pumping my cock up and down her belly and chest, even reaching up to her small breasts. Squirt after squirt of thick semen flooded out of my dick into the space between us.. She held me tight, murmuring, but I could not hear what she was saying. It seemed I was never going to stop. We were soon coated in sticky pungent semen. Mom seemed to be having issues of her own. When I started coming, her hand stopped pumping me and moved down to her crotch where she started rubbing herself. I could feel the back of her hand against my balls. She was quivering over and over.

Finally, it seemed I had stopped. Mom’s hand reappeared sliding up between us to check on my cock, which was still hard.

“Let’s see,” she said breathlessly. Her hand was in the sea of goo that now was sealing us together in a wet sandwich. It found my cock and squeezed it. Another involuntary jerk from me as the last spurt squirted out between us. Mom shivered and moaned in what I think, looking back on it was her final orgasm.

“I think you’re done for the time being. What are we going to do with all this semen Davy? I can’t see it, but I can feel it. There must be a half pint down there between us, coating our bodies. Here, try to keep your arms by your sides to stop it seeping out onto the inside of the bag.”

We just lay there with all sorts of thoughts going around in my head. It was warm and very wet. It was still very erotic for me. We both wriggled around a bit, trying to stop my semen from coating the inside of the bag.

“It’s easier to wash us than the bag. Davy, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed about what just happened. It was an unavoidable situation and our bodies just responded as they have been designed to do. I don’t mind at all. Do you?”

“No Mom.”

“OK. So let me think what to do. How do we get queenbet giriş back to the car with the least mess. Hmmm.”

After a while, as the time passed the semen coating us started to stiffen and turn into smelly glue. The erotic component diminished and we were stuck in a smelly mess in my new sleeping bag. Worse, I was needing to pee. Badly.

“I need to pee, Mom.”

“Me too. Boy I can smell those amines of yours, Davy! I have an idea for getting us back to the car at least semi-clean. But it needs to be executed quickly or we will end up as frozen as we were when we entered the sleeping bag. Now here’s the plan. Listen carefully”

By this time I was past caring. I would do anything I was told, even this bizarre plan.

By now it was midday and the sun was as high as it was going to get. But our location was still in shadow and it remained very cold.

“One, two, three, go!” said Mom, suppressing a giggle. Out we wriggled, arms by our sides, trying to keep the goo off the bag. We made it out in ten seconds and stood there in nothing but our socks. There was no wind in the gully so we had a few minutes before the cold really bit us.

“You first, David. Let me have it.”

Mom stepped back to a snow-free log and carefully knelt down on one knee on it, facing me.

“Hurry up I’m getting cold”.

I looked at her naked body, trim, athletic, with small breasts, slim waist and an inviting pussy. She was looking at me, nodding encouragingly. Her body from neck to groin was covered in my dried semen, crusting up in the cold. I did what I was told, like a good soldier, pointed my dick at her before it could get hard again and release my yellow piss stream straight onto her chest, aiming for the top of her breasts. She shivered in excitement.

“Oh, it’s so warm, Davy. You’re going to love it. Functional, too.”

Mom immediately started rubbing herself down with the wet piss, systematically from throat, chest, breast, belly, to crotch, which I noticed she gave a good going over . Clouds of piss-steam were rising in the still air. It was a beautiful sight. She looked great. My pee was running out after a couple of minutes, but I had shot a pint or two over her. It ran off her body, wetting the ground around her. Now, as I dribbled to a stop, she picked up small handfuls of snow, rubbing herself all over vigorously to get rid of the pee, or most of it any way. In a minute she was done. She turned to look at me, with a twinkle.

“It worked well. Now you.”

“Do I have to?”

“Yes. You can’t walk back to the car covered in smelly dried sperm. Stay still and kneel down.”

I knelt on two knees directly in front of Mom. She leaned back a little, put her fingers between her pussy lips and gave me as good as what I had given her. A huge stream of piss hit me in the belly. It was so warm and relaxing.

“It’s as high as I can get. You’ll have to work it up with your hands. Hurry up!”

I did as I was told, rubbing mom’s piss up over my chest and stomach, then down across my lower belly and rinsing off my cock and balls. My cock seemed to like the process, and started to perk up hopeful. Mom was watching attentively, directing the stream as well she could. Her eyes seemed excited, they were flashing. Then she stopped, her pee stream dribbling down her leg as it wound down.

“Now the snow.”

I did what she had done. That killed off the erotic moment. But it did work. The snow melted easily against my piss-soaked skin and I seemed to get rid of most of it. The semen crust was completely gone.

“Good enough,” said Mom, “Now lets put our clothes on and get back to the car. I’m sorry, David, they are going to be very cold.”

Well. I walked over to mine and tried to pick them up. They were frozen stiff!

“Shit!” Mom said. She very rarely swore. Hers were frozen solid, too. We literally could not get them on. I broke my glove, it snapped like a sheet of plasterboard. Now we were getting cold again.

“We’ll have to thaw them out in the sleeping bag. This is going to be cold and unpleasant. Come on, Davy, help me stuff them in.”

We frantically stuffed in our frozen undershirts, pants, everything in fact except our outer jackets and boots into the bag. Most went to the bottom, some we tried to arrange around the side. Then we miserably climbed back in the bag. It was an even tighter squeeze than before. And it was cold, so cold. Our feet on the frozen clothing at the bottom were painful. There was nothing to be done. We just lay there, face-to-face, cuddling as before, waiting for the bag to heat up. It was miserable for the first hour. At least we still had plenty of daylight.

Gradually, we warmed up and we could feel the clothing around us thawing out. And guess what, my cock started to grow again. Now in our situation Mom knew as much about the state of my cock as I did. Once again it was pointing down between her crotch, harmless enough while we were shivering. But slowly, ever so slowly, it was coming to life. This was terrible. I stayed silent, waiting for her to say something. She sighed, and wriggled a bit, rolling slightly from side to side, which made it worse. But she said nothing and it continued to grow. After another five minutes it was getting so hard it was uncomfortable. Again. Shit, this was like Groundhog Day the porno movie.

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