A Wonderful Life After Dark

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“Carl, I gotta call Michael. I’m worried sick about our babysitter not being here yet.” Abigail told her husband. “Did you call her back?” Carl asked.

“Well she said she’d be on her way. And usually she’s fast. In twenty minutes we gotta leave or we’ll be late. She has to be here by now.”

“Ok, get Michael,” Carl said as he fixed the bow tie of his tuxedo before the dresser mirror.

She punched the numbers on the phone and a male voice came through after one ring. “Michael, you’re aunt Abby.”

“Oh hi auntie how are you?” Michael said.

“I’m fine, thanks. Sorry to bother you in such short notice. I need a favor from you Michael? The babysitter I hired this evening is not here yet. I wonder what happened to her. You’re uncle and I have a very important occasion to attend to and we need someone to stay in the house to watch over the kids? Would you come here please. Anyway they’re on the bed right now and sleeping. We’ll be home past 1 am I suppose.”

“No problem, auntie I can come right away. I’ve nothing important to do tonight. I’ll see you in around 10 minutes.”

“Oh terrific. Thank you very much Michael. You’re a darling. I’ll just give you what I have to give to that babysitter.”

“Keep it, auntie, I’m cool.”

“No Michael I insist, I can pay even more.”

“Alright Auntie if that’ll make you feel good.”

“Good, take care Michael,” she said sighing a feeling of relief and hung up.

Later after 10 minutes Michael arrived in his motorbike.

“Auntie, you look gorgeous!” Michael said as he buzzed her on the cheek when they met at the doorway.

“Hmmmwhaa! Good of you to make it,” she said kissing the air by his face so as not to smudge him with lipstick. “If the babysitter arrives then it’s up to you to stay or not. The money is under that lamp.”

“I’ll stay if the baby-sitter is beautiful,” he said as he walked in the house with Abby.

“Well, she is! But don’t let the devil get into you. She’s a sweet, sweet girl and I like her very much and so I’m really worried why she hasn’t arrived yet. Be nice to her Michael if she ever comes in.”

“I will.”


“Oh auntie, you worry too much.”

“Oh I just hope nothing happened to that girl on her way here.”

“Oh there you are Michael. Thanks a lot for coming. I really appreciate it having you here. How are you doing?” Carl said showing up and grasping his arm and shaking his hand.

“Fine, uncle. Looks like this is some big night happening.”

“You could say that. Buzz me in case of any emergency. The number is attached on the fridge door. I need a man rather than that little girl ‘cos we’re coming home quite late.”

“Of course. Have a nice evening uncle,” Michael said and Carl nodded approvingly.

“Carl we better run along now, Michael you know your way around just feel at home ok?” Abby came back in putting a shawl over her elegant evening gown.

“Sure, sure auntie. I’ll be fine here and I’ll check on Bobby and Maryanne from time to time.”

Five minutes after their Volvo sped away the doorbell rang. Michael peered into the peephole of the door and recognized a girl with long, curly dark hair. He opened the door. “So you are the baby sitter?” he said with a spurt of surprise as she looked familiar.

“Guilty. I see that I have a replacement?”

“God, what happened to you?”

“I had an accident down the road. Two cars were chasing each other and I avoided them. My bike fell off the ravine and I was thrown out down a creek. I’m bleeding. Something pricked my bottom.”

“Oh yes, you are. Come in, come in. Any other injury?”

“Just some other scratches,” she said cutting her glance to the side of her bottom where it bled the most.

“Uncle is a doctor, we can find some medicine to fix that.”

“So you’re the nephew. I can recognize you. We’re from the same school right?” she said as she walked right in and then collapsed down to the floor.”

“Yeah, I see you around in the campus. I’m Michael,” he said and as he turned around he heard a thud. “Geez, what’s hap…!”

Michael crouched down to the floor. “Hey, hey, snap out of it. C’mon don’t die on me here.” Michael said cradling the back of her head and holding her face thrashing it side by side by her chin. Her eyes were half-closed and only the whites showed.

The girl was pretty. Her hair was a mess damped with mud and her hooded velour heather gray top suit were torn at some places. Her jeans were mixed with mud and blood that ran from around her hip.

“Should I call 911?” he muttered to himself as she was not responding. Instinctively, he placed his ear on her chest while grabbing her wrist and sensing a pulse. “She just might have fainted. Oh, Christ what’ll I have to do? I’m dumb in this kind of situation. Splash her with water? Carry her to the sofa? And soil it with blood?”

Michael thought hard. Still down on the floor, he raised one knee and rested his elbow there with his thumb between his teeth and took a once over look at her crumpled body on the blue carpet. The velour top she Anadolu Yakası Escort wore supplied his assumption that she was not wearing a bra underneath.

“Guess I’m a bit lucky tonight. I could check her boobs,” he muttered leering privately to himself. Between her drawn up hooded top and jeans circling low about her waist, her stomach and navel showed. Suddenly he was tempted to unzip her top and his hands went into action. Nervously, he choked on his drool as he carefully negotiated with the zipper.

Finally. “Oh, Christ these are pin-up boobs!” He looked at those fulsome pair warily and he was glad they were not damaged. He bent down his head and smelled the flesh of her boobs letting the point of his nose rubbed on the sleeping rosy nipple. “Hmmm, she smells like a baby.” Then he heard a muffled moan from her and quickly pulled back the zipper. “Oh babe, I’m sorry I…” he uttered startlingly as he was suddenly attacked by guilt. She was regaining consciousness. Then her eyes popped open wide. “What happened to me?”

“Are you okay? I’m afraid you fainted.” She sat up. “Ouch,” she cried and put her hand on her tush where the pain originated.

“C’mon let me help you get up,” he said and held her by the hand and shoulder. She rose up to her feet, staggering a bit.

“I need to check this thing in the bathroom. Will you bring me there?”

“Of course,” he said and led her with his one hand curled around her waist while he held her arm that was slung on the back of his shoulders. Inside the bathroom she braced her hands on the marbled counter sink and leaned into the mirror and looked at herself. Then she straightened herself up and her fingers worked on her button-fly jeans and then pushed it down revealing a floral bikini messed up with blood at the right hip unmindful of Michael staring. She lifted a bit of the panty leg at the side to look at the extent of the wound. “Could you check this if it needs stitching?”

Michael bent down a little. “C’mon take a closer look,” she said unabashedly.

“I’ll get a wet cotton to scrub the blood,” Michael said and opened a medicine cabinet to look for those first aid stuff. He grabbed an Acrinol bottle, cotton balls, a pack of gauze strips and some plasters and put them on the sink table.

Michael crouched down and stared up close at the flesh and swabbed the wound with damp cotton balls and when the blood were blotted out lacerations appeared in varying degrees of cut but not gravely deep.

“No stitching needed for this. It is just a nasty scratch. You’ll live. This would suffice,” he said showing the bottle of Acrinol to her. “I’ll apply this on then put a gauze over the scratch then plaster them presto.”

“Mind if I take a shower first before you put those on so I could clean myself and all the other scratches?”

“Go right ahead, good idea.”

“I left my backpack outside the door, could you get it please. I have some extra clothes in there.”

“Okay,” he said and got up and left the bathroom. Some sweet girl, huh. He murmured to himself.

“Thanks,” she said and stripped down her clothes all the way and dropped them on the heap on the tiled floor. She entered through the shower enclosure and scratched her pussy a bit then sniffed her fingers. Then her hand turned the knob to adjust the water temperature. The soothing warm water cascaded on her. She found not much scratches all around as she soaped her body. Only that of her butt cheek took the nastiest cut. She wondered how she survived from that fall. It was a perilous accident. She had climbed her way up from that ravine through those shrubs and thorny plants without bothering to check her bike as it was dark. The shallow creek had drenched her clothes but they somewhat dried a bit when she walked all the way to the Silvers’ house. Now she felt better and heard Michael came in with a knock and placed her backpack near the shower stall allowing himself a glimpse of her naked body through the smoky glass enclosure.

“Here’s your bag. Ah…how shall I call you?”

“Sara. Sara Melendrez. And you?” she called out.

“Michael Sanders,” he replied peering his eyes wide open through the glass until he was able to make out the faint nipples of her ample boobs and dark bush down her center as she turned to speak to him. “Thanks for the help, Michael and before you go, hand me a towel please.”

“Here,” he said handing the towel out for her as she pushed open the sliding door almost giving him a full view of one boob which bounced out.”

“Don’t mention it, thank God you’re alive,” he grinned. Oh aunt Abby, don’t go home yet, check out in some hotel with uncle and have yourselves some good time. Sara’s some babe with a body to die for. He thought to himself as he turned his back and moved out of the bathroom.

Michael called out from the outside and asked if he could get her any drink.

“Oh go get yours first and I’ll decide later as soon as I’m out of here.”

“Okay,” he said and proceeded to the bar and decided to try Scotch.

Later she was out lifting her head as she Kadıköy Escort swept her hair up with her hands by the sides making the curly tresses tumble down at the back of her head. Her face was now scrubbed clean showing a nice arc of forehead, thick but trimmed eyebrows, smoldering eyes, upturned nose and angelic rosy lips. She was now wearing gray yoga pants cut at the calves and a yellow cotton top, no bra to disrupt the nice swell of her knock-out boobs.

“So what’ll you drink?” Michael asked solicitously.

“What are you having?”


“Then I’ll have the same. I could use something like that. Just like those scenes in the Wild West when cowboys take them in the bar after some brawl or gunfight.”

Michael went to the bar with an amused look and poured small amounts into two glasses.

“Michael can I ask you something directly to the point?”

“Shoot cowgirl,” he said as he handed her the drink. She took the glass but before lifting it to her mouth she shot the question. “Are you gay? I heard rumors in school you’re one of them.”

“You believe the rumors?” He asked in a gentle voice.

“I don’t know that’s why I’m asking you.”

Michael cocked a brow. “There are many gays in the school but certainly I’m not one of them. Why do you ask? Do I look like one?”

“Hard to tell. Yes you’re right, there’s a lot of good-looking hunks in the school and what a waste. And you got a great looking bod,” she said her eyes flashing some flirty signals.

“So are you,” he jibed.

“You take a good look at me in the shower, didn’t you?”

“Can’t help it. I’m not a guy made of stone not to appreciate a piece of…ah…a human work of art.”

“To us, Michael,” she said raising her glass grinning her charming best and Michael touched it with his. “Yes to us,” he said and they both drank the amber liquid.

“Whooh, fiery, huh?” she hissed her tongue and rolled her big eyes.

“Do you drink?”

“Oh this is first time. Not bad.” She giggled, her face blushing quickly and looking prettier every inch of the way.

“How do you feel now?” Michael asked with eyes bright with optimism.

“A lot better. I won’t bike again at night. I’m lucky to be alive.”

“Aunt was worried that something might have happened to you that’s why she called me.”

She shook her head in dismay then suddenly gasped at the thought which made her hand flew up against her startled mouth. “Oh we forgot something! You’re gonna put the bandage on the scratch,” she mused out loud.

“Oh yeah, this story won’t be completed without that.”


“Nothing, I’ll get those stuffs. It’s silly I’ve forgotten about that too,” he chortled and walked hurriedly back to the bathroom.

When he returned to the living room, she was lying face down on the sofa.

“Michael, I’m glad you’re not squeamish on blood.”

“It’s life. Proof of life. Without it then there’s death.”

“Some words to live by. You can pull down my pants. I’m in your hands,” she said with eyes closed and lips smiling feeling measurably relaxed.

Michael put the medical stuff on the coffee table and sat next to her side. Carefully, he pulled down her velvety pants up to where it was convenient for him to work on the big scratch. She had a healthy glowing pink bottom like a baby’s skin encased in a maroon thong so it didn’t hide the scratch on her ass cheek.

Michael sneaked a glance at the stairs suddenly thinking that the kids might be coming down and looking at them. Fortunately it was all quiet up there. No kid sneaking down and then he glanced at his watch. An hour had passed since his aunt and uncle had left.

“Geez, you have kissable ass, if I may be bold enough to say so.”

“Hmmm, no one’s ever kissed my ass except my Labrador pet and he licked it up while I was getting my underwear in the drawer.”

“He’s now probably missing you,” he said as he applied the Acrynol on the scratch. She giggled. “He’s an intelligent dog.”

A silent pause stretched a bit. “That’s not stingingly painful as I thought,” she said feeling the coolness of the medicine.

“Well, it’s got anesthesia in it. Your wound will heal fast with this and when you change the bandage you’ll have to apply this again until you see that it’s been dried and healing. I’ll give this to you to take home.”

“Gee, thanks.”

“There you go.”

“Will it have a scar?”

“Not if you put cebo de macho on it after it’s healed.”

“What’s that? Is that macho semen in English? Would you give that too?” she said throwing a side glance at him with a naughty look in her eyes.

Then she felt a whack on the other side of her ass cheek. “Ouch! What’s that for?” She yelled up a start.

“For giving me an uncomfortable, aching hard on,” he said scowling.

“You’re lucky. I can cure that!” she said and rolled up herself out of the sofa and stood before him, thoroughly amused. “Now sit back and relax and watch how I’ll give relief to that aching muscle,” she said kicking aside his foot to spread his legs. Ataşehir Escort She hitched up her low-lung pants and dropped on her knees on the carpet before him.

“Have you done it before?” he asked eyes open wide and bright.

“Have you had it before?” she retorted posing between his legs. Michael couldn’t answer at once.

“Let’s see if its kissable too like you said about my ass.”

“Oh geez, Sara you’re making me too excited,” he said as Sara eased her hands down his belly raising up his T-shirt up and staring down thoughtfully at his bulging erection through his jeans.

“I’ll take it slow and easy, till the swelling subside,” she said with a sexy grin deftly unzipping his jeans open and slid her hand inside. “I think it had swollen very, very hard like you said. Tsk-tsk-tsk” she made that sound in her mouth making herself looking serious as she went her way through the folds of his underpants and grasped his cock. He looked away and rolled his eyes.

“Oh this is a humdinger!” she said offering him a dimpled smile. Sara used her moist curly brown hair to wrap around his now exposed cock and pumped it gently. “Geez, Sara, the kids” he said, torn between desire and caution.

“Don’t worry that’s why I’m covering it with my hair just in case,” she said and ran her tongue around the head. The head jerked responsively at the feathery moist touch of her tongue.

“Oh God! I won’t be able to stand it,” he croaked adoring her ministration and the alluring scent of her freshly shampooed hair.

She laughed and took it deep in her mouth, wetting the entire shaft and then withdrawing three-quarters of the way. She sucked the tip so hard he felt like it would fly off. “Oh Sara!” he said running his hands through her hair. “I’m gonna come now,” he breathed raggedly his face distorted with the agony of bliss.

“Oh no!” she said tasting the first spillage in her mouth. She quickly moved over to the side and scooped his spurting semen with her other hand so they won’t spill on the carpet or hit her shirt. “Aarghhh,” he grunted tensing and lifting his butt. She continued pumping him till all had pooled in her palm.

Later, as it was through, she stood holding carefully her semen in her hand like it was a C-4 bomb. “What shall I do with this? Put it in a bottle, store in the fridge and apply it later on my healed scratch so it won’t scar?” she said as her other fingers wiped off some spill outs that formed droplets at the back of her hand. Aunt Abby is a tidy woman so she thought.

“Hey I’m not a quack doctor. Pour it down on the plants,” he said keeping his cock back into his jeans.

She laughed a delicious laugh and went over to the ornamental plant and wiped her hands carefully on the big leaves. “Nice idea, look how shiny the leaves are now.”

“How was it? That’s my first if there’s any consolation to you,” she said feeling somewhat triumphant.

“Really? That’s my first too. It’s a wonderful life,” he said shrugging up his shoulders.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Go wash your hands. I’ll go check the kids first.”

“No, let me take care of that. I’m the official baby sitter. I’ll wash my hands upstairs and check on them. Now you go wash your dick or prick or whatever you call that ‘cos I’m gonna be back and I want some more.”

“Okay perhaps I’ll grab a quick shower.”

When Sara came back Michael was just getting out from the guest bathroom. “Bobby and Maryanne are sleeping and dreaming in the fairyland,” she giggled.

Michael had worn back his Diesel T-shirt and jeans but no underwear this time.

“Sara what are you doing in school?”

“Studying, of course,” she said.


“The fine arts of giving head,” she said and laughed heartily. She looked at the nonplussed response of his face. “I’m just kidding. Look at that face,” she giggled. “I’m studying Global Dancing. And you?”

“Well, ah I’m in my junior in Business Management.”

“Hmmm, then I’ll have somebody to consult with in the future if I ever think of putting up a business. Like a school for mastering oral sex,” she said laughing again.

“You’re funny. Dancing, huh?”

“Yeah. Michael, I think I am a very good dancer. I have Latin blood coursing in me. I can do any dance in this planet and I can prove that to you tonight. So put on some music and I’ll dance, moonwalk, cha-cha, boogie or even lap-dance on you if you care to stick out your fat cock from your jeans. How about it?”

“Okay, I’m like a dirty producer auditioning you here if that’s what you want,” he said and went to the audio CD rack to find something.”

“We still have time, don’t we?”

“I guess so. It’s only about 10:30. They told me they’re gonna be back at past 1 am.”

“So we’ll still have plenty of time, huh?”

“Say, Sara how come you’re comin’ to me like you’re ah…ah an experienced girl?” He stammered.

“I’m not what you think I am. I’m still a virgin. I turned only 18 last August. After this accident that happened, I thought life is really short. We only live once so why not make the most of what life can offer. Here you are, a handsome guy, gorgeous body and cock… I could have rotten and die in that ravine for all I know without having tasted sex even once. I survived and that may have changed my attitude towards sex. Don’t you like what I’ve done to you?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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