A Younger Model

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This is a true story. It has some minor changes, but none that substantially alter the facts.


I was ecstatic. I had just scored a sweet deal on eBay. This was back in the 90”s when you could still make some really good deals.

When the package arrived, I was pleased to find the merchandise was as described. This was before Pay-pal so there was always some risk involved.

Though I was fully employed in a regular job (with a regular paycheck), I moonlighted as a photographer. I shot mostly small family groups and just about anything someone would pay me to shoot.

Up until two years before, I had been a school photographer. It was a grind, shooting as many as 600 yearbook pictures in a day. Not only was the number of kids daunting, but the travel in our region of West Texas averaged 100+ miles a day. However it was great experience and I tried to learn all I could.

I had a background in media and advertising and, as such, I had a good bit of experience behind a camera, though I had never been a full-time photographer until the school gig.

Besides the thousands of yearbooks shots, we also did high school senior pictures for some of the high schools. I had the job of shooting most of these. For that work we used medium format cameras. The superb quality of the big film made me realize that I would need one to make my freelance work ‘POP’. I also realized that taking portrait shots of the senior girls was quite pleasant.

The package I had been waiting for contained, not one, but two medium format cameras and three lenses that covered a full range of focal lengths. With these, I could take more wedding jobs, knowing that I had the proper equipment to produce the quality images that brides deserved. It also would justify a much needed increase in my rates.

Now I just needed to practice with the new cameras and lighting gear.


I saw her profile on a ‘model seeks photographer’ website. It first caught my eye simply because she was close by. There weren’t many models in this town and most of those that were looking were wanting paid work.

Another thing that caught my eye was the poor quality of the profile photos she had been using. I knew I could produce much better photos, even if it was a practice shoot.

Her profile indicated she was 21 years old, 5-6 125 pounds.

She had shoulder length brunette hair in her photos. I messaged her through the website as it was the only way I could make contact. I left my phone number and didn’t think about it.

A couple of days later, my phone did ring and the voice on the line sounded much younger than 21.

“Yes, I was calling about the modeling job.”

Oh, boy, she was thinking it was a paid job.

“Hello, I am the one who contacted you. I hope there hasn’t been a misunderstanding, but this is strictly a trade, My time and expertise in exchange for your time and skill. We each get images for use in our portfolios. No money changes hands.”

“Oh, I wasn’t sure, but that sounds good to me. I do need some to send to my boyfriend in the army.and I can’t afford to pay for them.”

“That will be fine as long as you don’t sell any of these images without my permission. I will not sell any without your permission either.”


“And you are 21 aren’t you? You sound like…”

“Younger? I hear that all the time. I am legal to do anything!”

She had a bit of a flirty tone in her voice. Interesting.

“That’s good to know.”

“My mother will accompany me to the shoot. If you don’t believe I am 21, she will be more than happy to tell you in great detail about her labor and delivery pains.”

I chuckled.

“A photo ID will be sufficient.”

“Good. I have heard that story way too many times. You would think she gave birth to a watermelon! It’s almost enough to make me not want to have sex. Almost. I’m sorry that was too much information.”

“Watermelons need love, too! Your mom is more than welcome to come and monitor the session.”

We set up a time for the session, Yalova Escort and discussed wardrobe, hair and make-up. I told her what type of portfolio images I was looking to produce. She didn’t have any thing specific that she wanted. I told her to bring a few outfits and we could decide then. We were both interested in some outdoor photos at the local lake, so she would bring a couple of bikinis.

So we were set.

I was using my living room as a studio. It was small, but I made do with what I had. I had three different muslin backgrounds and some paper rolls. With a set of gels on the background light, I could achieve a number of different looks. It wasn’t much of a studio, but you have to start somewhere. It worked, and that’s what mattered.

Nancy arrived and introduced me to her mother. Her mother was rather dowdy and seemed to be put out by having to chaperone her daughter. She didn’t acknowledge me, she pulled out a trashy novel, took a seat on the sofa and didn’t pay any attention to anything.

As plain as her mother was, Nancy more than made up for it. Her profile photos did her no favors. Her hair was longer and more luxurious now, forming a brunette halo around her lightly freckled face. She wore a loose t-shirt, but her figure was still very apparent. Her denim miniskirt showed off her long flawless legs nicely. Did I mention that I am a sucker for freckled, long-legged brunettes? I have two ex-wives that can attest to that!

I helped Nancy carry in her clothes. She took it to heart when I told her to bring a variety of outfits. She had enough for an Atlantic cruise. We each picked out two and I left her in the guest bedroom to change, while I made some adjustments to my equipment. My camera equipment that is.

Speaking of the other equipment, I am 6’5″ 270-ish. But no more than average ‘down there.’ My ex-wives can attest to that as well. I was about 40 or 41 at time. About 20 years ago.

Momma kept her nose in her book. I picked my nicest background and checked the light with a flash meter. This was in the stone ages when we shot film, so we had to be sure of the exposure before taking the shot. Buying professional film, using a pro lab for processing and printing, worked out to a dollar every time I touched the shutter release. So I tried to be careful.

Wow! Nancy emerged wearing a light blue, quite short romper. Did I mention that I liked long legs?

I normally try to flatter clients to put the in a positive frame of mind to get their best smiles. Mostly it is white lies — “Mrs Winklebaum, you lookv great!” (“Your triple chin is hardly noticeable today!”)

No lies needed today.

“Nancy, I love the way that outfit compliments your eyes.”

“Thank you Mr…”

“Please call me Robert.”

“Okay, Robert, thank you!”

“And I hope I’m not out of line saying that your legs look nice. We can do some cute shots with high heels. May I assume you brought some in one of the bags we carried in?”

“Of course, I brought several pairs. I love heels.”

“Grab a pair later. The heels will accentuate your legs and ass.”

Yikes, did I just say that? I have to stay detached and professional or Mommy over there will ring me up. A furtive glance toward her showed no reaction. Yet.

“Okay. Oh, don’t worry about Mom. She really doesn’t care a whole lot about what I do.”

Mom’s only reaction was to turn a page on her book.

I took a couple of shots with Nancy posing herself.

“That is good, but let me give you some suggestions. I know you have seen tons of fashion magazines. Let’s try a few basic poses that they use.”

I had a flip book full of pose suggestions that demonstrated poses with stick figures. Showing models what pose you wanted was a big time saver. I had picked out some glamour shots for this session.

I directed her for a few poses and she was soon hitting her marks very well. This session would be a breeze.

I had to be sparing with my film as I only had five rolls – 150 exposures. That’s not a lot when you have Yalova Escort Bayan a pretty subject like Nancy. Oh, why didn’t I spend the money for more film?

“Let’s go get those heels. The yellow sundress would be perfect if you have a white pair.”

As she went to change, I busied myself with adjusting the set. I moved the muslin background away to reveal a white seamless attached to the wall. This is my favorite background as it gives a clean look.

Mom still hadn’t stirred from her position on the sofa.

I had spotted the sundress in Nancy’s wardrobe and I knew it would look good on her. The reality surpassed my expectations. The hem barely covered her bottom and her heels improved on her already magnificent legs.

I took a few 3/4 shots as well as full length. I marveled at her beauty and her youthful energy. Since the dress was off the shoulders, I took a few close up head shots to have some without clothes distracting from the image.

I had an idea for a shot but until now I had not had a perfect model to try it. It was innocuous in itself, but suggestive as well. The white seamless was right as was the lighting, and, of course, so was the model.

“Nancy, I have an idea for a shot. If you don’t want to do it that is fine.”

“I’m up for most anything, except maybe standing on my head!”

“No, nothing like that. I, uh, want to get a close-up shot of you wearing heels, with, uh, a pair of thong panties around your ankles. It will be a close-up of just your feet.”

I was about to ask her if she had a pair in her clothes bags, but she reached under her dress and pulled a red thong down to her ankles.

“Like that?”

“Yes. Exactly like that”

After getting those shots, I was less wary of asking her to do some more daring poses.

Nothing too hard core. Until she came out wearing the camo fatigues. She had wanted a few shots to send to her boyfriend in the Army. Cute idea.

I took a few photos, before she began to unbutton (unzip?) the blouse. It was soon apparent that she was not wearing a bra. I was snapping photos furiously. She opened up more, exposing her her breasts, eventually taking it off completely. She unzipped the trousers, showing the same red thong from the earlier shots.

Still no reaction from Mom.

I burned an entire roll of 30 shots in that sequence.

As much as I would have liked to keep shooting this nearly naked beauty in the studio we still had some outdoor work to do. We would have to go now while I still had film left.

“Mom, we are going to the lake now, why don’t you take the car and go home. Robert can drop off later.”

She wasted little time in leaving, scowling at me the whole time.

After we were headed to the lake in my car, Nancy leaned towards me. She had changed into a bikini with a cover-up.

“You know, I really rather not do too many swimsuit pictures, do you know a place to take some outdoor nudes?”

I was really liking this girl.

“I was about to suggest a perfect place.”

I did have the spot. I had discovered a very seldom used nature trail that never had any weekday users. It had a neat little footbridge that was a ten minute walk from the parking lot.

I had used it to shoot an older couple that wanted some nudes of the plump wife. Oddly enough her name had also been Nancy.

Young Nancy and I got set up at the bridge. We did a few with her bikini first. The black bikini she had chosen showed off her figure nicely.

Then she wanted some topless shots. Her breasts looked even better outdoors. Or they looked better because her mom was no longer around.

I usually would rely on verbal cues to get the poses I wanted. I got a little bolder by lightly touching her to reposition her for these shots — moving an arm, shifting her body, turning her head slightly. Any excuse to touch her young body.

When she turned and peeled the swimsuit bottom off I was ecstatic . I blasted away, with my camera to heck with the cost. I didn’t have many opportunities Escort Yalova like this.

I shot full length, 3/4, natural light, off camera flash. Anything I could think to keep Nancy naked and in front of my camera.

I finished off two rolls of film. My last rolls.

“Nancy, I am out of film. I know we got some good shots. And we probably need to get out of here just in case anyone does come down the trail.”

Nancy, still naked, picked up her beach cover-up. She walked up to me. I was aroused most of the day, but now I was about to burst out of my pants. She reached down and rubbed the bulge that had formed in the front of my pants.

“Do you have more at your house?

It occurred to me that I had some 35 mm film at home. I nodded.

“Then can we go there?”

“Only if we don’t have to pick up your mother on our way there.”

“Don’t worry”

I made record time getting us there. She had put on the beach cover up on her otherwise naked body. She pulled my right hand to her chest, leaving little doubt of her intentions were when we got back.

We didn’t manage to shot any more photos. I pulled her into the bedroom as soon as we returned. There was no resistance from her. Her eyes met mine. I gave her a lingering kiss, and tugged the coverup open. Nancy shrugged the thin garment off her shoulders.

“You have me at a disadvantage. I want to see what you have there in your pants.”

I fumbled clumsily with my shirt buttons while she opened my belt and trousers. She pulled them and my underwear down in one smooth motion.

Nancy slid down on to her knees and took my straining member into her sexy mouth.

Now, I would love to say that I held off my orgasm for a long time, but I had been aroused for so long that I was sure a cool breeze would have set me off. I warned Nancy that I was going to cum, but she kept her mouth firmly on cock until I finished. She swallowed loudly.

“Wow, that was terrific. I couldn’t hold back.”

“That’s okay. It’s a sign that you really liked what I was doing.”

“I certainly did. Now it’s time to give you the same.”

I helped her to her feet and onto the bed. She laid back, spreading her legs slightly. I had not gotten a good look at her pussy during the nude photos. I wasn’t disappointed. Nice tight lips gave just the slightest peek of the opening within. Tiny beads of moisture clung to the inner folds. It was an inviting sight,

I slid onto the bed, working my way between her long legs. I gave her the best licking I have ever given. I brought her to the brink of orgasm several times until I thought she couldn’t take any more. Then I pushed three fingers onto her pulsating hole. She screamed as my marauding fingers found their target.

While she was still writhing in pleasure, I pinned her to the mattress and brought my re-invigorated cock to the entrance of her pussy. I rubbed the head along her slit, gently probing for the opening. I looked into her eyes as I slowly penetrated her. A serene look swept across her face. Her eyes rolled back. I hoped that I was giving her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

I worked up to a slow rhythm of deep thrusts. I pulled out and lay on my back and signaled for her to get into a cowgirl position. She straddled my legs and lowered herself slowly.

Nancy really seemed to like this position. She began to piston her hips rapidly, all the while moaning, “oh yes, OH YES!

She tightened her pussy as she ground on to me. Her breasts were swinging and jiggling, almost slapping my face. Her orgasm triggered my own climax. We laid back to relax.

Nancy got up after a few minutes. She dug into her purse to find her phone. She sat on the side of the bed while she dialed. I took the opportunity to explore her young body with my hands. I could hear bit and pieces of the other side of the conversation.

“Hi, Mom. Just letting you know I’m all right and that I won’t be home tonight.” She looked to me for verification. I nodded enthusiastically.”

“That pervert…as old as me…such a slut…”

“Don’t look for me until you see me coming. Let me worry about James. He doesn’t need to know anything. Bye!”

She glanced at me, I have enough clothes for a few days. Do you mind me staying awhile?”

“Sure, I will buy some more film tomorrow!”

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