Abby Pt. 02

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Carl sat down to a glass of brandy. Three ice cubes. A nice fire and his best robe. He wore pajama bottoms and slippers but no shirt. He liked to feel the warmth from the fire on his chest. Moving to this neighborhood was the best choice he had ever made. Well, retiring early was the best choice. Moving to this suburb was a close second. It was quiet, calm, and relaxing. He could travel when he wanted adventure, and his ex-wife would definitely never come looking for him here. Carl was in his early 40’s. He had thick dark hair that was just starting to get silver on the sides, a masculine jaw line, and a solid build. He had all the mannerisms of a fine gentlemen and he took pride in his appearance. Women liked him and he knew it. He enjoyed it, and it had gotten him into trouble before. Carl was well off financially, and he used money to impress women. He had several “friends” that he met with frequently, it was all casual, friendly and sexual.

The rain came was coming down hard outside and it beat against his window, but the thunder had stopped. He was enthralled in his book. His thoughts strayed to questions of the validity of the Roman senate, and he was deep in a philosophical mindset when there was suddenly a loud knock on the door.

He bolted up from his chair, and was instantly zapped to the present from his 2,000-year journey to the past. He tied his robe shut and hurried across the study to the entryway. He opened the door and there stood the shivering, wet, figure of his neighbor’s oldest daughter, Abby.

“Abby! What on earth is going on? Please come in, come in… You’re drenched! Oh my god, are you OK? What happened?”

“Yes. Thanks, Mr. Parker.” Her wet hair was stuck to her forehead and she wore a white hoodie that read ‘Wellsville Tigers’ in red block letters. Her leggings were black and she was wearing dirty white vans. She was absolutely soaked.

“I’m so sorry to bother you, I locked myself out!” She wiped the wet hair from her face.

“Oh no!” said Carl, repressing a chuckle. “Come in, come in! Here, do you want me to call your dad?”

Abby shook her head. “I don’t think he will pick up. They are in Beijing and it’s, like, already 3 AM there.”

“Oh my gosh! How long are they gone?”

“Until next Tuesday…”

“Hmm… Well here let’s get you dried off. Come upstairs and I’ll find something for you to change into. We’ll figure something out.”

“Thanks Mr. Parker. I’m so sorry to bother you…”

“Not at all. If you have to you can spend the night on the couch. It’s not great, but I’ll find you some bedding.”

She followed Carl upstairs to his bedroom and he put out got a towel for her. “Here, you go ahead and dry off. Feel free to find something to wear and let’s throw your clothes in the dryer.”

“Oh thank you. I didn’t know where else to go. It’s so late… I saw your light on and I-“

“Hey Abby, you can call me Carl, OK? The ‘Mr. Parker’ thing is making me feel old” he tried to chuckle.

She smiled and nodded.


Abby was a, healthy, normal 18-year old girl. She was on the ladies tennis team at Wellsville High, was addicted to her cell phone, and knew all the words to every song that came on the radio. She must have been about five seven. She was shapely, but not chubby. And she was cute but not flashy. She had a genuine smile, and bright green eyes and just the right amount of freckles. Her hair was a warm brown color. Her perky breasts were probably small “D’s” and they were currently well defined under the wet fabric of her sweatshirt. She lived two houses down from Carl and had met him several times before. Her father had borrowed Carl’s lawnmower once and took him golfing as a thank you.

“Thanks so much Mr. Parker. I feel so dumb.”

“Haha! Well I suppose it could happen to the best of us” Carl smiled “I’ll go get you a bed made up. It’s almost eleven…” He left the room, closing the door behind him.

Once in the hallway Carl stopped to clear his head. Dear God. How did this happen. Abby was a teenage girl. It didn’t look right for her to be here. But what could he do? She was so pretty. He had noticed her before. He had seen her sunbathing. Who couldn’t notice. My god that body. She was so supple. So fresh. He felt perverted thinking about it. He shook his head. No. I am doing the right thing. She is my guest, and I will treat her with respect and dignity.

Carl spread a sheet over the couch, and piled some fresh linens and pillows on it. Well at least it’s something. Then we went upstairs to the bedroom and knocked.

No answer.

“Abby, are you OK?” He asked, his face close to the door.

No answer.

“Abby??” He said louder. Nothing.

He opened the door.

Abby screamed “AAAH!”

Abby was virtually naked. She stood wearing only little pink panties with one arm attempting to cover her young plump breasts and the other over her crotch. Her damp hair clung to her neck and shoulders. He paused for a moment from the shock, Ataköy escort and then backed out of the room and closed the door with one swift motion. “Oh my god! Oh I’m so sorry!” Carl shouted.

He didn’t know what to do. It all happened so fast. “I’m so sorry Abby” he called through the door. “I didn’t hear an answer so I…”

“It’s OK Mr. Parker” she giggled, “It’s OK. It’s fine.”

Why would she giggle? Shouldn’t she be furious? At the same time he was glad she did. It made him feel more at ease.

She called out, “Hey Carl… come back in and tell me which of these shirts I can wear!”

“Abby, you can wear whatever you want. I ju-”

“Carl! …Come in, silly!”

He swallowed hard. “Are you sure?” He asked.

“Yes!” She giggled again.

Carl opened the door slowly. There she stood. Abby was wrapped in her fluffy white towel and had her hands on her hips with exaggerated sass. Her sexy teen figure was still highly visible, as was the top of her bosom. She had lain out three of carl’s button-up shirts on the bed. “Well? She demanded. Which one?” She gestured to the shirts.

“Uhh… this one.” Carl picked up a fuzzy checkered flannel shirt and held it out to Abby. She smiled and bit her lip. Then she took the shirt by the hanger and held it up against her body and then threw her hair back. “How do I look, lover?” she teased.

“You look great.” Carl smiled. This girl was all jokes and fun! She was the opposite of his frigid wife, and he liked being with her.

“Turn around.” She demanded.

Carl turned around.

“He heard her towel drop. He stiffened. “Abby…” he started.


He hushed.

After a moment she said “There. What do you think?”

He cautiously turned to face her. She looked cute and cozy. The sleeves were too long but she had rolled them up some to expose her dainty wrists. Her supple white thighs were revealed and she looked even more vulnerable then when she was soaking wet on his doorstep. Her pink panties were in a heap with her other wet clothes and her bra.

“You look.. erm… you look very nice.” He smiled sheepishly. God she was gorgeous. So young and fresh. So pretty.


They decided that hot tea was an ideal before-bed-snack for people who were stuck in the rain just a moment ago. They talked and joked for a while and she sipped hers slowly and smiled at him with a sexy half grin. Her laugh melted him. After a few moments it got quiet.

Abby leaned back and looked around the room aimlessly. She began fingering the edge of her shirt down to the buttons. Then suddenly one popped open. Then another. Could this be real? Abby was undoing her shirt and pretending she didn’t notice. She stopped about halfway down the shirt. Her beautiful breasts were barely covered. The brown edges of her areolas were just starting to show. Carl gave her a questioning look and she looked back to her tea, still avoiding eye contact. Oh my god. She wants me to look. What is she doing?? Oh what he would give to be able to slide his cock between those young firm tits. What he would give to be able to rest his face between them and inhale the scent of her milky white skin.

After a few moments of letting him fantasize Abby pretended to notice her shirt. “Oh my..!” She wrapper the shirt tightly around her, which made her nipples poke the fabric. “Carl! Were you… were you looking at my breasts?!” She feigned shock and outrage.

He liked this game, and he could see where it was going. But he wasn’t going to play by her rules. “Yes.” He stated flatly. “Yes, I was.” He smiled and sipped his tea and looked at her.

She scoffed and tried not to smile. “Well why?” she demanded turning her nose up.

“Why?” He asked in disbelief “I’ll tell you why. Because I think that those might be some of the most perfect breasts I have ever had a glimpse of. And I think that you have ever had them handled by a real man. And I also think that I could make you…” he stopped.

“Make me what?” she smiled “Make me what?” She bit her lip again. God damnit. Everytime she did that it was like she was begging to be fucked.

“Never-mind” he said.


“I bet you’re virgin” he murmured.

“Am not!”


“…I’ve sucked cock. I’ve even had guys cum on my tits.”

“Still virgin.”

There was silence. Abby pouted. Then she sighed. “So… would you have sex with a virgin?” She asked the tone in her voice more meek.

“Hmm… I haven’t thought about it.”

She stared at him, unamused.

He stared back. What he hell is going on?

Then he spoke. “Just what are you saying Abby? That you want me to have sex with you? To take your virginity? The neighbor’s kid!?”

“God…! No! God. I don’t know… Nothing… No. I just… I don’t know.”

He stood up and walked over to her. She looked at her lap. He put a hand on her shoulder.

“Abby. This is crazy. We are not in love. If we Ataköy escort bayan have sex it might make things weird. And… I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I know. I’m sorry… I just… I think about you a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ever since you moved here… I have watched you from my bedroom window as you cleaned your pool… shirtless, as you mow your lawn…”

Carl didn’t answer. Sweet Jesus. She wanted him. He had wondered if she ever caught him looking at her.

“Abby, it’s time for you to go to bed.”

She ignored him “have you watched me?” Carl didn’t answer, “I know you have. I see you do it” she touched the bulge in his pants and looked up at him. Then down at the bulge that her hand was cupping. Holy god it feels so good.

“I can tell you want me” she continued “I see you glance over at me when I am sunbathing. I leave the blinds up in my room after I shower so that you can watch me dry myself off. I know you think about fucking me Carl…”

Her slender fingers dipped into the rim of his pajama pants and felt his pubic hair “…and I know that you want me tonight…” She looked up at him. Her shirt hanging open. Her breasts exposed. Her mouth open. His penis was so hard it ached. Oh my god. Look at that mouth. So sweet. So soft. He imagined her pink tongue wrapping around his rock hard cock. He imagined her soft warm lips caressing the head of his penis. The bulge in his pants grew.

He could say nothing. He was paralyzed with desire and anger. How could she put him in this situation? Maybe it was true. Maybe he had watched her sunbathe. Maybe he had even gone so far as to search for a porn star that looked like her so that he could masturbate to her image. But he knew this was wrong, so he took a step back.

“I’m sorry Abby” he said, and left the room.


An hour went by and Carl couldn’t sleep. Abby was right downstairs. She was on his couch. She was there. Her soft lips were there. Her hair was there. Her breasts were there. Her waiting vagina was there. He sat up in bed. Cold and sweaty. Maybe he should just jerk-off. That would get rid of it. Then he could sleep. But why masturbate? He was a grown man. The object of his desire was right here. He sat up. What are you doing you fool?!

He stood. He didn’t care. He wanted her. Carl went downstairs he was shaky with anticipation.


Abby was lying curled up on the couch. Her bare legs sticking out from under a blanked. Carl paused at the bottom of the stair and watched her. Was she asleep? Had he offended her too badly. He walked over to the couch and sat down. He put a hand on her hip.

“Abby…” he whispered.

She stirred. Rolled over and looked up at him. She didn’t speak.

“Abby. I’m sorry I offended you.”

She bit her lip “I’m on the pill…?” she offered.

That was all he could take. Carl leaned forward and kissed her deeply. She let him do it. Her kiss was soft and warm. After a moment she reciprocated and opened her lips letting his tongue into her mouth. Soon she rested her hand on the back of his head and ran her fingers through his hair. Carl put his hand on her jawline, his other on her hip as the kissing became more intense. He pulled off and they stared at each other for a while. She touched his bare chest and her cold hand made his nipple perk up. He looked at her perfect soft neck, her beautiful face, her green eyes. He moved in and kissed her again. Then he whispered in her ear “Abby I have thought about this for a long time.”

“You really have?” She whispered back.

“I have. I have always wanted you.” He kissed her neck. Then he bit her ear. Then he moved down her neck again, kissing and nuzzling, and licking. “Oh my god… you smell amazing.”

She breathing became shorter. She felt his abs and moved her hand down to his penis. She fondled his hard cock over his pajamas. It grew. And she sighed.

Carl moved his hand up from her hip and under the flannel shirt she was still wearing. He found her breast and the hard nipple that apexed it. He fondled it gently as she moaned “Oh Carl… Please… I am yours…” He cupped her breast and squeezed it. She squirmed with pleasure under him.

“What did you fantasize about doing to me?” She asked smiling.

Carl was still busy kissing her neck and moving his way down between her breasts smelling, and licking, and kissing “Oh this and that…” he whispered. She smiled as he sat up. She slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Carl watched with anticipation. His cock rigid.

“Do you like these?” She asked with a sly grin.

“Mmmm…” was his only answer as he came down on her tits sucking and licking. Then he pulled the blanket off of her legs and it revealed her perfect shaved pussy, it was already wet and left a damp spot on the sheed. She was short of breath and looking hard at him. Watching his desire build. She shifted her weight and moved her hips closer to him.

Carl got on his knees on the side escort Ataköy of the couch and she scooted her hips until one leg was off the couch and the other was bent, positioning her vagina right in front of Carl.

The took her thighs in his hands and burried his face between them. Oh Jesus. She is so ready. He licked her thighs, and kissed her vagina, and then gently sucked her labia. Abby moaned.

“Oh my god…” She breathed.

Carl spread her lower lips with his fingers and exposed her clit. Then he flicked it with his tongue. She continued to squirm and moan, and run her fingers through his hair. He stuck his tongue inside her vagina and the taste was amazing. She was salty and fresh. Her juice was delicious. He continued to lick and tease with his lips and Abby continued to enjoy the ecstasy.


After a moment he pulled off. She smiled at him. He came up and kissed her deeply. The taste of her vagina still on his lips and tongue. She licked her lips afterward.

Carl sat on the couch and she sat up next to him. The flannel shirt was hanging off her shoulders and her waiting breasts were perky from the evening chill. The rain continued to fall outside.

Abby leaned forward and touched the throbbing bulge in Carl’s pants. She looked up at him but didn’t speak. The precum from his penis had made a damp mark. She teased the head of his penis through his pants and smiled at the expression of pleasure on his face. He put his feet up and pulled his pants down as she leaned forward into his crotch and took him in her mouth. It was clear that she had experience. She licked the head of his cock and flicked it with her tongue. She massaged it with her lips and came off in a series of short hard sucks.

As Carl leaned back on the couch he had an amazing view of her bare ass sticking up as she worked on his penis. He reached over and gave her ass-cheek a squeeze. Then he leaned back and sighed deeply. Sweet Jesus I might come. God her mouth is unreal. This girl is amazing. He grabbed a handful of her hair at the scalp and forced her head down on him with one hand. She tensed and first and gagged. But soon she was relaxed and taking him in her throat. Good girl…


She pulled her head off and smiled up at him “Carl… you are so, like… huge” she giggled “but you can’t come yet… I’m still a virgin remember?” She gave him a wink and sat up.

“Yeah… we will have to do something about that” he stood up his erect cock in front of her face. She slapped it softly and giggled, fingering herself gently.

“So…” he took him in one hand and stroked slowly, her saliva still dripping from him “…is this the cock that is going to fuck me?” Jesus she was a flirty one.

“That’s the one” he teased. Then Carl scooped her up and she squealed with delight. He carried her up the stairs and laid her gently on his bed. She took her flannel shirt the rest of the way off and laid back. Carl climbed on top of her. And looked down at her supple bosom. She was flushed and a little sweaty. Her mascara in streaks from the throat fuck she endured downstairs. She is so young. So perfect. I hope I can last in her.

Her pussy was so tight he couldn’t get in at first. He tried to push, but he could tell that not much more than the head of his massive penis would fit. She was so soft and milky white, her young supple thighs with just a few perfect freckles radiated heat. Her hairless, smooth pussy lips were pink with anticipation and warmth. There was a little stubble and it excited him to know that she must shave often, and that she shaved for him. He took his firm thick penis by the shaft and teased her soft vagina with the head. The veins throbbed, and pre-cum stuck to her plump labia. She moaned with pleasure and quivered. Taking that as a sign that she was enjoying it he continued until her hips were grinding with anticipation and she had to wet her lips from the moaning.

He pushed the head of his penis between her pussy lips just enough to tease her clitoris. She exhaled deeply. He looked up at her and her young little face which was flushed and sweaty. Stray hairs clung to her forehead and cheeks. She slowly opened her eyes and then looked up at him. Her hands moved up his hard abs to his chest. She could barely reach his nipples with her slender childlike arms. She took each of his nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her fingernails were short and painted soft pink. They matched her lips. She rolled his nipples softly in her pinch. He felt his dick throb. “Oh fuck…” He whispered. She smiled. She knew he was hornier than ever before and she relished being the object of his raw animal passion.

He leaned forward bringing his face close to hers. “You ready?” he whispered.

“Y-yes…yes.” She breathed out the words.

He slowly applied pressure to her with his massive, rock-hard penis. She squirmed, she grimaced, she clenched her teeth, and he kept slowly pushing. Soon he was almost all the way inside her. She gave out a whimper. He teased her clit with his thumb the whole time. And she soon was breathing heavily. “Oh my goddd…” she moaned softly. “You are so fucking big.” She looked down at the base of his shaft, his pubic hair pushed up against her flesh. “Holy Jesus.”

“Are you OK?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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