Adam and Sharon

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Thanks to Paul for recommending I slow down and take more time to explore the sexual interactions. I hope this is better, mate!


It was only a few weeks since their experience with Scott and Mandy; since their pact about enjoying sexual opportunities providing their shared the full details with each other.

Andrew had moved out from Adam’s place and into Sharon’s with Steve, and Sharon had moved in with Adam. Sharon was really enjoying waking up next to Adam every day, she was certainly enjoying the daily sex!

One morning they were lying in bed after a quickie when Sharon said, “Anna called me yesterday, Adam. We had lunch together. She opened her heart to me; she told me why she didn’t go for the threesome we had talked about. I was actually disappointed; apparently she just couldn’t face having to get physical with me. Despite that, she’s as horny as hell, it’s two years since she last got laid and she was almost crying explaining to me that toys and masturbation just don’t do it forever.

“I asked her what I could do, and she said I could lend you to her for a night.”

“What?? What did you say?”

“I said ‘yes,’ of course. I thought you would enjoy it.”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked. “You knowingly want me to go spend a night with her and to fuck her?”

“Yep. I adore her Adam, she is one of my closest friends. I couldn’t imagine two years without getting laid! Since meeting you, and before I moved in here, I’ve found it difficult to last three days!

“Anyway, here’s the deal: Friday next week you’re taking her to the Grosvenor Hotel in town. You’re going to be Mr. Harris and it will be your wedding anniversary. You will have dinner then take her back to her room and be her sex toy for the night. I’m going to stay at her place and look after Roger for her. She had thought her Mum would look after him but, well, she is 70 and looking after a kid with problems like Roger overnight just isn’t on.”

“Oh, so I have no choice in this then?” Adam asked.

“Nope; you were willing to fuck her in a threesome so I can’t see why you wouldn’t do this!”

“Point made, okay. Roll on Friday week…”

Friday week rolled around as it inevitably does. Around 5 o’clock, Shaz drove her car to Anna’s place, and shortly afterwards Anna drove the car back to Adam’s place. Using the remote to open the door, Anna parked the car in the garage. Adam greeted her and was stunned by how fantastic she looked. A black and white dress, relatively demure bodice, hem just above the knee, black stockings, bag and shoes.

Adam chucked his small overnight bag onto the back seat and they drove away. They exchanged small talk and Anna said she was paying all the bills tonight, and reinforced that he needed to be Mr Adam Harris on all occasions. He agreed.

After checking in, they went to their room. Anna said she needed to freshen up; she was clearly nervous. Adam put the TV on and sat down to watch. 30 minutes later she reappeared, looking even more fantastic. In the elevator, she kissed him on the cheek and said he wasn’t to drink any alcohol that night. Again, he agreed.

They were seated in the dining room, a waiter called Claude introduced himself, explained the specials and Adam ordered sparkling mineral water for them. They discussed the menu and Adam called Claude over to order. Caesar salad and lobster for her, mushroom soup and steak for him.

The tension was amazing, both knew the only reason they were in the dining room instead of the bedroom was foreplay. Adam started to talk about Roger, figuring she would open up. “Not now Adam, please. Change the subject.”

He started to talk about sport and was amazed that she was interested. Seemed that she watched a bunch of TV with Roger as sport was his motivator. She knew heaps about basketball and football and the conversation flowed easily as they ate.

After Claude cleared their main course plates, she reached across the table and took his hand in hers. “Time to go Adam. I want you really badly. Please take me upstairs now.”

She signed the tab and they took the elevator to the 18th floor. On the way up, she kissed him deeply and passionately, pushing her legs between his. “Shaz tells me you have an amazing şişli escort tongue. When we’re inside, show me how amazing it is…”

Adam was confused. One one hand he felt horny; he was about to fuck a good looking, willing woman. On the other, he felt like a hooker; being paid to do what the client wanted. In a split second he realised that no matter what, he would cum two or three times overnight and that he would enjoy her body no matter what.

She jumped him as soon as they opened the door of room 1806. She unzipped his pants and fondled his cock. As they kissed, he reached his hand up her skirt, past that beautiful strip of naked flesh about the stocking and found that dark, damn, mysterious place men love between her legs. She was really wet and he pressed his fingers into her cunt through the gusset of her panties.

“Stick your fingers into me Adam. This isn’t pre-school, it’s the main game. Before you fill me with cum, get both of us naked and give me an orgasm. I’m your bitch right now, do what you want to me and I mean whatever you want. Just give me an orgasm first…”

Adam unzipped her dress, and slowly took off her lacy black bra, fondling and nibbling her nipples which were rapidly hardening to his touch. He pushed her onto the bed, removing each shoe, leaving her panties and stockings on.

Starting with her left foot, he slowly sucked each toe, delicately paying attention to each one; up, down, around before moving to her instep and heel. Her breathing intensified; he looked up momentarily to see her eyes were closed, one hand was fondling her left breast, the other was inside her panties. “Don’t you dare cum by yourself” he snapped at her. “Get that hand out of your panties or I’ll tie you up.”

“I like the sound of that; do you fancy yourself as Christian Grey? Do you want me to be your sub?”

He and Shaz had just finished the 50 Shades series and had talked about some of Grey’s desires and activities. Still dressed, he took the belt from his pants and tied her wrists together behind her back with it. He stripped her of her panties and stuck them in her mouth. “Now you’re mine, girl. Enjoy.” She nodded…

He transferred his attention back to her right foot, slowly repeating the process he’d used on the other foot. Slowly he kissed and fondled her legs until he got to her knees when he twisted her onto her back and deeply kissed the back of each knee for what seemed like 10 minutes. In the meantime, his right hand has made its way to that beautiful place between her legs where he teased her gently and lightly with his fingers without touching her wetness.

Her legs spread wider as his tongue made its way to her groin. Now on her back, her legs wide apart, her pussy dripping with excitement, he lowered his tongue to her clit and circled it.

With two fingers now slipping deep in her wet hole, he pressed his thumb on her ass hole and increased the pressure of his tongue on her clit. He was seriously wet, seriously thrusting up at him, enjoying both the two-way penetration and the attention of his tongue. She had spit her panties from her mouth, her voice reaching fever pitch as she came to her first climax. He was hard and dripping with precum and really wanted her – her bucking and moaning was toxically erotic. He could wait no longer and thrust himself inside her.

“Fucking give it to me you big prick. Split me in half. Come on, come on, I want to feel you as far inside me as you can get. Fill me up, leave me dripping with your white stuff.”

Adam didn’t need any more encouragement. Anna was really wet, pushing herself against him as the pushed in and out, deeper and deeper. Her hand fondled his balls and he fought the moment as long as he could, wanting to please her with the depth and frequency of penetration. Inevitably he reached that point all guys know; when cumming is inevitable, when you know it’s absolutely going to happen.

“Fuck I’m coming darling, I’m cuming inside you. Now, yes, Christ, fuck, your pussy is amazing Anna, I want to… yes, yes…”

She enjoyed the feeling of his warm sperm deep inside her. “Just let it spill out honey, I want to enjoy the feeling of it slowly dripping out of me. suadiye escort If you want to do something I’d really enjoy, you could lick it out of me.”

With her legs spread as wide as they could be, he kneeled between them, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers. His sperm tricked out, down her butt cheeks and onto the bed. He sank his head between her thighs and sucked his cum from her cunt. He was surprised at how good it tasted and continued enthusiastically, his tongue penetrating as deep as he could manage.

“Get your fingers into me Adam, drag it all out, drink it up then kiss me. Leave your fingers in there, keep working on me, I want to cum again.”

They kissed deeply, passionately, breathlessly; tongues thrusting, challenging each other for territory that neither wanted to concede. He worked her pussy hard, thrusting, delving deeper, now three fingers with his thumb on her clit. “Yes, yes, arggh, oh god, yes Adam.” She came again and collapsed. “Untie me.”

Adam took the belt from her wrists and she wrapped her arms around him. “That was fucking awesome Adam. Christ, I needed that.” She sunk tho fingers into her pussy and licked the wetness from her fingers. “Hmmm, nice; a me and you Martini! I like!”

Anna was asleep in minutes but it took Adam some time to nod off. He held her close and enjoyed the warmth of this beautiful woman, who, just minutes ago, told him she was his bitch, who was so anxious to get laid and who came so easily. What would the next few hours bring…

It was about 3 when Anna got up to pee. She left the bathroom door open and he could hear the splashing of her urine into the bowl, then the splashing while she washed her hands. She saw his hand reach out to her as she got back into the bed. “Do you want to do it again Mr. Harris?” she giggled. Her hand slid down his chest, over his stomach to his member. “I bet I can get it hard really quickly; oh! yes, it’s already growing. Nice! Just enjoy, Mr. Harris, I want to play with your dick, it’s far more fun than any of my toys.”

Kissing him softly she fondled his balls between her fingers. Adam actually thought she was a bit aggressive at first – it was quite different to the way Shaz played with him. She had her right thumb pressing down on the base of the top of his shaft and was rubbing her fingers up and down his balls. He was about to tell her it was too dry and would she use some spit or something when she buried her head under the sheets and started to lick his circumcised tip. Slowly her mouth engulfed him, in, out; in, out… Now her tongue was licking his sac and her hand was stroking him, up, down, holding him very firmly. She looked up and grinned at him saying “I’m getting wet darling, what do you think I should do about that?”

She pulled herself up with her knees straddling him, her juicy hole hovering just about his hungry erection. She lowered herself to the point where she could rub the glistening tip of his cock against her clit, moaning as she teased him. “Grab my tits Adam, hold them tight, ah, that’s good!” She lowered herself onto his dick, allowing it to penetrate her maybe two inches, again, slowly up and down. Adam expected her to want him deeper but again, she surprised him by repositioning herself. She lay on top of him face down with her cunt facing his mouth. She took his dick in her mouth, and Adam licked her clit. A classic 69 if ever there was one, he thought.

He was hard and really enjoyed the attention his dick was getting. Someone had really taught her how to suck cock, she was really giving it a workout! “Man, this is good,” he thought. “I could get to enjoy this!”

She was soaking wet; her mysterious dark hole was flushed red, gushing its natural lubrication over his face. She was pushing herself down onto his face, harder and harder; her mouth got even busier with his cock and, as her body started to quiver with orgasm, she pushed her finger into his ass. “Oh God, Adam, yes, fantastic, it’s so fucking awesome to have a man doing that to me.”

A man? What did she mean? His erection surprisingly softened as he thought about what she had just said. “You’ve gone all soft honey, what happened? Let me fix that” she said, taking him taksim escort in her mouth again. It took him two or three minutes to get hard again as he dismissed the thoughts from his mind. He decided to take control, she was going to get royally fucked now. Time to give her a real hammering.

He aggressively rolled her off him and onto her knees with her butt cheeks spread wide. He mounted her doggy style and pushed himself inside her. “Take this, bitch. Come on, push back against me you horny slut. I knew exactly what you want, a good, hard fucking.”

He pushed himself as far in as he could go, doing it again and again as hard and fast as he could. He grabbed her tits and squeezed them as hard as he could. “Does that feel good, a big hard cock deep in your cunt; your tits squeezed hard? You love it, don’t you, you’re a cheap slut Anna, hungry for it, you want me to go harder don’t you? You love your pussy being pumped hard, you want it bad don’t you?”

“Yes Adam, yes, go for it baby, stick it in again and again. Oh, that’s good. Fuck my cunt Adam, fuck it, fuck me hard and fill me with your manjuice.”

His orgasm was building, his hands gripped her tits and his whole body tensed. “Can you feel that Anna, I’m filling you up.” She could feel it; it was like someone had stuck a hose up her and turned it on. He pulled out of her and as she rolled over, she scooped a big dollop of cum from her pussy and licked it off her fingers. With him now on his back, she straddled him and let him watch his cum drip onto his stomach. She licked every drop off him and very gently took his limp dick into her mouth.

For maybe ten minutes she licked and caressed him saying that what he had just done was the most memorable fuck she had ever had. Thanking him with a deep, long kiss, she collapsed back to sleep. Adam fell asleep too, and it was past 8 when they woke.

“We have a late check out Adam, 11 o’clock. I’m going to have a shower, then you can lick my lovely clean pussy again for me. Make us coffee please.” With that, she disappeared into the bathroom. Adam made coffee and waited for her to come back. She reappeared wearing an almost sheer white bra, a white g-string, white suspenders and white stockings.

“Mr. Harris, I want you to pretend it’s our wedding night and I’m a virgin. You’ve just taken of my wedding dress and you’re going to make love to me for the very first time. Please treat me gently.”

She joined him on the bed and for an hour he kissed and caressed her body, slowly removing her bra and g-string. He licked her ears and neck and slowly worked his tongue down her chest, over her beautiful tits, down her stomach, pausing to enjoy her navel and then ever so slowly down to her public mound. Her legs slowly spread apart as he moved down to her clit. Eventually his tongue reached her pussy and she let out a small gasp,

“Oh my, what are you going to do? Are you going to kiss me there?” He was, and did. Slowly he worked around her labia, teasing and tempting her before he started again on her clit.

“That’s beautiful; beautiful. Make love to me darling, I’m a virgin, I’ve waited all these years, please do it. As he pulled himself up and over her, her hand reached out to his solid penis and guided it inside her. “Oh, wow, yes, please.”

He slowly started to stroke himself in and out of her vagina; her body pushing up to his as he thrust inside her. Her fingers reached down to her clit and he realised she was going to take herself to an orgasm. Desperate not to cum before she did, he paced himself to her breathing. “What’s happening to me – this is unbelievable!” Suddenly she started to shudder and Adam knew it was time. He pushed hard and deep and ejaculated as she came.

“I love you Mr, Harris.”

Adam was exhausted, three times in ten hours was a lot, even considering the frequency he enjoyed with Sharon. It was close to 10.30 by now and he had to shower before leaving the room. They showered together, dressed quickly and packed to leave.

Breakfast of croissants and coffee was consumed surprisingly quietly before they left to drive back to Adam’s place. They called Sharon to say Anna would be back home by 12 and as she dropped Adam and his bag off, she kissed him passionately and asked him if they could do it again? “I suspect you will need to ask Shaz that!” he replied.

“Might she like to join us if we did?”

“What about Roger?”

“You guys can come over to my place, we can get together after he goes to sleep.”

As she drove away, Adam was already thinking about the possibilities…

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