Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 08

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(Wiley spent the night at Billy and Bonnie’s house in Brownsville)

I swear I could have heard a rooster crowing. The next morning I awoke in a strange bedroom—my mouth was gummy and dry—I tried hard to focus on my watch but my eyes were blurry. Then I remembered the night before, fucking little Bonnie on the couch while her toothless husband watched from his padded easy chair.

I smelled coffee and bacon and meandered toward the kitchen. Billy was sitting in his wheel chair staring out the back screen door holding a fly swatter. Apparently his legs were crippled but his arms were over compensated for the handicap.

The screen door was constantly attacked by flying insects. He realized I was in the room and offered me coffee.

“You want some coffee,” he said in a loud voice. I only nodded my head yes. He hastily wheeled over to the counter, used a hook stick to fetch down the mug hanging from a shelf and poured a cup of coffee.

“Here, you want some sugar and cream?” he quizzed.

I cleared my throat and managed to bark out: “No, black is good.”

“I’m not deaf just cause I can’t walk”, he said, then he mumbled, “or fuck.”

I chugged on the coffee and sat opposite of him at the table. We were both silent for several minutes before he told me how he lost the use of his legs.

“Bad luck all ’round. Just dam bad luck,” he said.

He told me that a Mexican bandit shot him over a disagreement concerning ownership of a horse. He wasn’t the source of the situation, just in the wrong place. It seems the Mexican fired a wild shot at his intended target and hit old Billy instead. The .44 slug nicked his backbone and caused paralysis from his dick down.

“There’s biscuit anadolu yakası escort and bacon in the stove,” he said gesturing to the bright white antique looking stove.

I heard soft foot steps on the porch and the screen door screeched open and Bonnie appeared with a basket full of eggs. She was wearing farmer’s overalls and t-shirt with no bra. Her buxom was full and her pointy nipples poked under the shirt and around the sides of the bib front.

“Good maw-ning,” she drawled out with a big white grin. “Whew, I been out feeding the chickens—it’s gonna’ be a hot day again today,” she said as she removed her straw hat to reveal a full head of light honey hair.

Geez, she was a gorgeous woman I thought as I drank my coffee. I recalled the night before as we showered together. She washed me like I was her little boy. She giggled a lot and enjoyed herself.

“Sugah, just let me wash these eggs, and we’ll have some fun—OK?” she oozed sexuality with her Texas accent.

I smiled and said great. Soon we were in the bed where I woke up. She peeled down her jean overalls, and helped me skin of my t-shirt and jeans.

We hugged on the bed, and she grasped my semi hard cock—milking it deftly in her palm. We kissed lips first and she French kissed my mouth.

“O’ baby, your cock is soo fay-at,” she moaned.

I pulled her body over on top of me and pulled her hips toward my face. When she realized what I was doing she smiled and seemed very pleased. But then she flipped her torso round—offering her plump white butt to my face and her mouth on my cock.

I was staring at her slightly agape pussy—admiring her delicate lips and cunny shape—her ataşehir escort light colored soft pussy hair—and her crinkled rosette above her moist nest. I sucked in the aroma of her sex—its sweet pungent scent in my nostrils as my face was only an inch away—I reached my hands around her legs to pull her moist cunny lips apart exposing the lovely pink interior and her pouty cleft.

Her small hands seized my cock and her lips stretched putting as much as she could into her pretty mouth. Up and down the huge head she bobbed and gulped. Her small hands grasped the shaft as it grew more rigid and sturdy for the task ahead.

I admired her ability for several seconds and feeling the blood course into my cock swelling under her artful handiwork.

I pulled her bottom onto my face and began by licking her nether hole-feeling its sensitive and smooth texture—the flavor of her crack sent throbs to my quickening cock.

My tongue penetrated her tiny orifice and she wiggled her bottom and moaned as I vigorously assaulted and penetrated her tiny fissure repeatedly. Then I swathed her cunt paying close attention to her cunt hole and sucking its moisture into my mouth.

I found her clit with the tip of my tongue and gently licked it to arousal—I could feel it lengthening and sucked it softly while soaking my tongue around her cleft. Her hips began to twitch and move as my tongue stroked her little nub harder and harder.

“Mmmmffff—mmmmm—glock, glurk, glurk,” she moaned as she sucked my cock.

She released my cock from her mouth and while rubbing it vigorously with her spit—she said that she wanted to cum with me inside her.

She spun around and mounted bağdat caddesi escort my cock. Her small hand guided the head to her soft nest. For a while I thought it would be impossible for such a tight little pussy to fit such a fat instrument.

I could feel her wet pussy lips spread and with the weight of her bottom she strove to take the head.

“Awwwww—mmmfff,” Bonnie uttered out in blissful agony as her tight hole stretched as my cock slowly disappeared inside her belly.

She pushed down until her tight hole was fully ensconced. She wildly ground her pussy against my pelvis. Looking back between her legs she smiled as our intimate parts were joined and locked within her tight sheath.

She leaned forward and our lips met—she relished the taste of her pussy in my mouth. She groaned and I could feel her pussy muscle spasm and milk my cock. Her body tensed and she ground hard against my pelvis and she exclaimed that she came.

I giggled and said it’s usually the man who cums so quick.

“O’ I’m not done yet, shu-gah,” she smiled and thus began our dance of blissful fucking.

I could feel her juices seeping out and coating my swollen nuts. She rose back up, fully impaled and began a back and forth motion on my cock. I held her titties as her hips danced on my cock. My entire pelvis was soaked with her emission.

Then her eyes spied my nipples and she began pinching and pulling them. Her hips bucked and thrust rapidly back and forth grinding my cock against her pussy.

We fucked like that until she came twice more. I rolled her over and fucked her every way imaginable.

I wanted to fuck her ass, but she said maybe later, she had work to do and if I fucked her there she wouldn’t be able to walk.

We fucked for an hour maybe more. Who knows, we were having so much fun. She asked me how long I could stay. I explained that I was trying to hook up for some pot to sell in Dallas and Oklahoma.

She giggled and said I came to the right spot.

To be continued. . . . .

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