After Hours

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The lights had finally gone out and the shop door was locked, I was pleased, it meant we would soon be going home. “Where do you want these?” Emma asked gesturing at the money bags on the counter; “Put them in the floor safe” I replied with a slight smile, this was my favourite part of any night at work with Emma. She knelt on all fours and pulled the lid off the safe, as she did her loose trousers started to ride down, just a little at first, a teasing glance of her lacy black thong, but as she reached into the safe the top of her curvy arse came into view and I was heaven. I watched her arse oblivious of anything else, then I heard a slight cough and looked down at Emma, she was looking straight at me; “enjoying the view?” she laughed as spoke, “sorry” I muttered sheepishly and then darted into the back to grab my coat.

I was just reaching for my coat as she walked into the backroom shutting the door firmly behind her. “I know you were enjoying looking at my arse, its not the first time I’ve noticed you enjoying it” she looked straight at me as she spoke; “But I’d never noticed just how much” she pointed to the large bulge in my trousers, she stepped up close to me, so close I could smell the sweet scent of her perfume. “I think its time you repaid me for all the free shows you being enjoying, don’t you?” I didn’t know what to say, but it turned out I wasn’t going to have much of a say in the matter!

She grab my balls and squeezed them hard, the mixture of pleasure, pain and shock on my face brought a satisfied smile to hers. “Ok Carl you’re going to do exactly what I say, aren’t you?” she emphasised her point with another hard squeeze of my balls!

“Stand in the centre of the room and slowly remove all your clothes” she said as she perched herself on a pile of boxes. I must have hesitated because she suddenly yelled at me to strip my worthless ass; I did as she instructed slowly removing my uniform until I was stood in only my Playboy boxers. She walked over to me and slowly began to circle me, occasionally she would stroke part of my body, each touch sent a shock through my body. Then suddenly she grabbed a hand full of my hair and harshly yanked my head back, she pulled my ear close to her mouth and seductively whispered; “I said ALL your clothes!” She made her point by harshly spanking my ass as she almanbahis adresi released my head. I quickly stripped, wondering what she would demand of me next.

Emma bent me over a table, like a cop does to a suspect they are going to search, I felt really vulnerable as she stood behind me. She reached between my legs and stroked my rapidly stiffening cock, squeezed my arse checks and then firmly spanked each side a dozen or so times, the pain was bearable, pleasant even, but she must have realised because the next thing she did was grab a plastic ruler off the table and she really went at it. The pain was intense but short lived, “that’s you punishment for being a naughty boy, now its time for my reward, your going to give me a lot of pleasure for all the times you’ve watched me!”

I was made to kneel in front of her in the dead centre of the room, it was difficult with my sore arse but what happened next made it worth while. Emma slowly began to strip of her uniform, first she removed her pale blue polo shirt, revealing a lacy black bra which was barely restraining her enormous breasts, then she slowly kicked off her baggy trousers to reveal long shapely legs, I ached to reach out a stroke her smooth thighs but I knew I couldn’t. She slowly, teasingly removed her bra and I finally saw her amazing tits, they were large and round with rapidly stiffing nipples. I had always longed to see them and they had not disappointed, then she turned around and started to remove her thong, it was torture to watch that beautiful shapely ass and not touch it, almost as if she knew what I was thinking, she called out “if you touch any part of me without my permission then it ends.” She turned back round and sat down, looking down at me she offered me one of her feet.

I started to kiss and caress her foot, while I was doing it she made little moans of pleasure, I switched to the other foot and continued to worship them. After a while she ordered my to start to work my way up her body, I did, each kiss taking me closer to her pussy, each kiss making my cock harder. Just as I reached her pussy she grabbed hold of my hair and held my head in place, just a few inches away from her visibly moist pussy. “You want it don’t, you?” she asked with a teasing smile on her face, I nodded. She started to rub her clit with her spare hand, almanbahis adres making small circles which caused her breath to quicken and a small moan of pleasure escaped from her lips.

This was torture and she sent me over the edge by plunging two of her fingers deep into her hot pussy! She rode her fingers hard, her hips bucking as she finger fucked herself mere inches from my frustrated face. As she reached the point of orgasm she cried out and rode her fingers harder still, after her orgasm she slowed down. Emma removed her fingers that were now slick with her own juices; “I bet you wish it was you that had made that happen, her you can taste what you missed out on,” saying that she roughly shoved both her wet fingers deep in my mouth and I sucked and licked them clean of her juices, they tasted incredible but it left me wanting more!

“Don’t worry” she smiled “you’ll get to lick my pussy but first you have to worship the part of me you took such a liking to!” She turned round and bent over the pile of boxes, thrusting her magnificent arse into the air, I slowly started to caress her buttocks and then gently kissed them moving slowly across each one, before running my tongue gently down her arse crack. I slowly parted her cheeks and started to rim her arsehole, she began to moan and knowing she was enjoying it I quickly inserted my tongue into her tight arsehole! If the noise was anything to go by she was enjoying it as much as me!

Suddenly she had turned around and shoved me onto my back. Emma stood over me and after looking at me for a second lowered her pussy over my face, I started to lick her clit the second I could reach! As I was pleasuring her, she grabbed hold of my cock and started to stroke it, the feeling was electric, she started out slowly and gently and then gradually applied more and more pressure and moved her hands up and down quicker and quicker! The feeling was incredible and it made me lick her pussy even harder. Then suddenly her hands stopped moving and she began to lick the top of my now rock hard cock, slowly like it was a lolly pop she teased my bell end with her hot little tongue! I was already in ecstasy as she slipped my cock into her mouth, now we were simultaneously pleasuring each other, Emma used one hand to caress my balls while she sucked my cock, with her other almanbahis adres hand she started to probe my arsehole, slowly inserting one finger, then another, the whole time sucking on my cock with all the skill of a pro! Mimicking her actions, I began to slowly finger fuck her arse hole! We stayed like this until she rode out her second orgasm, grinding her pussy hard onto my face.

“I want your cock inside me, now!” she grinned as she climbed off me grabbing a condom from her bag, she put it on me quickly and lowered her dripping wet pussy over my cock and started to ride it, as I lay there being ridden by this beautiful wild women I was in heaven. Emma grabbed her tits and started to squeeze them, excitedly pulling at her nipples and moaning intensely. I reached out with one hand and started to stroke her clit while I squeezed her other nipple with my spare hand, after a while she moved both my hands on to her chest and wrapped hers around my throat, she started to slowly apply more pressure, the sensation was incredible it focused my entire body and I could better feel everything that was happening to me!

We changed positions and I pushed Emma onto her back and began to fuck her as hard as I could, she was scratching at my back with her long sharp finger nails but the pain felt good and I could tell she enjoyed it as I bit her nipples, hard! We were really going for it now, Emma’s cries were loud and we were both breathing heavily. As I fucked her, she came again this time I could feel her pussy clamp around my cock and her fingers tore the skin from my back as screamed with pleasure. I pulled out and this time it was Emma that bent over the table!

I slipped my cock back into her and started to fuck her over the table, I gabbed on to her hips and really went for it, I fucked her hard, occasionally I spanked her ass checks which she seemed to like, after a while I pushed two fingers into her arsehole and started to fuck both her holes, with my other hand I grabbed her hair and yanked back her head, she screamed that she loved it and wanted me to cum inside her arsehole! I pulled my cock out of her wet pussy and using her juices as lubrication I pushed my hard cock inside her tight little arsehole and fucked her hard until with an almighty groan I came like I had never come before!

We collapsed in a sweaty heap on the floor, barely moving for a while before quickly dressing and starting to leave, as I set the alarm she said “looking forward to work tomorrow?” I saw the look on her face, and nodded, I’d never looked forward to work so much!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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