After School Fun

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It was my Senior year in high school when I finally succumbed to the urge that I had only fantasized when I masturbated. Billy and I were both 18 and he was going to go to college out of town, so it was now or never.

Since my parents wouldn’t be home all day, I invited Billy over to my house to do homework together. I wore my short green plaid skirt. The hem just covers my ass cheeks. White cotton knee high socks, white blouse and saddle shoes. Under my blouse a stuffed white bra. My hair was done in short pig tails.

I just finished dressing when the door bell rang. As I walked to the door I was picturing Billy’s face when he sees me standing there dressed like I am. I opened the door and wasn’t surprised by his reaction. I told him to close his mouth before a bug flew in it and come on in.

After closing the door behind him I walked over to the steps that lead to my bedroom upstairs. I turned to him smile and say follow me. As I walked up the stairs I wiggled my ass from side to side. I also would be up high enough on the stairs so he could get a slight glimpse of my ass cheeks. Billy was in a trance. I suspected his bi-sexuality many years before, but this was confirmed to me when we followed me up the stairs.

By the time we got to my bedroom I was so horny I could hardly contain myself. I told Billy to put his books on my dresser as I walked over to the full length mirror on the other side of the room. I stared into the mirror at the sexy school girl image tempobet yeni giriş reflected in it.

I placed my hands on each of my thighs and slowly moved them up lifting my skirt and flashing my hard cock that was temporarily hidden. I could see Billy out of the corner of the mirror staring back at me. I smiled devilishly to myself. As I moved my hands around to my ass and slowly lifted up the skirt to let him get a peek of my butt. “Do you think I’m sexy Billy?”, I teasingly asked as I lowered my skirt still looking in the mirror.

“I’ll bet you’d like to get out of those clothes”, I said to Billy as I continued to pose and play in front of the mirror. I watched intently as Billy took off his clothes. I was breathing so hard that I could hear myself panting.

Now naked Billy began to stroke his cock. I raised the front of my skirt with my left hand and used my right to wrap my fingers around my cock and slowly stroke it up and down. “Come over here Billy”, I gasped as I jerked myself. Billy walked up behind me and I turned to him. Our faces inches away from each other. I put my arms around his neck and he puts his hands on my waist. “Kiss me”, I whispered to him. We closed our eyes and I felt his lips meet my red painted lips. I feel the tip of his tongue tap my lips and I opened my mouth to let his tongue enter.

I felt his hands begin to move all over my body. His right hand moved up my skirt and with his fingers in the crack of my butt he tempobet giriş cupped my left ass cheek and squeezed it firmly. I sighed heavily from this and the feeling of his hard cock pressed against my body.

I broke our embrace and smiled wickedly then knelt down before him. I took his cock in my right hand and planted soft kisses on the head. I glanced in the mirror and saw him close his eyes. I opened my mouth and moved his cock into it. Closing my lips near the end of his shaft I slowly began to suck him. I could tell by Billy’s soft moans that he was enjoying my warm wet mouth on his dick.

Felt so slutty I took his saliva covered cock out of my mouth and held the shaft as I rubbed it all over my face. “Oh Billy I want you to fuck me..fuck me like a whore”, I begged him. I stood and positioned a chair far enough back from the mirror so we can see each other in it. I then stood in front of Billy and slowly unbuttoned my blouse as he jacked off anxiously waiting for me. I threw my blouse across the room and turned my back to Billy. Slightly bending over I grabbed the back rest of the chair. I looked in the mirror as Billy stood behind me and lifted up my skirt. He then knelt down and spreaded my ass cheeks apart then moved his face into my butt. I shuddered as I felt his tongue painting spit on my tight butt hole. I then moaned loudly as his tongue snaked it’s way into me. “Oh Billy…yes..fuck me”, I begged again.

Billy stood and spat into the palm of his tempobet güvenilirmi hand. Then he rubbed the head of his cock in the hand. I feel the tip of his manhood as it touched my moistened anus. Billy slowly eased the head into me. “aaaaaahhhh”, I moaned softly as I felt it begin to penetrate me. With a third of his cock in me Billy puts his hands on my hips and pushed the rest of his meat stick into me. “Oooohhhhhh”, I cooed as I felt all of his cock squeeze into me.

I looked into the mirror again and watched as Billy slowly began to buck his hips back and forth making his cock move in the same motion in my ass. “Oh..oh..oh..”, I cried as the pleasure built up in my body. Billy was picking up the pace of his fucking as I encouraged him on, “Fuck me..fuck me Billy..oh harder..harder..”.

The bedroom was filled with sounds of sex, Billy huffing for air as he fucked me, me calling out to be fucked and the sound of his groin slapping my ass cheeks as he pounded me into submission.

The sight in the mirror and the sounds were so intoxicating, I reached down between my legs and grabbed hold of my cock. Furiously I jacked off as Billy began to groan louder and louder. I too feel myself about to let go. I screamed out, “Yes..yes..cum in me…let me feel that hot cum”. Billy threw his head back and cried, “Uuuuuggggghhhhhh”, as his cock shot load after load of hot white cum into me. I then shouted out as my cock jettisons loads of goo.

I took awhile before we could move from that position because of the affects of the orgasms. When we did Billy noticed it was late and he had to get home for dinner. We kissed and I told him that maybe he could spend the night and we could play newlyweds.

But that’s another story…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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