Aisha’s Exercise Ch. 04

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Her paused, looked smilingly at Aisha and said, “Most important of all, thank you…”He paused, looking lovingly at his daughter.

“For what, daddy?”

“For wanting daddy to suck your naked tits.”

Oh God! Did she want all that? What was her father saying? She had thought all these were part of the exercise.

“Aren’t all these part of the exercise, daddy?”

“It’s the same thing, darling. You want to produce RH, don’t you?”


“So you also want daddy to suck your tits.”

“I see,” Aisha didn’t know how to but her father.

“I tell you what. I won’t suck your tits until you tell me that you want me to.” Her father waited for her to speak. Aisha knew that if she wanted to continue with the exercise she had to say what her father wanted her to say.

She grinned at her father, and hesitant said, “Yes dad, suck my tits.”

“Are you sure you want me to?”

“Yes daddy… I want you to suck my breast…”

“All right then. You put your tit into your father’s mouth.” He opened his mouth and waited.

Aisha put her left hand behind her father’s head and pulled it nearer so that his open mouth approached her right nipple. At the same time she used her right hand to lift and guide the nipple into her father’s mouth. Still her father didn’t close his mouth on her tit.

Aisha placed both hands behind her father’s head and pulled, pushing her chest forward at the same time so that nipple, aureole and tit flesh filled her father’s mouth. Still her father’s mouth didn’t suck although it was fully stuffed with her tit.

“SUCK, DADDY… PLEASE, SUCK ME (he started to suck slowly)… YES, YES… SUCK ME… PLEASE, DADDY… SUCK HARDER…” moaned Aisha, aroused, taken by the moment and wanting to encourage her father.

Her father didn’t disappoint her. He sucked and sucked, his tongue lashing against her nipple. The sucking gradually increased in intensity and Aisha couldn’t control her arousal and moaned softly, “HMM… HMM… HMMM… DAD… DAD… OOO… OOO… YES… YES… HMMM… OHHH… YAA… YAAA…” Her body was writhing and her hands pulled her father’s head close to her chest. After a while her father released her tit from his mouth.

Looking at his daughter, Dick asked, “Did you like that, Aisha?”


“Do your tits want some more sucking?”


“Tell daddy… tell me what you want daddy to do.”


Her father eagerly took her left tit into his mouth and sucked with passion. And Aisha went wild with delight, hugging her father’s head and urging him to suck and suck. Her father now kept switching from one breast to the other, stimulating his daughter more and more. After several minutes he stopped.

“DAD…?” A pleading, as if to say, why have you stopped?

Her father was looking at her big tits, all wetted by his saliva. “I know you would like to continue but let’s do the next exercise, darling.”

“What’s that, daddy?”

“Exercise for the leg. Do you want to exercise first… or… do you want to help daddy to exercise first.”

“You mean the one we did yesterday? “

“Yes, only the positions will be different today.”

“You decide who should exercise first,” said Aisha somewhat scared of his answer, since she was reluctant to do that exercise again.

“Since daddy has just exercised your breast, we will let your arousal cool down a bit before I work on you.”

“You mean you want to exercise first, Dad?”

“Yes, Aisha.”

Then her father sat on a chair and made Aisha kneel in front of him between his legs. “Untie the sash and open out daddy’s gown, darling.”

Aisha did that. The dressing gown opened out completely making her father naked. His cock stood erect, swaying slowly. It was long and thick. The bulbous cockhead was reddish and throbbed with need.

Caressing her face, her father said smiling, “It’s all yours, Aisha… be nice to daddy’s cock… “

Pretending she didn’t know what she was to do, Aisha asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“For a start, kiss and lick daddy’s cock.”

Slowly Aisha lowered her mouth and kissed the red bulbous head. It twitched and jerked.

“It’ moved!.”

“Yes, I know… it likes your mouth… hold it, Aisha… wrap your fingers around the shaft… then kiss and lick the head.”

Her father took her right hand and wrapped her fingers around the shaft of his cock.

“The fingers won’t go around completely, daddy.”

“Then use both hands to grasp the cock, darling. Then kiss and lick daddy.”

With her father’s help Aisha wrapped both hands around her father’s thick cock shaft. “There… that’s it… hold the fellow tight… yes, like that… now give daddy a good time.”

Aisha started to kiss her father’s cockhead. Her father kept telling her what to do, “Kiss the tip… yes, that’s right… form an O with your lips… right… now cover the head with your lips…”

“But it’s SO BIG, daddy!”

“I canlı bahis know… but you managed yesterday… take the head inside your open lips first… yes,… keep the head inside your lips… now use your tongue to lick the tip of my cock… yes… yes, that’s it… lick the head all over… yes, you are doing it nicely… wonderful, Aisha… you are a good daughter… lick the head thoroughly… yes… yes… good… I’m glad you like to lick your father’s cock.”

Aisha just licked and licked looking at her father who kept caressing her cheeks.

“Aisha… please suck daddy’s cockhead… take it inside your mouth and suck nicely…”

Aisha released her father’s cock from her mouth and said, “Daddy, you are not exercising your leg.”

“Oh yes, I forgot… you suck your father’s cock… I’ll bent my leg now.” He started to bend and stretch his right leg and smiled at his daughter.

Her father caressing her cheek said, “Go ahead, darling… you show me how good you are in sucking your father’s cock.”

Her father guided his cockhead into her mouth. It throbbed inside her mouth.

“Suck it, Aisha… your father’s cock has been waiting for this moment for a long time now.”

Ignoring what her father was saying, Aisha concentrated on sucking her father.

“Is this better than yesterday? Without any cloth? Is the naked cock better for you… to suck?”

Aisha nodded and hissed around the cockhead, “Yezzzz, I guess”

“There… I knew you would like to suck naked cock… that’s why I’ve wanted to be naked today.”

Aisha was confused by what her father had said. Did Mr. Cockrin want her father to be naked or did her own father wanted to be naked? But whatever, it didn’t matter anymore. She just sucked and sucked. Her father’s hands were now fondling her bare tits.


On and on Aisha sucked. Her father’s cock kept going deeper and deeper into her mouth and it kept jerking and jumping inside her warm wet young mouth. Her father had managed to bend down and use his fingers to rub her clitoris which immediately swelled more and throbbed fiercely. Aisha kept sucking while her father kept fondling her clitoris. Both father and daughter were wild with sexual stimulation.

“Aisha, oh oh oh… daddy is going to give you some cock milk in your mouth… swallow it darling…”

Aisha wanted to take the cock out of her mouth but her father held her head wile his hips moved up and down thrusting his cock deep inside her mouth, then started to squirt his sperm. Shot after shot of thick creamy cum flooded her young mouth.


Aisha swallowed and swallowed. Oh God! So much to swallow, she thought. The creamy cum coated all the inner walls of her mouth and some trickled out at the corners she tried not to gag, wile her father kept a firm grip on the back her head.

Her father kept urging her, “SWALLOW… GOOD… A BIT MORE… A BIT MORE… I’LL FINISH IN A WHILE.”

Yes, she kept swallowing for quite a while. That was how much cock milk her father jetted into her mouth.

Finally her father withdrew his cock from her mouth and used his dressing gown to clean her mouth of the dripping cum and then wiped clean his still hard cock.

“Marvelous, Aisha… you suck cock very well… thank you, darling… I wish you can suck my cock often.”

Embarrassed and shy, Aisha wanted to change the subject. “What’s the next exercise, daddy?”

“It’s yours… on the bed.”

Her father took her to the bed. “Lie down on your back… that’s right… rest your head on the pillow… yes, like that.”

Her widely opened out blouse fell on the sides of the body. Her massive firm breasts stood majestically pointing upwards.

“Can I button up the blouse, daddy?”

“No, Aisha… keep your tits bare… you will want daddy to play with them, won’t you?”

Aisha tried to pull down her skirt which had crept more than half way up her full shapely thighs.

“What am I to do in this exercise, daddy? Bend my legs?”

“Yes, but first we adjust your skirt.” Her father pushed her skirt to her waist, exposing her naked loins.

“Now we raise your loins.” He put a pillow under her buttocks and raised her naked loins.

“Now bend your legs.” Her father bent her legs at the knees.

“Now open out your thighs.” He spread apart her naked thighs exposing her naked cunt to his view.

“Daddy, do I stretch and bend my legs?”

“Don’t worry about that, Aisha”

“But that’s the exercise, isn’t it?”

“The aim is to produce RH… so, concentrate on the sexual stimulation that daddy is going to give you. You’ll see that the exercise for the legs will come naturally.”

“What are you going to do, daddy?”

Her father knelt between her thighs, wrapped his arms around her full naked thighs and lowered his mouth close to her bahis siteleri naked cunt. From there he looked up at his daughter, smiled and said, “Daddy is now going to lick and suck you cunt… concentrate on the sexual thrill and enjoy yourself, darling.”

“Dad…” Aisha didn’t know what to say.

“Yes, I know, darling… you want this… it will be better than yesterday because you are naked… and daddy’s tongue can go deep inside your naked cunt… you’ll like it darling… enjoy yourself.”


“Yes, I know you want it now…”

“Daddy, if you hold my thighs like that I can’t exercise… I can’t stretch my legs.”

“Forget the exercise, Aisha… enjoy daddy’s mouth and tongue in your hot young cunt… concentrate on the oral sex daddy is going to perform on you.”

Her father slowly and wetly started to lick her cunt lips along the slit. Her hips shuddered and twitched with thrill as her father kept licking and licking and the tongue kept slipping more and more into her wet hot slit. After a while her father stopped and looked at Aisha.

“Are you enjoying yourself, darling? Do you like this?”

Of course she was enjoying herself. Of course she liked it. But she felt shy to say it aloud. So, she just smiled at her father and nodded.

“Good… I know you will like oral sex… you are ripe and hot for sex, Aisha.” Oh God! What was her father saying?

Her father’s mouth returned to her aroused cunt. This time his mouth was a bit wilder, sucking vigorously and plunging his long fat tongue faster into her juicy cunt slit. Aisha began to moan and her body began to writhe and her thighs shake and shiver

Pushing her cunt up into her father’s mouth, Aisha moaned continuously, “HMM… HMM… HMMM… OOO… OOO… OOO… DAD… DAD… DADDY… DADDYYY… YES… YES… YEZZ… AHH… OHHH… GOD… YES… GOOD… YES.”

Her father took away his hands that were wrapped around her thighs. But his hands now cupped her naked butt, pulling her pussy towards his mouth.

“Want some more, darling?”

Blushing, Aisha nodded.

“Good… feel free to tell me what you want me to do… since you like oral sex… let your hair down and enjoy yourself, Aisha… don’t be shy.”

“Oh daddy!” What her father said made sense to Aisha.

“Relax and have fun… you have a hot cunt… it likes tongue fucking… “

Her father’s mouth went back to her wildly aroused cunt and started to tongue fuck her vigorously. Her thighs shook and thrashed about as her father pulled her by her butt and plunged his long fat tongue deep into her very juicy cunt. Her inner cunt muscles were convulsing and flooding her cunt with juice.


After many, many wonderful minutes, Aisha had lost total control. Her body was raked by violent orgasm.


Non-stop Aisha screamed out her orgasm. It took quite a while before her orgasm slowed down. But her father kept tongue fucking her cunt all the while and her cunt was fully stirred once again and she wanted more tongue fucking.

“MORE, DADDY… I WANT MORE… TONGUE ME SOME MORE.” But to her disappointment her father stopped.

Her father raised his head and looked at her. His mouth and the surrounding area were covered with creamy cum.

“You do like tongue fucking, don’t you?”

Embarrassed and shy, Aisha smiled back, “Daddy… I love you.”

“I love you too, Aisha. I’m so glad you like daddy’s tongue in your cunt. Want some more…?”

“What about the next exercise?”

“For tonight, the exercises are merely repetitions of what we’ve done.”

“What do you mean, daddy?”

“You keep sucking my cock and I keep tongue fucking your cunt… that’s all the exercise for today.”

.”But you have already climaxed, daddy.”

“Yes, but I want to climax a few more times in your mouth… and I want to tongue fuck your hot cunt a few more times… to make you orgasm several times.”

Her father removed his dressing gown, going completely naked. “Remove your blouse and skirt, Aisha. Let’s be totally naked to enjoy oral sex.”

“Must I, daddy?”

“Yes, Aisha… you want daddy to enjoy your body, don’t you?” Did she want that?

Her father removed her blouse and skirt. Then he lay on his back on the bed and bahis şirketleri said, “Kneel over, daddy… no, turn around (her father adjusted her so that they were in the 69 position)… now, lower your cunt to my mouth… right… now while I tongue fuck your cunt, you suck my cock. Together we’ll have oral sex.”

Her father opened out her cunt lips and plunged his tongue deep into her cunt. Aisha lowered her mouth and took her father’s bulbous cockhead into her young mouth and sucked. Thereafter, father and daughter wallowed in oral sex, sucking and tonguing, caressing and moaning as their bodies built to explosive climax after climax. After several climaxes, they fell apart on their backs, panting.

Aisha loved oral sex. “Daddy, I love this exercise… thank you.”

“Thank you too, Aisha for sucking daddy’s cock and I’m glad you like daddy to tongue fuck your young hot cunt.”


“You love cock… and you love sex, Aisha… I’m happy to be your father… I’ll give you all the sex you want.”

Before Aisha could find out what her father really meant, they heard Sarah’s car arrive outside the house. Father and daughter quickly cleaned up and dressed decently before Sarah entered the house.

As they went down the staircase, Aisha and her father spoke in whispers.

“Daddy, don’t tell mom.”

“Don’t tell what?”

“What we did in the bedroom.”

“Okay… we’ll keep our sex activities secret.”

Giggling, Aisha poked playfully her father’s ribs and said, “I mean the exercises, you naughty daddy…”

Just then Sarah entered the house. They greeted each other and had supper. Sarah kept telling that she had a tiring evening of exercise.

“Dick, tomorrow morning you prepare breakfast for Aisha and see her off to school. I want to wake up late. In fact you do this every morning from now onwards. I’ve done it for 16 years for Aisha. From now onwards you take care of her.”

“Yes, darling I’ll be glad to. Since you are doing exercises, you better rest… sleep nicely and wake up late. I’ll take care of Aisha in the morning.” Aisha saw her father smile happily.

“Is that okay, Aisha? I hope you are not angry with mom,” said Sarah to her daughter.

“No mom, I’m not angry… I understand… I’ll be fine with daddy.”

Then she turned to her father and asked with a meaningful smile, “Daddy, I hope you don’t mind… taking care of me?”

“Aisha, you are my daughter… it will be my pleasure to take care of you.”

“Thank you, daddy.” Aisha knew that her father was as happy as she was. He would kiss her plenty at breakfast and she would love it, she knew.

When Sarah arrived at Mr. Cockrin’s house she received good news.

“Mrs. Kant, I’ve managed to get the two boys for you today.”

“Thank you.”

“In fact, other women had wanted the boys today… they even wanted to pay extra to the boys, but the boys have preferred you… they like you more than the other women.”

“Oh, I’m very glad to hear that.”

“The boys must have really enjoyed doing it with you.” Sarah gave Mr. Cockrin a quizzical look.

“I mean doing the exercises with you.”

Sarah just smiled. “Are they ready? Can I go up to the room?”

“Yes, they are waiting for you in the bedroom. Please go up.”

As Sarah climbed up the staircase, Mr. Cockrin wished her, “Have a good time, Mrs Kant.”

She turned, smiled at him and said, “Yes, I will… I hope your boys will be really good tonight.”

“If they don’t satisfy you… fully… let me know… I’ll reduce their payment.”

But they did. For the next two hours the two boys kissed her, licked her, sucked her and fucked her and she fucked them. Yes, the young boys really satisfied her.

When she came down to go home, Sarah met Mr. Cockrin.

“Were the boys good? Did you have a good time, Mrs. Kant?”

“Yes, Mr. Cockin, thank you. The boys were very good indeed.”

“Do you find that doing it with two persons is better than with one?”

“Yes, indeed. I don’t mind having them again for tomorrow.”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Kant. The boys have already been booked by two other women. But I can get you a man.”

“Is he good?”

“Yes, he’s a very rugged but handsome truck driver. He’s very good… in what he does… you will like him… do it with him and see… the exercises, I mean… you will enjoy it very much.”

“All right then, if you say so.” Why not try and see how good the truck driver was, thought Sarah. Then she went home.

The next day Aisha woke up earlier than usual. The orgasm of the previous night had given a good night’s sleep and she felt fresh and vibrant after a bath. She dressed up in her school uniform. Thoughts of the previous night’s wild sexual activities with her father made her feel embarrassed, stimulated and somewhat guilty. Shyly she went downstairs.

Her father was already there with breakfast set out on the dining table. He was wearing only his dressing gown.

He spoke softly, “Good morning, darling. Let me give you a good morning kiss.”

Her father hugged her body to his. Aisha wrapped her arms around his hard body. She could feel his hard erection pressing against her lower body through the clothes.

“Lover’s kiss… okay, darling?”

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