Alexis and Henry – Power Play

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It had been a few weeks since Alexis and Henry had last seen each other. Whenever they communicated with each other, there was an undercurrent of excitement, an almost imperceptible hum of arousal. Several times they’d gone to bed after a flirty conversation with vivid recollections of Henry’s cock buried in Alexis’ ass, her fingers fiddling under her skirt as she knelt in front of him with his cock in her mouth. Once again the messages got more and more charged with potential desires, discussions devolved quickly to that of fantasies and what they’d enjoyed about their last encounter.

Alexis mentioned that she thoroughly enjoyed the way Henry had taken charge of her and debased her ever so slightly. She’d enjoyed feeling like a slut who was desperate for satisfaction from the fine specimen in front of her. They talked about how tight Henry had found her ass, how hot it had been to pound her mercilessly with his hand. Eventually they discussed getting together again, this time with naughtier scenarios running through their heads.

One Saturday evening, Alexis mentioned she was going out to a bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. She mentioned how she wouldn’t know anyone there but the birthday boy himself. This, peppered with talk of how much she’d enjoyed being controlled by Henry gave him a thrilling idea.

“How do you feel about butt plugs, Alexis?” he inquired.

“They’re rather non-committal, if you ask me” she joked back. “Hah hah, I own one — if that answers you question?” she said, more seriously.

“You naughty little brat.” Henry scolded, “Why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

Eventually the conversation steered back to her plans for the evening, and Henry asked if they could meet up later. Of course Alexis was more than eager to accommodate, and as a reward Henry mentioned there were a couple criteria she’d have to fulfill for him to keep their engagement.

“Wear a skirt. I love it when you show off your legs.” Alexis laughed to herself — it was minus 15 degrees Celsius outside right now.

“Yeah right, I’d freeze my ass off!”

“That wasn’t a request, Alexis” Henry replied, “and you know better than to question an order.” Alexis felt a quick flash of heat in her cheeks from the scolding, and then in her pussy as she felt the rush of desire to obey. “Knee-high socks, like the ones you wore for me the other night. Those were hot and a little slutty — just like you.”

“Alright,” Alexis agreed, “But I don’t know what people will think of me showing up at a pub in that kind of outfit.”

“Also not a request. I’d recommend you stop questioning everything I tell you to do — it’s only going to make it worse for you later.” Henry was firmer now, a little thread of annoyance coming through in his voice. “In fact, if you’re so worried about what people will think of you, you better not bend over. No panties.”

Alexis let out a gasp as her mind raced. She’d look like a tramp!

“One last thing, bring that butt plug. And as a show of compassion, I’d also recommend you find a way to bring a little lube with you.” Alexis exhaled slowly, all sorts of humiliating possibilities running through her mind as she thought of where he could be going with that. Even thinking of finding a way to bring a butt plug in her purse made her cheeks flame — how would she avoid someone seeing it when she reached for her wallet or phone? But she quickly decided that if this was the game tonight, she was in, no questions asked. She could trust Henry and she also trusted that he would look after both their pleasure.

And so, with a slight tremor in her voice she replied, simply, “Ok. I’ll see you at 9:30”

They had agreed that he would text with further instructions before he arrived, and he’d pick her up at the door of the pub at the agreed upon time. He was excited by the prospect of her taking public transit to the pub to begin with. He was excited by how readily she’d agreed to his orders, and felt a surge of lust at the prospect almanbahis adresi of what the night would bring. As Alexis finished preparing for the night out, she could feel her pussy tingling and wet with excitement. She chose a pleated jean skirt and the same white knee-high socks she’d worn for him a few weeks ago. She felt a thrill run through her as she discreetly packed the butt plug and a little sample pack of lube in a black velvet bag and shoved it in her purse.

Just before Alexis went out, she sat on the bed in front of her mirror with her legs slightly apart. She could see the bare flesh of her cunt lips, glistening slightly with her juice. The neatly trimmed patch of hair above it accented the tight shape and made her nakedness even more apparent. She tried turning around and bending over to see how much was visible. All of it. She reached one hand down between her legs and watched in the mirror as her fingers slid back to rub along her slit, gliding through her slick wetness. She rubbed her clit softly, making it swell under her fingertip. With a deep breath she pulled on a jacket, grabbed her purse and left.

As she stood shivering at the bus stop, Alexis couldn’t get her mind off the butt plug in her purse, her wet pussy practically vibrating under the short skirt. When the bus came she was careful to keep her legs closed as she stepped up and walked to her seat. She could see other passengers eyeing her outfit. She imaged she could see distain in their eyes as they took in the knee-high socks and short pleated skirt. Her pussy grew even wetter as she felt their eyes boring through her skirt, imagined they knew she was bare underneath. She bit her lip as another wave of embarrassment spread through her.

Emboldened by the rush of it, she uncrossed her legs and let her knees fall open slightly. There was a boy of about 16 sitting across from her, staring unabashedly. Without making eye contact she smiled to herself and adjusted her legs so that they were open just a touch more. She snuck a glance at his pimply face and saw he was looking straight at her crotch. He licked his lips as his eyes darted up incredulously and she quickly looked away. With another erotic spark firing through her groin, she crossed her legs and fiddled with her ear buds, pretending nothing had happened.

Eventually her stop came and she transferred to the train. The ride was mostly uneventful — she tried to flash another innocent passenger but this one, an older man in his 40s by the looks of it, was too engrossed in his newspaper. Finally she got to the pub, which was packed. Again she felt eyes boring into her as she made her way through the crowd towards the birthday party. As she hugged her friend, the only familiar face, she tried to make a joke of the short skirt in the freezing cold temperatures. Some of the other girls in attendance gave her sideways glances, rolling their eyes.

Over the next couple hours, Alexis was friendly and social but the entire time she was thinking of the butt plug in her purse, and waiting anxiously for Henry’s text with instructions. Finally at about a quarter past nine, she saw the light on her phone indicate there was a new message. It was direct and to the point. ‘GO TO THE BATHROOM, USE THE LUBE AND PUT IT IN. I’LL BE OUTSIDE WAITING.’ With a sudden surge of lust, Alexis quickly closed her phone and began to gather her things. In lighting speed she’d paid her tab and said her goodbyes and headed for the women’s washroom. Feeling naughty, she chose the centre stall and closed the door behind her. She put one foot up on the seat and fished in her purse for the small black bag.

She began to rub her clit furiously as she used her teeth to rip open the small pack of lube. She squirted some out on her fingers and threw the pack away and rubbed it all over the small plug and then the remainder over her tight little rosebud. As she aimed the tip at her asshole, she rubbed her clit again bringing herself just to the edge. With a grunt she quickly almanbahis adres shoved the length of it in her tight chute, wiggling it slightly to make sure it was in there good.

As she’d been doing this someone came in to the ladies room and took up the stall next to hers. She was suddenly aware that from below the stall walls, one could see she was facing the wrong direction and had only one foot on the floor. She realized she’d been panting and grunting as she’d diddled herself. With another naughty thrill she pushed the plug in harder and exited the stall, not even bothering with a pretense by flushing. She washed the excess lube off her fingers and sort of waddled through the door and out of the pub. Luckily it was only a matter of a few feet before she was out the door, she was terrified she’d used too much lube and the thing would drop out from between her legs. No panties meant it would fall right to the floor.

She tried not to look at the smokers outside as she made her way past them to Henry’s car sitting at the curb, and squeezed her sphincter muscles as she lifted one leg to get into the vehicle. She flashed a quick grin at Henry as she shut the door and sighed in relief when she sat down and could relax her butt muscles again.

“By the looks of things, you’ve followed instructions. That’s a pretty short skirt… kinda slutty if you ask me.” Henry appeared to barely look at her although he’d taken in the sexy sight with quick glances. Her cheeks had a becoming flush and her eyelashes were lowered. She was squirming in the seat next to him, the short little pleated denim skirt riding high on her thighs. In the darkness of the interior, the contrast of her smooth bare legs and the white knee-highs was incredibly arousing. She had subtle, flattering makeup and her long hair was loose and curled. In a word, gorgeous. And so naughty, he could feel his cock swell in the tight confines of his jeans.

“Spread your legs, slut. Let me see that juicy cunt. How does your ass feel?” he asked forcefully.

“Full.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry, did you say something?” Henry demanded.

“I said it feels full.” Alexis said, louder this time.

“Let me see you rub that swollen little clit of yours.” He ordered, his eyes straight ahead on the road. Alexis slowly lifted the hem of her skirt until the front was bunched around her waist and she began to lightly strum her wet pussy. As Henry drove he snuck glances down at her lap and saw her dip a finger into her wet little pot and then lick the juice off. Without a word he turned off the main road and made his way to a secluded parking spot he knew of near-by.

Alexis seemed oblivious as she arched in the seat, her head back and eyes closed, strumming her pussy faster. She let out a soft moan as Henry reached over and began to joust with her fingers over her sopping gash.

“You’re so wet already, you bad little slut. I’m going to fuck your ass so hard tonight.” He growled as he parked the car. In a flash he pulled her to him and kissed her frantically. Their tongues sparred as he ran his hands down the side of her face, down to her breasts and cupped one in each hand. He began to pinch and fondle her nipples through the thin fabric of her turtleneck, noticing she’d forgone a bra as well. “Fuck I love your firm little tits!” he groaned as he delved under the sweater and pulled on a rock-hard nipple.

Alexis found her hands in his lap without even realizing she’d done it as she began wrestling with his belt and the fly to his jeans. She fished his rock-hard dick out and began gently stroking up and down its length.

“Fuck I love your fat cock!” she moaned in reply. Without a word she leaned forward and began to gently lap at his tip, circling with her tongue and sucking the pre-cum off. Henry reached past her ass now that it was slightly in the air and pushed at the plug buried inside her. Her moan in response was all the encouragement he needed as he began to gently tug and push at the almanbahis adres silicone dart. With the hand that wasn’t wrapped around the base of his cock, Alexis began to circle her clit again in fast little rounds, rolling and rubbing the swollen bud between her fingers. Her pussy was so wet, her fingers were quickly covered in her sweet cream as she randomly shoved a finger or two up her hole and Henry continued to slowly and gently play in her ass with the plug.

Feeling his orgasm building far too quickly from her oral ministrations, Henry grabbed Alexis by the elbows as he dragged her onto his lap. Giggling as she tried to find a foothold, she was quickly sobered as Henry pushed her sopping pussy down onto his throbbing dick. With a sigh and a moan, Alexis began to gently ride him. They kissed again as Henry reached behind her and began to fuck her gently with the butt plug, moving in tandem with his cock. He could feel the hard length of the plug moving against his cock and the warmth on his balls as her cunt began to ooze cum. She was grinding her hips against him, her feet flat on either side of the seat and her hand wrapped around the back of his neck.

Soon the smell and sounds of sex filled the musky interior of the car. They could hear the wet suction of Alexis’ pussy as she rode him, their breath mingling together in fast little pants. Henry could feel the rusty twinges of an oncoming orgasm and refocused, determined to bring her to at least one screaming climax before he shot his load. With another sudden shift, Henry had lifted Alexis up off his dick and gently pulled the plug out and threw it in a nearby bag he’d set aside for just that purpose. As he locked eyes with the sexy little firecracker in front of him, he gently lowered Alexis’ tight ass onto his twitching cock. With a low groan she squeezed her eyes tightly shut and slid down until he was buried to the hilt again. Henry pushed Alexis forward so that she was resting her back against the steering wheel. He just let her sit there, not moving, as she relaxed and her tight little chute adjusted to him. Slowly he began to strum at her clit again and she squirmed on his rigid pole, moaning softly.

He leaned forward to kiss her again as he turned his hand so his palm was cupping her gushing pussy. As he leaned back, Alexis used the angle to start gently rocking up and down on Henry’s cock and he easily slid two fingers up her tight cunt. It was only a matter of second before she was quickly and aggressively riding him, forcing his fingers to fuck her harder. Her breathing was getting shallow, her chest flushed with an oncoming orgasm. Henry used his free hand to roughly grab a tit, to tug and pinch her nipples and whispered his encouragement as he watched. Alexis reached between them, wedging her hand into the little space left to rub her clit roughly. Suddenly her body tensed as the first wave or ecstasy washed over her. Alexis was tossing her head and squealing, screaming her orgasm as it ripped through her – through her pussy filled with now three of Henry’s thick fingers, through her now open ass with Henry’s long, fat cock sliding easily in and out.

As he watched his lover shudder in release, Henry could feel the telltale stab in his gut telling him he was about to cum too. With a wet ‘pop’ Henry yanked his fingers out of Alexis’ tight twat and grabbed both her hips, slamming her down harder on his dick. He pulled her to him again as he thrust inside her and then yelped loudly as he felt the first shot explode out of him. Another sharp bark as he roughly bottomed out and washed the walls of her ass in hot spunk. Alexis was moaning low in her throat as she ground her hips slowly, milking every last drop. Sweat glistened on her forehead as she dropped her face to Henry’s neck.

“Fuck yeah,” she purred, “that was fantastic. Do you have a napkin or something?” Alexis grinned sheepishly at Henry as she lifted her gaping ass off his cock.

Henry smiled wickedly. “Nope.” He scooped up the cum dripping out of her angry hole. “I thought you were a slut.” Henry slowly raised his fingers to her mouth. With a delicious spark in her eyes, Alexis leaned forward and delicately licked the white cream off his digits.

“Ill take that as an order, sir.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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