Alicia’s Lesson (CAW8 entrant) [All 5 Chapters]

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Alicia’s Lesson by Cheltenham
An XNXX exclusive.

This runs about 13,000 words so be warned. Check the tags and enjoy.

Introduction: Bryan falls in love with Alicia, a coworker. As their relationship advances, two women he works with show their interest in him. One Alicia invites to have a little fun, and the other Bryan hints that he likes. Jealousy breeds a taste for revenge, but who is the killer?


Alicia drove to work, cruising at a leisurely pace with plenty of time to spare. She would make it in before the predetermined time and everything would be right in the world. Along the way, she thought she recognized a guy that worked in another department walking down the sidewalk about a mile away from their job and slowed down enough to look back at him. With her window partly down, she called out to him.

“Bryan? You need a ride?”

He glanced up and removed one of his earbuds.


“Want a ride?”

He seemed to recognize it was her and smiled faintly.


He opened the passenger door, got in and closed it. She felt nervous with such a hunk of a man close enough to touch. His scent made her pussy clench emptily, in anticipation of intimacy but he never figured it out. That is why she rarely talked to him during their shifts. She never wanted to admit that he intimidated her by not being talkative. Deep in thought, her hand brushed his. Bryan noticed this and acted like it happened everyday. His earbuds were in and she could hear their music blaring. She stopped around the corner from their job, laid her hand on his lap and gently petted the inner part of his thigh.

A bulge began to grow in the jeans he was wearing. Alicia smiled and moved her hand closer, eventually running her dainty fingers over its apex. He didn’t move a muscle so she continued to indulge her curiosity. Getting his zipper down was difficult but once she succeeded, his manhood slipped out of the opening. Feeling her bare hands touching him, he finally focused on her gentle up and down strokes along his length. She knew this much but beyond masturbation, she hadn’t been the one to initiate things with a guy.

Bryan helped to undo the button of his jeans and pushed them to his ankles. Alicia hesitated when he reached for her waist. He untied the pocketless uniform pants, tugged them down and traced the wet spot between her legs through her panty briefs. She knelt on the seat and crawled across the seat to where he was waiting. He grabbed her feet, took off her shoes, pants and shirt then sat her down on his lap. She tried to cover herself as Bryan removed his shirt so they would be naked together. He reached around and held onto her ass, guiding her hips onto his cock. Alicia sobbed a little, feeling him slip further inside.

Her eyes were shut tightly, in the hopes that all of this was a dream. She hadn’t just given herself to a coworker and wasn’t being fucked so close to the safety of their job. But it was happening. His fingers gripped her tiny ass and pressed her asshole to his wrinkly balls, ensuring every inch filled her to the breaking point. She gave up her fight and rested her head on his chest, feeling his cock start to swell up as it twitched. Bryan carried her into the backseat and laid her on her back. Both legs were up in the air as he rammed his cock inside her once again.

Alicia whimpered beneath him, his shaft roughly impaled her tender slit and created a wealth of friction inside. Her ankles weakly clung to his sides inviting him deeper. He sucked on her titties, drawing each one in his mouth as she tried to protest. They were smaller than most twenty year old girls had but he liked them more because of that. He kept fucking her harder and faster, driving himself within an inch of her cervix. She sobbed, her chest heaved nervously and the seat became wet with her tears. Bryan laughed under his breath. As he was about to cum, he pulled out and eased back inside. She felt him pulse. Something warm and sticky pelted her inner walls, coating them thickly.

He withdrew, showing her his drooling prick. Bryan pulled up his pants, grabbed his shirt and took her pile of clothes. She saw him holding them outside the car, opened the door and darted out after him. He tackled her in some bushes and let his jeans drop to the ground. Alicia was on her knees, face down in the grass. His cock inched back in her slit, stretching it to its fullest capacity. She felt him spit on her asshole and his thumb massaged the saliva inside. Again, he spit. His cock withdrew and pressed between her cheeks. The head barely made it in when Alicia screamed. He spanked her ass, once on each side.

“If you make too much noise, they’ll see you out here.”

He was right. They were too close to make themselves noticed. So she suffered in near silence. His cock eased deeper, withdrew and tried to push forward even more. Her anus loosened with the introduction of its first cock, making Bryan groan at its tightness. He gave her everything he had, his balls slapped her pussy hole teasingly. Alicia knew he’d never last long enough to make her hurt since she felt his cock twitching already. He pulled out and stuffed her pussy full, screwing her quicker than they did in the car. She whimpered pleadingly for him to stop. Her cunt poured juices down his shaft, tensing as it started to cum warmly. That was all he needed. Her pussy trapped his cock buried against her cervix, on the brink of orgasm. Bryan saw her anus clenching and shot another copious load inside.

He didn’t let her get away though she tried to crawl out from under him. His cock slipped out of her and she felt him turn her over. His face lowered to hers, then whispered a few words into her ear. Alicia’s brown hair, that reached her shoulders now looked disheveled. Her dark brown eyes appeared frightened as he continued to speak. He eased his stiff prick back inside of her pussy and proceeded to fuck her, not caring that half of the staff were on the sidewalk across the street.

“Don’t you dare scream or you will live to regret it, I promise you that.”

She cried quietly, hugging him with her arms and legs.

“Please finish! I have to get to work! Cum in me, I don’t want to be late!”

He drove himself balls deep, slapping her abused anus repeatedly as several streams of cum flooded her well used cunt. She waited patiently until Bryan decided they were finished. He pulled out and made her sit up.

“Clean me and I’ll let you go.”

She hesitated for a couple seconds, shook her head in denial and found herself in the grass again. He crouched down so they were face to face.

“No? You’re telling me no? I guess you want me inside of you again.”

With that, he forced her legs open and eased himself up her pussy.

“Maybe you’ll learn to say yes…sooner or later.”

She laid there limp, like a child’s doll with her knees embracing his torso. He carried her in his arms with both hands under her ass and laid her in the backseat of the car. Alicia begged him to stop, not having the strength to push him away. He massaged her clit with his thumb, brushing it top to bottom as the two of them screwed and filled her car with the scent of sex. She sensed his cock was swelling larger, anticipated his release and used every last bit of energy within to squeeze him tight. His load poured out in a large uninterrupted spurt. He withdrew and tossed her clothes inside before the two of them dressed. She couldn’t drive or sit up properly, so Bryan drove them into the parking lot and parked.

Alicia was laying in the backseat with her hips in the air. He reached between the front seats and rubbed her ass. She didn’t try to resist because on some level it soothed the raw feeling inside of her. He knelt behind her and inched her pants down over her butt. His tongue tasted her pussy, sucked the folds and spread them apart to find her clit. She cried as he focused solely on the ultrasensitive nub which couldn’t help but harden in response to his manipulations of it. Her asshole tightened and relaxed, spasming as his tongue switched between the two holes. Her anus was licked and caressed orally in a circular motion, her pussy received special attention to its clit, two fingers inside of it and tender suckling of her labia.

He wanted her to cum and make a mess of the backseat. There was no denying that what he was doing would get her to cum against her will. His cock stiffened as he watched how tense she became. Her juices coated his tongue, the seat beneath them and continued to squirt out after he’d left the vehicle. Alicia got dressed and ran down the sidewalk after him. They managed to punch the time clock on time. Most assuredly, things at work would be a little different, but nonetheless the same mundane routine would persist above all.


Alicia was still experiencing the after effects of her orgasm and could barely keep her knees from buckling as they stood beside the time clock. She looked to Bryan and didn’t know what to say or how to react. Never in her life had she been used like he had done, nor had something turned her on as much as being the victim of his abuse. They went to work and barely said a word to each other throughout the day. It wasn’t until the end of the day that she decided to speak up.

“There’s a friend of mine that I want you to have. She’s into the rougher stuff and I told her about what we did together. Her name’s Andi.”

As she pointed, he noticed her. Longish brown hair, was wearing a pink skirt, a white button up blouse and sneakers. They all were about to clock out, so he decided to put his plan in motion. Alicia offered him a ride home but planned to detour on the way. They all were talking about what had happened during their day and he noticed where they were headed. He pulled Andi to the backseat. His hands worked quickly on the buttons of her blouse as she fought against him. Bryan took the upper hand and opened the garment, exposing her bare chest to passersby. He groped her tits, twisting their nipples side to side until they hardened nicely. The contrast of their softness to his calloused fingers awakened his cock. She felt it poking her in the ass and squirmed helplessly atop his lap with her back to his chest.

Bryan reached between her thighs and stroked a single finger up and down the juncture, where her panties were matted to her sex. A glossy sheen caused them to stick to her labia. Her sweetness gathered beneath his finger and oozed through the velvety fabric as he pressed between the lips of her pussy. Andi pouted, shook her head in denial and screamed as he moved aside her panty strip. Two of his digits eased inside of her warmth, gently inching in and out, teasing her g-spot relentlessly. His legs hooked over hers and kept her from pressing her knees together. Andi cried quietly to herself as Bryan unzipped his fly and helped his cock out of its restriction. She begged him not to fuck her, pleaded helplessly with her head leaning on his shoulder. He kissed her mouth lovingly and stabbed his prick inside of her pussy. Most of the shaft slipped in and Alicia saw why when she was able to turn around. His long and thick cock pried apart her folds painfully wide, fucking her roughly without a moment’s hesitation.

Andi bent over and Bryan pushed her between the front seats. He knelt behind her, shoved himself inside and continued to fuck her deeply, bumping against her cervix every odd time. She looked to Alicia for what she thought would be an intervention, but watching the two of them made her horny. As raw as she felt inside, the twenty year old wanted more. Andi’s pussy contracted around Bryan and tightened up, trying its hardest to shove him out. He didn’t want to shoot his load inside but every time he wanted to withdraw, the urge to cum intensified. He forced himself to pull out and again turned Andi around to face him. She glanced down, seeing his large cock enter her. ‘It must be seven or eight inches long’, she thought to herself as the shaft disappeared inside. It filled her like no one else could, stretched her little pussy around its girth and scratched all the right spots.

Alicia saw the look of ecstasy on Bryan’s face and whispered,

“You have to pull out.”

“I don’t think I can.”

“She’s not on the pill, Bryan.”

“I don’t care about that. She’s about to cum too. I can feel her pussy trembling. I want her to cum on my cock.”

Alicia had taken off her pants, shoes, shirt and socks and was playing with herself.

“But I want you to cum in me!” she pouted sadly.

“Lay on top of her and I’ll dose you both.”

She laid her chest atop Andi’s and straddled the teen’s hips. Their pussies were right next to each other, waiting for their meal. He tensed up and drove himself inside her pussy, withdrew and eased up Alicia’s hole. Andi’s slot was drooling cum on the carpeted floor while Bryan trapped his cum in Alicia’s pussy for a good while. She turned herself around to face him and wanted more of his sticky juices inside of her.

“Fuck me Bryan! Please? Let Andi watch and see how I can take all of your cock inside me.”

He kissed her and held onto her waist, driving his prick up Alicia’s pussy. Andi kept her eyes trained on the space between her friend’s legs, seeing Bryan’s prick disappear repeatedly. They didn’t last too long and soon he was shooting his load in Alicia. She cuddled against his chest, feeling him soften.

“We need to drop Andi off soon. I think the two of us should get dressed.”

“You’re right. Go ahead. I’ll throw on my clothes as we drive.”

She got decent and sat in the driver’s seat. Andi gazed at him and his gradually hardening cock. He tackled her from behind and shoved her down between the front seats, on her tummy. Bryan tugged down her panties and Alicia heard her scream as he pressed the head of his cock between the cheeks of her ass. Slowly, he inched his shaft inside. She screamed aloud, attracting the attention of passersby but they couldn’t see anything suspicious since the two of them were hidden by the seats. He entered her tiny asshole and fucked it carelessly. His heavy balls slapped her stiff clit rhythmically, teasing another climax out of her. Bryan shoved entirely up her ass and massaged her clit with his fingers, making her cum all over the floor beneath them. She tightened around his meat and felt him dump his load inside. Quickly, he withdrew and started to fuck her pussy as she was creaming on his shaft. Andi whimpered as he played with her palm sized tits, whispering in her ear about what a dirty slut she was.

She bent forward, pushing her ass into his tummy and for the first time that afternoon moaned passionately.

“I’m your slut!”

He spanked her heart shaped ass and held onto its cheeks tightly as his prick thrusted in and out of her pussy. He glanced down, seeing her hole stretch out to receive him and rubbed her puckered asshole with a thumb. She whined, arched her back and he sensed she was cumming again. That was all it took to get him to cum. His seed coated her insides thickly, calming her immediately as he made her sit up. Her back pressed against his chest and their loins remained firmly pressed together, enjoying the comfort of each other. Her chest was heaving excitedly as his tongue searched her mouth, his hands gently cupped her tits and she felt him softening.

He insisted that she get dressed as he did. Shortly after, Alicia pulled up to the teen’s house. She found her feet and managed to get out of the backseat without losing her footing. Andi waved cutely at Bryan and turned to walk up to the front door of her home with a load of cum in her ass and pussy.


“Do you think I got her pregnant?”

He whispered in Alicia’s ear as she drove them back to her place.

“I sure hope so. She isn’t on the pill as far as I know.”

“What? Do girls talk about those sorts of things when they’re together?”

“That we do. And I also know one of the girls doesn’t wear panties when her boyfriend is working with her.”

“How…I mean…wow.”

He felt his cock expand at the thought.

“Which girl doesn’t?”


“You’re lying. I mean, I never noticed it before. I didn’t think.”

“Most of us wear panties or something under our uniforms, I can tell you as much. But she doesn’t wear anything I guess because it gets her boyfriend excited. I don’t know why a girl…”

She stopped speaking and looked over at him.

“This is making you horny. About a girl not having panties on?”

He ran his hand between her legs and sensed how warm her pussy had become.

“Are you horny too?”

His voice came as a whisper. She felt how his fingers firmly stroked her slit through the fabric of her pants and forced herself to pull to the side of the road.

“Fuck me, Bryan.”

He pulled her onto his lap and with one hand pulled down her pants, tugging down his fly enough to free the thickness of his manhood. As she sunk onto it, the friction burned her insides but also relieved the dull ache in her loins. He made her ass rise and fall, slapping loudly against his balls.

She was easy to maneuver. His hands kept a grasp around the cheeks of her ass as the two of them reached an orgasmic peak at about the same moment. Alicia’s pussy tightened up, oozed more of her girly cream down the length of him and came strongly. She wanted to stay alert but couldn’t. The force of her climax caused her to pass out. His cock went rigid, throbbed a couple times and unloaded several thick streams inside of her plush slit. Her tunnel gripped him, squeezing every drop out as he pushed her down as far as he was able.

When Alicia came around, he had both arms around her back. She mewled softly and her ass squirmed around in his lap. His eyes focused on her deep brown ones. A smile formed on his lips, one of adoration, of some fleeting form of dedication. She remained nothing but a mechanism which he used to relieve himself, for now that had to suffice for love.

Alicia pulled up her pants and panties, drove the rest of the way home and invited canlı bahis Bryan inside.

Once there, his phone rang. It was Andi.

“Hi. I just wanted to thank you.”

Her voice sounded sweet. Loving, but also like talking to him mattered to her.

“Well, Alicia said you might like it and-“

“She could have told me. Maybe I wouldn’t have reacted so harshly towards you.”

“That might have been why she didn’t say anything.”

He walked through the living room and sat down at a table in the kitchen.

“Right. Well, I’d like to see you again. Is later tonight around midnight okay?”

“It’s doable. Sure. Do you need me to pick you up or-“

“I have a car.”

Her smile was obvious even through the phone.

“I still need to tell you where I live.”

“That you do.”

“Fifty-five Lexington Street. It’s a blue house.”

“I’ll call you when I’m on my way.”

“I’ll be waiting.”

He hung up after listening to her gasp excitedly on the other end.


“Do you want to come shower with me upstairs? I can put those clothes in the washer and give you a robe or something to wear afterwards.”

“Let’s go.”

She sauntered ahead of him and shed an article of clothing every now and again until she stood naked in front of him. He undressed, handed her the small pile of clothing and followed her down the hall to an alcove off to the side near her pink and white bedroom.

“That’s the bad thing about our setup. My room is right beside the machines, but I don’t really hear anything when I’m inside.”

She smiled a little and attempted to change the subject. His fingers traced a spot between her thighs, slipping himself inside of her pussy. There was little resistance once his balls were swaying back and forth and her ass was in his hands, as they walked to the bathroom.

“I bet your boyfriend doesn’t want you as badly as I do. Your pussy holds onto my cock so tenderly that I can’t stay out of you for too long.”

She blushed and he noticed the reddening of her cheeks. Alicia hid her face in his chest. Shy, strained moans escaped her lips though she struggled to contain herself.

“I’m feeling raw Bryan. Please be gentle.”

“I just need to come. Bear with me and it will be over before you realize.”

She bit her lip and his cock poked her hole like a well oiled piston, driving itself quickly until he erupted with her ass seated on the sink’s outer rim. His cum gushed deep into her already creamy wet pussy, some of the excess dripped out, beneath them. They got in the shower and stood under the warm water. It was the best feeling in the world. She moved aside and bent forward in the stall, adjusting the temperatures once they grew slightly cold. He palmed her tight ass and massaged the indentation hidden betwixt the two clefts of cheek. Alicia sat up abruptly, turned and giggled, holding firmly onto his arm.

“Not my ass, please!”

She half joked.

He was insistent, but her hands were enough to dissuade him from giving her anus a deep and rough introduction to its reason for being so tiny. She jerked him off gently, his cock responded, twitching a few times as her smooth fingers caressed its length. Bryan made her stand and they helped each other rinse off, using the same towel to dry themselves.

It was already after nine at night. Alicia led him back to her room and rummaged through a closet, bent over with her cute ass in the air. His cock hardened of its own accord though it took every cell of his being to restrain himself. She felt his hands run along the small of her back and trembled. A few pairs of jeans and an unopened bag of boxers sat in the back of the closet. Alicia picked them up and handed them to Bryan.

He got dressed and didn’t think the clothes looked half bad. She jogged playfully down the hall and grabbed his clothes out of the combination washer/dryer.

“Here’s your shirt and socks. I’ll fold the rest so you can grab it when you leave.”

He threw on the rest of his clothes and went back to her room. It had a light quilt atop the bedspread and a few stuffed animals were sitting near the pillows at the head of the bed. It was cute, a sign of remnant immaturity and a fading adolescence. He rested his body on the mattress. She entered and straddled his lap facing him.

“My parents won’t be home until tomorrow morning. Maybe you should invite Andi over and stick around. I have my own stash of drinks too in that fridge by the night stand.”

He reached down over the side and peered in. A bottle of Stoli, some Corona’s, Captain Morgan’s rum, cans of Coke.

“Pretty well stocked, if I do say so myself. And I do.”

Again, she blushed. Her hips were right above his cock, while softened was growing, stretching, swelling in anticipation. Alicia laid her head on Bryan’s chest as he dialed up Andi’s cell phone. His slightly deep, tone emanated to the teenager on the other end.

“Yeah, it ended up where I’m hanging at Alicia’s place for the night. You’re invited of course and her parents won’t be around until the morning, so…”

“I live on ninety five Burgess Court. It’s a turquoise house, the only one on the street.”

Alicia sang audibly enough for Andi to hear her from where she was perched on Bryan’s chest. His hand rested on her lower back, rubbing her ass in slow circles.

“Alright, I’ll be by around eleven. Is that good enough?”

“I look forward to seeing you again.”

He hummed, taken by her accent.

“‘Kay. See you.”

She hung up first. Alicia noticed the change in his demeanor and kissed the nape of his neck.

“Do you love her?”

“I’m not sure. It could be love, though I don’t know what love is. I haven’t been loved, nor have I been allowed to love someone without them being taken from me too soon. Maybe I should feel it out and see.”

She arose from the bed and put on another outfit. He looked at the phone’s display and saw the time.

‘Where did an hour go?’

He thought. It was already after ten.


Andi arrived as Bryan made it downstairs to the front door. They kissed longingly before he even got the door shut.

“I can’t figure it out.”

“Figure out what?”


His tone sounded somewhat dejected.

“You can tell me. Come on, I’m listening.”

She stood there with her arms still resting loosely on his shoulders. Her gaze looked directly into his as he tilted his head up again to speak.

“I think I’m becoming attached to you. I don’t know if it’s love, because I don’t know what love is. It’s confusing.”

“That’s understandable. We’ve been doing things you probably never thought were possible and I’ve liked pretty much every part of it.”

“Yeah. I guess that might be it.”

She sensed how hard his cock was, pressed against her slim tummy, He hugged her around the waist in such a way that if he wasn’t wearing anything, his cock would slide right inside of her.

“Maybe we should get comfortable. I’m sure you have to go to work in the morning and I don’t want to keep you up too late.”

“Being up and being awake are two entirely different things, Andi.”

He smiled. It was a slight one, but it broke through. She kissed him hard and pushed him down onto a couch beside the foyer.

“Have you been waiting for me all this time? I’m sure Alicia’s had her fun already, but it isn’t the same with her, is it?”

He held his breath and felt heat near his cock, through the zipper. She reached in and pulled him out, stroking the length as her mouth capped the top couple inches. Her palm full of breasts hung tantalizingly from her spaghetti strap tank top. Bryan watched more and more of his cock disappear down her throat and groaned loud. Her hair came loose out of its ponytail and lightly tickled his now bare thighs as she moved to undress him the rest of the way.

Andi knelt in front of where he laid and without using her hands, sucked his cock down her throat, burying her nose in his trimmed pubes. She kept her rhythm, bobbing as he tensed. He was grunting, the words he tried to say fell out in a nervous stammer. It had been a long time since a woman had blown him with such talent. Andi’s lips remained pursed as she drew upward, playing with his balls as they shook.

Her tongue outstretched and bathed the underside of his cock with wet lashes. She lowered her head, shielding him from view and took the entirety down her grasping throat. Andi looked up and smiled, his shaft felt thick and long blocking her airway but it excited her too much to stop. She waited until the lightheaded feeling was making her head throb and let him slip back out from between her lips.

“Do you want me to swallow it all?”

He nodded, unable to speak. She wasted no time in blowing him as the swelling of his prick in her mouth signaled his orgasm was fast approaching. Andi hummed, moving herself quicker down to his root and up to the crest of his tip as he came aggressively. Many of the ropes of cum slid down the back of her throat while the rest stayed on her tongue. She cleaned his cock of any stray droplets of seed and took a moment to swallow everything down.

Bryan ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her up to taste himself. Their tongues dwelt, frolicking with each other for a few moments before Andi straddled his lap. She guided his softening cock into her pussy and felt him stiffen immediately. Her folds were different. They hugged and cradled him, like a warm velvet lined pouch and kept taut as she bounced her full booty energetically on him. He met every downward motion and tried to get himself a little bit deeper, feeling how slippery her inner walls became as they screwed passionately. She held his arms down above his head and fucked him, thrusting her hips back and forth along his length, taking every inch to the backmost wall of her slit, beneath her womb.

Andi knew Bryan was about to come and continued to ride him roughly, tensing as the first spurt landed inside. Several more followed it, pelting her insides like melted butter. He closed his eyes tight and rested, buried to the hilt in her quivering cunt.

It was sometime around one in the morning when he realized Andi stayed there with him on the couch, she was listening to his heartbeat.

“I could have fallen asleep with you in me. Would you like a ride home?”

“Let me get dressed and we’ll go.”


Alicia fell asleep on the staircase around the corner. She looked to have been crying.

As his hand touched her cheek, she woke.

“Are you leaving me here, alone?”

“You have your boyfriend. It’s not exactly the same thing.”

“No, I don’t.”

“Right. That’s why you have all of those pictures of him up. Like I’m supposed to believe that.”

“It’s true. I don’t have anyone.”

“I’ve got to get back home. Call me if you need to. I’ll pick up and probably stop by sometime tomorrow. If you’re lying to me, I never want to hear from you or see you again.”

She continued to cry, but followed him upstairs as he held onto her hand.

“Get some sleep, I’ll tuck you in.”

Alicia crawled onto the mattress and curled into a ball. He rubbed her back soothingly and gave her a light kiss on the cheek.

“Goodnight sweetheart.”

Bryan took his folded clothes and met Andi downstairs at the door.

“Ready to go?”

“I’ve been waiting for you to say that.”

She giggled and led the way to her car.


“I’ve been wanting to see you.”

She hummed as they sat in her car, a purple fully restored late nineties Camaro. Dual exhausts, darkened windows, leather seats, the whole bit. Understandably, it was a little cramped for Bryan in the front seat but he dealt with it. After all, this was Andi.

“What about?”

He turned towards her, truly unable to fathom why anyone would want to see him.

“About what we did earlier. I’d like to do it again before I drop you off. Yes, this isn’t the ideal car. I know. But, maybe, if you’re up for it…”

“I’m suddenly very up Andi!”

“Oh? Good. Well, there’s half the battle.”

She shifted into drive and brought them across town to where his house was.

“Now I finally get to see where you are.”

Andi said with a grin. She parked in front of the house and got out, kissing Bryan as they got to the entrance. Her hair came loose of its tie and fell over her shoulders. He smelled her sweet flowery scent, smiled and pulled her closer while fumbling with his keys. She took them and managed to turn the lock. There weren’t words for his lust, nor ways to express it other than showing her. He was stiffer than he’d been before they first were together, every vein throbbed with refocused blood, especially the most important ones.

Andi found herself pushed against a wall in the interior foyer of his home. He hastily lifted her skirt and rubbed her pussy through the lacy material of her panties, fingering the trimmed patch beneath which lay her pink petaled flower. Bryan noticed her wetness growing, saturating the strip between her thighs as he tugged down the zipper of his jeans. She embraced the length of him in her palm and moved her clenched fist along the sensitive flesh, massaging his heavy balls expertly, taking them and seemingly weighing them as she fingered the space between them.

His prick was drooling precome already, though she didn’t want him to finish while outside of her. Andi felt his hands run up the back of her blouse and grasp her boobs, feeling their perfect size. Just enough for a handful. They were delicate and softer than the fluffiest pillows, but the skin was taut. Around the nipples on the underside was full of nerve endings which Bryan thumbed over, teasing her and adding to the sopping wetness of her pussy. He listened to her gasping breaths, waited for her knees to weaken and let her feel him grinding against her round backside, struggling to keep himself from sticking his cock up her ass.

He tore her panties off, leaving a tattered shard of them on the floor. She bent forward and pushed herself into him. Her fingers guided his manhood, as it entered she saw fireworks, bolts of lightning clouded her vision. There was nothing for it except for him to thrust deeper. He pressed their hips together, eased them apart and built the tension with slow strokes of his cock. Being enveloped in such a silky slit nearly put him over the edge. Andi’s eyes widened as he buried himself to the hilt, a tingling frightened her, traveling from the tips of her toes to the end of her nose. The feeling slipped down her spine like a rush of cold water and burned when it trekked up the middle of her back.

Bryan now held her off the floor in his arms. Her legs were wrapped around him, as were her arms. His fingers cradled the full curves of her ass and forced her down to the end of his prick repeatedly, grunting with a frustrated sigh.

“Hold onto me. I don’t want to drop you and my legs don’t want to go anywhere else.”

“I’m hanging on tightly!”

He went nonverbal and emptied himself inside of her, blanketing her in a torrential outpouring. In his mind, it represented all of those nights during his adolescence when he masturbated. The nights spent alone yearning for something or someone to take his life because no one in the world could understand his pain, having to mourn someone that didn’t have to go. Too soon, too soon. She woke him from his thoughts and nuzzled her warm face against his neck, sucking in its skin as her climax trapped his jumping cock inside. Bryan realized a few tears escaped his eyes, salty trails fell down each cheek before he pushed it back, into the recesses.

Andi pulled her lips closer to his ear.

“What’s wrong, Bryan? You can tell me.”

Such a soothing whisper. He carried her over to his bedroom door, about twenty paces or so from the kitchen.

“It’s nothing. I think I just need to sleep it off.”

She touched his chest and laid her head on it once he’d removed the shirt he had on.

“I’ll sleep with you and make sure you’re okay.”

“You know, tonight, that sounds wonderful.”

He leant his head back on the pillow behind him and went out like a light.

Andi watched him as he rested until the sun came up. She’d rolled off of him and took a spot next to where he was in bed. an alarm on his bedside table went off not six hours later they’d arrived.

‘I’ve got to get to work’

He said to himself as an afterthought. Looked in Andi’s direction and picked up his cellphone.

“Yes, it’s Bryan. I don’t think I’ll be able to make it into work today. I’m not feeling too good. Yeah, I threw up an hour ago. Right. It might be a 24 hour bug so I’ll be in tomorrow. Okay. Bye.”

She stirred in bed and turned to face him.

“You’re not going to work this morning?”

Andi smiled weakly, groggily but even so, she’d probably have responded the very same awake or not.

“No. You’re here. It’s well worth a day away. I’d like to sleep next to you for a while longer, there isn’t anyone keeping my bed warm nowadays.”

She turned back over and felt the weight of him kneeling as he laid down. Sometime around eleven or so, they woke. Bryan’s cock was standing proudly in the air for Andi to see. Her tummy pressed against it as she moved to face him.

“We should have something to eat before anything else, I think.”

“And I know what I’d like to have. It doesn’t need preparation and it’s already warm, wet, and delicious.”

He said as he kissed her boobs, the space between them and worked lower. She gazed down as he grew closer. Bryan met her eyes and tasted the insides of her thighs, their salty blandness made his cock drool precome. He anticipated his first taste in a long time of her pink slit and decided to dive right in. Andi wasn’t expecting him to start tonguing her clit, screamed in shock and held the sides of his head firmly. He showed no signs of stopping. Her clit was being diddled while his fingers invaded her bahis siteleri cunt. His nails were trimmed short due to the type of work he does and just in case something like this ever happened to occur, which it hadn’t until now.

She dripped juices onto the sheets and filled the room with her aromatic scent. Like ripened peaches, succulent and juicy, ready for the picking. Andi’s boobs jiggled as she spread her knees wider, opened her petals with the tips of her thumbs and watched him as closely as she could while being eaten out. It was unexpected to both of them when she squirted his face copiously, writhing as her pussy came. Bryan cleaned her with his tongue and went to suck the sheets dry once every remnant drop was sopped up.


He didn’t wait for her to respond, just sat up on the mattress and drove himself inside. She moaned as he tasted her nipples and lightly bit them. The sounds she made and filled the room with encouraged him to go further. His cock impaled her roughly, Andi’s b-cup breasts squished on his chest and shook with the animalistic thrusts of his hips filling her little pussy. She lifted her ankles higher and rested them beneath his arms, keeping her ass off the bed.

Bryan withdrew almost all of himself and crammed back inside, bottoming out as she murmured sensuously.

“Cum in me…let it all splash inside.”

She hesitated and heard the change in his breathing. Each gasp became a laborious exertion. Filled with the longing to finish, at the same time wanting the moment to last forever.

“I’m the one that isn’t on the pill.”

He shoved his balls against her ass and shot another wad, hugging her close to him.

“I only know because she told me how scared she was that the last few days she hasn’t taken one.”

He couldn’t speak. Her words droned together in a continuous sound, reminiscent of a train plowing through a tunnel. As he came down, the sound focused into her last sentence.

“Are you up for a proper breakfast? I have everything in the kitchen right now, but I’m too tired to stand by the stove and cook.”

“I’ll wait until you have something later on. There’s no rush.”

She smiled and let him nestle his head on her boobs.


Sometime that afternoon…

Bryan got out of bed and ran the shower water. Andi joined him, entranced by the gentle massage he was adorning her boobs with.

“At this rate, we’ll be screwing all day.”

“What if that’s what I want? Twenty four hours of senseless fucking.”

“Well, it’s up to you. I’m not tired of fucking yet since you’ve kept me dripping wet from the start.”

He slid himself inside from behind her and placed two hands over her mound, feeling the swell of her folds as he entered. She pushed him away and knelt in front of him, taking his shaft into her mouth. It felt so large going down, even after having done this before he managed to stuff her throat. Andi didn’t care that his fingers were tangled in her damp brown hair, or the lightheadedness he caused when he stayed too long at the back of her throat, blocking her airway. None of that mattered once his cock began to throb.

She bobbed quicker and sucked him off, drawing her pursed lips very slow along the length, like pulling on taffy. He groaned aloud as Andi tirelessly worked, holding onto his soapy balls and massaging his taint. She knew he was about to cum, the tone of his voice emoted as much.

“Fuck my face, Bryan! Oh god!”

He held her beside the ears and fucked her parted lips, shoving himself past her uvula. It’s squirmy flesh dangled over the end of his prick as creamy seed pelted it. She grinned cutely up at him and cleaned the end of his cock lovingly. They rinsed and didn’t bother to dress after they’d dried off. Andi tied on an apron, cooked a little something with what he had to offer. Toast and jam, scrambled eggs, bacon, french toast. Enough for two.

While sitting on a stool in the kitchen, Bryan felt sated. Not merely physically but emotionally too. Maybe the Andrea ordeal would wait for another day, and Alicia’s fully stocked bedroom bar also would be there when the time came to raid it, but this Andi situation needed to last for as long as was possible.


His phone rang, not once but twice then hung up. He checked the display and saw a name scrawled across. ‘Andrea’. Maybe Alicia put the number in his phone’s directory, but however it happened didn’t matter. Why was Andrea calling? Did she know about what he and Alicia talked about? When the cell chimed again, he answered calmly. A sprightly professional sounding tone came over the line.


“This is he.”

“I’m over Alicia’s house, kind of thought you’d be here. She told me a little about your interest in me and I have to say I’m very curious. I didn’t expect it from you.”

“I’m at a good friend’s home right now, you want to plan something for tonight?”

“Mmm. Yeah. Sure, my boyfriend won’t be around for the next few days so that’ll give us time to get better acquainted. Don’t you think?”

She hummed cutely at the end of her statement and he imagined her smiling smugly.

“I’ll give you a call when I’m done over here. Are we meeting up?”

“I want to see your place. I guess call and let me know where you are, when you’re ready.”

“Will do. See you later.”

Around the corner, Andi waited having listened to the end of his conversation. She appeared once he hung up like nothing had occurred.

“I’m seeing someone else later, so if you want to stay feel free. But another girl is coming by.”

She looked hurt but hid it well.

“Oh? Well that’s up to you. It’s not like we’re a couple or anything…”

“I’m conflicted. You’re here and I don’t think I could do anything without my conscience wrecking havoc. Leaving Alicia at her house took some effort on my part too, though I know she has a boyfriend. I’ve met the guy and they were at the beach last week together. She tells me that guy isn’t with her, so I can’t make sense of it. Then, the opportunity to quell my curiosities falls into my lap. But you’re here and I don’t know what I am supposed to do.”

“i was hoping you and I could be together one more time. I’ll get going after that so the two of you can have a little privacy. If you need me to stop by after that, I will gladly. It isn’t a big deal.”

Her lips touched the skin of his bare chest. He trembled and gazed down at her, moving to kneel before where he’d sat on the stool. Andi lingered between his legs, taking each ball into her mouth and sucking on it. Bryan kept quiet for a moment or two before the groans escaped into the silence of their last morning. She passed his head across her outstretched tongue and mouthed the crest, waxing it to a shine.

Andi’s eyes closed slightly as his shaft slipped along her tongue. He loved going down her throat and barely managed to help the rest of his length slide in. She jokingly gagged though naturally she couldn’t, the swell of his prick made her “choke” again as Andi polished his length with slow strokes. Her b-cup breasts jiggled with the rhythmic movement of her bobbing head which he took notice of. She moved to squat on the floor and fucked the air beneath her, thrusting her hips slightly forward while his cock disappeared into her hungry mouth.

Andi drew her lips away and sat there unmoving. Bryan took charge, taking her up by the ass into his arms. She squealed when her cheeks were sat on something cold. He spread them apart and leaned her back. His cock was bumping her asshole, eventually finding its way inside. The weight of his balls patted her tailbone with every thrust. He didn’t want to come too soon, so when the sensation intensified his cock eased inside of her little pussy and rested deep.

Bryan fucked her cunt hard, pushing just shy of her cervix. He knew how much it hurt to bang against the fragile appendage way inside and avoided it at any cost. She spread her thighs wider, encouraging him to screw every last inch of her innards.

“I know you want to cum, it hurts to hold it back.”

She quietly mumbled, nibbling his earlobe and raking her nails across his back. He drove himself harder, hurting her initially. The wrinkly sack resting over her asshole and an invasive full feeling made her pussy spasm. Andi tightened herself around his veiny probe, grabbing its thickness and milking him for seed. Bryan gave her everything he had, exhausting his reserves but still not close enough to cumming.

Andi whimpered passionately as he fucked her like a beast. His cock speared her, carelessly switching between her two fuckable holes as it saw fit. She shut her eyes tightly and dribbled pussy juice all over the marble counter top, down his shaft and balls, her ass and the polished black surface. He leant down, sucked on a hardened nipple and massaged her anus with a couple fingers, pushing them inside her. His cock continued to bang away up her pussy, stretching it around his thick prick.

Every bit of her body was sensitive to the touch, especially her holes. Bryan seemed naive to that fact and repeatedly rammed himself to the hilt, stroking his pubic bone against her clit. Andi cried helplessly, her cunt grew wetter and trapped him mid thrust. His seed spilled out in gooey ropes, mixing with the suddenness of her creamy climax. Bryan eased deeper as her pussy quivered and quaked with the last of its juices coating him liberally.

They remained in the kitchen for almost five minutes before he withdrew. She moved on the counter to his sink. Together, they glanced at the long drops of white stuff that gathered in the sink beneath her ass and pussy. Andi pushed it out, churning her pussy and keeping her folds spread apart. Bryan’s finger searched inside and helped to guide some of it out, pulling towards them as his finger curved. He went soft, still covered in her glossy sheen and waited until all of their cum had been expelled.

His mouth opened over her hole and licked around her clit, sucking it as he gently bit her clit. She humped her ass off the marble counter and he licked its hole too. It was a weird experience, being eaten in turns at each opening. Bryan was enjoying himself so Andi didn’t have to restrain herself, she was moaning under her breath when his mouth finally found her clit again. He wanted to make her come again all over the floor and refused to stop unless she spilled her juices.

“Mmmm, please. I’m…”

Andi was unable to form a sentence and simply replied with a huge jet of squirted cum into her lover’s mouth. He sucked her unsheathed clit, biting it more than he had and it intensified her orgasm. The tiles under their feet bore a puddle of wetness as did the end of the counter beneath her cheeks. She got to her feet but didn’t stay on them. He looked and saw her round bubble butt in the air as she licked the floor to taste herself. Bryan knelt behind her and drove his tongue up each hole, enjoying the difference in texture and aroma.

A few hours had passed and it was sometime around four or five in the afternoon, Andi couldn’t help but pass out. She’d come another half dozen times and it was too much to for her to handle. He had a raging hard on but never put it inside a hole, this was all about her. Bryan stood and went to grab a few damp facecloths. He tidied up what he could of the kitchen, Andi’s pussy and ass, then the floor beneath her body. She came around when he touched her body with the cloth.

“You’re clean for the most part.”

She stirred and smiled weakly. Her legs felt like jello and refused to hold her weight on them. He helped her onto a stool and went to fetch her clothes. Dressed her upon returning, went to the stove and made tea. Bryan put on a pair of jeans and a shirt while the water came to a boil.

“Is orange pekoe alright? Other than that, there’s black currant, earl gray and orchid vanilla.”

“The currant one sounds okay.”

She said in a tired mewl. He fixed it and set the sugar bowl, a small container of creamer and his own cup beside hers near the next stool.

“If you want to sleep, I’ll help you to the bedroom. You don’t have to leave and I don’t expect you to drive in your current condition.”

“My legs are a little wobbly. Maybe I should take a nap.”

They finished their drinks and Bryan helped her to his room. She laid in the middle of the bed, immediately falling into a deep sleep.


He left the room and called Andrea.

“It’s alright to stop by now, but I have another girl here asleep.”

“That’s fine. Where do you live?”

“Conners Courts in Stanten.”

“I’m right up the street at the package store, who would have thought? Well, I have a question.”


“What’s your poison?”

“Lately, Bud Light.”

“No liquor?”

“If you want to get some Rum I wouldn’t be opposed to it. I have the soda to go with it.”

“I’ll be there in five minutes or so. Just have to go to the cashier.”

“See you then.”


Andrea soon pulled up in front of his house and met him on the front walkway with a case of beer, two bottles of liquor and a pack of cigarettes.

“I took a guess at your brand. Figured it might be a while.”

“You guessed right. Now what do I owe all of this to?”

“Alicia told me a lot. Let me explain inside.”

They entered through a side door which led directly to the kitchen.


“She mentioned about your interest in me.”

Andrea set the items on the island in his kitchen, a case of Bud Light, two bottles of liquor; rum and vodka and a pack of cigarettes.

“Good things, I hope.”

“Oh yes. Most definitely. She had just woken up when I surprised her at home and the topic of you came about. I asked where you were and she said you went with some girl. I expected you to still be there with her, but again I kind of said to myself that you wouldn’t stick with one girl.”

“Go on.”

“So I left her house and went to the packy. My plan was to bring some of what I got back to Alicia’s, hopefully you’d turn up again and the three of us would party.”

“We can still do that. I’ll leave a note for Andi.”

“Fair enough.”

He grabbed a disposable napkin and wrote in pen a few lines, left it atop the counter and helped her bring their goods back to the car. Having carried most of it, he kept the case in his lap, set the bottles on the floor behind each seat and stuffed the cigs into an inner shirt pocket.

They took off towards Alicia’s place, parking in her garage. She appeared in the window all smiles and pressed the button so the door shut behind them. Her petite frame came through the hallway connecting this room to the house. Bryan showed her what they brought and again carried the case in his hands. Andrea grabbed the two bottles, leading them upstairs to Alicia’s room. Bryan then spoke.

“I know you have a decent stock but I decided to bring a little more. I plan to stay for a few days and I want to be set. Andrea just came to help me carry in the goods. I know I was wrong in sneaking out on you, it was foolish of me. I’m sorry and I’d like to make it up to you.”

Alicia’s eyes glowed and she couldn’t form the words she wanted to say. Tears filled their corners and fell immediately down her cheeks.

“I know. I thought I’d lost you. That you were gone for good, that’s why I called Andrea. You’d mentioned about her and if I wasn’t good enough, maybe she would be.”

“To tell you the truth, I don’t think I’m good enough for anyone. But right now this is where I want to be. Here, with you enjoying myself. It seems like I belong, if only momentarily in this house with you looking at me so adoringly.”

Her bottom lip quivered and he sensed the beginning of her sadness about to erupt. He held her head close to my chest, pulling her body onto my lap so he could hug her tight. She cried for a while, sobbing quietly as her warm salty tears fell onto his shirt. Andrea had loaded up the fridge nearby with several cans and both bottles, leaving the rest of the case beside the bed. He watched her leave the room and kissed Alicia’s tears away.

She lifted her chin and softly placed her lips on his, opening them slightly to search for his tongue. He felt how quick her heart continued to beat as the two of them laid on her bed side by side. Alicia rolled on top of him, keeping their lips sealed in a passionate kiss. Saliva mingled back and forth, her small boobs heaved against his chest straining in their bra. Bryan reached under her, unclasped the strap and let her shrug out of the garment. She slipped her arms out of the shirt and tossed both items aside.

He nuzzled her chest, breathing in the scent of her skin. His tongue swirled around a nipple and caused it to harden, then trapped it between his teeth. She rocked her hips off the bed and moaned as he nibbled on it. Once he’d switched, Alicia knew her panties were soaked. They clung to her moist sex uncomfortably, though he must have been able to perceive her pungent sweetness. His jeans were bulging at the front and ground into where her thighs met. She spread herself wider and wordlessly begged him to take her. Bryan kept giving her boobs much needed attention, as much as it was pleasurable it did nothing to relieve her saturated pussy.

“Fuck me!”

She panted, fumbling with the belt and zip of his jeans. He touched her tummy, traced the borderline of her waist and slipped a hand into her moisture. His fingers slipped inside, moving in a slow back and forth motion until she could bear it no more. Bryan attacked her. The waist of her pants was violently pulled off her, his jeans now rested in a crumpled heap on the floor and Alicia gasped, feeling his cock abruptly slide inside her tender pussy. It filled her to the bursting point, stretching her innermost walls around the intruder in an airtight seal.

The creaminess of her slit polished the swollen length of his prick, covering it in wetness from its balls to the crest of its knob. He couldn’t contain his passion and groaned aloud, pounding her bahis şirketleri pussy roughly, vigorously, two lovers reunited after what seemed like forever now acted upon their most carnal urges and damned the consequences of their coitus. Alicia pouted sadly as her climax overtook her tiny pussy. It squeezed his pulsing shaft and came sloppily on its impaled length. He felt himself erupt almost simultaneously, shooting several wet streams inside, painting her in thick paste.

“You’re making a baby inside me.”

She frowned, her eyes glassy, lips pursed,almost reluctant to speak the words.

“I’m not on the pill, Bryan.”

Her voice sounded weak, vulnerable, childish. She cowered beneath him as much as was possible given their positions.

“I would love if you’d have my child, Alicia. I’ll gladly take him or her on and you don’t have to worry about a thing. I promise.”

She didn’t change her posture but the expression in her eyes changed, softened, almost overruled the reprehension.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say you’ll be the mother of my child. I’m here to stay. No one will keep us apart, I swear. Cross my heart.”

She broke down, feeling him soften. He moved himself to her side and pulled her hips back to his, her back to his chest and held her with both hands over her tummy. They fell asleep like that, in a silent house, with a front yard lined by many different types of flowers, overlooking the beach and the ocean of the east coast.


Andi woke a few hours, unbeknownst to her, after that expression of love and walked to the kitchen in the hope that Bryan was still around.

‘Nope. I don’t see him here. Maybe he left a note or something.’

It was then that she noticed the napkin atop an island and read what was scrawled across its surface.

“I went back to see Alicia. She wasn’t in the best mindset and I didn’t want her harming herself. Feel free to stay or leave, the choice is yours. There are plenty of goodies in the cupboards, bar, fridge and freezer. Otherwise I will talk to you soon. I might not be back for a few days.


She went to the door, turned the doorknob lock and exited his house, leaving the note right where he left it.


Andrea knew to give Bryan a few days before calling him again. While they didn’t plan to run away together, she wanted to quell his curiosity.
Thursday of that same week, his phone rang. Alicia had gone into work for the afternoon and evening.


“How’s things going?”

“Good so far. I still want to see you while I have the chance to.”

“And finish what we started?”

“I’d like to if you still do.”

“Okay. I’ll be over in ten minutes.”

“Park in front of the house next door. I don’t want anyone thinking I have company. Nosy neighbors and all.”

“Not a problem. Can you meet me at the door so I’m not waiting outside?”

“I’m in the living room now. Call when you’re around the corner and I’ll unlock the door.”

“See you.”

She hung up. He waited and heard his phone rang. Andrea’s name flashed on the display. Bryan unlocked the door and watched from the window as she arrived. The knob turned and in stepped her beautiful self. Five foot three, slim, a full curvy ass, small but round boobs, and chestnut hair with blond highlights. She struts a little when she walks, flaunting her perfect figure to anyone who will ogle it. He met her in the doorway and pulled her close.

“I’ve missed you. Alicia doesn’t want me in contact with too many people.”

“Kind of guessed that when I tried to ring you last night.”

“Let’s go upstairs.”

She took the lead, having been to her house a few times before. This gave Bryan the chance to appreciate her figure. When she turned to ask him a question, his cock was jutting out beneath his jeans.

“Oh, we can’t have that.”

She giggled. He groaned as she squeezed the tip and opened his fly.

“I bet you’d like my pussy to help relieve that, wouldn’t you?”

He didn’t respond so she led him into the spare bedroom near the entrance to their attic, holding his shaft in her hand. She had on a pair of dark gray yoga pants, a snug fitting white babydoll tee and sneakers. Andrea bent over to unlace her footwear and Bryan couldn’t help himself. He grabbed the waist of her pants and managed to get them down to her knees, lowered to his and licked her pussy tenderly. She reached down between her legs and took off her shoes, pants and socks. Then he felt a hand on his cock, stroking it firmly.

His tongue sought out her clit and bathed it in saliva, drew it from its hiding place and bombarded it with sucking, licking and soft biting. Bryan’s chin and nose grew wetter from Andrea’s aroused pussy but he refused to stop. She ended up pushing him away and laid on the floor with her ankles in the air.

“I know you want to.”

Her eyes were glancing down at him, kneeling, watching how nonchalantly she offered her pleasures. Bryan pulled her ass closer to where he was and straddled her hips. The head of his cock parted her folds, followed by the thick shaft of his cock. She instantly regretted letting him inside but it was too late. He rested every inch of his manhood within her and still had about an inch or two of his length that remained outside of her.

“You have a small hole, don’t you?”

She nodded her head submissively, in the back of her mind the desire to get up and run screamed with desperation. He laughed tauntingly, reached under her lower back and held onto the two clefts of cheek, spreading them apart. Andrea mewled, his cock tried a few times to enter deeper than it had initially. Failing that, she felt him withdraw almost entirely and hoped maybe he’d given up. Bryan rammed into her, carefully but also rough. She winced as he narrowly avoided bumping her cervix. His bulbous head knocked against her colon, from the inside and made her feel stuffed full of man meat.

He thrusted deep and slow, committing her pussy to memory though he doubted he’d remember anything beyond a week or two. Every bit of skin along his shaft tingled, increasing in sensitivity as his foreskin rolled back over the end of his cock. All she heard through closed eyes was his breathing. Andrea focused on it, waiting for the moment it grew ragged. When it did, she planned to do whatever it took for Bryan to come. He suddenly withdrew and turned her over, forcing her to kneel and rammed his cock back inside, crouched on the bottoms of his feet with his hips above hers.

She sensed his cock slid in and rubbed across her gspot as he worked her over. He wanted to make her come all over his cock as the two of them rutted and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Her resolve melted away feeling the swelling head of his cock brush her spot repeatedly. He throbbed dully, holding her tits beneath the shirt she had on. Andrea helplessly whimpered on the brink of a climax like she had never experienced, when he pulled out again and let her suffer.

“I know you were about to come but this isn’t all about you. I want you to beg me to make you come or I will leave you frustrated.”

She turned her head and tried to touch her hand to her clit. He slapped the top of it and then spanked her ass a couple times horizontally across the center.

“Beg me.”


“Please, what?”

“Please? I need to come!”

“I don’t get what you’re saying. Tell me what you want me to do.”

“Please fuck me, like you were before. I want you to finish inside me too!”

“That’s better.”

He slipped inside and roughly fucked her clenching pussy, its juices drooled down his balls and onto the hardwood floor beneath them.

“I’m about to come too.”

He whispered and pushed back her hair. Her back arched a little and set him off his mark.

“Keep your back still or I can’t help you.”

She straightened out and put her best efforts into not moving. He drilled her pussy, carelessly burying himself up her quivering hole. Andrea heard him gasping as his cock pulsed rapidly. He shot his load directly into her womb, the tip of her cervix seemed to suck on his urethra as she creamed over his length. His hands rubbed her back, pushing the shirt she wore further up and reached for her boobs, pulling on their nipples softly. Her pussy weakly grasped his cock, coating him a little more. Bryan pulled her upper body to him and held her close.

They crawled into bed, standing beside each other and spooned for a while. She wasn’t ready for another go and he wasn’t about to push for it. What they did together was beautiful in and of itself. Andrea turned her face to meet his and whispered her appreciation.

“Do you think she’ll come home early? I don’t want to leave so soon.”

“Rest up and if she gets here later, just hide in one of the closets. We never use this room anyways. I’ll try and see if Alicia wants to go out when she arrives and you’ll be able to shower.”

“Will you stay in bed with me for a little bit? At least until I fall asleep?”

“Most certainly. I just have to set my phone alarm.”

He reached for it, in the pocket of his jeans and set it beside them on a table. Sleep overtook them too quickly. When Andrea awoke, she heard someone in the hallway and Bryan was sleeping peacefully. She jumped out of bed and dove beneath it, grabbing her clothes from under the other side. The room’s door opened and Alicia popped in.

“What made you want to sleep in here?”

She lovingly asked. He woke and realized he turned off his alarm when it went off.

“You weren’t here so I wanted to do something different.”

“Aww. If you want to sleep, go ahead. A few girls from work are going out tonight so I won’t be back until about eleven. Will you be alright?”

“I’ll get by. Is there still pizza left over from the other night?”

“Yes. A couple slices and some wings.”

“Good. Then I’ll be okay.”

She bent down and kissed him on the mouth briefly. He thought she’d taste Andrea on his lips but it didn’t happen. Alicia shut the door and he heard her going downstairs.

“Talk about close.”

He mouthed to Andrea who was sitting on her knees beside the bed near the room’s door.

“Close doesn’t cover it.”

She mouthed back and crawled into bed. They cuddled beneath the covers and went back to sleep for nearly an hour. He got up with Andrea and walked to the shower. They washed up, building the tension and teased each other endlessly. Just looking at her naked made him stiffen. She backed into him and felt his cock ease inside. Andrea placed his hands on her boobs and moaned audibly as he fucked her. They knew if Alicia came back early, she’d catch them.

Bryan drove in aggressively, pushing half of his shaft inside and heard her trembling tone. He was hoping she’d come, that he could thank her for allowing him to delve into her delights. The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room, the scent of pussy overpowered the thick heady smell of soap and steaminess and he couldn’t have been happier. Alicia was having his child, Andrea’s pussy was wrapped around his cock and bringing him off unprotected from the spurting of his load inside of it.

There were footsteps in the hall, vengeful, but combined with the rush of water, the noise of two wet bodies meeting at the middle and how well padded the floors are in the hallway, the door opened. Bryan reached his peak and shuddered with her torso pressed tightly to his own. She felt his hand over her mound, rubbing her clit while his cock stroked her spot. Andrea came as the sliding door slid back. In a rush of activity, shots were fired. She was down on the floor of the tub, holding her chest. Bryan tried to help her in any way he could and found something was wrong with him.

He could barely move. Andrea succumbed to her injuries while Bryan attempted to get out of the stall. A woman was standing over him as he struggled to crawl. She kept kicking him onto his side when he advanced further out the doorway and down the hall. His pants still sat in a crumpled mass which he untangled with the same woman standing over him. Once the number was dialed, he couldn’t do anything else.

Alicia picked up and heard him breathing ragged, sputtering out words. She knew he wasn’t drunk and this instantly alerted her. With a couple friends, she returned and ascended the stairs. Bryan was holding onto his phone, naked and unmoving. She knelt next to his body and put his hands on the sides of his face.

“Bryan? Bryan?? Oh god.”

She listened to his chest and heard silence. there were a few gunshot wounds to his chest, stomach and back. Alicia got up and searched the other rooms, stumbling upon the bathroom. Andrea was there, also naked and lying on the shower floor. The glass door was shattered and she had two wounds to the chest.

“That bastard.”

His phone began ringing again. She returned to the guest room and looked at the display. ‘Andi’. Alicia picked up the phone and answered it.


“Not even close.”

“Oh. Well, I took care of your problem. No need to thank me.”

“What problem? So he cheated, now he’s dead.”

“You’re welcome. Look, he was unfaithful to you. I solved your problem. Gotta go, I hear sirens.”

Alicia heard sirens too. They rushed outside and saw an ambulance. A woman was standing in its way as it sped down the road. She was knocked under it and crushed beneath its weight. The medics got out and went inside the house. One of them had a defibrillator and Alicia followed him inside.

“They’re upstairs. Go to my boyfriend first! Please hurry!”

He ran upstairs and found where Bryan was on the floor. The two pads were stuck to his chest and the guy charged them up.

One shock. Nothing. Another. Nothing. Again. Nothing.

She was crying, kneeling on his right side and kissed him on the lips. The medic heard his partner over the radio.

“The other person recovered but she’s critical. I have her in the ambulance. How’s the guy doing?”

“Nothing yet. Take her to the hospital and call another unit. If we can save one, it’s better than losing both.”

He stood up and rambled about doing all he could, that everything will be okay. Alicia looked down at Bryan and thought she saw him flinch. She knelt down on the floor and noticed his eyes opening. Another siren rang out blaringly loud outside.

He stirred on the floor and looked up at her.

“I’m in pain, but I think I survived.”

She pulled on his jeans for decency sake. One of the guys, a friend of Alicia’s carried Bryan in his arms down to the ambulance. Alicia got in back with him and held onto his hand as he laid on a stretcher. The medic ran an Plasma pack through a vein in his arm, bandaged up the wounds in his chest, back and stomach and waited for them to arrive at the hospital.

Once there, they unloaded Bryan and wheeled him down a long corridor. Alicia was told to wait outside in a waiting area just off the OR. Surgeons worked for a couple hours removing the bullets from his body.

He was in a room with Andrea, both recovering from their wounds. Alicia went in and sat on the edge of Bryan’s bed.

“It looks a lot worse than it is.”

“Then it must be bad.”

Alicia whispered.

“Did Andrea survive?”

“Yes. They took her in before you. No one knows what happened because you two are the only ones that can tell us.”

“Andi was there. She shot the two of us, I don’t know why. I left her a note because she was sleeping at my place. I said I was coming back to see you because you weren’t doing well without me. I offered her the chance to stay at my place if she wanted. Something tells me she didn’t.”

“No. She was killed by the ambulance. She called your phone and taunted me. Said she killed you and Andrea because you cheated on me with them, but I knew all along. It didn’t bother me because at the end of the day you weren’t at someone else’s place. You were with me. It wasn’t news that you saw other girls. I would have been shocked if you left the house with another girl, or fucked in our bed. Sometimes guys need something different. It’s okay.”

He took in a breath, held it and exhaled slowly.

“Can you ask the doc to up the pain medication? My stomach is burning.”

“Sure. I’ll let them know.”

A nurse entered and Alicia explained his situation. She adjusted the dose, checked on Andrea and left the room.

“How are you feeling, Andrea?”

She opened her blue eyes and frowned a little.

“I’m in some pain, but alive, I guess.”

Alicia fought the urge to eliminate Andrea right there in the hospital and left her bedside. She returned to the waiting area with their friends who holed up in the hospital overnight.

“How are they?”

One of the burlier guys asked.

“Alive. Bryan has to stay in for a week, then they remove the stitches. Andrea will be here a little longer. I’ll stick around until both of them leave because I doubt he’ll come home without her.”

“Well, we are gonna get home. If you need a ride back, call me. I’ll come right out for you.”


She sat on the flimsily cushioned chair and stewed in her indecision. Later on that night, she returned to the room where Bryan had gotten off the bed. He was at Andrea’s bedside. Alicia turned around and went to the cafeteria. ‘Let me get him something to eat, Andrea too if she wants.’

When she found the food court, she bought a few items and got something for herself, for later. Arriving back at their room, Alicia saw him still sitting beside her. By now, she adjusted herself to sit up. Both of them looked to be in pain but concern for each other’s well being overruled their injuries.

She set the food down on the edge of Bryan’s bed and went over to him. Her arms went around him loosely, holding onto him, breathing him in. Letting him know she cared.


Two weeks went by. Andrea and Bryan were discharged into the care of Alicia, who had brought their clothes from the house earlier that week.

Things were stagnant, became routine. Normalcy ensued. Or at least as normal as their situation could be.

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