All She Ever Wanted

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She lay in bed letting herself drift. Her body felt relaxed and loose. Her thoughts began to stray…

He entered the room quietly and sat down on the bed. She half turned towards him, smiled, and let her eyelids flutter closed again. Gently, almost tentatively he reached out and touched her face. The lightest caress, barely there, but her insides stirred. She stretched lazily, letting her long limbs resettle on the bed. An invitation for more.

Just the sight of her in repose had begun to awaken his longing. He let his gaze travel down the length of her naked body, committing to memory every curve and bump and dip and groove. She felt the heat of his scrutiny and the wetness between her legs, as her stomach flipped and jumped in anticipation of his next touch.

He traced a line down her cheek, a gentle yet confident touch which set her pulse racing. His fingers continued their longing, lingering path down her neck and towards her breasts. The sight of the goosebumps on her bare arms and her taut, erect nipples increased the strength of his desire and his cock began to swell and grow.

A deep, throbbing ache began to pulse deep inside her. She could feel her pussy opening, stretching, slick with the juices that had now started running down her thighs and onto the sheets. The musky scent of her arousal reached his nostrils and he let out a low groan, his breathing quickening as he inhaled the aroma.

More urgently now, but still with a deep tenderness he let his hands circle her breasts. The confident touch of a man who knew exactly what he wanted and was going to claim it. His fingernails grazed her nipples and she gasped, an electric jolt of pure wanting coursing through her veins. Her body arched, her lips seeking his, but with a loving smile he pushed her gently back down onto the bed, as he lowered his mouth to her breasts.

With a guttural moan, she welcomed the exquisite, almost unbearable pleasure this contact provoked. His tongue lightly flicked her swollen nipples as he sucked and teased softly yet insistently.

She tugged at his hands and tried to bring them closer to her throbbing clit, but still he refused bursa escort with a smile and a gentle shake of his head.

And now his mouth left her swollen breasts and began to shower a trail of kisses right across her highly sensitised body. Holding her hands firmly up behind her head in his strong grasp, he worked his mouth across the beautiful expanse of naked flesh laid out before him in her fully vulnerable state. Utterly powerless to do anything other than submit herself to his tender administrations, she let go of control and allowed her body to simply respond.

And now he was straddling her, and it was impossible to ignore his bulging, fully-erect cock between them. His thumbs rubbed circles on and around her nipples and he felt them harden and grow, responsive to his touch.

His kisses gained in intensity but still he took his time, feeling her desire and longing building steadily, her breathing uneven and her body shaking under his touch.

Gently inching his way ever southwards, his hands now grasped her hips, caressing and stroking as he kissed his way down beyond her bellybutton, tracing the soft line of hair which led directly to her dripping pussy.

‘Oh, I want you now’, she softly moaned, ‘I want to feel your cock inside me. Please.’ But again he shook his head, a smile playing around his lips which still kissed and teased, drawing ever closer to her aching clit. For ten minutes, he let his mouth play around her mound, touching every inch of her except the throbbing bulge of her engorged lips and clit. Her desire heightened and grew ever more intense, and she whimpered with growing desperation for him to plunge his dick deep inside her and satisfy the heavy ache which tingled and pulsed.

Oh exquisite torture! With nothing left to do except surrender to his touch, she closed her eyes and let herself fly, lost in the pleasure of the high, her body quivering and shaking uncontrollably under the masculine power and intensity of his touch.

And then, agonisingly slowly he dipped the tip of his finger into her pussy, flowing with the juices of her near-desperate desire. Pushing a millimetre at a time as she bursa escort bayan gasped and groaned beneath him, he let his finger probe the depths of her wetness, sliding ever further into the soft darkness of her arousal. She arched her back, pushing her hips forward, seeking relief and fulfilment, but he gently withdrew his finger, and lifted it slick with her wetness to his lips. The sight of him penetrating his mouth with his finger sticky from her nearly sent her over the edge. Her world turned black and a million butterflies beat their wings in the pit of her stomach. The aching throb between her legs was almost too much for her to bear and she trembled violently beneath him.

Moved beyond words by the effect he had on his lover his own arousal heightened and his erection grew. Straining and bulging, his cock stood proud between them, the tip glistening with a single drop of pre-cum, his foreskin taught and pulled back exposing the head in its swollen state.

With a rush of desire he tangled his hands in her hair and buried his face into her neck, murmuring soft words of love, desire and passion. She clung to him, pressing him to her, kissing his hair and his face as her fingernails raked across his back.

Sitting up slowly, his legs straddling her, her gazed for a long moment into her desire-clouded, burning eyes then bent his mouth to hers and brushed her lips with the lightest of kisses. Again and again, his mouth found hers, each kiss growing longer and more lingering. Breathing each others’ breath, their tongues entwined, their passion building, they kissed until she could barely catch her breath.

‘Please, I need you in me. I want to feel you explode. I need you deep and hard. Oh god, baby, make me cum.’

Unable to resist her soft sweetness any longer, stretched until he felt his dick would split in two, he lowered his head towards her damp, musky pussy and plunged his tongue inside. She moaned softly and writhed under him as he swirled his tongue around the soft flesh of her enlarged lips, before pushing deep inside her again. She held his head between her hands, directing the intensity and pressure of his tongue’s penetration. escort bursa His world went quiet as she drew up her legs and squeezed her knees together, pressing against his ears. She bucked her hips, rising to meet his downward thrust as he fucked her gently with his tongue. Lifting his head, she could see her juices spread around his mouth, his lips glistening and moist.

She begged for more, so he slowly slipped a finger inside her, joined soon by a second, pushing and stretching and causing a gush of liquid which coated his fingers and dripped down the inside of her legs. With his fingers still playing inside her, he lowered his mouth to her clit which was pulsing with pent-up need and desire. He brushed his tongue with the lightest touch across its swollen tip, and she whimpered with pleasure and relief.

Playing, touching, pushing, kissing… Her body humming and tingling with every caress and lick pushing her closer to the edge. Their bodies wound together as they rolled and tumbled across the bed, kisses punctuating every murmured word of passion and desire.

And then, in one firm yet gentle stroke, his hard dick pushed inside her, filling her, stretching her and sending wave after wave of perfect pleasure through her.

He moaned and his ragged breaths came in shorter gasps. She could hardly think or breathe and simply gave herself up to every sensation which coursed through her. Higher and higher she flew, relinquishing all control and letting her body flow with his as he pumped long, hard strokes into her, gliding deeper into her gaping pussy with every push.

With pulsing, quivering throbs, she came with such an intensity that her whole body trembled and shook as she let out a single moan which came from the deepest part of her. Unable to hold himself any longer, he allowed the sweet release which he had been anticipating for so long, his dick squirting hot jets of sticky cum into her willing pussy. With a shout he collapsed onto her body which had given every ounce it could in this perfect union of body and soul. Utterly spent they lay with their limbs tangled, their breathing slowing, until at last she turned to him, and thanked him with a single kiss.

Her eyelids fluttered open and she woke from her doze. She turned to see him enter the room, and knew that her dreams and reality were about to collide in the most delicious way.

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