All That Matters

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It was 3:00 A.M saturday morning when Kyle woke up from a dream. The same dream he had been having over and over for the longest time. He and his brother, Dean, were making passionate love in Dean’s room. He woke up with a hard on, as usual. All 9 inches of it was as hard as a rock. He got up out of bed to change his now came in boxer briefs.

Once changed, he stood in the mirror on his bathroom door. There he was, 6 foot 4 inches tall, broad, muscular, tan, and sweaty from his sleep. Sandy brown hair, slightly wavy. Brilliant blue eyes, strong jawed, perfect skin. He studied himself. He considered himself beautiful, but he knew that was vain of him to do. He looked at his toned body, a result of years of hard work and was proud. He looked down at his legs. Thick and muscular, and then to his feet. They were tan and very nice, he thought. He wore a size 15. Huge, he thought to himself. His once fully erect penis was now soft, though still thick and large in his briefs. It was just over 6 inches flaccid, and very thick. He also had large testicles, that hung relatively low. He was well endowed, and glad.

When he was done admiring his body, he went back to his room and got into bed, hoping the dream wouldn’t come again, so he could sleep until it was time to get up again, for his trip back home from his apartment near his university. It was fall, and the school was closing due to remodeling, and would resume again in the next month, so he was going home to visit his parents, and younger brother, as well as celebrate Deans upcoming birthday.

Later in the afternoon, Dean was sitting at home, thinking of what his 19th birthday escort bursa was going to be like, on the following Monday. He had school, so he didn’t think it could be that pleasant. His brother was coming home today, and he had mixed feelings about it. He hadn’t seen his brother in several months, so he was excited about his return. However, he was also nervous. Everytime he sees his brother, there is a stirring in his groin, one he knows shouldn’t occur, yet it does, and he can’t make it stop. His brother was beautiful and attractive, in a sexual way. He stood up and walked from his living room up the stairs into his own room, where is mirror was. He looked at himself and wondered if his brother thought the same of him. Dean was 6 foot 3 inches tall, only slightly shorter than his brother, with a swimmers body. He had been a diver since the age of 7, a natural at the sport. He was lean, and tan from the sun exposure, but not as dark as his brother, Kyle. he had grown his hair out into a swooped kind of style, and liked it a lot. It was a dark brown, with golden tones to it. Very beautiful, and relatively straight due to the flat-ironing. It was naturally wavy, like his brothers, but he liked flat-ironing it most days. He had icy blue eyes, much more beautifly than Kyle’s, and very feminine. A great jawline,and a perfect smile.

He looked from his face to his pants, thinking of his package. It was 8 inches long, fully erect, and just under 6 inches flaccid. His balls were roughly the size of golf balls, and hung slightly low. Awful to squeeze into his swim speedo, and caught a lot of notice from curious on-lookers. He bursa merkez eskort looked down to his bare feet, a size 14. Huge, like his brothers, but much wider.

He thought of his brother, naked. He had seen his brother nude several times, and enjoyed it quite a bit. He was starting to get hard, and had decided to grab his lube to have a quick jerk before his brother arrived.

Kyle pulled up to the house, and noticed only his brothers car home. His parents must be out running errands he thought, so he decided to just go in to surprise his brother. He entered the house, which was relatively quiet, and looked for his brother, which was not on the first floor. He turned to the staircase and walked slowly up them towards his brothers room, and heard a slight noise coming from inside. The door was slightly cracked, and he noticed his brother was nude, save a towel around his waist, and had something in his hand, but couldn’t tell because his brother had his back turned to the door. He pushed the door open, and Dean turned quickly toward his brother, covering his erect penis, which was bulging greatly from the towel.

“Kyle! I didn’t hear you pull up!”

“Yeah, I just got in a few minutes ago, and noticed you weren’t downstairs. Where are the ‘rents?”

“Uhh, they went into town to get some last minutes shopping done.”

“Ah, I see. What are you doing up here?”

“Ummm, well, this is kind of awkward. I was just getting ready to…”

“No, I get it. Dudes have needs, bro. It’s cool.”

“Yeah, I suppose.”

Kyle walked a little bit closer to his bursa sınırsız escort brother, feeling the stirring in his pants, and said ” What have you got going on there? Let me see… I just wanna compare…” So Dean removed the towel, exposing his penis to his brother.

“Damn. Nice” He was staring at his brothers manhood. It looked amazing. Long and thick, and nice balls, too. Perfectly shaved, so it looked much bigger without pubic hair.”

“Now, it’s your turn” Dean said.

Dean undid his belt, button, and zipper, and pulled his pants down to his ankles, and pulled the shoes off of his huge feet, along with his socks, and took his pants off.

” You have to take care of my under shorts” Kyle said, so Dean set the lube down on his dresser, and walked up to his brother, and pulled his underwear down and off his brothers legs and feet. He was flaccid, but getting harder and harder by the second. Kyle grabbed Deans head,and kissed him. Passionately, but hard. It was amazing to be there, finally fulfilling the dream that had been taunting him for so long. He was running his fingers through his brothers hair, soft and smooth, their tongues entertwined in their kiss, which was getting much more intense.

They grabbed each others dicks, and caressed them slowly. Both of their skin was soft,and they tugged slightly. Dean moaned softly, and Kyle liked it.

Kyle pushed Dean away so he could stare into his eyes and said “Get on your knees, and suck my cock, Dean, with a ferocity that sent Dean into a frenzy. He dropped to his knees, and took his brother into his mouth.

It was the most amazing blowjob Kyle had ever recieved, from anyone. Dean could deepthroat like no other.

Kyle moaned and groaned in ecstacy. Dean enjoyed pleasuring his brother immensely, and wished it hadn’t taken them so long to get to this point.

Kyle pulled away from Dean and motioned him towards the bed.

End of part one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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