Allie Nears Graduation

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I just lounged in bed in a pleasant haze, enjoying the afterglow of sex until I heard the shower start up. I waited until I heard the shower curtain close and then climbed out of bed. The morning air, already slightly warm from the late spring temperatures, felt cool on my naked sweaty body as I moved to Brian’s pants on the floor and dug out his wallet. Flipping it open, I pulled out his driver’s license and examined it for the information I needed. The jerk refused to tell me what day his birthday was, only that it was coming up, and what kind of girlfriend doesn’t do something special for their boyfriend on his birthday, hmm?

June 5th. Just a few weeks away. That didn’t give me a whole lot of time to figure out something to do to celebrate. It really wasn’t fair. He was able to find out about my birthday from Robyn, my roommate and former…well really still current lover. The relationship between Robyn and myself was interesting, the two of us being together as a couple for a little under a year before I met Brian, but then continuing on while I dated him. Sometimes even including him.

I mean, sure, you need the fingers of both hands to count the number of times the three of us were all intimate together…maybe a toe or two, but for the most part we kept things separate. Brian and I would be together a few nights a week, either at my place or his, and the rest of the time I was home with Robyn. Thankfully sex didn’t occur every night with either of them. Lustful as I am, I don’t think my body could handle that much lovin’.

Sorry, I’m rambling now. Suffice to say, I wanted to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday, and it’s hard to do that when you don’t know when it is.

A soft footstep on carpet made me whirl around to find Robyn standing in the doorway. She was as beautiful as ever. Her long dark hair, tousled from sleep, cascaded down her back and her green eyes sparkled with mischief. She was wearing a simple nightshirt, featuring her high school mascot, and had her arms crossed under her breasts, which only served to emphasize their size. This pulled the shirt up far enough to see the black panties which would normally be hidden underneath.

She leaned against the doorframe and a lazy smile spread across her face as her eyes looked me up and down. “Mmm,” she purred, “I like seeing you down on your knees like that, Allie. Though I prefer it when I’m standing right in front of you and wearing a bit less clothing.”

I held up the driver’s license in triumph. “I’ve got it! His birthday is the 5th!”

Robyn rolled her eyes. “Are you still going on about that? I thought Brian didn’t want to do anything for his birthday?”

“Hey, the two of you made my birthday…memorable to say the least.” It was one hell of a night, one of the aforementioned fingers. Maybe I’ll tell you about it someday. This comment made her smile even wider and stare off into space as if recalling a fond memory. I slipped Brian’s license back into his wallet and returned it to his pants pocket. “How can I not do the same for him? Besides, it’s only fair I get to return the favor.”

I got back to my feet and shot a look at the clock, wondering how long I had before class. Noting how early it was, I looked back to Robyn. “What are you doing up so early, anyway? You don’t have classes for a few more hours yet.”

“There was an odd moaning sound that woke me up,” she teased. I flushed a little. Even though all three of us have been together physically, I still feel a bit embarrassed when someone overhears me having sex. She came over until we were eye to eye, then leaned in to whisper in my ear, “And you know what your moaning does to me.” She grabbed my hand with hers and placed it between her legs. The wet spot was obvious now, though I hadn’t noticed before. Without my glasses and from a distance, it had blended in with her panties.

“Oh, girl, not right now,” I said, though I couldn’t stop my fingers from running over her slit through the soft cotton as I did. “I feel sticky and gross and really want a shower.”

“I’ll make you a deal then,” she replied, releasing my hand and I let it fall back to my side. “I get to use the bathroom first when he’s done in there, then you get to shower.” The mischievous glint came back to her eyes. “And since you woke me up, it’s your duty to ensure that I sleep well tonight. Deal?”

I sighed in fake exasperation. “Deal.” Robyn and I hadn’t been together for the past few days, with Brian spending the night with me last night and me at his place the night before. For that matter, we hadn’t been intimate the nights before that either and that thought gave me pause. Were we starting to drift apart a little? I still found her attractive, and I’d be lying if I said that her bit of flirtation this morning didn’t make my glands start working again, but looking back on the past month it seemed our time together was becoming more infrequent.

Robyn either didn’t notice my pause or chose not to acknowledge atalar escort bayan it, instead giving me a peck on the lips. “Done,” she declared, and then left my room. She stopped and took station by the bathroom door when she heard the shower stop and the curtain open a couple of seconds later. I sat on the edge of my bed and waited.

A minute later the door opened and Brian stepped out with only a towel draped over his shoulders. Apparently he hadn’t expected Robyn to be up this early either. He jumped a little and blushed when she suddenly pushed past him and I heard her say, “Outta the way, beefcake,” as she gave him a playful slap on the ass. He scrambled to cover himself, but by the time he had the towel halfway around his waist, Robyn already had the door shut.

He looked at me with a slightly stunned expression on his face and I couldn’t help but laugh.


I kept the water temperature on the cool side, so my shower felt very refreshing, and like Brian I was naked when I opened the door to walk to my room. Unlike him, I didn’t care if Robyn saw me. That was something that I had come to relish since leaving the dorms, and home for that matter: the ability to walk around naked in my home.

It had taken some time once Robyn and I got together as more than just roommates to really feel comfortable being naked around her in a non-sexual situation, but it had come in time. It was nice getting back to our room in the dorms after a shower and not having to dress while doing my best to hide behind the closet door and staying wrapped up in my towel. Heck, sometimes one of us walking in and letting the towel drop led to other things that usually required another shower afterward.

Moving into an apartment eliminated even the need for a towel from the shower to the room, and it’s something I had grown to love. The air always felt nice on my freshly scrubbed skin, and if my bed sheets hadn’t been in need of changing from all the sexual activities performed in them last night and this morning, I would have just flung myself back into them and savored the feeling of being clean.

Brian was gone, having dressed in one of the changes of clothes he kept here and kissing me goodbye with a promise to call later before I got in the shower. Being a weekday, he had to go into work where he was an “HR drone” (to use his words) for a local company. He liked being close to the school in case he ever decided to go for a Master’s degree, but in the meantime the work wasn’t bad and it paid his bills. He was a couple of years older than me, having graduated from the same school I was currently attending and about to graduate from myself.

I went ahead and stripped the sheets off the bed, allowing the air to dry the remaining moisture from my body. I pulled fresh sheets out of my closet and remade the bed, then laid down and allowed myself a leisurely stretch, still feeling the slight ache in some overused muscles. I watched Robyn stroll into the bathroom, naked herself, for her own morning shower. She didn’t bother to shut the door though and the sound of the water carried through our apartment.

When she came out I was eating breakfast at my desk, munching on cereal while goofing around online. Her long hair was wrapped up in a towel around her head, but besides that she was not wearing anything. I still wasn’t dressed either and my hair was mostly dry at this point and in its usually curly mess.

She came into my room instead of going to hers and examined the freshly made bed (well, with some wrinkles after laying on it) and noting my lack of clothing. “If I didn’t know any better,” she said, “I’d think you didn’t want to wait until tonight.”

“Yep,” I replied over my shoulder, “because I know how sexy you find me with my mouth full of cereal.” I’m sure it didn’t come out quite this clearly, as I did in fact have a mouthful of cereal. She snorted, a cute little sound that I have long adored. Sitting on the edge of my bed, near me, she started rubbing her hair in the towel, doing her best to dry it out. As she did, my eyes ran over her body, viewing the curves I knew so well but hadn’t explored in over a week.

I set aside my bowl of cereal and turned the chair around to face her straight on. “Are we drifting apart?”

She went still for a noticeable moment. My breath caught in my throat. I had been pondering this, but it surprised even me when I came out and said it. I felt my heart beat once. Twice. On the third beat, she pulled the towel off her head and looked at me. “Why do you say that?”

“I was just thinking how we are spending less time together than we used to.”

“You’re dating Brian,” Robyn pointed out, “it’s only natural that we spend less time together when you are with him half the week.”

I shook my head. ataşehir escort bayan “No, that’s not what I mean.” I looked away from her and continued. “When Brian and I started dating, we only saw each other a couple of times a week and things between you and me were pretty much the same as they have always been. Even when he and I started sleeping together, there wasn’t much change in our sex life.” Our eyes met again. “But over the past couple months, now that I really looked at it, we haven’t been as intimate as often. So, are we drifting apart?”

Robyn just looked at me silently for another handful of heartbeats. The expression on her face was so serious and she appeared somewhat worried. I think the only time I remember her looking this way was when we first got together. Long story short, I had never had oral sex performed on me so Robyn “set me up with a friend” whose only condition was that I be blindfolded while they went down on me. I had agreed, and allowed myself to be blindfolded and she had someone come in, pull off my shorts and give me pleasure that I had never felt before. I asked for Robyn to ask “Bob” (as we called her friend) to come again a couple of weeks later, and then again a couple of weeks after that. After I’m not sure how many times, Robyn revealed that it had been her pleasuring me the whole time. It was at that point, when she wasn’t sure how I was going to react to her confession, that she made a face similar to the one she was making now.

Back then I had fallen upon her, kissed her, and did my best to reciprocate what she had been doing to me for so long, and I had reveled in her smile. This time, though, the ball was in her court and I don’t think there was anything I could do to change it.

Finally she just sighed. “Allie.” She was silent for another moment, as she tried to figure out what she wanted to say. “I guess…maybe…yeah.” Her dark hair hung limply over her shoulders as she leaned forward, resting her elbows on her knees. “It’s just, we’re graduating in just a few weeks, you know? You’ve started a relationship with Brian that might end up going somewhere…”

“We have a relationship, too,” I blurted.

“Maybe,” she replied, “but one with no future.” Robyn cut me off when I started to protest. “Tell me the truth, Allie. Did you ever see us living out our lives together as a couple? Did you ever once while we were together assume that you wouldn’t get married to a guy eventually? The truth now.”

My thoughts whirled in my head. I really wasn’t sure what to say. “Did you…want that,” I whispered. “Did you want to be with me for life?”

She shrugged, head sagging. “I don’t know what I want, Allie. I mean, right now, yes, I love you, I love being with you. I never thought I would be in a relationship with another girl until it happened. Always before, I looked at attractive guys and thought ‘Yeah, I’d like a piece of that.’ But now, after being with you…I’ve started looking at girls that way too.” Her head darted up to look me in the eye. “Not that I’ve been thinking of cheating on you or anything,” she blurted out, “I’m just talking about general feelings of attraction, you know?”

I thought about that. Other than Robyn, I have never really looked at another girl as a sexual being or a potential partner. Guys, yeah, I’ve done that, but not girls. “And,” I asked.

“And,” she continued, “you don’t. I’ve watched you. Sure, your eyes will follow an attractive guy that we pass on the street, but when I watch some sexy girl walk by and look at you afterward, you never even notice her. You are pretty much full out heterosexual with an exception for me. At this point I think I can honestly say I’m full out bisexual.” Her voice choked a little. “I don’t know who or what I’m going to end up with in my life, but I just knew that ultimately it wasn’t going to be you.”

I was at a loss for words. Hearing what she said hurt, but I couldn’t really deny the truth of the statement. We had always kept our relationship a secret from friends and family. Maybe with some mixed success from the friends we hung out with regularly, as some of them may have suspected something, but still we tried to keep it a secret. I had never even considered “coming-out” to my family or anything because I didn’t feel like a lesbian. I wasn’t attracted to girls, I was only attracted to Robyn.

“I’m sorry,” I said, my throat tight with emotion. “I didn’t know. That you felt that way, I mean.” Tears began to well in my eyes, making my vision blurry. “I thought you were like me. That you only felt attraction for me and not other girls. God, Robyn, I didn’t know.” The tears rolled down my cheeks and I hurt, but more for my friend, my love, than anything else.

I could hear tears in her voice too when she spoke. “I’ve been slowly pulling away, I think. I realized we weren’t going to be together forever. And now with Brian, you have someone avcılar escort you might be able to have that with. I have no place there. You are going to graduate and probably stay around here, right?” I nodded. “Well I’m probably going to go home for a bit and then enter nursing school somewhere. I’m going to be in school for a few more years, Allie, while you are getting on with your life. Sometime this summer, we’re going our separate ways and that’s just the way it is.”

Robyn sniffed, rubbing at her eyes with her hands. I wiped at my own eyes. “Why all the flirting, then?” I shook my head helplessly. “Why not just break up with me?”

“Because I love you,” she said. “I love being with you. You make me feel good and I love to make you feel good. I couldn’t just quit that. Not all at once anyway.” Our eyes met again, and the wetness in hers made them sparkle like emeralds. “I told you sometime around when you first met Brian that I don’t own you and that’s true. I don’t. At the same time, I don’t want to lose you, even though I know it’s going to happen. Until it does, I still want to be with you, as much as I can, but I didn’t want things to just…end all of a sudden when I leave this summer. I was trying to…slowly back out of the relationship, I guess. So that when it was time to say goodbye, it wouldn’t be such a drastic change for us.”

I reached out and took her hand in mine and just held it up to my cheek. I had had no idea that she was feeling this way or thinking this far ahead. Here I was just going along like everything was normal, like we weren’t going to be separating for months, years, maybe even forever in just a couple of months. I hadn’t given it a moment’s thought, but Robyn had been thinking about it and working it all out for a while now. I pressed my lips to her hand.

“Do you really want to back out of the relationship now,” I asked her.

Her response was a barely audible, “No.”

I leaned in and kissed her, wrapping the fingers of my free hand into the hair on the back of her head to pull her to me. I broke the kiss just long enough to say, “I don’t want you to either,” then pushed my tongue between her lips. She stiffened, but a moment later I felt her muscles relax and her tongue respond to my probing.

I moved forward off the chair and released her hand to slide my arm around her back. I pressed on, forcing her to lay back as I moved atop her, using my arm to move her hair from behind her in a gesture that had become second nature to me. I felt her arms wrap around me, holding me against her as we fell back onto my bed. Our legs were hanging off the edge uncomfortably, but with some well-rehearsed motions we managed to move fully on the bed while still embraced.

My hands slowly travelled the length of her body, caressing her shoulders and arms, the outside of her breasts, her sides, hips, thighs, everywhere I could reach. Meanwhile our lips remained locked together, tongues dancing together, first in her mouth then in mine. I broke the kiss to trail my lips across her cheek to her ear, lightly nibbling the lobe. “I’m going to show you how much I love being with you,” I breathed in her ear. “Right now, this moment, it’s all about you. Not Brian. Not even me. Just you.”

“You’ll be late to class,” Robyn noted. This close to finals it was a fair point, but some things were more important than classes and grades, even this late in the year. Even when said things would be ending soon. That might make these things even more important.

“Fuck class,” I hissed, then clamped my lips to her neck on one of her more erogenous zones and sucked. A soft moan was her only response.

Satisfied she was done protesting, I started to take things slowly, something we hadn’t done for some time. We knew each other so well that we could get each other in the mood with just a few minutes of kissing and touching the right spots. Orgasms would often be close behind. This time, though, I wanted things to last, to show Robyn how important she was to me, how I found her to be worth the attention I was giving her.

So instead of focusing on the spots that I knew would make her soaking wet, I spent time everywhere else. I ran my lips, teeth and tongue over her neck, but avoided the most sensitive areas. I trailed my fingers down her sides and thighs, but skipped over the spots on her inner thighs that always made her squirm in anticipation. I moved down her body, kissing nearly every inch of her soft flesh as my hands continued to move over her, caressing everything I could reach. I sucked her fingers into my mouth, one by one, and nibbled the heel of her hand, but purposefully neglected the inside of her wrist, another erogenous zone of hers. I kissed down her long legs, still missing the spot on her inner thighs and also ignoring the back of her knees. Every couple of minutes, I would move atop her again and kiss her slowly, deeply and passionately on the lips for a while before moving on to a new area.

I’m not sure how long I teased her like this, but I decided to start hitting the marks. Not focusing on them, but allowing a nail to lightly run over her inner thigh, my tongue to circle over her wrist, and so on. Her heavy breathing and soft moans were music to my ears and joined in the sounds of my hands rubbing over her and my lips kissing and sucking her skin.

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