Alpha Roommate

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Why on God’s green earth am I being transferred to a school for shifters. I’m just a typical human on a bit of the small side, I’m 5’5, skinny with faded muscles and I weight about 115 lbs.

Pathetic right, I’ll be some shifter’s protein shake the moment they catch my scent. They said I’ll only be there for 3 months, something about improving human/shifter relations program. Out of all the student in my school I was picked. Those 3 months are going to be hell, I’ve heard about the rumors, the school is huge and one of the student is the Alpha. I hear alpha’s are mean SOB’s, with my luck I’ll be bullied or on the lunch menu by some asshole shifter jock.

I’ve always been bullied but I’m used to it, none of my bullies ever took it further than insults. The only reason I agreed was because the school said my classes would be paid for 6 months, I couldn’t turn that offer down.

I had everything packed in my truck on my way to Faris University for Shifter or my personal hell for short. When I got there I noticed it was surrounded in forest, perfect place to hide my body, let me stop, the place probably isn’t that bad, I’m judging it and I haven’t even walked through the door.

The dean was already greeting me, he said he would spend the day with me giving me a tour of the school. I had to admit it really it wasn’t that bad at all, I got a few looks from some of the students, some of them smiled at me or lick their lips to intimidate me.

I even saw a few them in shifter form just running around, they weren’t that different from real wolves only a lot bigger and more menacing.

The dean told me I would be sharing a room with another student, he looked at me with a little fear. I asked who it was and he said I would find out. He told canlı bahis me my room number and said I would have to go on my own, he said the alpha only allowed certain people in the fraternity apparently I was allowed but not him. This was already starting to worry me.

I made my way there and was stopped by few students one of them got uncomfortably close and sniffed me.

”What’s a little human like you doing here, you part of the human/shifter program or something?” he asked.

I said yes a little scared. One of them took my room number sheet and quickly gave it back. He said my roommate’s not going to like sharing you so we’ll leave you alone.

I didn’t know what he meant by that, but something tells my roommate is a scary person. I knocked on the door of my room and out came a giant.

He was huge, he had to be 6’7 over 280 pounds, he had no shirt on was wearing sleeping pants. He was built, a pro wrestler would envy the body he had. He looked at me waiting for a response.

”I-I-I’m your r-roommate I-I’m…,” I couldn’t finish he grabbed me practically threw me in the room.

”Your my roommate from the program, your names Elijah Robinson right, is that what you were trying to say,” he said.

I looked in his eyes and was scared to say anything.

”Well,” he said with a scowl.

”Yes sir,” I said.

I looked around the room, it was practically a luxury motel, the dorms back home looked nothing like this.

His name was Hunter Grey, he said he was the current Alpha until graduation, which explains things. I noticed there was only one bed in the room. I asked where I was going to sleep at. he smiled an evil smile grabbed me and pinned me to the bed.

”You’re sleeping with me from bahis siteleri now on,” he said.

”Don’t I get a choice in this?!” I said trying my damnedest to break free.

He was only using one hand to pin my arms above my head.

”No you don’t, I’m making you my mate, I’ve been waiting for you since I started this program,” He said.

He started the program just to get to me.

”Why?” I asked.

”To make you mine,” he replied leaning down towards my neck.

He stripped me of my clothes, I tried to kick him but he anticipated it.

He took off his pants and I saw his huge cock, it’s girth had to be size of beer bottle, it scared me.

”Please let go of me,” I begged.

”I’m taking what’s mine, now make it easier for both of us,” he said.

He reached in his side draw and pulled a bottle of lube, the name on the label read MATING PRESS, I saw a commercial on it once, it’s made for shifter/human sexual intercourse. He pressed his cock head at my entrance and started pushing.

”AHHH!! NO PLEASE!!” I pleaded.

I had to relax otherwise the pain was going to get worst.

”Just relax and accept it baby, I promise you’ll love this, love me.” He said sweetly.

I looked in his eyes, they looked sad for some reason. He pushed his cock to the hilt, it felt like he rearranged my insides to the shape of his cock.

“Fuck baby, your tight,” he said.

He started a slow rhythm, letting me get used to it.

”I’m sorry baby I have to do this, what I have to do will scare you.” He said trying to hold back.

His pace increased, he was jackhammering me, I couldn’t stop moaning. He started to shift into a half wolf half humanoid form getting bigger, his cock bahis şirketleri felt longer and thicker too. The look in his glowing hazel eyes scared me, like I was his prey. We Weren’t just fucking now, he was rutting me like an animal. He brought his dangerous jaws closer, I started crying on top of moaning, scared he was going to kill me.

This was it, I was going to die, but what a way to go though. He bit down hard near my right collar bone, his fucking pace increased further. I screamed out both in pain and pleasure, I came hard. He lifted his head with my blood dripping from his jaws and let out a monstrous howl. I could feel his cock pulsating, filling me with his cum.

My stomach was starting to ache from the amount of cum he was pumping into me. He slowly started to shift back to normal and collapsed on top of me.

I passed out with him on top of me, it was a few hours later before I woke up alone in the bed. I felt my shoulder where he bit me, it hurt like hell but a loud moan escaped my lips at the same time.

Hunter came from the bathroom, showered and hot as hell. He sat on the bed and brought his hand to my cheek. He had tears in his eyes,

”I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me, I can’t take if you rejected me, I love you,” he said so sweetly.

”D-did you t-turn me into a shifter?” I asked.

”Not yet baby but soon,” he replied.

”Do I get a choice?” I asked again knowing the answer.

”No baby, we mated, it’s already in motion. I planted my seed inside you, shifters can’t turn humans by biting them, that’s just a mating bite I gave you.” He said smiling.

He said he have to mate with me several times to turn me.

I already decided I was staying until we both graduate. I found out he started the program to get to me from the very beginning. I know I just met him but felt like I was waiting for him my entire life, I love him just as much as he loves me and when I turn I’ll Show him.


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