Amanda’s Reward

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Big Tits

Amanda sat impatiently outside of the principal’s office waiting to be called in. She knew what she was there for and it made her really horny.

During lunch Amanda snuck into the girls’ bathroom with the vibrator she found in her Mom’s dresser draw and her Dad’s jizz stained porno magazine she found underneath her parents bed.

While Amanda sat and waited she couldn’t stop thinking of what got her there and how hot it made her.

After turning 18, Amanda discovered what fantastic feelings she felt by playing with herself after being taught a few times from her friend Dana. Dana had taught Amanda how good it could feel not only to touch her self but also what it was like to have others touch her as well.

On this day Amanda had left her Mother’s vibrator and her Dad’s porno magazine in her locker. Through out the morning Amanda couldn’t stop thinking about how good Dana’s mouth had felt on her vagina.

Amanda realized when lunchtime came around she would have to relieve herself with her “friends” from her locker.

Once the bell rang for lunch Amanda made a B line for her locker and then immediately to the bathroom.

Amanda let her plaid skirt drop to the floor but left her white cotton panties and white button down blouse on as she sat down on the toilet because there was no time to waste.

Amanda soon unbuttoned her blouse down to the half waypoint in order to let out her braless 34B breasts so they could breathe.

Amanda followed suit by pushing the crotch of her panties to the side as she opened up her Father’s porno magazine and propped it on the toilet paper dispenser as Amanda immediately plunged her Mother’s vibrator in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

While Amanda was masturbating she was thinking of the feeling of her friend Dana’s mouth on her vagina and the things Dana’s tongue could do to Amanda’s body.

As Amanda looked at the magazine spread of a guys cock buried in the pussy of a beautiful blonde haired woman Amanda wondered if boys helped their friends out too.

Despite how beautiful Amanda is, she is still a virgin mostly due to the fact of how incredibly shy she is.

On the other hand her friend Dana is pretty much the biggest slut in school and has slept with most of the guys in school. So it was only natural that Amanda would ask Dana what sex with boys is like.

By now Amanda was thrusting her Mother’s vibrator into her gash at an incredible pace. Amanda’s body began to get tense as her breathing became heavy as her vagina became more sensitive. Amanda wondered was this an orgasm as Dana had talked to her about?

Amanda couldn’t take it anymore as she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy and she began squirting cum out her pussy that shot across the stall and was covering the back of the closed bathroom stall door.

She did it! She orgasmed! Amanda thought to herself this is what Dana must have been talking about during their trysts.

However, Amanda was not able to stifle her cries of pleasure as she yelled out while she continuously painted the bathroom door with the fruits of her labor.

It must have been Amanda’s cries of ecstasy or the sound of the vibrator that gave her away but soon enough she was discovered by one of the female teachers; Ms. Gilmore.

Ms. Gilmore stood there in shock to find Amanda, her straight A student, on the toilet with her legs spread out and her underwear pushed to the side exposing her delicious looking pussy.

Amanda was still too much into her orgasm to notice that Ms. Gilmore had discovered her naughty antics. Ms. Gilmore watched as Amanda withdrew the vibrator from her cunt and placed it on her clit as her body convulsed while her other hand fondled her exposed breasts.

Ms. Gilmore was holding herself back from munching down on the delicious looking pussy that was spread in front of her. Ms. Gilmore soon found it hard to resist though as she began fondling her own body through her black dress.

Ms. Gilmore had always been attracted to Amanda. Who wouldn’t be? Amanda had one of the most amazing bodies Ms. Gilmore had ever seen.

Plus Amanda’s shy innocent attitude was one that Ms. Gilmore wanted to defile in one of her after school dentition sessions that she would hold only for her special students.

Just then Ms. Gilmore heard two of the elderly faculty members talking as they were walking into the ladies room. Ms. Gilmore had to think fast because how would it look if she was standing there fondling herself in front of one of her students that was masturbating.

Ms. Gilmore quickly straightened out her dress and began to compose herself as she caught Amanda’s attention by yelling “Ms. Kohlmer! What exactly do you think you are doing?”

Amanda was snapped out of her orgasmic world as she discovered Ms. Gilmore standing in the stall with two shocked elderly faculty women behind her staring at her exposed body.

“Put your clothes on, your coming to the Principals office with me young lady!” seyranbağları escort Ms. Gilmore stated in a domineering tone with a look of lust in her eyes.

After Amanda had put her clothes on she followed Ms. Gilmore to Principal Johnson’s office.

Amanda was nervous; she had never been in trouble in school before. In fact the only time she had ever been to Principal Johnson’s office before was to accept academic awards.

As they were walking to the office Amanda couldn’t help but notice Ms. Gilmore’s amazing body in her short black dress as it sashayed while she walked. Ms. Gilmore’s walk accentuated her fine mid 30-year-old body especially her nice supple round ass.

The lack of length on Ms. Gilmore’s black dress also exhibited her fantastically sculpted legs in fishnet stockings and high heels. In fact Ms. Gilmore had to adjust her dress a few times as they were walking because it was riding up and giving a glimpse of the bottom part of her buttocks.

Amanda was beginning to feel horny again from watching Ms. Gilmore’s sexy strut. Amanda wanted to grab her mother’s vibrator and her dad’s porno magazine that was promptly on display in Ms. Gilmore’s hands and just masturbate right then and there in the hallways.

When they got to Principal Johnson’s office Ms. Gilmore instructed Amanda to sit on the bench right next to the door of Principal Johnson’s office.

Ms. Gilmore then knocked on the window of the door that stated the Principal Johnson’s name and got a response of “Come in!” as Ms. Gilmore walked in with the vibrator and porno magazine in hand.

Amanda sat on the bench with mixed feelings of guilt, shame as well as being horny. As Amanda thought about it she was kind of glad it was Ms. Gilmore who caught her. Not only because Ms. Gilmore was so attractive but also because Amanda felt as if Ms. Gilmore would be less judgmental because Amanda was such a good student.

About 5 or 10 minutes had gone by and then Amanda began hearing the familiar sound of the humming of her mother’s vibrator coming from Principal Johnson’s office.

Hearing that sound was really beginning to turn Amanda on from the memory of the feel of it plunging in and out of her pussy.

Amanda was so turned on she slid her left hand underneath her skirt and panties and began fingering her slit and playing with her clit as her right hand was massaging her right tit and was pinching her right nipple.

Amanda was returning to her world of bliss. As she was openly playing with herself in the hallway on the bench outside of Principle Johnson’s office she began hearing moaning and humping sounds emanating from the office.

Amanda was now masturbating furiously and looked up to see one of the middle aged custodians with his jaw gaping open and staring in awe of the show that was going on in front of him.

“You like what you see? Huh? Yea? Don’t ya?” Amanda blurted out in amazement to her own out of character dirty side as both hands were now down the front of her skirt rubbing down her pussy vigorously.

The custodian stuttered a response as he said “Oh yea!” while his mopping came to a complete halt as he stood there and watched.

“I Bet you do!” Amanda stated as she noticed the growing member through the crotch of the custodian’s pants.

Amanda then moved her hands from her crotch and began slowly undoing the buttons on her blouse as she looked to see the name of Larry on his uniform.

“Do you want to see these 18 year old tits Larry?” Amanda said tauntingly as she was midway through unbuttoning her blouse.

“Yea, Yea, You bet I fucking do!” Larry said as he was salivating at the mouth watching Amanda taunt him.

“Ok Larry, I’ll make you a deal then. I’ll show you my tits if you show me your cock!” Amanda exclaimed as she heard quickening grunts of pleasure from Principal Johnson’s office.

“You got yourself a deal!” Larry responded as he struggled with his belt while he looked over at Amanda who now was just about done unbuttoning her blouse.

Amanda now had unbuttoned her blouse completely exposing the skin of her chest and the inner curves of her breasts.

Larry was still struggling with his pants as Amanda had her hands on her blouse about to open up her blouse when all of a sudden the door to Principal Johnson’s office flew open.

Ms. Gilmore walked out of the office throwing her blonde sweaty messy hair back as she whipped off her mouth with the back of her hand.

Amanda quickly closed her blouse trying to button it back up before Ms. Gilmore noticed but it was too late.

Ms. Gilmore looked at Amanda and then saw Larry struggling with adjusting his belt. Ms. Gilmore smirked and then said to Amanda “Principal Johnson will see you now!”

Amanda got up and started walking into Principal Johnson’s office when she looked behind her to see Ms. Gilmore talking to Larry. Amanda felt mortified that her hormones were causing her to get into trouble at sincan escort school.

“Please Sit down Amanda!” Principal Johnson exclaimed as he looked over Amanda’s sexy petite body in her schoolgirl uniform as she walked over and sat down in front of his desk.

Amanda looked at Principal Johnson and then at his desk that displayed pictures of his family.

Principal Johnson’s desk also displayed her father’s porno magazine and her mother’s vibrator propped up in an erect manner front and center.

“Tell me young lady, what exactly did you think you were going to achieve today with this?” Principal Johnson said with conviction as he looked through her father’s porno magazine.

“He-he, I don’t know, maybe an orgasm?” Amanda said in a jokingly sheepish manner in order to break the tension.

“Oh, You think this is funny huh?” Principal Johnson said as he put the magazine facing Amanda as he started flipping through the graphic images.

“No, No, That’s not what I meant!” said in defense as she looked down to see a picture of a close up of a pussy getting stretched to its limit by one huge black cock and another decently sized white cock in a double vaginal penetration.

“Then let me ask you something,” Principal Johnson said with a pause as he then asked in a curious manner, “Did you get off?”

Amanda was perplexed as she displayed a furrowed brow and then asked in her innocent virgin curiosity “What do you mean, ‘Did I get off?'”

“Did you have an orgasm?” Principal Johnson said as began to notice Amanda’s dark erect nipples poking through the thin white material of her blouse.

Principal Johnson then looked down to see Amanda’s hands traveling south as she began playing with herself.

“I think so, my body felt great and then I started shooting liquid out of my vagina all over the place” Amanda said as she was beginning to furiously finger herself underneath her skirt with her panties pushed aside while she continued looking at the images of blowjobs and other sexual acts.

Amanda then continued to say, “That’s right about when Ms. Gilmore caught me.” Amanda felt guilty as she realized what she had just said and the amount of trouble she has gotten into as she hung her head in guilt.

Principal Johnson was now standing in front of Amanda leaning on his desk, mostly to get a better looking of Amanda playing with herself but since he was there he thought he was in a position to console her.

“There, There, Amanda. It’s alright, we all get this feelings, trust me.” Principal Johnson said in a calming voice.

“I am going to have to punish you, you know that” Principal Johnson said with a pause as he continued to say “But I am going to reward you as well!”

“Reward me how?” Amanda asked with a puzzled look on her face as she looked up from the floor, past the crotch of Principal Johnson’s pants that featured a growing bulge and then into his eyes.

Principal Johnson looked down into Amanda’s beautiful brown eyes and stated, “By giving you another orgasm” as he unleashed his semi hard 9 inch cock from his pants.

Amanda was so surprised and inexperienced that she didn’t know what to do as she stared at it eye level from where she was sitting.

“Well don’t just sit there! Suck it you Slut!” Principal Johnson stated as he took his semi hard cock in one hand and guided it to Amanda’s now opening mouth as his other hand gripped the back of Amanda’s head as he plunged it on to his dick.

Amanda’s teeth scrapped Principal Johnson’s prick as it entered her mouth. Amanda’s lacks of skills in the field of sex were obvious. She had never ever sucked a dick before, let alone even seen one in person besides her father’s when she was kid!

Principal Johnson now had his hands interlocked through Amanda’s hair as he slowly pushed her face down upon his dick. Principal Johnson barked out encouragement through instructions as he screamed out “Suck on my cock and twirl your tongue around my dick from the base all the way up!”

Amanda was trying her best but she still wasn’t able to give Principal Johnson a full erection. Amanda soon felt her head being forced down hard and fast on Principal Johnson’s schlong as she felt it hitting the back of her throat.

Principal Johnson’s patience was becoming short. He tried everything, including deepthroating Amanda with his dick practically choking her. Usually that gets him rock hard just feeling a woman’s vocal chords on his prick.

“Play with my balls god damn it! Seriously do something here I’m barely getting hard here Amanda!” Principal Johnson stated as Amanda began to fondle his testicles as she continued to attempt to suck Principal Johnson’s cock.

Principal Johnson began to get fed up with Amanda’s lackluster oral performance. He then removed his still semi hard dick from Amanda’s mouth and proclaimed, “Even though I just fucked the shit out of Ms. Gilmore just minutes before you came in I should still be able to get hard sıhhiye escort Amanda!”

“I’m sorry, its just that, its just, I’ve never done this kinda thing before, you know, Sex!” Amanda said as she looked up at Principal Johnson with an embarrassed look upon her face.

Hearing Amanda say this set off fireworks to Principal Johnson as he began to get hard. Principal Johnson took advantage of this as he stated, “Remain seated and begin undressing, keep looking up at me and no matter what don’t break eye contact.

Amanda began unbuttoning her blouse and continued focusing up at Principal Johnson. While Amanda was doing this Principal Johnson took his prick and began slapping Amanda’s face with it.

By the time Amanda had her beautiful 34B breasts out on display Principal Johnson was just about rock hard. As Amanda began to peal off her plaid skirt Principal Johnson quickened the pace and the strength of his cock slapping against Amanda’s face.

As Amanda stood up she let her panties hit the ground she now was standing in front of Principal Johnson completely naked. Principal Johnson looked over her tight petite body starting with her dark nipples. Followed by her washboard six-pack abs but what really caught his attention was Amanda’s thick manicured bush.

Amanda had a long and wide thick pubic hair that was so neatly taken care of that it didn’t look messy. Although Amanda’s excitement was showing as her bush was covered in her honey pot juices.

Amanda was so horny by now from Principal Johnson’s domineering control that she leaned in and started making out him. As they were making out Principal Johnson’s cock was pressing up against Amanda’s body while he was unbuttoning his dress shirt.

Principal Johnson just about had his shirt and tie off when Amanda opened her legs up a bit as she straddled over his dick and let it glide back and forth on her pussy between her legs.

By now Principal Johnson had all of his clothes off as he now took his available hands and began fondling Amanda’s body as she continued to tease her pussy with Principal Johnson’s cock.

After a few more minutes of this Principal Johnson broke off the make out session and then passionately asked “So, you’re not lying to me when you tell me that you’re still a virgin?”

“Well yea, I’ve never been with a guy before, I mean I’ll use my Mom’s vibrator and that I’ve fooled around with my best friend Dana” Amanda stated timidly.

“Ahh Yes, Ms. Coletti! I’ve had to ‘reward’ Dana a few times in this office as well!” Principal Johnson chimed in as he then picked up Amanda right underneath the butt cheeks.

Principal Johnson then leaned back to sit on his desk with Amanda in his lap as he continued to say “Don’t Worry I’ll go slow!”

Amanda let Principal Johnson take control as she propped her pussy over his prick as he slowly began to push it in. Amanda cried out from the pain of Principal Johnson’s cock entering her virgin pussy.

As Principal Johnson eased more and more of his meat into Amanda’s slit she threw her head back in an effort to not cry.

Just then Principal Johnson buried about 1/4 of his 9-inch cock into Amanda’s gash when he hit Amanda’s hymen and pushed right past it busting her cherry.

Amanda was seeing stars; she could barely breathe as she was in a mixed state of pain and pleasure, as she was now finally becoming a woman.

Amanda’s body was now bucking up and down, back and forth as her hormones officially had taken over her body now.

“Fuck me Harder Principal Johnson!” Amanda screamed out at the top of her lungs as she through her head back in the throws of passion.

“Oh Fuck Principal Johnson! Don’t stop! Keep Fucking Me! I’m almost there!” Amanda yelled out as she saw the blinking light of a video camera on the wall overlooking Principal Johnson’s desk.

This turned Amanda on even more of the thought that she could be being recorded. It felt like Amanda was in a porno like the ones she has watched from her father’s vast collection.

Amanda’s dirty talk was something Principal Johnson had never heard from Amanda’s normally quiet attitude. Naturally her filthiness only turned Principal Johnson on even more as he stood up from desk with his dick still half buried in Amanda’s gash while he cradled her in his arms by her butt cheeks.

Principal Johnson didn’t waste any time as he started pummeling Amanda’s cooze hard and fast and was not holding back on her. Amanda was amazed of how good it felt getting her insanely tight vagina rammed by a huge schlong like Principal Johnson’s.

Amanda wrapped her legs around Principal Johnson’s waist as she matched his thrusts by slamming her gash down on Principal Johnson’s cock. Hearing Principal Johnson’s grunts and the sound of her ass clapping against Principal Johnson’s body turned Amanda on even more.

The feeling of Amanda’s tight snatch was getting too much for Principal Johnson to handle. Principal Johnson could feel his orgasm building as Amanda slid back and forth mid way on his dick.

Principal Johnson couldn’t take it anymore as he spun around and pinned Amanda up against his desk as he began to thrust all of his cock bottoming out into Amanda’s pussy. Amanda’s cries of ecstasy and Principal Johnson’s grunts of pleasure filled his office.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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