An Evening at the Cinema

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Michael and Helen sat in their cinema seats with quiet expectation. This was their first evening out in weeks and both had made an effort to make it a special evening.

Michael was finding it hard keeping his attention on the film as his wife was dressed in a very sexy and flirtatious way which made him tingle all over whenever he looked across at her. Her hair was held in a high ponytail which meant he could appreciate the creamy curve of the nape of her neck. She had on his favourite soft sleeveless top in beige which made his skin spark every time she brushed against him. She was wearing her short dark blue pleated skirt which looked sophisticated and desirable the same time.

When she was sitting down the hemline came halfway up her thigh which gave a tantalising view of her dark stockings. She had on black heels which they had bought just recently. They weren’t excessive but did add an air of complete naughtiness to her whole outfit. Overall it made him increasingly horny and he let his imagination run riot.

They sat at the end of the row with Helen’s long stockinged legs stretching luxuriously into the aisle which acted as even more of a turn-on for Michael. Out of the edge of his view he noticed her hand gently gliding up his leg with the slightest pressure on the inside of his thigh. He had thought his wife was intrigued by the film but she obviously had other ideas on her mind.

Her sliding arm was now lying calmly on his crotch and although she wasn’t moving it he could feel his cock responding to its presence. As his cock head pushed determinedly against the strong fabric of his jeans she gently massaged him with the slightest of touches. They might have just been minute movements but her delicate ministrations began to drive him mad with desire. He casually threw his jacket over this crotch area to prevent any of the surrounding audience overlooking their activities. Underneath the jacket her hand now effortlessly unzipped his jeans and reached in to release his cock from the confines of his boxer shorts. His semi now blossomed into a raging hard-on which was difficult to conceal even under the cover of his jacket.

Despite all this naughty handwork she still managed a look of external calm and just gazed at the film screen as though nothing different was happening. Meanwhile her left hand was working carefully on her husband’s mounting erection. She deftly withdrew her hand for a couple of seconds and sucked her thumb and index finger to make them wet. She then returned them to his cock head, twirling her saliva around the ridge of his cockhead and then lingering on the stitch of his cock. Her close attention to this most sensitive area of his cock made him jump several times as she coolly glided her thumb across it.

Sensing her husband might not be able to take much more of this direct action Helen’s hand left his cockhead and moved down the front of his shaft to his testicles. The whole of her palm wrapped around his ball sack and stayed there tenderly squeezing his balls and then releasing them to maintain his enthusiasm.

She could feel his balls swelling from her touch and was glad that she still had the ability to look after all her husband’s needs. Her fingers travelled further south around the veined curve of his scrotum, lightly feeling his soft public hair. At the base of his scrotum her hand stopped and she pushed in slightly with her thumb and forefinger spread to grasp the thick root of his cock. She massaged this for several minutes, the tremors of her massage travelling all the way up the root and into his cock tip. At the same time she continued to work his balls and generally make him want to scream out to the whole cinema audience. She loosened her grip and just lazily brushed his short pubes none of which did anything to reduce his raging hard-on. He was torn between wanting to be pumped to a stonking climax and getting his wife home to give her a hard seeing to.

Fortunately the film came to an end and he quickly readjusted his trousers and zipped up before the audience filed out of the cinema. Once everyone had passed them by he turned to Helen who gave him a long mischievous look. He kissed her hard on the lips and she grabbed the bulge in his jeans confirming that she wanted to get access to his cock again as soon as possible.

They walked calmly from the cinema both trying not to look like naughty school kids who had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. They strolled out of the cinema and into the multi-storey car park. Michael lagged slightly behind Helen and was able to take in the wonderful sight of her long legs and high heels parading down the car park. Every now and then a gust of wind from a passing car would cause the hem of her skirt to ride up giving him a glimpse of her sexy stocking tops. He noticed with some surprise that he thought he saw some suspenders but put this down to a trick of the light as it was very uncommon for her to go to this much effort with her underwear.

Michael walked briskly to catch up with her, putting his arm ankara escort bayan around her waist when he was level with her. He leant into her and nuzzled the fine hairs on the nape of her neck. He whispered to her how much he had enjoyed her attention in the cinema. She smiled and said it had been a pleasure and really wanted to feel his cock in its proper place i.e. in her hot wet pussy. As they walked he couldn’t resist gently moving his hand down her waist and onto the delicate pleats of her skirt which swayed as her hips moved from side to side. His hands naturally journeyed to her gorgeous arse which was tight and creamy smooth even under the skirt material. Again, to his surprise his hands detected the outline of what felt like a clasp. It suddenly dawned on him that his previous confusion over whether she was wearing suspenders was now confirmed. His cock jumped in anticipation of seeing his wife in this exotic underwear. Her own hand came round and held his in place reminding him not to progress any further for fear of ruining further revelations later in the evening!

They eventually came to the dark corner of the car park where they had left their vehicle. They got in. Michael was about to start the engine when he felt a familiar weight on his crotch. Just like in the cinema Helen’s fingers were smoothing his jeans. He was already turned on from their previous shenanigans so as soon as Helen’s fingers touched his zip again his cock was standing to attention in seconds.

She looked at him with smouldering eyes and then reclined his car seat so she could get better access to his cock. With her husband laid out she knelt on her seat and began to pay attention to his straining cock head. She glanced out of the window but all could she see were a few stragglers from the cinema way off in the distance. This is a dark secluded corner and she was more than happy that no one would disturb their private mischief making.

She returned her attention to the thick long mountain of flesh in front of her. Helen lowered her head and opened her lips to envelope his shaft. She continued to bob up and down his meat gently nibbling around the soft tense foreskin. At the same time she pushed his boxer shorts and trousers down to his knees so she had better access to his balls. She cupped them with one hand and continued to suck his cock harder and harder. She listened intently to Michael’s urgent gasping knowing that she was pushing all the right buttons. He looked down at his loving wife and played with her silky soft ponytail, the wonderful smoothness and texture of it causing him to be turned on even more.

After five minutes of ardent stimulation He needed desperately to come. She picked up on his needs and changed up a gear on her pumping. Between hand pumps she swallowed his whole cock and wrapped her tongue around the shaft while rasping across his sensitive stitch. For Michael this extra attention was enough to push him over the edge and he could feel the tubes in his balls winding up to release their hot jism.

At this point she knew exactly what to do, she forced his face round and told him to pay attention. She coolly took the hand which was massaging his balls and placed it under her skirt. She parted her knickers and pushed her fingers through into her moist pussy to make sure her index finger was well lubricated. She then put her hand back on his balls but continued down parting his thighs until her fingers grazed his puckered ring. She smeared her pussy juice all over this sphincter and then swirled her finger around in a circular fashion. She dived back with her lips tugging at this cockhead. This combination of cock sucking and arse fingering was the point of no return.

Helen knew what was coming and deliberately pushed her sticky finger into his arse and massaged his prostrate causing his moans to turn to uncontrollable shouts. She applied three final firm wanks on his cock and jism accelerated from his tip to land in the depths of her waiting mouth. She sucked and rubbed and swallowed until his cock began to soften in her mouth and she released him. She knelt up and looked directly at him with a content grin. He looked back and mouthed “You’re amazing” to her.

Helen didn’t hang around. She squeezed through the front seats and slouched down on the back seats. Her legs were raised high and hooked over the front seats so her legs were splayed wide open. Michael had only just recovered from his explosive coming but knew what his wife now wanted. He peered round the side of his seat and saw his wife with her skirt up and her fingers parting her knickers so she could strum her clit.

He squeezed through to the back seats to join her, it was a tight fit but eventually he was in position directly between her spread legs. He leaned forward to help her and then noticed she was wearing crotchless knickers which, like the accompanying suspender belt, was a huge surprise. She had obviously thought long and hard about dressing for this evening. Her eyes were half closed and she was beginning to zone out into eryaman escort a world of her own in anticipation of her orgasm.

He knew how to help extend her climax and gently took her hands away from her pussy and replaced them with his mouth. His hands parted her knickers and then his hot tongue traced all the way from the bottom of her cunt hole upwards to the top of her clit. His tantalising tongue circumnavigated the oval of her clit and occasionally washed right over the top. She groaned and gasped as his touch worked its magic across her wet clit and back down to her pussy. He continued with long loving slow licks, agonisingly going up and down like a dog lapping water from a bowl. He could tell she was moving towards the big O.

She needed something to do with her hands so hiked up her soft top and started to massage her large nipples and 34G breasts. She began with light swirling around the breasts then, as her needs increased, she pinched her nipple ends determinedly to get herself to the boiling point. He glanced up from his tongue lashing and saw his wife needed to come quickly, her forehead was a covered in sheen of sweat and her face and chest were flushed from the exertions going through her body. He took the fore and middle finger from his left hand and soaked them in the juice coming out of his wife’s cunt.

Once they were covered in creamy cum he gently inserted them into his wife pussy. Inside he hooked them round to the front wall to locate her smooth covered G spot which he then proceeded to rub vigorously. At the same time he buried his head back onto her clit and captured it between his lips, sucking it in and out of his mouth. With this double attack on her sex she didn’t stand a chance and he soon began to feel her whole body shiver and shudder as her orgasm escaped and bubbled to the surface. She moaned, quietly concentrating on hitting the right moment to come.

He played his trump card, he fixed her clit gently between his lips and then viciously swiped across it at lightning speed. He kept up the clit lashing and G spot rubbing for several minutes at which point her orgasmic tremors broke free and she was screaming at the top of her voice and started to hump her husband’s face over and over again. After a dozen pumps and constant screaming she gradually came back down and snuggled in her husband’s arms. He looked down at her, happy that he had been able to help his wife come so well.

“Let’s go home and clean up” Helen whispered in his ear. They straightened their clothing and drove the short journey home hardly able to keep their hands from one another.

Michael unlocked the door and crowded into the hallway. They moved rapidly upstairs. She disappeared for a moment into the bathroom and he could hear her readjusting her clothing. Eventually she dived back to join her horny husband on the bed.

They immediately embraced fully clothed, searching urgently for each other’s mouth to kiss again. Helen calmly took the initiative and straddled her husband pinning his forearms to the pillow and not letting him move. She bent down and nibbled Michael’s ear lobes, first one side and then the other. She knew this drove him wild.

“How about we tie you up for a while?” she whispered in his ear. Before he had chance to answer she had reached into the bedside table and produced two black silk scarves which she proceeded to tie around her husband’s wrists and then onto the headboard. The knots were tight enough for him to know his place but not so much to restrict the blood supply.

“Right” she said as she raised herself above him. “This is how it’s going to be. I’m going to fuck you to within an inch of your life and them you’re going to make me come like a volcano, understand?”

Michael gave her a knowing wicked smile in return. He casually tried the binds of his wrists, they were comfortable but he knew he couldn’t move.

Helen now took her time as she knew she could wind up her husband’s love juices to record levels in his current predicament. She tenderly undid his belt, button then zip and with some effort hauled his jeans off and flung them across the bedroom. She knew that her husband liked his cock being sucked from soft so before he got too excited she immediately reached into his boxers front slit and swallowed his flaccid cock.

Michael just lay and moaned as he felt himself grow in his wife’s mouth – it was such a uniquely sexy experience.

After she had got her hubby well and truly hard she lifted off his cock and knelt quietly in front of him. With her left hand she delved under her skirt and smoothly stimulated her clit and dipped into her melting cunt. With the other hand she calmly wanked her husband with light pumps up and down his shaft. She was mesmerised just watching his foreskin go up to cover his cock and then be stretched down into a soft fleshy ring around the base of his cockhead.

Michael looked on in awe and suspense wondering what his wife had in store for him in his tied up state. She tugged his boxers off etlik escort then knelt up and swung her left leg over the top of his head. He caught a titillating glimpse of her creamy crotch with the contrast of the dark stockings and suspenders with the virgin white of the crotchless knickers. She straddled his head so her skirted bottom was hovering over his face while at the same time she made sure her own head was located just above his cock.

She turned her head and spoke to him. “Right, you want me to suck your fat cock do you?”

“Oh yeah” grinned Michael.

“Well my kinky one, you’re going to have to earn your pleasure. Make sure you get working on my cunt with that luscious tongue of yours and I’ll get busy at this end. Agreed?”

Michael smiled hugely in agreement.

Helen teased him at first just balancing her arse and cunt out of reach of his tongue. Then she reached behind to the hem of her skirt and flicked it out and at the same time brought her butt down so her husband disappeared in a flutter of fabric and flesh. She carefully scooched her cunt groove gently along the bridge of his nose feeling his nostrils flare and tickle all the way from her clit down to the end of her butt channel.

Underneath Michael was surrounded in a hot steamy haze of underwear and juicy soft flesh. He could feel the skirt on his forehead and her satin knickers resting on either cheek. He was vaguely aware of her suspender belt creaking as she moved above him but this just added to his horniness. He stretched out his long tongue into the darkness and investigated through the gap in her crotchless knickers to find her soft hot pussy hole.

He swirled his tongue around the hole and could feel the wonderful juices flowing out of her. He travelled out and up to her clit making circles around the outside then swiping quickly across the face of her red-hot button. He made another long lazy journey right from the top of her clit down through her pussy and around to her butt hole. He knew his wife was sensitive about him stimulating her here but he decided to take his time and introduce her to some new sensations. He moved gently around her chocolate starfish and heard his wife’s moans rise in intensity. Taking this as a good sign he proceeded to move across her butt hole and lightly into the outer grooves. To finish he continued to the end of her arsehole and nuzzled the downy white hairs there. He knew this was a hypersensitive area for her and this was confirmed as she let out a huge sigh from his nose work.

Michael’s tonguing had obviously been a fair exchange as above Helen was going to town on his cock like never before. He could feel her pulling his cock right back so it was pushed onto his stomach. She pinned him in place and this exposed his hairy balls which she stroked longingly while still lapping at the stitch of his cockhead. She continued this mind blowing performance for minutes and could feel from the heavy breathing below her bottom that she was doing a perfect job in bringing her hubby to fever pitch. She lifted her butt up and pulled up her skirt to give him a full view of her expert fellatio.

“Hey honey, take a look at this” she said.

Michael took some deep breaths and looked down through her stockinged thighs to see his wife’s tongue aggressively whipping his cock and balls. Seeing, as well as feeling her actions, made him crazy and he felt he could cum there and then. Helen was having none of it though. Aware that her husband’s arms wouldn’t be able to stand being bound for much longer she made moves to bring things to a head. She turned around, this time straddling his hips with her face towards him. He saw she had a wicked grin and wondered what she knew she was going to do next. Then to his surprise she slapped him around both cheeks, just hard enough to bring his attention away from his cock but not hard enough to sting.

“Right, ready for me to get down, yes?”

Michael didn’t need to say a word. He nodded and the next thing he knew his wife had hitched up her skirt and sat down directly on his thick shaft. Her slick cunt lips glided effortlessly over him and his cockhead eventually bottomed out as it hit the top of her cervix at the very first attempt. Helen knelt over him, her torso bolt upright and her eyes closed. The soft hem of her pleated skirt lay on him and made his skin tingle. She rose up and fell rhythmically on him in a kind of trance as she tried to find that special place where her mind and pussy connected and then exploded.

She bent down, spread open his shirt and started to rub her soft top over his chest, all the time still grinding his cock in a slow but persistent movement. She moved over his chest for minutes and he could feel her breasts and nipples grazing through the fabric. They felt wonderful but somehow different from normal.

Helen obviously thought he had served his punishment by now and untied his hands to free him with strict instructions that he could only start by touching her breasts until she said otherwise. He did as he was told and stroked her breasts through the top. Tentatively he found the bottom of her top and moved it upwards wanting her to take it off. She helped him and whisked it over her head and out into the dark bedroom followed swiftly by her black sheer bra.

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